Lover Beware Ch. 04

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Vic felt across the bed and found an empty space, his brain tried to compute the situation, it was dark, it was quiet and it was lonely. He reached out the other side and felt the comfort of his mother in laws large round arse, naked under his fingers.

“Mmmm Vic, I’m not really awake darling, but you carry on, I’ll catch up.”

So saying she moved into his hand and murmured gently as he fondled her cheeks, slipping his finger into the crack between them. Kerri began to rock against his finger moving her arse and opening her legs.

“Ohh Vic that feels so good, mmmm, you’ve got lovely thick fingers.” she moved slightly and his finger skimmed her anus and touched on the rear of her pussy. he felt the damp hairs under his finger and gently spread the folds until he could feel her heat and juices spilling onto him.

He moved closer and ran two fingers over her opening pussy lips, spreading her juices forward over her clit. Finally he could wait no longer and moving down, lifted her leg and placed his face on her wet, slippery pussy. Kerri bucked and wriggled as Vic drove his face and tongue into her, his nose rubbing her clit as his tongue lapped against her opening.

She screamed intensely and pushed hard against his face, rubbing herself along him and dripping her juices over him.

“Yesss, yes, yes!” she screamed and tried to push against him as she lifted her raised leg higher, as if to give him even deeper access.

“I need to pee, Vic I’m going to pee… Vic I can’t wa…” she bucked again and then shuddered, straining against him, her words forgotten as her orgasm peaked.

Vic locked his mouth over her opening and felt the first burst of göztepe escort piss hit his mouth, he swallowed quickly and sucked on her harder trying to draw more piss out of her. The small jets continued until a sudden thick stream flew out and filled his mouth, he swallowed and it was instantly refilled, she had lost control and her piss now exploded out of her in an intense spray hitting his throat and filling his mouth .

He swallowed several times before the last weak dribble came out. Vic continued to suck and lick her out, his nose still rubbing her clit as she lay back spent, reluctantly he finished and reverted to kissing and sucking her labia, before lowering her leg and falling back on the bed.

He dozed a little and woke to hear Kerri’s gentle snore beside him.

“Ahem, enjoy yourself this morning?” Glynnis appeared naked but carrying a tray with three teas on it. Vic grinned and sat up, squeezing Kerri’s naked rump. She woke and sat up, her breasts hanging over the duvet, smiling at her daughter.

“You weren’t there,” said Vic, staring at his wife’s huge saggy breasts rolling around over her fat belly as she handed out the tea’s, his prick trapped under the duvet, flattened against his thigh.

“I believe you, as I was sitting in the chair over there watching you, I creamed myself it was so exciting seeing you with your face buried in Mum’s pussy, you must be as stiff as a poker?”

She laughed and rolled the duvet off his body and they both looked with pleasure as his dick sprang free and rose up, fully erect.

“Go on Glynn get your pussy round that!” said Kerri, as she slipped a hand round it and gently şerifali escort wanked him.

Glynn walked over to Vic, knelt on the bed, then swung a leg over his legs, inching forward she lowered herself towards him. Vic steadied his cock then felt her beautifully wet, sopping, hairy pussy suck him in and caress his cock like a sft velvet glove wrapped round him.

She leant back slightly then forward gauging the best position. Kerri moved closer and lifted Glynn’s left tit in both hands, lowering her mouth to her nipple.

She suckled gently knowing her daughter had sensitive nipples and hated them being handled roughly. Vic ran his hands over his wife’s dimpled belly, savouring the feel of her baby soft skin then ran his hands over her right breast and fingered her nipple.

Glynn began to rise and fall back on Vic’s cock, easing him in and almost out, feeling his cock rub against her clit with each movement. Her juices lubricating the action and making the whole thing a very pleasurable way to start the day.

“Love you babe,” she cooed and kissed him on the forehead. Vic tightened his anal sphincter causing his cock to jerk inside her. She smiled and cooed, running her hands over his back. Slowly her tempo increased and she began to hold herself as she reached maximum penetration.

Slowly she shuddered to an orgasm, Vic held off, a trick he had taught himself when his wife had returned him to the marital bed. It increased both their pleasures and made the volume of his cum greater and his orgasm more intense.

Glynn purred as she slowly came down, Kerri let her breast down slowly as did Vic. Glynn climbed off him ümraniye escort and sank down on the bed.

Vic grasped his wet and sticky member and began to pound it quickly, moving round the bed he watched the two women slide next to each other. he climbed on the bed straddling the pair of them, their hands caressed his lower legs. He twitched and pointed his cock down and sprayed each of their thick hairy mounds with his sperm.

Grunting he squeezed the last drop out and stepped back, jumping off the bed and sitting on the chair opposite. Glynn and Kerri quickly 69’d and began to lick and suck Vic’s cum off their soaking pussy’s.

“Bloody hell, I’m getting stiff again,” he moaned as his semi hard cock twitched and began to stiffen again.

“Well, you’re better than most men of your age, it would take a few hours for that to happen,” said Glynn, lifting her head from Kerri’s mound and watching her mother lay back on the bed.

“With you two beauty’s around that’s hardly surprising.” said Vic with a smile.

“I hope you mean Mum and I and not just my tit’s!” said Glynn with a smirk.

“What about my tit’s,” said Kerri, hefting them up in her hands.

“I meant the two of you, and you know it,” said Vic taking a swig of nearly cold tea. He walked back to the bed and climbed between them.

They leaned in and kissed him on each cheek.

“We know,” said Kerri,

“But we can’t resist winding you up.” said Glynn finishing Kerri’s sentence. They laughed and lay back on the bed, with Vic between them. He clumsily reached out with both hands and somehow they managed to end up cuddled up to him, his arms round their shoulders.

His cock gave a lurch and started to stiffen again. Kerri and Glynnis glanced at each other and smiled. Reaching out they cradled his semi hard dick in their hands.

” I will definitely not be going to heaven,” he sighed, “because I’m already there.” He grinned and kissed each of them and cuddled them harder.

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