Loving My Daughters , My Lover

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I was sitting in my office working when my wife entered and informed me that she was leaving me for someone else. A million thoughts ran through my head and I had a hard time finding a voice to ask the questions. “Why are you doing this?” I asked trying not to show my anger. “What about our daughters?” I went on.

“The girls will stay with you Tom.” My soon to be former wife Mary said as she brushed a lock of hair from her forehead.

“I don’t understand, I never cheated on you.” I said with confusion. “I though our sex life was great.”

“I know you never cheated on me Tom.” Mary said not looking at me. “I just want to be with someone else.”

That was about all the information that Mary would give me other than her things were already out of the house. I was at a loss and I would have to be the one to tell the twins that their mom won’t be coming home again.

I arrived at home shortly before my daughters were due to arrive from school and it gave me time to plan what I had to say and grab a drink or two. “Hello the house!” Came the call of the 18-year-old twins as they entered the house dressed in their school uniforms. I called out that I was in the living room and I watched them as they entered. “Hi daddy!” They chimed together.

“I have some news for you two girls.” I said sipping my drink. I looked at Cindy and Vicky as they stood waiting for my news. It seemed as though I was seeing them for the first time, they seemed to have grown up so fast. The girls were identical twins with dark brown hair that they often wore ponytails which is how they had their hair today. “Your mother came to see me at work today.” I told them.

“Is there something wrong daddy?” It was Cindy who spoke first. “What did mom do?”

“Your mother has decided to leave us for another man.” I told them straight out.

I watched as the girls looked at each other then over at me. “Oh daddy,” They cried in unison. “We’re so sorry, what are we going to do?” The girls moved to where I stood and put an arm around my shoulders.

“I don’t know, girls.” I said with a tear in my eyes. “We’ll manage, but it won’t be easy.” The twins will be leaving home for college soon.

“Of course we’ll be all right daddy.” Cindy said as she pressed herself against me. Vicky nodded her head in agreement and did the same. I like the fresh scent of their hair as I nuzzled it with my face.

“I think your old dad needs another drink.” I said as my hand came to rest on Cindy’s firm ass, which I patted gently.

“I’ll get you your drink dad.” Vicky said as she broke her embrace. It was the first time that I noticed that her uniform skirt seemed a bit shorter than it should be but it showed my daughter’s thighs off very nicely. My hand was still resting on Cindy’s ass.

“Thank you honey.” I said as I watched Vicky move to the sidebar. “Scotch and Soda neat.” I added. By the time my daughter poured my drink I was sitting on the sofa with Cindy sitting on one side of me.

“Are you hungry daddy?” Cindy asked as she tucked one leg beneath her which pulled her skirt up exposing more of her firm thighs and legs.

“Not really honey,” I said letting my hand rest upon one of Cindy’s smooth legs. “I’m not sure that I could eat just now.”

“We wouldn’t mind making dinner dad.” Vicky said as she sat down on my other side tucking her legs beneath her showing as much of her thighs as her sister.

“Not to worry you two,” I said as I patted Vicky’s leg. “I just don’t feel like eating at the moment that’s all.” I said as I finished my drink.

“Daddy do you want another drink?” It was Cindy spoke. She always called me daddy while Vicky called me dad.

I leaned my head back against the back of the sofa with my eyes closed. “That’s quite all right honey,” I said my right hand was now resting against Cindy’s ass. “I can wait for a bit on that drink.”

The two girls and moved closer to me by now, my hands seemed to have taken on a life of their own as my hands moved over Cindy and Vicky’s ass their skirts moved higher and higher until I was touching their butt cheeks. I was sure that if I opened my eyes I would be able to get a glimps of their panties.

“Are you sure that you’re ok dad?” Vicky said gently as she wiggled closer to me.

“You know…,” I said with a stammer. “You two have become quite beautiful did you know that?” My hands continued to move over each of my daughter’s partly exposed buttocks.

“Oh come on dady.” Cindy said with a laugh that sounded almost as if she couldn’t breath right. “You tell us that all the time.”

“Well, it’s true.” I said with conviction as I squeezed their butts gently.

“Daddy,” Cindy asked as she snuggled closer to me. “What are you doing with your hand?”

I opened my eyes and looked at my hands which were now under Cindy and Vicky’s skirts. “I’m sorry,” I said weakly. “I was enjoying how nice you and your sister felt.” I didn’t make an effort to remove my hands from where they rested.

“It feels kind of nice sis.” She said anadolu yakası escort to Cindy.

I turned so that I could kiss the top of Vicky’s head but I found her lips instead and kissed them letting our tongues touch while my hand moved in between her butt cheeks and pulled her panties tight against her crotch. I turned to Cindy and did the same to her.

By now my hands were inside my daughter’s panties kneeding their respective buttocks.

The shock of what I was doing finally got through my fogged brain. “I’m sorry Cindy,” I said taking my hand out of her panties. “I’m sorry Vick, I shouldn’t be touching you like this.”

Vicky surprised me by climbing onto my lap kneeling astride my waist. “You have nothing to be ashamed of dad not ever, not with us.” As Vicky bent forward to kiss me she took my hand and placed it under her blouse. “We love you dad.” She added as she rocked forward for another kiss.

“Vicky’s right dad we do love you.” Cindy added as she stood up to remove her panties.

“I love you both so much.” I said as I caressed one of Vicky’s bra covered breasts.

“You have really nice hands dad.” Vicky said as she removed her blouse and bra while still astride my hips.

“Look Vick.” Cindy said pointing at my crotch, which now looked like a tent with a damp spot from my hard on. “I think it means that our daddy likes what he sees.” I liked everything I seeing.

“I can feel it sis.” Vicky said with a smile. “I can feel it pressing against my crotch.” Vicky looked over at her sister who was in the process of removing her skirt.

“You and your sister,” I said with pride. “Have the nicest looking breasts that I have ever seen.” Just to prove how desireable they were I pulled Vicky closer so that I could suck on them.

“Daddy! Vicky cried with delight. “What’s happening to me!!!” Her body was quivering with pleasure.

Cindy looked at her sister and pointed at my lap. “Can I try that sis?” She asked looking eager to replace her sister on my lap.

“Of course sis,” Vicky said as she stood up. “It’ll give me a chance to get my skirt and panties off.” As they changed places they exchanged kisses with one another. “Don’t forget we have to take his pants off as well sis.” Vicky went on while fondeling her sister’s breasts.

Cindy nodded her head in agreement with her sister as she sat on my lap grinding her crotch against mine. “You’re right sis, I can feel his penis pressing against my crotch!” Cindy was excited.

“Ok dad,” Vicky said once she finished removing the last of her clothes. “Stand up and lets get you undressed.” My girls were taking over our forbidden love fest.

I staggered to my feet my daughters helped to steady me. “You know,” I said looking at my naked daughters. “The last time I saw you two naked was when you two were a whole lot younger and your mom and I used to give you two baths. I let my pants and underware fall to the floor. Vickey squealed happily at seeing my hard penis. Cindy on the other hand just reached out and tentatively touched it.

“I remember when you and mom used to bathe us.” Cindy said as she moved her hand over my throbing penis. “Vicky and I have grown up since then.”

“I know you have honey.” I said as I pulled them close to me for a long hard hug.

The girls wiggled their bodies against mine as I moved my finger around each anus. “Is this part of what you and mom did in bed?” Vicky asked.

My obviously now former wife and I never hid the truth about our sexual activities. “Yes honey, your mom and I would do this and other things and it wasn’t just in bed.” As the three of us exchanged kisses I slid my finger into their anus and wiggled it inside them. “We even did it in here.” I told them.

“Are you going to put your penis inside one of us daddy?” Cindy asked as I kissed the nape of her neck.

“Is that what you want me to do?” I asked.

“Yes we do!” The girls said excitedly. “We want to know what it feels like.”

I directed the girls to go and sit on the sofa.

“Daddy?” Cindy asked as she and Vicky sat down next to one another.

“Yes honey what is it?” I asked.

“I feel a dampness between my legs daddy,” She declared. “It feels kind of squishy.” Cindy said.

“I think we know what that means sis,” Vicky replied. “Your as turned on as we are.” A knowing smile appeared on Vicky lips.

The girls sat on the sofa in eager anticipation with their legs spread. “Are you sure you want to have some more fun you two?” I asked as I fondeled their breasts.

“Yes daddy, yes!” The girls said in unison.

I had them sit a little closer together so that I could run my fingers over the edge of their pussy. “I can feel that my girls are nice and wet.” I told them holding up two damp fingers.

“I feel all hot daddy!” Vicky crooned as she arched her hips off of the sofa.

“Then I guess you’re ready for some more fun then aren’t you?” I asked as I put my tongue into her pussy.

“Oh,Daaad, ahhh!” ataşehir escort Vicky clamped her legs against my head. “What are you doing to me?” She cried in delight.

“I’m going to lick your wet pussy till you climax honey.” I said stopping my ministration of her damp pussy for only a moment. “Then I’m going to take care of your sister.”

I went back to licking Vicky’s pussy flicking my tongue in and out of her tickling her clit while I fingered Cindy’s pussy. My girls were very arroused.

I have no clear memory of how long I spent between each daughter’s legs, but I do remember that each one reached their orgasm not wanting me to stop licking their clits.

“Did we do good dad?” Vicky asked as she seemed shaken by her first ever orgasm.

“Not only did you do good.” I told the girls. “You tasted good as well.” I made a yummy sound to show them that I enjoyed licking their pussies. “Did you both enjoy what I did?” I asked.

Vicky was the first to answer. “I did dad,” She was smiling as her hand rested on her crotch. “I thought I was never going to stop shaking so hard.”

Cindy sat up a wicked but satisfied smile played across her lips. “It was the most wonderful feeling that I ever felt daddy.”

I moved onto the sofa between my daughters enjoying their naked bodies. I could see them eye my rigid penis with apprehension and curiosity.

“Are you going to put your penis inside of us dad?” Vicky asked as she touched the head of my cock.

“Do you want me to?” I asked both girls. “If we do this,” I went on. “It will change everything between us forever.”

“Everything between the three of us has changed already daddy.” Cindy said pointing out that the three of us were naked on the sofa and that I just brought each of them to their first orgasm.

I knew that my daughter was right, everything had changed the minute the three of us got naked. “Ok, I will take turns with each of you and I promise that I won’t climax inside either of you.”

Vicky climbed onto my lap. “I’ll go first ok sis?” She said as she slowly lowered her body toward my cock. Cindy held my cock steady as her sister let it impail her. “God! Dad you’re so big inside of me, it hardly fits.”

“You’re just tight that’s all honey.” I grunted as I felt my cock slide further into Vicky. “It’s your first time and your muscles aren’t used to being streched by a male penis.” Of course they already knew that from their sex educatuion in school.

It took a few moments but Vicky started to ride my penis with greater ease. “My darling Vicky,” I said moaning. “You learn quickly.”

Vicky rocked forward to kiss me. “You feel real big inside of me dad.” She said as she ceased moving up and down on my cock. “Can you leave it in when you…”

I hushed her with a kiss. “No darling I won’t leave my penis inside of either of you when I have my orgasm.” I tried to smile up at Vicky. “I don’t think that you want your old man’s sperm inside of you do you?”

“But dad,” Vicky pouted. “Cindy and I can be just like mom.”

“That’s right daddy, we can be just like mom we don’t mind.” Cindy backed her sister’s words with action as she changed places with Vicky on my lap.

“Honey…” I started saying before I let out a moan of pleasure.

I was surprised to see Vicky leaning in to kiss her sister’s breasts. “Wow, sis your nipples are hard!” She said with mild surprise. “Do you want me to kiss your breasts again?”

“Ok.” Cindy answered her sister with a sigh of delight. “I think daddy likes it when we kiss each other.” Cindy said happily.

“How can you tell sis?” Vicky asked.

“Daddy is thrusting himself harder when we kiss.” She said with a knowing smile. “He’s going to have his orgasm soon I can feel it.”

My daughter was right I was about to climax. “You think your pretty smart don’t you?” I laughed and groaned at the same time.

“We think so.” The girls said in unison laughing along with me.

Without to much effort I rolled Cindy onto her back so that she lay next to her sister. “You’re right honey your daddy is about to cum.” I thrust my cock into Cindy a little more force than I planned. Just as I felt my cock ready to release into my daughter I pulled out and let my sperm spill on to their naked bodies.

“That was fun daddy.” Cindy spoke first after I rolled off the sofa and stood up.

I watched as they lwt their fingers play with the spent sperm on their bodies then to my surprise they rolled their bodies towards each other and started kissing and grinding their bodies together. “Did you like it sis?” They asked each other and “Do you think we should?” There were more words that passed between them while they continued to kiss and fondel each other.

“What are you whispering about?” I asked.

“We were deciding which of us will sleep with you tonight.” Vicky said matter of factly.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked.

“It’s very simple dad,” Vicky said calmly. “Cindy and I don’t want bağdat caddesi escort you to sleep alone tonight.”

“So one of you plans to take your mothers place in my bed tonight is that it?” I asked.

The girls nodded their heads yes.

“I see and you think that the two of you can just arbitrarily make that decision without talking to me first?” I asked.

“Oh come on dad,” Vicky said as she and her sister stood up and wrapped their arms around me. “We already know that you won’t say no.”

Vicky was right, I wouldn’t say no to either of them sharing my bed. “You are right of course,” I kissed Vicky on top of her head. “I couldn’t say no to either of you even though I should.”

The girls had a triumphant smile on their faces as if to let me know that I never had any real choice in the matter.

“Are you hungry dad?” Vicky asked.

“Actually I am rather hungry.” I responded. “I tell you what we’ll do.” I went on. “Why don’t we get cleaned up in my shower, go get something to eat then we can decide who sleeps with whom.”

Vicky and Cindy were excited about getting into the shower with me. “Daddy is going to wash us again.” Cindy giggled and Vicky smiled.

“That’s right girls.” I said patting each on their bottom. “Your dear old dad is going to wash the two of you like you’ve never been washed before.”

The three of us entered the shower once Vicky and Cindy got their bodies nice and wet I started to lather their bodies paying close attention to their pussies. Vicky and Cindy were very happy with my method of washing their bodies. “This is better than the bathes we used to get daddy.” Cindy moaned as she wiggled her body against mine. “I fell like I could cum again.” With a little help from Vicky she did.

Vicky was very pleased when her sister and I got her to climax again. “Oh,my God daddy, I could do this every day and not get tired of it.”

“I wouldn’t get tired of it either.” I replied as we stepped out of the shower. “You two get dressed and we’ll go out and get a slice of pizza or something how does that sound?” I asked as the girls went to their rooms to put on clean clothes.

The girls returned to my room dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts their hair put up in ponytails looking very sexy. “Wow, you two sure know how to turn a guy’s head don’t you?” I said hugging my daughters.

“I think we now how to do a little more than that now daddy don’t you?” Cindy asked while she rubbed her body against mine.

“Yes you do,” I said to both girls as we headed for the car. “You two sure helped take my mind off of your mother.”

“It’s not just a one way street dad.” Vicky said just as we entered the pizza parlor.

The three of us enjoyed our slices of pizza while we talked about nothing in particular.

“Look Vicky its Marge and Sue.” Cindy pointed out the two girls who just entered the shop.

“Listen you two,” I said sitting back and watching my daughters wave to their friends. “If you want to hang out with your friends, go right ahead. I’ll see you at home.”

“Are you sure dad?” Vicky asked a look of concern crossed her face.

“I’ll be just fine honey,” I assured them. “You two go and have a good time, you know where I’ll be.” I smiled and waved as they left the table to join their friends their friends.

The silent ride home gave me a chance to reflect on what had happened between my daughters and me earlier in the evening. I had no doubt that anger and liquor played a major part in getting me to do what I did with my daughters. “Not much of an excuse.” I yelled out the car window as I drove quickly into the driveway. One thing I did know, under no circumstances could I let the events of tonight go any further. I felt sure that once my daughters had a chance to think about tonights events they would realize that it would be better to stop now before something even worse happens.

I was tired and I had no intention of waiting up for my daughters to return home. I poured myself a small drink, took the book I was reading and headed for bed. I should have known better for I did not get two pages turned before I fell asleep.

The dream I had was so vivid that it felt real, I was making love to a young woman whose face I could not make out. Just about the only thing I could be sure of was that, the woman was moaning and groaning wanting to get my cock into her as deep as possible until I came inside of her. The body of the female seemed to change, it was not a drastic change but it was a change none the less and the words spoken were a little clearer. “He’s cumming! He’s cumming!”

I could feel fingers digging into my shoulders as I came awake. I was horrified to find Vicky sitting astride my cock and small amounts of sperm seeped from her pussy down the side of my cock. “Dear God! What have you done?” I asked as I came fully awake.

“Finishing what we started earlier dad.” Vicky said as she lifted herself off of my cock and knelt by my side.

“But honey…” I started to respond.

“There are no buts here dad.” Vicky interupted me as she let her sister move next to me. Looking at her sister she said, “It looks like you’ll have to wait awhile to take your turn sis.”

Cindy was grinning from ear to ear. “Did you like it when he came inside of you?” She asked while her hand played with my soft sticky penis.

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