Loving His Baby Girl

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Warning – contains taboo.

This is my guilty pleasure. I can’t help but like this.

Hope all you daddies and little girls enjoy this!

PS: Depending on the response, I’ll write a second part.


A little girl 😉


Aiden couldn’t help but stare at his daughter as she flitted about the kitchen. Raven, his eighteen year old girl, was perfection. From past several months he had been noticing a change in her. She had somehow become a little more freer. She hugged him a little more and a little longer. She had gotten into the habit of pecking his lips whenever the mood would strike her. Most of all she had started to wear short, tight fitting clothes.

He hadn’t noticed all this at first but now he couldn’t not notice it. He loved his daughter but what he had started to feel for her..no father should ever feel that.

Raven was cleaning the kitchen after dinner. As she bent over, her night shirt lifted off a little and he got a glimpse of her creamy globes. From what he could make out, his baby girl was clearly not wearing any panties. He wanted to bite and kiss that creamy ass. He wanted to mark her.

Lately he had been having such thoughts with an increasing frequency. kadıköy escort

He loved his daughter but now he wanted her to be truly be his alone. She was at the cusp of adulthood – where she’d go out in the world and meet new people. She’d be meeting boys who have just one thing on their mind. And, he just couldn’t let that happen. She was his and now he needed for her to know that.

As Raven moved towards him with the lasagna bowl in her hand, his gaze went to her tits. He could clearly see their outline, he could almost make out her perky nipples through the thin shirt. His baby girl wasn’t wearing a bra either. His cock, which had been semi hard as he took her in went to full mast.

He wanted her so badly.

When she set the bowl on the table, he took hold of her wrist and pulled her into his lap.

Her legs were dangling to the side, her shirt had ridden up higher on her thighs and her hands were on his chest.

He hugged her closer, putting his head in the crook of her neck he took in her scent.

Unable to resist he pressed a wet kiss there.

“D-addy what are you doing?”

“I’m loving my baby girl..” He soothed.

He wanted to fuck her so kartal escort bad. He wanted to drive his cock deep into her wet pussy. He wanted to coat her pussy with his seed.

Just the thought of breeding his little girl made his cock twitch. He wanted her – no, he needed to get her pregnant with his child. He longed to see her breasts swell with milk. He wanted to suckle that milk from her tits.

He continued to nibble and press soft kisses to her neck. With one arm supporting her back he kept a firm hold of her. His other hand trailed up from her dainty ankles, calves to inner thighs. He stopped just at the hem of her shirt.

He had to take this slow he reminded himself.

Slowly he pulled her thighs a little apart and his hand trailed under the hem of her shirt.

With the arm holding her back he trailed a path up her spine and pushed the shirt down one shoulder.

As she squirmed in his lap he let out a groan which stilled her moments.

“Baby..don’t move like that in daddy’s lap..” He reprimanded. “At least not yet.” He added, thinking of her tight snug pussy riding his cock.

His cock was rock hard under ass and there was no way she wasn’t feeling it poking kurtköy escort her.

He lightly brushed his hand against the curls covering her pussy.

“Daddy..I – you shouldn’t be doing this.” She said.

“Baby, you were made for this. You were made to be your daddy’s woman.”

With that he delved deeper into the curls and found her pussy lips. Her very sensitive pussy lips, apparently because his daughter let out a moan when he ran his finger over them once, twice. He slid his finger into her slit and found her wet heat.

Biting her shoulder he groaned, “God baby..you are so wet for daddy.”

Pumping her pussy he whispered into her ear, “You want your daddy’s cock, don’t you baby? You want your daddy to fuck you nice and deep?”

Coating his finger in her wetness he circled her clit agonizingly slow. It had his daughter squirming in his lap and wanting more.

Placing his lips over hers he started to rub her clit. He swallowed her moans as he rubbed her faster.

“God baby you make daddy so fucking hard” he groaned against her lips.

He pushed up her shirt past her breasts and watched his hand rubbing away at his little girl.

Looking into her eyes he bent his head and captured a nipple into his mouth. A shudder raked through her body and she tangled her hands in his hair.

Licking, biting and sucking her nipple, he continued to pet her clit.

It wasn’t long before his daughter screamed her pleasure and came apart in his arms.

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