Madison’s First Day

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It was Madison’s first day on the job. She had taken a temp assignment at a construction company in the near by area. She was sent to replace the secretary slash bookkeeper while she was in the hospital for some reason unknown to Madison. Madison wasn’t too excited, but was pleased that her staffing agency had found her work so quickly; as for she had recently graduated from high school.

It was quarter to nine, as she walked into the old looking two story building. She had dressed in a business casual skirt and V-neck sweater wanting to make a good first impression. She was to report to Mr. Luis, but as she stepped inside the office she was unsure of where to find him. It was a large room with many desks, a copier, fax, and large tall file cabinets. There were four doors located around the perimeter of the room and a hallway all the way at the opposite end of the door she just entered that looked to go to a conference room. As she looked around, there were mostly middle-aged men dressed in jeans and tee shirts. Looking for a girl or someone dressed more business like she began to read the names on the doors that had names and also noticed a stairs to the right side of the room that looked to lead to some sort of loft area.

Holding her purse and her keys in hand she managed to talk a few steps from inside the doorway hoping that in this chaos filled room someone would help her. Her stomach began to flutter as the men around, only half a dozed of them, seemed to notice her, eye gliding down her small frame and back up again. Finally, a man who looked to be about 35 with a mustache and coffee in hand approached her with a warm smile.

“You fillin’ in for Barb?” Madison nodded and before she could utter a word, “Bill’s office is right over there,” the man said as he used his empty hand to point to one of the doors located around the room, “I’m Dave, by the way.” He switched the hand his coffee was in and stretched it out for a shake.

Madison smiled happily back, starting to feel a bit more comfortable, reached out her arm, and finally spoke for the first time, “I’m Madison. Nice to meet you Dave.” After they broke off, he went back to his business and Madison strolled over to the door. She could feel the eyes on her backside as she walked and heard a low murmur. When her hand reached the door, the flutters in her stomach grew even though she didn’t know why. She knocked three times. Almost instantly someone answered the door. It was a dark haired man who looked to be in his early forties. He face was serious.

“You must be Madison, please come in and I’ll explain your job so that you may begin right away.” Without waiting for me to enter he had already turned and walked back behind his desk. His office wasn’t too nice. I guess it was fine for a construction company, nothing fancy. In front of Madison, were two chairs located in front of them was his large desk, and behind that was his chair and an enormous window that over looked the pit of where the men worked. There was a constant hum of background noise that hadn’t ceased since she entered the very first door to the brick building. There were large bookshelves and other desks scattered towards the edges of the rooms, as well as toy trucks, stacks of papers, and draft plans. After quickly taking a look around the room, she made her way to the closest chair, smoothed her skirt with both hands behind her, and sat with her legs properly crossed. He briefly explained the background of the company and described in more detail about her job description that her agent from the temp place had told her. She was to answer the phone, keep the books on orders completed daily from the previous day, and a once a week call for payroll and the banks for transfers.

“Your desk is upstairs. The guys will drop off their completed orders in the latter part of the day so you won’t have to many distractions to finish the books each morning. Go to lunch when you want and try to answer the phone quickly. Any questions?” He was perfectly direct and to the point, that Madison felt a bizarre coldness. However, he did end his explanation with a soft smile that she took warmly. A little intimidating, but nothing to worry about she thought to herself even though the pit in her stomach seemed only to grow a bit since she walked through the threshold and out of his office.

He stood up to shake her hand, “You’ll find everything pretty explanatory once you get upstairs. If you have any questions, stop on by.” She smiled and shook hands. Once he was done speaking, she turned and exited his office. Back in the huge office space, there were only a few men occupying the room now. All of which, turned to look at Madison as the door latched behind her. They all quickly returned to what they were doing and Madison began to make her way up each of the old separated stairs. When she reached the top, she saw her desk standing alone between two hallways in the middle of a small replica of downstairs. Since it was a loft type room, she would be able to see some of downstairs and there was also a large window like in Mr. Luis’ office that she would face once seated at bahis firmaları her desk. No sooner did she stand in front of her desk at the top of the stairs to place her keys, did she notice one of the men from downstairs looking straight up her skirt. Feeling slightly flushed, she quickly moved behind her desk out of the man’s view. She had been embarrassed so that she didn’t even remember what he had looked like as she sat down and tried to relax as she glared out the enormous window.

After a good hour and organizing and starting her plan of how she was going to do things, not one person had came up the stairs. She began to feel a little isolated and watched the men below outside and listened to their vulgar conversations. As her mind began to wonder, she began to get excited of being probably the only young girl or girl at all for that matter in this whole place. There must have been about 75 men as she scrolled the payroll list, none of the names besides Barbara Schneider, who she knew was out, were definitely a woman’s name.

She liked the freedom of having very little supervision and decided next to call her boyfriend. Sitting at her desk over looking the pit outside, she dialed. “Hey you!”

“Oh hey! Mad. How’s the new job going?” Jimmy quickly questioned. She told him about the place and what her duties were. She went on to tell him about her boss and what the office was like.

She further went on: “Yeah. I guess I’m filling in for some old lady. And I think I’m the only girl here, too, out of about 75 guys.” Jimmy let out a little laugh. “I even think I caught one trying to look up my skirt, too.” She giggled.

Jimmy let out more of a groan this time. “75 men all staring at my little baby’s tight ass. Mmm.” He paused a minute thinking of them all looking at her. “My cock’s twitching just thinking about it.”

He paused again drifting farther into his fantasy of all these men wanting his girlfriend’s body. “Think about it, Mad, you’re the only girl. What else are they gonna think about when they see you? Mmm. Makes my cock a little hard.” He said in a matter of fact voice. Madison could hear through the phone between his little groans the sound of his zipper.

“Oh come on, Jim, it’s a place of business, I’m sure…”

Jim cut in, “Don’t be so naïve, Mad. You even said you caught one of them looking at you. Don’t you think he’s already wondered how tight that pussy of yours is?” Thoughts slowly began to fill her mind. She tried to quickly dismiss them, but she felt an unmistakable feeling between her legs. There was a temporary silence as Madison began to figure out and understand what all those men would be thinking about soon. She began to think about the entire office of men. Even though she had only even seen about a dozen soon she would have daily contact with all of them. At first, it began to make her a little sick having complete strangers think of her like that, but then that feeling between her legs was dampening her panties. She thought of Dave the first guy she talked to and the way his eyes ran down her body. She thought of them like hands that couldn’t touch, but did on some level even though they were just his eyes. Then she thought of Mr. Luis. Wondered if soon he would be thinking of her that way too.

Finally, when Jimmy spoke, it brought Madison back from her fantasy world, “My cock is fucking hard.” She could picture him at home on their bed, cock in hand slowing stroking himself to hardness. Having Madison’s boyfriend be turned on by all this wasn’t helping her current situation either. Unconsciously Madison squirmed on her chair a bit.

“MMM, god!” Madison could hear Jimmy was now playing with his cock for real. The picture of his hand gliding up and down his beautiful cock made her squirm even more and rub her clit back and forth on the chair.

“Oh come on, it’s just…” She started to change the subject but was cut off again by Jimmy.

“I know that’s got to make that little pussy of your wet by now, doesn’t it?” He didn’t wait for an answer, “I bet your legs are already slightly spread and those panties are wet, too, thinking about how all those hard bodied men just want to bend you over that desk and rip those little panties off, huh?” Immediately, Madison began imagining Dave, the guy she had only met moments ago, who was warm and nice to hear, roughly pushing her over the desk face down and fucking her hard from behind with her little skirt around her waist. Her legs were slightly spread and she was rubbing her pussy on her chair more and more.

“Well… maybe,” she replied indulging in their fantasy together to see where he was going to take this now. It was her lunch break and didn’t have to do anything.

“Tell me. Tell me if those panties are wet yet?” His voice grew serious and sensuous; just the way it made Madison hot. He knew that she was going to be hesitant but enjoy being told what to do.

He continued, “Rub your finger over your slit through your panties, Mad.” She was curious, too, and ran a hand under her skirt to her panties. She drew her finger directly to her covered clit and gently kaçak iddaa made tiny circles. She was wet, very wet already.

“Mm,” escaped her lips barely acknowledging an answer to Jimmy.

“I knew it. Run a finger over that slit. I wanna hear how hot all those guys make you.” Somehow the idea of being told what to do mixed with the whole work environment excited her greatly. She obeyed eagerly by placing her middle finger at the bottom of her slit and slowly using the wetness from her panties to tease her clit, savoring the feeling of the wetness seeping through her panties.

She continued to listen, “Are you getting pussy all over those little panties?”

“Uh huh.” She moaned softly.

“Good girl. I love how aroused you get. Tease your clit. (He paused a moment.) How wet are you?” His voice was so soothing it was making her ache.

“My panties are so wet.” She replied as she glided her finger in small slow circles over her clit perfectly the way she liked it.

“I want those panties dripping of sweet pussy. Rub those panties all over that wet slit of yours.”

“Mmm.” Lost in her fantasy, she continued stroking her covered pussy until the wetness began to feel smoother against her fingertips. She could also feel how swollen it was getting on top of the wetness. Thoughts kept appearing in her mind of not only Dave, but other faces as well, bending her over seeing how wet her panties were and imagining how hard their cocks were getting at the sight of her.


“They’re soaked through.” She confessed as she started to gyrate her hips in sync with her fingers, moving to the same tempo as she thought of more imagines of them teasing her pussy with there cocks as she pictured herself bending over the desk with her panties at her knees and her skirt around her waist.

“Take them off and…”


“Take them off! And put those soaked panties in your purse.. Now.”

“It’s my first day of work.” She protested and slowly began to come out of her erotic world.

“Take them off now!” He raised his voice slightly showing his authority over her.

She began to protest again, but before she could even get a single word out, “I think someone is going to need to be punished later.”

“Oh come on, you don’t expect me to really…”

He cut in again very seriously, “I’m going to tell you one more time and unless I hear a ‘yessir’ and then hear you taking them off, I’m going to hang up and as soon as you get home, you march that tight ass of yours to the bed where I can tie you up and spank you like the bad girl you’ve been.” She loved it when he played the controlling one. His words touched your body all over. A million thoughts rushing thru her poor mind of fantasy taking over reality: Was she really going to play with herself at work, let alone on the first day? What if someone came up stairs and saw? What if they could see the glassy look in her eyes and smell that sweet pussy from a just a few feet? What if it was her boss?? These thoughts just made her dizzy with lust and her pussy ache even more. Deep down she liked the result of all those questions.

She hesitated his order. Fantasy was overriding reality today as she answered in a low submissive tone, “yessir.” She could feel how wet her panties were, probably one the wettest times she could remember. She led her hands under her skirt and grabbed each side of her panties and pulled until them were at her ankles and proceeded to place them in her purse. The thought of being nearly naked heightened her arousal and wonderful sensations were swelling from within.

“Good girl. Now touch yourself and tell me how wet you really are.” She was in a complete daze listening to his every word. Her hand immediately went to her pussy. Her boyfriend has told her that she has the wettest pussy he’s ever seen or tasted. And now it was unbelievably wet, very ready to be fucked by one, two, or three willing men.

“Oh my, its soooo wet.” She cooed as her fingers delicately teased her swollen clit causing her entire body to shake in small tremors.

“Spread you legs wider.”

“They already are.” She could have spread them wider but she the knew the result of her overly sensitive body.

“Mm… but I said wider, wider than that, as wide as you can.” He ordered again.

She obeyed and spread her legs until they hit the sides of the desk causing her skirt to ride up her soft thighs as she continued her stroking. Now that she had her legs completely spread her state of ecstasy greaten. She was hot and the juices were flowing out of her and on to the material of the chair. She felt overwhelmingly naughty and was enjoying every second of this game.

“You wanna be fucked, naughty girl?”

Boy did she ever. “Yes sir.” She pleated.

“How much do you want it?”

“Very! My pussy is aching for some hard cock, sir.” The sound of the word cock echoed thru the room she thought, but she was at that point in which her pussy began to hurt she wanted a fat cock in there so badly that she didn’t think again for a second about the consequences.

“You kaçak bahis wanna fuck yourself like it was my cock?”

“Yes sir.” She answered and continued her teasing, feeling the wetness now coat her fingers knowing that no matter how much she did play with herself she would still crave hard cock in her pussy.

“I dunno know that you deserve to. You might get caught.”

“Oh, please sir. I don’t care if I get caught.” She was about to go crazy.

“When I say I want you to ram two fingers into that dripping tight hole of yours like it was my cock. I want to hear them going in, understand?”

“Yes, sir.” She never wanted something inside her little pussy so badly. She rarely fucked herself with her fingers and when she did only used one. But now her juices were running down her ass and would do as she was told.

“Fuck that pussy.” That was the word. Without even realizing it she propped one leg up a drawer of the desk (hidden from on coming views of course) allowing her legs to be even more spread than under the desk space allowing the best possible pleasure from two fingers.

“Uuhhhh!” She moaned in a very low voice as the two fingers slid very easily and hard into her dripping tight hole. At a moderate pace her fingers pistoned in and out of her while sending waves of pleasure thru her whole body: nipples hardening and the hair standing on the back of her neck. It was a scene that would make most men hard immediately. Maybe she wanted to get caught.

“You fucking that pussy like it’s my cock? Or you fucking it like it was taken by three of your co workers?” Ooo, with her eyes closed she imagined her boyfriend’s idea. One bending over her desk ramming into her from behind, while one was under the desk lapping at her sensitive clit, and the third fucking her face in opposite thrusts of the first who fucked her pussy. The speed of her fingers increased.

“Co workers.” She whispered almost inaudibly.

“What was that?” He teased.

“I’m thinking of my co workers fucking me while I’m playing with my pussy, sir.” She could feel her orgasm building as she uttered those naughty words. Maybe someone heard?

“Whose pussy.” God, did he know how to make her even hotter.

“Your pussy, sir.” She moaned as she continued her sweet assault on her pussy.

“That’s what I thought. (He paused) Are your eyes closed?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Open them,” he instructed, “tell me what you see.” She obeyed once again. Opening her eyes brought her back to the reality of work slightly. Her fingers were stilling fucking herself. The possibility of the two worlds coming together only made her fingers work harder. Looking down, she pulled her skirt completely around her waist to witness her fucking. Her already watery eyes watched as she pounded away at her own wet pussy.

“A bad girl.”

“Mhmm. And what happens to bad girls like you?”

“They get punished.”

“And how are you going to be punished bad girl?” She could hear the fast movement of his hand jacking himself off.

“When I get home, you’re gonna tie me up to the bed so you can spank me like the bad girl I am.” How he was making her say these things was about to give her the best orgasm of her life. She even withdrew her hand a bit to keep the heightened effect going. She didn’t want to cum down from this high just yet as her tight hole began to squeeze her fingers tighter.

“That’s right. And I wanna see those soaked panties on while you’re on all fours with your back to the door waiting for me. Treat you like the slut you are.”

That did it. The work environment, half naked body fucking herself with her legs splayed, talk of a spanking, and to top it all off calling her a slut sent her into a frenzy. “OH, GOD, I’m gonna cum!” She moaned as her fingers pistoned faster and faster as her pussy’s spasmed her orgasm was reaching its newest height.

“NO!” He said very seriously. “Bad dirty girls don’t get to cum until they’re told to.” That was her ultimate tease.

“OH please, sir. Please let your bad slut cum.” She begged.

“Nope. Cum and I’ll make sure Matt is here when you get home. He loves that ass of yours, bet he’d love to watch me spank it…”

“OOOH GODDD!” That was just too much for Madison as a huge orgasm erupted thru her body, her fingers still deep inside her feeling the repeated clench of her pussy gave. The thought of punishment and exhibitionism sent her flying over the edge. Her fingers didn’t let up at all while it shuddered through her entire body as another one followed and another.

“Just what I thought: a true slut. You better come straight home for your punishment. Maybe I’ll let Matt fuck that face or yours while I fuck that ass.” And he hung up. Madison was still in her fantasy world and was cumming a final time at the thought of the two men taking her at once. She heard a strange noise behind her, but it didn’t fully register. She was too busy coming down from her repeated cummings to notice that there was a man standing in one of the doorways behind her. There was a back entrance apparently that she hadn’t noticed yet. After only a few moments while Madison gathered herself and straightened down her skirt and put her pussy soaked panties back on to catch all the cum before it flowed more on to the chair, there was a voice.

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