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This is my first story so please, go easy on me! And offer me advice. I have been reading on Literotica for years and suddenly got the urge to write some of my own.

xOxO, Yunie

All persons within this story are of at least 18 years of age.


Victoria was laying on her bed on her back, with her heavy novel above her head. Her small mouth shaped in a small ‘O’ as she focuses on the story. This was how she usually spent her Sunday mornings when she didn’t have class or anything to do. She just needed to get her mind off things and escape her reality of school, responsibilities and her lacking love life.

She always laid in bed in a short, tight tank top and always discarded her pajama pants to the floor for comfort before hopping in bed. Today was no exception as she continue to read her book in a pair of white cotton panties and her red tank top with no bra underneath.

“Tori, are you in there baby girl? It’s already 1 o’clock…” Her father’s voice came through the door and he knocked briefly before opening it.

Her father realized once again his mistake of not waiting for an answer when he came to find his baby girl. She always slept in just her panties and tank top and damn, did his little girl grow up nicely. Victoria had shoulder length chestnut hair, beautiful and bright green eyes, and the cutest small mouth he’s ever seen. She looked so much like her mother, especially with those long creamy legs and what he would guess to be D cups straining through her tight tank top.

He knew he shouldn’t admire his little girls’ body like this but since her mother died when she was three he had only had a couple of dead end dates since then. Most women his age weren’t looking for the extra baggage of a little girl and he just had a hard time getting over Trisha.

Richard wasn’t a bad looking man to be in his mid-forties either. He had light, piercing blue eyes and dark brown hair that showed no signs of greying or balding that he kept cut very similar to Robert Downey Jr.’s to show off his masculine facial features. He also managed to keep in shape by hitting the gym several times a week after work.

“Daddy, can’t you please knock correctly before entering?” Tori huffed to her father as she covered her bottom half with her bed sheets, glancing over her book.

Richard gulped, the image of his daughter’s cute, small white panties and slender creamy legs burning in his mind. “Sorry, baby. I keep forgetting. I made you some waffles if you wanna come down, okay? Any plans for today?” He asked knowing she never did anything on Sunday.

“Mmm, waffles!? Just what I was craving, Daddy. And nope, you know Sunday I do nothing but read and relax.” She giggled as she put her book down after folding the page’s corner and leaned over into the floor to pick up her pajama pants.

“Daddy, don’t look! I need to put on my pants!”

Tori stood up and leg by leg put on her pajama pants which were very comfy and light, sliding them up over her wide hips and to her waist. The small of her back was still visible as well as her belly button, Richard presumed as he watched her with her back to him.

His palms felt very sweaty and he suddenly felt very warm. “Okay, pumpkin, I will make you some bacon too to go with it.”

“Yayyy! Thank you, Daddy.” She ran up and kissed her father on his cheek, hugging him fiercely before rushing downstairs to the kitchen. Richard let out a huff and looked down at the front of his pants which were tented. He hoped she didn’t notice when she hugged him…

Later that evening, he was watching some Netflix trying to unwind from the yard work and cleaning he did around the house that day. It sure was tough keeping everything together with just him and Tori but he had done it for almost 20 years now so it was nothing new.

Tori suddenly came skipping in, and sat down right next to her Father, interlocking her arm with his and folding her legs underneath herself as she stared at the TV. “What cha’ watching, Daddy?”

“Just Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights since you know I am the romantic type.” Her father smiled over at his daughter, thinking that his baby was even cuter.

Tori giggled, having watched this before finding all the dancing scenes between the two lovers so seductive. She watched the scene unfold where the two lovers were partaking in a Latin dancing contest with Mia singing a beautiful song. She bit her bottom lip as the man slid his hand over the woman’s collar bone down to where she was sure he was brushing her chest. “God, that’s hot…” She thought, licking her upper lip.

Richard looked down at his little girl’s face as she snuggled closer to him watching the playful scene on the tv and he felt his blood rush to his crotch when he watched Tori bite her lips and then licking her lips, appearing extremely sexy.

“Well, Daddy, I need to keep reading my book… It’s getting good!” Tori said, appearing flushed and kissed her Daddy on his chin before bağcılar escort quickly running upstairs to her room and slamming the door.

Curious, Richard’s eyebrows creased wondering if Tori was aroused by the movie and felt his cock begin to slowly harden as he lost focus of the movie and started remembering his baby girl sprawled out on her bed in nothing but her tank top and little white panties. He knew she had removed her pants by now and was lounging in her warm bed right now.

He was conflicted, knowing he shouldn’t be feeling so attracted to Tori but she looked so much like her mother and was so sexy. He reached down to his hard cock, tenting his pants and rubbed over the buldge as he closed his eyes and thought of his little girl back in her bed. He imagined walking in as she lay reading, and her putting the book down before biting her lip and begging him to come lay with her.

He groaned as he unzipped his pants, reaching in and pulling out his big, hard cock that stood to 8′ inches and had an angry red tip. He gripped it, stroking slowly as his fantasy continued. He imagined his baby girl reaching for his pants and unzipping him before pulling his cock out and gasping, glancing up at him, sticking her little pink tongue out.

“Fuck.” He groaned before pulling his hand from his cock. “I can’t do this. That’s my baby girl! I can’t fantasize about her. Fuck, I need to get laid.” She stuffed his hard cock back into his pants, clearly frustrated but he would NOT imagine his baby girl like that!

About an hour later the movie finished and he glanced at the clock, it showing 2 AM. He turned off the TV and began heading upstairs, grateful his cock finally softened after an hour… though the sexy blond in the movie didn’t help.

He reached the top of the stairs and went past the bathroom but stopped in his tracks as he heard a soft moan coming from Tori’s room. He walked closer to the door, wondering if anything was wrong with his daughter and reached out for the door handle when he heard a louder moan and something that made his cock harden in that instant.

“Fuckkkkk,” Tori hissed, rubbing her little clit as she slid her wet pussy juices over it. “Fuck my slutty cunt.” She whimpered before dipping her fingers into her tiny pink hole.

Richard could not believe what he was hearing. Was his little girl getting fucked? He didn’t hear any loud male breathing or groaning but… he knew that some men were quiet as a mouse as they fucked. How… he had no idea. “Is she fucking some guy under MY roof?” He thought, becoming furious as her moans became louder.

He couldn’t take it anymore, and grabbed the door handle, twisting it.

Tori was on the verge of an orgasm, rubbing her clit frantically while the other hand, coated in her juices ran over her tight, pink nipples that she exposed from beneath her tank top. She heard the sound of the door handle, but her hands wouldn’t stop. She was going to cum, she NEEDED to cum. She moaned loudly…

Richard opened the door, and his jaw dropped as he saw the beautiful fucking sight of his 22 year old daughter. She had her legs spread wide, and her panties hanging around her left knee. Her tank top was lifted above her beautiful, yep, D cup breasts with the prettiest pink nipples he’d ever seen. But Oh, God… her pussy. She had her fingers flicking over her engorged clit, and her slit was glistening with her need. He felt his cock twitch as she moaned loudly, closing her eyes as she was about to cum.

He couldn’t handle this… he wasn’t thinking straight… but God, he couldn’t look away from her. In fact, he had to have her. He would make her his.

Richard stormed over to the side of her bed, pulling her hand away from her cunt and brought her fingers to his face, inhaling her scent. Her eyes widened as she was torn away from her orgasm and whimpered all the while being shocked that her father was doing what appeared to be inhaling her cunt juices. She gasped loudly as she watched him take one finger at a time and suck on it gingerly. She felt her pussy cream… and she heard herself whimper.

Richard had closed his eyes as he was sucking her juices off her fingers, but when he heard her whimper, he fucking lost it. He dropped her hand, and grabbed her by her leg, pulling her to the edge of the bed, and spread her legs further as he dropped to his knees.

“Baby, I’ve got to taste your pussy, now. Hold your legs back for daddy.” He looked up at her, over her slim tummy and big breasts.

“Daddy! You can’t!! You’re my dad, this is wr—OH, FUCK.” Tori moaned as she felt her father’s tongue run up along her slit. It didn’t help she needed to cum badly. He looked so fucking hot between her legs, licking her wet pussy.

Richard looked up at her as he licked up her slit, and he pressed his tongue flatly against her clit, licking it like a cat drinking milk. He felt her twitching, and grinned when he saw bahçelievler escort her reach her hands under her thighs and pull her legs back further, moaning. Her eyes were full of lust and the need to cum. He was going to drink all of her cum.

He began sucking on her engorged, pink clit, as his hands began running up and down her inner thighs, bringing goosebumps to her flesh. He let go of her clit, bringing his finger to it, looking up at her. “You like Daddy’s tongue on your hot pussy, baby?”

Tori moaned loudly, her pussy seeming to cream more from her father’s dirty talk, but she was feeling too shy to talk.

“Tell me, Tori, how much you need Daddy’s tongue on your cunt or I will stop right now, baby girl.” He smiled as he rubbed her clit some more, after licking his finger seductively and then applying it down on her clit.

Tori hissed through her teeth, licking her lips. “Daddy, I need you to eat my pussy out! Please lick my pussy and suck on my clit!” Her cheeks were flushed, and he smiled, realizing she was blushing.

“If you insist, baby.” He laughed and began licking her clit again before his finger found her tight, little hole. He began to put pressure on it, without pushing in. “Mmm, baby girl, are you a virgin here?”

Tori blushed deeply, biting her lower lip. “No… Daddy… I’ve been fucked before.”

“By fucking who!?” He growled, pushing his index finger into her tight little cunt and wiggling it, making her moan.

“Remember when I was dating Spencer? He’s the only guy I’ve been with…”

“That fucking asshole!? No wonder you cried for two weeks! He took your fucking virginity!” Richard roared, pushing another finger into his baby girl, his face flushed with obvious anger as he thought about the “bad boy” Spencer and how he had probably only dated his baby to fuck her cute little pussy.

“Mmm, Daddy… I-It feels so good… Don’t stop…” Torri purred, tossing her head back as her father finger fucked her while licking her clit.

“Oh, I will make you feel so good you won’t be able to think about Spencer or any other fucking asshole.” Richard said, pulling his fingers from his little girl before licking his little girl’s tiny pink hole and pushing it inside her.

“Oh, FUCK!”

“Bet no stupid teenage boy has done this to you?” Richard laughed as he tongue fucked his daughter to ecstasy.

“Mmmm, Daddy, I am gonna cum! Don’t stop… keep fucking me with your tongue!” Tori cried out, pulling her legs back further, trying to get her daddy’s tongue in further into her little hole.

“Oh, yes baby girl, I want you to cum all over Daddy’s tongue… I am gonna suck the cum out of your little pussy.” He tongue fucked her harder, his hands reaching up and grabbing her tips, pinching her nipples.

“OH, FUCK YES…” Tori screamed as she came, her pussy creaming all over her daddy’s tongue buried deep inside of her, her nipples standing erect against his fingers.

“Mmm, that’s it… your cum tastes so good… Did you like what I did to you, little girl” Richard grinned, standing up, wiping her juices off of his chin on his arm.

“Mmm… yes, Daddy…” Tori said softly as she was coming down from her high.

“Well, baby girl, it’s time to see a real man’s cock… your daddy’s big dick.” He pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the side and then reached down to his pants. He unzipped it, instantly feeling relief on his pulsating, hard cock and pulled down both his pants and boxers.

His angry, fat cock sprung out, pointing directly at his little girl’s pussy. Her eyes widened at how big and angry it looked. She had had sex before but she had never seen a dick that big… she couldn’t imagine it fitting in her little pussy.

Richard grinned at Tori’s reaction, and twitched his cock before gripping it. He crawled up on the bed beside her, turning to face her pretty face. He pointed his cock directly at her mouth, stroking it up and down, over the big, angry head.

“Okay, little girl, time to open your pretty little mouth for me.” He said scooting closer to her mouth.

Tori opened her mouth, protesting, “But Daddy, it’ll be too b—!” She was cut off by his cock being stuffed in her little mouth.

“Oh, yes, that’s it. Take Daddy’s cock.” Richard moaned as he felt her begin to suck on his cock, her head turned to the side and moving back and forth over the head.

“Mmmm…” She moaned on his cock, always loving to suck dick for her previous boyfriends but her Daddy’s was so big… She was worried her mouth was gonna get sore…

“Mmm, baby, you are such a good cocksucker… now open your throat, I want it in all the way…” Richard pushed his daughter’s brown hair behind her ear as he shoved his cock further into her mouth, right now her throat. She started to make some gagging sounds, causing his dick to twitch.

“Relax your throat, baby… and take all of Daddy’s bahçeşehir escort dick down your little throat.” He cooed her, feeling her relax and he pushed his cock all the way down her throat, “Breathe through your nose.” He felt her breath against his belly via her nose. “Good girl.” He slowly slid his cock out, it making an audible pop as it left her mouth. He rubbed the head of it against her flushed pink lips. “As much as I wanna cum in your throat, Daddy needs that pussy wrapped around his cock. Would you like that?”

He got off the bed and moved between her legs, tapping his dick against her wet clit. “Mmm, yes, Daddy… but please be gentle… your cock is so big.” Tori cried, wanting to be fucked but afraid of being hurt.

“Don’t worry, baby girl, Daddy is gonna make you feel so good…” Richard smiled down at his little girl as he began sliding his cock up and down her slit, causing her to squirm beneath him and cry out.

“Please, put your Cock in me daddy!” Tori moaned, feeling his cock push against her opening.

“Oh, you want this big dick inside of you, little girl?” Richard grinned, loving her reaction to his teasing. He put a little bit of pressure on her tiny hole with his dick, and felt her gasp. “Tell me how bad you want it and I might give you what you want: Daddy’s Cock.”

“Yes, please, daddy, fill me up with your big cock! I need you to fuck me now, Daddy…” Tori whimpered and moaned, pushing her hips up against him, trying to force him inside of her. He knew it wouldn’t be that easy since she was so small.

He pushed his cock harder against her opening, his head popping in. Tori whimpered, “Oh, God, it’s so big!” Richard felt like he could just cum, his little girl was so fucking tight, even for not being a virgin. He pushed further until half of his cock was inside of her.

She was moaning and squirming, wanting more of him inside of her. That slut, he thought, watching her beneath him. “You like that dick inside of you?” He pushed another inch inside of her. “Yes, yes! Please give it all to me, Daddy!”

He shoved the rest of his cock inside of her until his balls was touching her cute ass. “Oh, Fuck, baby… your pussy is so tight and wet. I’m gonna have to fuck you good for being such a little slut, letting Daddy catch you playing with this cunt of yours.”

He started to pull out of her, until just the tip was inside of her and then shoved it back inside. Making for slow, deep thrusts. Tori was moaning, her eyes tightly closed and her fingers digging into her bed. “Yes, Daddy! Give me that cock! Punish me with your dick!”

Richard moaned, loving how dirty his little girl was. He gave her exactly what she asked for. He began pumping in and out of her tight pussy, making her buckle beneath him. She was fucking herself on his cock. He reached down and started rubbing her little clit, making her gasp and moan beneath him.

He pulled out of her suddenly, making her whimper. He looked down at her abused hole, and licked his lips. “Baby, you are gonna ride Daddy’s dick now. Would you like that?”

Tori sat up immediately, licking her lips. “Mmm, I would love that…” Richard laid in the middle of her bed, propped up a little against the headboard and stroked his dick, watching his daughter. “Come sit on this dick, then, little girl.”

Tori wasted no time, and climbed up on her father, putting her long legs on either side of her daddy’s hips, and grabbing his shoulder she lowered her pussy to his cock. She gasped as she rubbed the tip against her soaking slit, and leaning forward… She kissed her daddy unlike a daughter should ever kiss her father. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, moaning as she lowered her tight cunt onto his big, hot dick.

“Oh, FUCK, yes. Daddy your cock feels sooo good inside of me.” Tori moaned as she began riding her father, her hands on his shoulder for support as she leaned up to kiss him more. Richard was in fucking heaven, and felt his cum boiling. Not only was his sexy daughter fucking his dick but she was kissing him too with passion.

Tori’s tits were bouncing as she rode her father, bouncing up and down on his dick. He began grabbing her tits, squeezing them and flicking his finger over her nipples. She moaned loudly, and he felt her cunt grip his dick like a vice. “Fuck, Daddy! I am gonna cum… MMMM…”

“You fucking cum when I say you cum, slut! That first time was a freebie.” Richard growled, pulling her off of his dick and pushing her onto her stomach. He pulled her ass up, pushing her legs together and pushed her head down into the sheets. “I’m gonna make you cum all over my dick on my terms… And you better not cum until I say so. Understand me, Victoria?”

Tori shivered, hearing her father use her full first name. She knew he meant business. She looked back at her father who was suddenly hovering over her. She felt him running his fingers over her slit and then watched as he slapped her ass, causing her to jump.

At that moment he shoved all 8′ inches back into her hot, wet hole. He began fucking her hard, his balls slapping against her clit. She began trembling, obviously on the verge of cumming and trying so hard to hold it back.

“Are you gonna cum, baby girl?”

“Mmmm, yesssss, daddy!!”

“Don’t you fucking do it until I say so!” He growled.

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