Loving Moms Ch. 02: In the Dark

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All characters are purely fictional. All parties in the story are18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank MadamWhitewalker for taking the time to review my story.

Warning this story contains a couple of lesbian sex scenes. So if you’re not into that please stop reading.


So there I was, standing at the doorway to our bedroom with flowers in my hand, watching some total stranger fuck the living shit out of my wife.

It wasn’t until she actually opened her eyes that she even considered stopping as this guy fucked her from behind.

“Oh My God! Glen!!” I heard as my heart sank. Dropping the flowers to the floor, I turned around and slunk into the kitchen.

As I popped the top of a cold beer with my shaking hands, I could hear them frantically running around in the bedroom.

To say my head was spinning would be an understatement. Rochelle was truly the love of my life. I had no clue how to handle this. I wasn’t even mad. I was hurt. The kind of hurt you can’t ever put into words.

I sat down and took a big sip, trying to relieve my constricted throat as I heard them whispering at the front door before hearing it close quickly. Staring into space, I was on the verge of hyperventilating as my wife slowly made her way into the room saying, “I think we need to talk.”

Setting my beer down, I fought back the tears I felt welling in my eyes and replied, “You think?”

Rochelle steadily approached me and gently placed her hands on top of mine, and as I watched her sorrowful appearance I heard her say, “Glen…I’m so sorry that you had to see that. But please understand. I don’t love you anymore.”

My entire world died at that exact moment. I actually went numb. It started slowly from my head and ran down to my feet. If it’s possible for a heart to actually shatter, I swear mine did.

Devastated, I couldn’t say anything so I just stood there, flabbergasted, as her words ate at my very soul.

“Please Glen, say something?” I heard her say as tears started to fall.

What could I say? Nothing was going to fix this and, sadly, we both knew it.

Clearing my throat, I coughed out, “I’m sorry too.” And walked out the backdoor.

“Glen, where are you going?” I heard her yell as I got into my car.

Really, I had no idea. I just knew I had to leave. Not because I feared what I might have done if I’d stayed. God knows I’d never hurt her. I loved her way too much to ever even consider it. I just couldn’t be next to her knowing I’d never kiss those wonderful lips or feel the warmth of her body against me again. So down the road I went.

And went, I did. I drove all night until my car finally ran out of gas. I abandoned it on the side of the road and just walked. It was morning before I made any effort to determine my whereabouts. Cold, tired, and depressed, I ventured into a convenience store and asked the clerk where I was.

Guess I can’t blame him for giving me such a puzzled expression when he said, “Kansas City.”

“You have a phone I can use?”

He shot me a pitiful look, pointing at a pay phone on the wall behind me.

Not having much cash in my wallet, I called my parents collect and heard my mother answer, sounding frantic.

Yeah…Rochelle had called them right after I left so they were fully aware of my situation. After 10 minutes of hearing about how worried she was, I interrupted her and asked, “Can you get me a ticket back home?”

So then, of course, she asked about my car and I explained that I really didn’t care what happened to it. In reality, I didn’t care about anything at the moment. My job, myself…nothing. Anyway, my dad got on the line and said he was on his way.

“Really, Dad, you don’t have to. It’s two states away.”

“I’ll make you a reservation at a hotel close by. Just wait for us there.”

“Fine,” I conceded.

I hoofed it up the road and crashed until the following day at a Best Western. At least, I thought it was the next day. I really wasn’t think straight. Her words, “I don’t love you anymore,” kept rattling around in my shattered brain.

The drive back to my vehicle wasn’t much better and I really wasn’t paying attention to my parents at all.

Dad added some fuel from a gas can he carried, and Mom offered to drive since it was apparent that I wasn’t in any kind of a condition to do so.

Unfortunately, that also meant that, after we filled the tank at the first gas station, I would be spending the next several hours in the car alone with her. Usually, that isn’t a bad thing; under normal circumstances, I actually enjoyed her company.

Kerry, my mom, was a wonderful woman who would go out of her way to help anyone in need. Unfortunately, Rochelle wasn’t one of those people. In fact, Mom downright despised her. Guess Mom knew something I didn’t. Anyway, Mom had a dancing career which she gave up when she married my father, Dug, and they had me soon after.

Without getting into too much detail, I guess you can say that Mom was an maltepe escort attractive woman. Her light complexion and red hair balanced her facial features nicely. Along with her fit and slender figure, I found her very appealing. But I guess every son would say just about the same thing.

We followed my father back home, and it didn’t take her long before she started with the 50 questions. You know the ones. “How did it happen? What did she say?” Blah blah blah blah.

“Mom!” I shouted. “I really don’t want to discuss this,” I barked, holding my head against my hand and the door window.

“It’s not healthy to keep what you’re feeling all bottled up. You have to let it out.”

She just didn’t understand the place I was in right now. In my eyes, there was no future. At least not one that I wanted to be a part of.

“Glen, please talk to me.”

“Mom…I know you’re trying to help. Even so, it’s really not working.”

Mom went quiet after that comment and left me to my own thoughts.

It wasn’t until we were about an hour away from home when she spoke again and sighed, “You know you’re not the only one to have had a broken heart. It happened to me too.”

“You?” I asked.

“Yes, before I met your father, I was madly in love.”

“So what happened?”

“They just didn’t feel the same way, and we split up, so I know how you’re feeling. And actually, if it hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have met your father.”

“Sorry, Mom. But it’s not the same. Whoever that person was didn’t fuck a girl in front of you and then tell you he didn’t love you,” I fired back and once again felt my heart sink.

“No, not in front of me. However, they did get with a person I knew and got pregnant…that’s when they came clean.”

“Oh…” I said.

“Glen, it’s going to be okay. You’ll move on and find a better person.”

I didn’t want to get into it anymore with her so I just nodded.

That was six months ago. At that time, I lost my job, but I can’t blame them for firing me. I signed the divorce papers Rochelle had sent to my parents’ house since that was my residence now.

I gave her the house since I didn’t want to see anything that would remind me of her.

My parents’ house was a single-story quaint ranch with a small carriage house that I converted into a little apartment for myself. The property sat on a lake and had its own private dock and also a floating dock about fifty yards anchored offshore. The lake wasn’t large by any means and only had a few other houses on it. What was nice was that it was peaceful and, right now, that is what I felt I needed the most.

That was in spite of Mom’s pestering to get my act together, even though I did find a steady job in town at the local drugstore. I emotionally couldn’t find it in myself to move on.

Rochelle still had my heart and for some strange reason, I didn’t want to get it back. It was my last grasp on what we shared.

My mom and I get along very well, but finally I’d had enough of her bitching and said calmly, “I’m going into town.” I just had to find someplace to be alone.

Walking out of the house, I hopped into my car and drove towards town. But as I traveled down the road, I once again fell victim to my own mind. After six months of shock and sorrow, my thoughts changed from “why me” to “what if.” I found myself wondering if somehow I was responsible for Rochelle’s loss off love. Maybe if I showed her more affection? My mind went into overdrive and I remembered my most precious memories of her.

I was on the verge of tearing up and, even though I wasn’t a drinker, I felt the need for one or two. I was just on the outskirts of town when I noticed some bar lights up ahead and quickly pulled in. Walking across the gravel lot, I was hit up by the bouncer for a cover charge.

“Cover for what?” I asked as I handed him five bucks.

Apparently, I should have read the name of the place. “Super TaTa’s.” Damn place is a strip joint. Well, no turning back now, I really want that drink, I thought as I entered the establishment.

I sat in a corner booth by myself and order a shot and a beer, which I slammed as soon as I got them.

That’s better, I thought as a girl, barely dressed, brought me another beer. This time I sipped it and took in the scenery. Which wasn’t half bad at all…there were three girls dancing on the stage, and I must say they all looked very sexy. However, one really caught my eye. I think she even smiled at me once.

But in reality, finding another woman was the last thing on my mind. I was here to drink Rochelle out of it.

I was ordering another beer when the girl who caught my eye came by dancing for tips and very cheerfully asked me my name.

“I’m nobody.” I said.

“Oh okay, Mr. Nobody. I’m Rachel.”

“You’re who!” I kind of yelled over the crowd.


“Oh…sorry. I thought you said another name.”

“What name might that be?”

I handed her a twenty and replied, “Listen pendik escort you seem to be a really nice girl, and I really don’t want to talk about my troubles.”

Rachel took the twenty and stuffed it between a thin strap at her waist which was attached to her little thong and smiled in a flirtatious way, saying, “Listen, for twenty you should be getting a lap dance.”

Again, I spoke up and chuckled, “That’s okay. I really just want to sit here and drink.”

Rachel shrugged her shoulders and replied as she walked away, “If you ever change your mind just ask. You already paid for it.”

“Thanks again,” I waved as she went to another table.

I finished that last beer and figured that was enough. I still had to drive myself home. No way had I wanted my dad or mom picking my sorry ass up from here. Besides, it was after midnight and I was sure they’d be sleeping by now.

Taking my time, I carefully drove home until I reached the turn-off to the house. But instead of driving right up, I kicked off the lights and engine and let her coast the rest of the way in.

I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with Mom if she was still awake, and I figured I just might be able to sneak into my little apartment undetected.

As I shuffled past the main house, I glanced into my parents’ window and froze. My parents were in bed alright, but they were not sleeping. I don’t know why but I couldn’t look away as I saw my mother on top of my dad, riding him. As they enjoyed their sexual pleasure, I found myself thinking back to a time when my ex-wife and I were that passionate. Rochelle loved being on top, and I loved playing with her soft tits as she rode me.

But as I reminisced, something caught my eye and finally my brain kicked into gear.

Mom was looking right at me. And not just looking, but smiling. I felt so embarrassed, but I still couldn’t move. I was frozen in that spot as Mom gave me this wicked smirk and started to play with her tits in a very seductive way. Then she increased her speed and rode Dad harder. Even though the windows were closed, I could hear her moaning as her eyes filled with lustful want, never breaking her gaze on me. I saw Dad grab at her waist, and Mom started to bounce on him yelling loudly, “Yes…yes…cum for me!” Finally, I found the strength to break off from my voyeuristic gawking and rushed away.

My mind went into overdrive. Why couldn’t I move? Why did Mom smile like that? So many thoughts. I was so confused. So embarrassed. I headed down to the dock in a dreamlike state. I don’t know why, but I stripped off my clothes and swam to the floating dock. Once there, I laid on my back and looked up at the stars, soaking up the stillness of the night.

Jesus, how can I face Mom tomorrow? What could I say? I thought worriedly, but suddenly I pictured her riding Dad and that look on her face. Her eyes…what had she been thinking?

I was in turmoil as I gazed up into the heavens for I don’t know how long and didn’t realize that I was no longer alone. Somehow Mom had already climbed onto the deck.

“MOM!!” I squealed as she stood under the moonlit sky. “You’re naked!”

Mom chuckled as she sprawled her bare body out next to me, “Yeah and so are you.”

“But!! But!!”

“Shhh. It’s okay honey. It isn’t like you didn’t just see me more than nude.”

She had a point, and I tried to come up with a way to apologize to her. However, she spoke again and shocked me when she asked, “So, did you enjoyed my little show?”

“What? Oh no Mom…I…I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to stare like that. I had just seen you and Dad and well…it got me to thinking about Rochelle, and before I knew it I…”

I didn’t get a chance to finish my apology when Mom very seductively cooed, “Is that why you were rubbing your crotch as you watched me?”

“Huh? I was what?” I said as I tried to recollect my actions.

“You were rubbing yourself. Very hard I might add as I was fucking your father. Didn’t you hear me yell for you to cum?”

“What! Me! I… I thought you were talking to Dad?”

Mom leaned in closer, and I could feel her hot breath on my cheek as she gingerly ran her index finger across my chest and whispered, “No…I wanted you to enjoy yourself with us. Maybe that’s what you need to forget about her. And I can see you’re still all pent up.”

“What are you talking about?”

I felt Mom’s finger trailing down to my stomach. “You’re still hard, silly.”

I looked down and felt so ashamed. I really had no idea I was stiff. I searched for the words to say but found none. This was a side of my dear mother that I had never seen before. She was so open and forward. Not to mention naked. Finally, I croaked, “Mom, really, I don’t know why I’m hard. I didn’t even realize it.”

I went to cover my groin, but Mom stopped me with her hand and uttered, “No need to be modest now. Besides maybe your body is telling you something.”

“Telling me what?”

“That you need some sexual release,” ümraniye escort she murmured as she swiftly grasped my cock in her hand.

“Mommmm… m…m…m…” I tried to say but her free hand had covered my mouth as she feverishly jerked on my swollen tool.

I was in shock but also strangely stimulated as my body filled with this new illicit sensation. I’ve had hand jobs, but this was different. Something felt very mischievous and lewd about it, and it excited me greatly. My hips slightly lifted off of the deck, and I huffed into my mother’s palm.

My hands stiffened as if someone was holding them as I mumbled again and heard Mom coo, “Shhh baby. Let Mommy help you.”

I closed my eyes as my body succumbed to its sexual urges. Her hand was quickly bringing me to a climax. My own mother was going to make me cum, and I was sinfully letting her. I felt a rush of pure pleasure fill me and shuddered.

Mom leaned up on her side as her hand left my mouth, and I just heaved, “Ha…ha…ha…oh fuck! Mom!!”

“That’s it, baby, let yourself go. Just enjoy it.”

I couldn’t stop myself. It was so wrong for her to be doing this, but I was too far gone to stop her sexual assault on my throbbing cock.

My ass was now bucking upwards as my sperm raced up my shaft. I was so close. Grinding my teeth, my body stiffened up as I hissed, “Oh shit I’m gonna…”

I couldn’t finish my sentence. Mom quickly lowered her head and sucked my entire cock down her warm throat.

“OH FFFUCK!!” I grunted as my cock exploded. My legs shook rapidly as spurt after spurt of thick goo shot into my mother’s sweet lips.

Mom bobbed and sucked while her fingers tugged at my nuts, milking all of my juices. I couldn’t believe it; I felt another climax hit me, and I cried, “Oh Mom!!” as I grabbed her hair and thrust myself hard into her mouth.

My heart raced as Mom slowly released my dick from her lips with a slurp and very lovingly whispered, “How did that make you feel?”

Panting and drained, I nodded, “I never felt anything like that.”

“Good. Now I think I had better get back to your father before he realizes I’m missing.”

Stunned by what had taken place, I laid there in disbelief but also reveled in the after effects on how wonderful Mom’s mouth was. It took a minute for Mom’s words to process, and I thought. Oh shit…Dad!

I actually forgot about him and said, “Mom…what if Dad saw that?” but just as she’d suddenly appeared, she slipped away into the darkness.

I laid on the deck and just pondered my experience, not sure how to react. All I knew was that this was yet another major change in my life. It was about an hour before I swam back and walked into my little apartment and crashed on the bed.

I could feel my cock hardening again as I pictured my mother in a new light. Never had I felt these strange emotions and actual physical desire for my own mother. And so my incestuous side began to stir. Not to mention…it was also the first night I didn’t think about Rochelle. I was totally fixated on Mom and how wonderful it felt to have her soft lips encompassing my hard shaft. I can’t explain why, but I found myself jerking off and cumming two more times that night reminiscing about my first forbidden sexual encounter.

I have to say that, come the next morning, I did feel very refreshed and strangely happy. Both of which I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Hopping out of bed, I dressed quickly and headed over to the main house where my parents were already eating breakfast.

“Hi son,” I heard Dad say as I sat down.

Then it hit me. Yes, I felt revived, but now, after seeing my father, I kind of felt guilty.

“Hi Dad,” I responded, trying not to make eye contact.

“So honey did you sleep well? I hope you didn’t meet up with any loose women last night.”

I shot Mom a startled look and she just smirked.

“No, I didn’t meet up with any. And yes, I did have a very pleasant sleep.”

“So going out and enjoying yourself did help,” Mom said with a wink.

She was toying with me in front of Dad.

“Yes I guess it did.”

“That’s good to hear. Maybe you should do it more often.”

I felt my brow begin to sweat and, thankfully, Dad spoke up, changing the subject.

“Oh honey. I hope you remembered that this is the week I go out of town.”

“Yes. I remembered. How long will it be this time?”

“I should be able to close the deal quickly so only for about a week.”

“Okay dear. Just remember to call when you get there.”

“I will. You two going to get along while I’m away?”

I just nodded as Mom replied, “Oh I’m sure we’ll be just fine in your absence.”

“Great. Well, I had better get going,” Dad said as he gulped down the last of his coffee.

I watched as he kissed Mom’s cheek and said, “Love you, dear.”

“Love you too,” Mom replied as he walked towards the door.

Mom watched my father drive away and in a harsh voice said, “Like I don’t know he’s fucking his paralegal.”

“Mom?” I shrugged.

Mom smiled at me and said, “You think you have time to take me shopping before work?”

“Um…yeah but what’s this about Dad?”

Mom sat and sighed, “Listen, Glen, your father’s been having an affair now for over a year.”

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