Lusting for Brother

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This is my first submission! Sorry if it sucks! All characters are 18 or older.


Gross. That’s what they would call her. Well, if they knew what she thought about, how she wanted him so bad, that she ached for him. Even now she was watching the clock, waiting, knowing that when she got home from school he would be there. Her name was Allie, and she was lusting after her own brother.

Allie had just turned 18, a senior in high school. She was pretty, with long, flowing dark hair, big gray eyes, a cute little upturned nose, and a mouth that most guys considered a blow job mouth. She had a hot little body, with a perfect hand-full of tits, and a smooth, shaved little cunt. Her brother, Jason, was 23, and had moved home after he had finished College, taking some time off to relax, and just hang out around home, which kind of irritated their parents, but made Allie very happy. He was sexy. Tall, and slim, with great shoulders, dark hair that was usually in that i just crawled out of bed look, warm brown eyes, amazing mouth, and a great body.

Finally the bell rang, and her day was over. It was Friday, and her parents were gonna be out of town. She got her things and rushed to her jeep, driving home with one hand between her legs, already rubbing herself.

“I’m home!” She called, walking into the house.

“Hey Lil Sis! How was school?” He was in track pants and a tee, so she knew he was about to hit the home gym in the basement.

“It was OK, nothing exciting. Mom and Dad gone?” She asked.

“About an hour ago. I was going to work out for a bit, then figured we could get some take out?” He asked.

“Sounds good. I’m going to go change. Let me know when your ready to order.” She smiled, and went up to her room, leaving the door open a crack. Stripping out of her school uniform, and unclasping her bra, she opened her bottom drawer and got out her favorite toy, then slipped out of her panties and lay back on the bed, knowing she had at least an hour before he was finished his workout.

“Mm…my sexy brother.” She sighed, rubbing the head of the dildo over her clit, and down to her opening. She inched it inside, and turned it on, slowly sliding it in and out while she rubbed her clit. She knew it was wrong to want her brother so bad, but she just couldn’t help it. She had lost her virginity when she was 16, and ever since, she has been dreaming of what it would be like to have him. She had spied on him in the shower enough to know that he had a perfect cock. It was about 7 inches fully hard, and a great girth. She also loved his balls, big and round, so full of cum. She had only seen him blow his load once, but the sound he made, and how much cum he released was burned into her mind.

“Oh Jason…” She moaned, sliding the vibrator in and out faster, rubbing her clit a little more. She brought herself up, and up, so close to cumming, only to hold off, and wait on her release. She wanted to wait bağcılar escort until later, until she knew that her orgasm would be mind blowing. When her breathing returned to normal, she slipped on a tank top and loose shorts, and pinned her hair up, walking down to the kitchen.

“Hey.” Jason came up from downstairs. “Just gonna grab a shower, and then I’m ready for dinner, k?”

“Alright. And Jason? Leave the door open a crack. I hate when you steam the bathroom up so much, it sucks going in there for the rest of the night.”

“Yea, yea I know, sis.” He rolled his eyes as he went upstairs. Grinning to herself, she waiting until she heard the water, and then went up, and stood outside the door. She could see perfectly through the glass shower door, and had her hand in her shorts, watching him soap up his body, spending extra time on his semi hard cock. Biting her lip, she softly rubbed her clit, watching him rub his cock to its full length, and lay his head back against the shower wall, stroking. He was moaning softly, and his eyes were closed. Allie’s hand rubbed at her clit while she watched, bringing herself close, and pulling back, then close again, and pulling back. She watched until he came, and then went back downstairs.

After dinner, they put on a movie, and sat in the den watching it, but she couldn’t concentrate. She didn’t even know what the movie was about. Jason had put on shorts and a tee, and she could see the outline of his cock on his leg.

“Sis?” His voice snapped her back to reality.


“I asked if you were OK? You have been really quiet all evening.”

“Just thinking.” Allie smiled.

“Wanna talk about it?” He asked, rubbing her arm.

“I don’t know…” She bit her lip. “I mean, your my brother.”

“You know you can talk to me about anything, Allie! I’m always here for you, no matter what!” He said.

“It’s just…well you see…” She stammered, acting shy, knowing full well what she wanted to tell him, what she wanted to do. She wanted to rip her clothes off and beg her brother to fuck her.

“Come on, sis…tell me.” His hand moved over her arm again, sending tingles to her already wet pussy.

“I watched you in the shower.” She said, looking down at the floor.


“I watched you…in the shower.” She said, looking up and into his eyes.

“What did you…watch?”

“You rolled your head back, and closed your eyes…put your hand on your cock and started stroking.” She said, her breathing quickening.

“Allie…why did you…”

“It’s not the first time.” She whispered. “I have been watching you for awhile…”

“But… Allie, I’m your brother.” He said, dropping his hand from her arm.

“I know. I’m a freak right?” She groaned.

“No, I just… I don’t get it.” He said. “I mean, it’s wrong…You are not supposed to think of me that way. bahçelievler escort We’re related…it’s…”

“Incest.” Allie said. “I know it’s wrong but Jason I can’t help it! I want you. It’s all I can think about! I lay in bed at night getting myself off imagining you laying in your bed next door.”

“Oh…” He said. She could feel his eyes on her, knew he was seeing things differently, that her little outburst was working.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked, biting her lip at him again.

“No.” He smiled, rubbing her arm again. “How could I be mad at my little sis? Besides, I guess I understand… I have had certain…dreams about you.”

“You have?” She asked.

“Yea…of course! Your beautiful, sis.” He said. “Your body is so hot, and seeing you in a bikini when we go swimming and stuff? I dream about it.”

“You think I’m beautiful?” She asked.

“Of course. You are, Allie!” Jason said, turning towards her. “You know you are, so don’t act shy now.”

“Whatever.” She blushed. “So yea…that’s why I have been quiet.”

“Well I am glad you told me, and I don’t think your a freak.”

“Maybe…You should come upstairs with me.” She said, linking her fingers with his.

“Allie…maybe we shouldn’t. I mean, talking about it is one thing but…”

“Please, Jason.” She stood, and let go of his hand, walking up to her room. She sat on the bed, and waited. A few minutes later he was leaning against her door frame.

“Hi.” He said.

“Hi.” Grinning, she sat back on her hands, her chest thrust forward.

“What if mom or dad found out?”

“Are you planning on telling them?” She asked, raising her eyebrow.

“When did my little sis turn into such a cheeky little thing.” He laughed, pouncing on her, causing her to laugh out loud as he pulled her up, half on top of her on the bed. She reached up and touched his face, shifting so she was pressed against him more.

“Jason…Please…” She whispered. The first brush of his lips was soft, testing…then he kissed her, his tongue moving across her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She opened her mouth to him, and the taste of his mouth caused her to moan. She had been dreaming of this for so long.

“So sexy.” He said against her lips. “Moan like that again, sis.”

“Mm…” She moaned into his mouth, her hand moving down his back, and under his shirt. He kissed her harder as his hands explored, moving down her sides and up below her shirt to cup her breast. The feel of his hand on her hard, sensitive nipple made her moan again, and arch her back towards him.

“You like that, baby?” He asked, kissing along her jaw, down her neck.

“Yes…” She moaned as he rolled her nipples between his thumb and finger. “Oh Jason…touch your little sister…mm.” He pulled her shirt over her head, and groaned, leaning in to take her nipple into his mouth, bahçeşehir escort sucking and licking.

“Such beautiful tits.” He moaned. “Fuck…such a sexy little sis.”

“Yes….fuck yes.” She moaned, pulling at his shirt so she could touch his chest and back, while he kissed his way down her stomach.

“What’s under here…” He grinned, looking up at her as he grabbed the waste of her shorts, pulling them slowly down.


“Oh, Allie…” He moaned. “Oh baby…such a perfect little pussy…so smooth, and already to wet…”

“All for you.” She moaned. His tongue slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy, right to her clit, and flicked over her clit a few times. Her hands moved into his hair, holding him to her, as he started licking, and sucking at her pussy.

“Oh yes! Jason!” She said. “Eat my little cunt. Mm that feels so good.” He moaned around her clit, and pressed two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, sliding them in and out as he sucked on her clit.

“Such a sweet pussy.” He moaned. “Mm…Sis you taste fantastic.”

“Oh fuck.” She moaned. She was getting close because of all the teasing of herself earlier. “Jason…yes just like that.”

“Mm cum for me sis.” He said, his fingers curled up a little, moving faster.

“Oh god yes.” She moaned. “Oh big brother! I’m going to cum.” She let go, squirting over his face, and in his mouth, while he eagerly lapped it all up. She was just starting to come back down when she felt him pressing against her opening. He hitched her leg high on his hip, and thrust forward, his cock stretching her little hole open, sliding fully into her.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned. “Yes.”

“Oh, Allie…so tight and hot around my cock.” He moaned. “You feel amazing.”

“Jason…” She moaned. “Please…” He slowly started moving his hips, thrusting in and out of her, while looking down into her eyes.

“My naughty little sister. If I had known your hot little cunt wanted me to bad I would have had you a long time ago.”

“Fuck me.” She moaned. “Harder, Jason…your little sister needs it.”

“Mm…sis.” With that he started thrusting hard into her, leaning down to lick, suck and nibble at her neck, shoulder and breast.

“Oh…” She moaned, her nails running down his back. “Harder…Don’t hold back, Jason… I want that big dick to explode inside of me.”

“Oh Allie.” Moving faster, she hitched her leg higher, and matched his rhythm,

“Fill me, Jason…fill my pussy with your cum.” She moaned. “I want it so bad…please.”

“I will, baby sis…I’m so close.” He said.

“Yes…we have all weekend to do whatever we want, just give me that hot cum now, Jason… I need it.”

“My dirty little sis.” He moaned. “Oh fuck, here it comes!” She felt his balls draw up, and with one last thrust she felt spurt after spurt of hot cum inside of her, as he moaned out her name, cumming deep inside of her pussy.

“God damn.” She moaned, falling back on the bed, with him laying half on top still, his cock still buried in her pussy.

“Allie…” He moaned. “Fuck I never thought… oh god.”

“Mm…and just think, big brother, mom and dad are away for the whole weekend…” She grinned at him while she felt his cum dripping from her.

To be continued…

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