Mamma Billie’s Bitch Pt. 03

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Cousin Mark was six years older than me, but it was a long six years because he’d done four in county lockup. I’d always been half impressed with him and half scared of him.

Mamma Billie had me make spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread for the guests. I was getting the meat cooked when cousin Mark and his new girlfriend came up the driveway in his truck. A guy on a motorcycle with a girl riding on the back rolled up behind them. Cousin Mark’s girlfriend looked like she was a few years older than him, she was a blonde in a purple leather jacket. The other couple looked like bikers, all in leather and denim and wearing black boots.

“Hey JJ, what are you doin’ here?” Cousin Mark asked as he opened the kitchen door.

“I’m staying with Mamma Billie for awhile.” I said, stirring the meat.

“Your mom throw you out?”

“Nah,” I said, “I’m just helping Mamma Billie keep this place up.”

“Shit, she got you cookin’? You better watch out or she’ll put you in an apron!” He laughed and gestured to his friends. “This my new piece, Debra, and this is Chooch and Kenzie.”

“Hey,” I said, nodding at the surly bunch, “Mamma’s out back on the patio, smokin’.”

Cousin Mark slapped my shoulder and led the pack out to the patio. I put the spaghetti into the boiling water and checked the garlic bread to make sure it wasn’t burning. “Hey!” Mamma Billie yelled. “Bring out some glasses!”

I brought five glasses out to the patio. They were sitting around the table, and Mamma Billie was counting out Zani-bars. “60 dollars for ten, or 100 dollars for twenty.” She was saying.

Of course cousin Mark wanted to buy fifteen for 75 dollars, and they were dickering about it for a while. Chooch finally stepped in and said he’d throw in the extra 25 dollars. “Bring us the big bottle of Jack that’s on top of the fridge.” Mamma Billie told me as Mark and Chooch counted money and pills.

I brought the bottle out as Mark and Chooch and Kenzie were taking the pills. Debra had moved next to Mamma Billie and she was hitting Mamma’s glass pipe, smoking crank. Mamma took the bottle from me and poured drinks.

Mark was looking at me, and I could tell he was trying to figure out what I was doing there. “Get the weed outta my dresser and roll us up some joints.” Mamma Billie said.

“Ok,” I said, “I gotta check on the garlic bread first.”

“Do what the fuck I say an’ don’t talk back.” She said.


She raised an eyebrow at me and I stopped talking. I felt my face go red as everyone watched my reaction. Debra let out a little giggle. I turned and walked toward Mamma Billie’s bedroom.

I sat in the living room and started rolling joints. By the time I’d finished rolling three joints, I could smell the garlic bread burning. Good, I thought, that’s what you get. I went to the patio and tossed the joints on the table. Mark was in the middle of a story, but he stopped talking and looked at me. “Dinner will be ready in a minute.” I said.

As I finished getting the meal ready I kept thinking about how Mamma Billie was treating me like I was a woman and she was a man. She was ordering me around like I was her wife or something. I brought the food out as everyone was laughing at something cousin Mark said.

“Get the pitcher of iced tea and some more glasses.” Mamma Billie said, still laughing.

“You better do it quick,” Mark said, “or she’ll take away your X-Box privileges.”

They all laughed as I went to get the iced tea. Everyone put some pasta on their plates, but Chooch was the only one really eating. His girlfriend Kenzie was nodding off and Mark was pounding Jack Daniels. Debra was trying to make small-talk in her tweaked out way, and everything was okay until Mamma Billie noticed the garlic bread. “JJ goddamn it, how’re we supposed to eat this?” She held up a particularly burnt piece of garlic bread.

Debra shut her motor-mouth and smirked at me. Mark and Chooch looked to see how I’d react. The only person not looking at me was Kenzie, who’d fallen asleep with her head on the table next to her uneaten spaghetti. “Sorry about that.” I said.

Mamma Billie hurled the burnt bread at me and it bounced off my head. Everyone laughed. I acted like I didn’t care and took a big bite of spaghetti.

“Make yerself useful an’ drag this passed-out slut to the couch.” Mamma Billie told me.

I put my fork down and went over and shook her, but she didn’t wake up. “She’s in lala land,” Chooch said, “you’re gonna hafta carry her ass.”

She wasn’t very big, so I put one of her arms around my shoulder and lifted her up. “Wait,” cousin Mark said, “bring her over here, I wanna show Mamma Billie somethin’.” I brought the unconscious girl over and Mark hauled her top up, exposing her tits. “Check out Debra’s work,” Mark said, “Chooch had her do it last month.”

I kartal escort looked and saw that both of the girl’s nipples were pierced and had hoops through them. “You do piercings?” Mamma Billie asked Debra.

“Yeah, I keep my piercing kit with me wherever I go.” Debra said.

Mamma Billie reached over and tugged on one of Kenzie’s hoops. The girl stirred. “That’ll make her horny as hell if you do that.” Chooch said.

“The cool thing about nipple piercings is they keep your nipples hard all the time.” Debra said. “Her titty-tips are in a constant state of arousal now. We’re gonna do her clit next week.”

“See Mamma?” Mark said. “I told you my girl was kinky.”

It seemed like they were done messing with Kenzie’s tits, and she was getting heavy, so I carried her into the house and dumped her on the couch.

When I came back out Debra was sitting on Mark’s lap, whispering to him. Mamma Billie was eating big bites of spaghetti. Mark laughed at something Debra whispered as I sat down. He looked at me while I ate. “I think it’s real nice, you stayin’ here an’ helping Mamma Billie out.” He said to me. “You got a good thing going, free room and board, and all you gotta do is a little cooking and cleaning.

I noticed Debra smiled when he said the word ‘cleaning.’

“Oh he might not be a good cook,” Mamma Billie said, “but he’s a real good cleaner, aren’t you JJ?”

I shrugged.

“Quit eatin’ for a second and come sit on my lap.” Mamma Billie said. Chooch stopped eating and everyone stared at me. I didn’t know what to do. “Aw come on, don’t be shy in front’a yer cousin. Come on ever here an’ give yer Mamma some sugar.”

“Shit Mamma Billie, quit fooling around.” I said.

“JJ git’cher ass over here, before I tell ’em a story that’ll really embarrass you.”

“You really want me to sit on your lap?” I asked.

“I wanna show our guests how sweet you can be to yer ol’ grandma. I wanna show ’em how you belong to Mamma now.”

I laughed like it was a joke and stood. As I walked over I realized that there was no way I could sit on her lap and still give the impression that it was a joke or a game. The look on Mamma Billie’s face told me I’d better do it.

She pushed her chair back to make room for me and I sat on her lap. I put an arm around her shoulder and looked nervously at the other people at the table. Chooch looked high and sleepy, but Mark and Debra were smiling at me like they knew everything.

“This is a beautiful Carter-family moment.” Mark said. He pulled out his phone and held it up to take a picture. “Smile.” He said. Mamma Billie had a wicked grin on her face. I’m not sure how I looked. Probably nervous.

“When my baby-girl had this one, I just knew he was somethin’ special.” Mamma Billie said. “And now, all these years later, he’s my special cleaner, livin’ here an’ takin’ care of his Mamma. That’s what family’s for, right?”

Debra and Mark nodded. “Hell, you raised up three kids on your own.” Mark said. “You deserve it.”

“Yeah,” Debra said, “there’s plenty of men who never took care of nobody an’ they got wives or girlfriends waiting on them hand an’ foot, givin’ ’em all the sex they want and keeping house for ’em too. Why shouldn’t a woman have the same thing?”

“A woman can have the same thing.” Mamma Billie said. “Me an’ JJ are proof of it.”

“You’re really takin’ one for the team JJ.” Cousin Mark said to me.

“No he aint.” Mamma Billie said. “He likes takin’ care of his Mamma, don’t you JJ?”

I shrugged. I think I was probably bright red.

“Yeah, he likes it. Here I’ll show ya.” Mamma Billie stuck her hand down the front of her black sweatpants. “I’m gettin’ you some desert.” She said. she brought two sticky fingers up to my face. “Show ’em how much ya like being my lil bitch JJ.” Mark and Debra laughed as she stuck the two fingers, wet with her cunt-juice, into my mouth. “Suck it all off.” She said.

“Would you do that for me baby?” Debra asked Mark.

“Hell no. You’re my bitch,” Mark said, “not the other way around.”

“Aww that’s nuthin’,” Mamma Billie said, “the real treat’s back here.” She reached her wet fingers behind her, down the back of her pants. It was obvious that she’d rammed the two fingers up her ass. She rocked back and forth in her chair and then held the fingers up in front of my face. “Smell that.” Mamma Billie told me. I sniffed and could smell that she’d had her fingers all the way up her asshole. “You wanna clean ’em off?” She asked me.

I kept my head down. “Yeah.” I said.

She held her fingers back like she wasn’t going to let me suck them. “Don’t tell me, tell them.” She said. “Tell them what you wanna do.”

I looked at Mark and Debra staring at me and Mamma, half amazed, half disgusted. Chooch kurtköy escort was texting someone. “I wanna suck Mamma’s fingers.” I said with a tremble in my voice.

“What’s the magic word?” Mamma asked.

“Please.” I said. She jammed her two fingers in my mouth and I closed my eyes and sucked at them, enjoying the taste. I heard clicking, and when I opened my eyes I saw Mark taking more pictures.

“I hate to interrupt some shit like this,” Chooch said to cousin Mark, “but if you still wanna do that thing, we gotta go, like now.”

“He’s there?” Mark asked.

“Yep, I dunno for how long though.”

“Mamma Billie, you mind keeping Debra and Kenzie company for a minute while me an’ Chooch run a errand?”

Mamma Billie and Debra shared a look. “Yeah, that’s fine,” Mamma Billie said, “you boys run along now. Me an’ Debra are gonna go inside an’ load up my pipe while JJ cleans up.”

Cousin Mark and Chooch left in Mark’s truck, and Mamma Billie and Debra went to the living room. They were whispering to each other and passing the pipe back and forth while I brought in the leftovers and dishes.

“JJ come in here a minute.” Mamma Billie called out. Mamma was on the love seat and Debra was next to her, sitting on the couch at Kenzie’s feet. “Debra wants to see what yer pecker looks like.” Mamma Billie said.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“JJ, don’t be stupid, just show her yer pecker.”

Debra looked amused as I undid my belt buckle and pants. I pulled my shorts down and let my cock flop out. I was still a bit chubby from sucking cunt juice off my grandma’s fingers. “Whyn’cha just take yer pants all the way off? You can clean without ’em.” Mamma said.

“You serious? What if cousin Mark and Chooch come back?” I asked.

“It aint nothin’ they haven’t seen before. Now don’t be a baby, take yer pants off. It tickles me to see you doing housework bare-assed.”

“Aw, come on Mamma!”

“You gonna honestly say ya don’t want to when yer cock’s stickin’ straight out like that?”

“Fine,” I said. I kicked off my sneakers and pulled my pants down and stepped out of them. “There. Happy?”

“I will be when you fold ’em pants an’ put ’em away.” She said. “You weren’t raised in a fuckin’ barn.”

Debra laughed as I took my pants into my grandma’s bedroom. When I walked through the living room to get back to the kitchen, Debra and Mamma Billie were reloading the pipe and whispering again. I was only wearing a t-shirt and I felt Debra looking at my ass as I moved across the room. I went back to cleaning up in the kitchen, fully hard now in spite of myself.

I was finishing up when I heard Mamma Billie laughing. “JJ getcher bare-ass in here.” She shouted. I put the parmesan in the fridge and went into the living room.

“Your grandmother an’ me worked out a trade.” Debra said. “I’m gonna do something for her and you’re gonna do something for me, understand?” I nodded. “See, Chooch and Mark both fucked me before we come over here tonight, and my cunt’s still a mess. Your grandma told me you’re real good at cleaning up sloppy cunts, so I want you to suck all the cum outta there and lick it clean, understand?” I nodded again. “Good.” She said.

Debra pulled off her black boots and got her tight jeans off. She was wearing a red thong. Mamma Billie had her hand jammed down the front of her pants. Debra slid her thong down and I noticed how it stuck to her meaty cunt, the crotch pulling away last and taking a line of cum with it. “Hmm, those boys made a mess.” Mamma Billie said.

“It’s not just them,” Debra said, “watching you an’ your grandson tonight has me hotter n’ a two dollar pistol.”

“You gotcher clit pierced?” Mamma Billie asked, leaning forward in her chair to get a better look.

“Nah, just the hood, see?” She took a wider stance and pulled the top of her pussy open for Mamma. She had a small hoop with a bead on it, right above her clit. “Every step I take this bead rubs up against my love-nub. It drives me crazy sometimes.” Debra looked at me. “You’re eager to get to work, huh? Let me get in position first.”

She picked up a joint off the table and lit it. She took an ash tray and set it on the arm of the couch and sat her naked ass on the edge. She leaned way back and took a hit off the joint and opened her legs wide. “There it is, a double cream pie, just for you.” She said.

I got down on my knees and approached her open, dripping cunt. I could smell the cum and Debra’s juices. He cunt lips looked shiny, red and swollen. There was a small drip of white fluid leaking down toward her asshole, so I started there, licking upward and swallowing the cum that entered my mouth. Debra shuddered when I reached her clit.

I went back to her opening, and licked all around the inside of her maltepe escort fuck-hole while she hit the joint again. “Hmm, yeah,” she said, exhaling a cloud of smoke, “don’t be shy about suckin’ that clit.”

I sucked her engorged clit into my mouth, wetting it with my tongue and letting my lips run up and down its sides. I pushed the bead on her piercing down against the clit, and pressed the two together with my mouth. I felt it throb as Debra had a powerful, quaking orgasm.

“Ooh, ooh, sensitive!” She said when it had passed. “Get back to work on the cream pie. Suck all them boy’s jizz outta there bitch, get every last drop.” I looked up at her. She was pinching a nipple with one hand and toking the joint with the other. I smiled and stuck my tongue as far up her cunt as it would go. I was in search of deep deposits.

As I rooted around in Debra’s cunt, I felt a hand pushing on the back of my head. At first I thought it was Debra, but I opened my eyes and saw that it was Mamma Billie. She was kneeling next to me, leering at the work I was doing. “Is he getting’ it?” She asked Debra.

“Nah, it’s too deep.” Debra said, taking another hit off the joint.

“JJ, lay yer ass on the floor so Debra can ride yer face. Gravity’ll get all that cream outta there for ya.”

I got on my back as Debra handed the joint to my grandma. She moved to the edge of the couch and looked down at me. “I can feel it moving in me.” She said.

“Get on his face quick.” Mamma Billie said.

Debra got on her knees, straddling my shoulders, and lowered her hot cunt onto my mouth. She pushed down hard and I managed to get my tongue out. Her asshole gaped lewdly and rubbed my nose every time she rocked back.

“Here it comes!” She shouted. She was cousin Mark and Chooch’s little fuck-toy and she was emptying her cunt down my throat. I was swallowing as fast as I could as more and more of other men’s pleasure entered my mouth.

Debra had found someone more degraded and degenerate than herself, and she was enjoying the moment. She convulsed and shook. “Yeah! Take it all bitch, your grandma promised me you would. Serve that cunt, clean it up good! Your mouth feels so right, such a perfect little cum-dump for me! Ooh, ungh, UGHHH!” She shivered and shook and then lifted herself off of me. “Lookit him Billie,” she said, “you could use his cock for a tuning fork!”

Mamma Billie laughed and handed Debra back the joint. I sat up. “Don’t wipe that face.” Mamma Billie warned me. Debra put her panties and pants back on while I sat there stupidly with cum taste in my mouth. “What do we need in here?” Mamma asked Debra.

Debra blew herb smoke out of her nostrils and extinguished the joint. “You have any rubbing alcohol?” She asked. Mamma nodded. “That and maybe a cutting board…”

“Go get the rubbing alcohol from under the sink in my bathroom, and get the cutting board from the kitchen.” Mamma Billie told me.

“Why, what are you guys doing?” I asked.

“Don’t ask questions, just do it.” Mamma Billie said. I brought in the cutting board and rubbing alcohol. Debra put the cutting board on the edge of the coffee table. She’d pulled a leather case from her bag and was looking at various hoops and their latches.

“Kneel here and put your cock on the board.” Debra said.

“Wait now, hold up a minute.” I said. “What’s going on?”

“JJ, you ever want to eat another cream pie ‘r lick my asshole clean ever again, you better do what she says.” Mamma Billie told me.

“Don’t worry sweet-mouth, I’m a professional.” Debra said. She looked at me and smiled. I kneeled, shaking a bit, and let my cock rest on the cutting board. “You’re getting a Prince Albert.” Debra said. “It goes through the urethra and out the bottom of your cock-head. It’s a real cool piercing, but it’ll fuck up your piss stream. You’ll have to sit down to take a piss from now on.”

“That’s appropriate.” Mamma Billie said.

“Wait, hang on a sec…” I said, She had a curved needle attached to a metal hoop, and she took my now-flaccid cock and twisted it upside down. She pressed it down against the board and leaned in close. “I’m not sure about this…” I said, but it was too late.

She pulled open my piss-hole and jammed the needle into it. I felt the bite as she pushed the curved needle out the cleft at the bottom of my cock-head. She pulled the needle all the way through. It felt like my cock was being shredded from the inside out. I groaned involuntarily and my eyes got wet. She got the hoop in place and used a pair of mini pliers to screw it shut. I was sweating and tears were rolling down my cheeks.

“It’s going to take a couple of weeks to heal.” She said. I looked down. There was a bloody mess at the end of my cock. Blood was pouring out of the wound. “You gotta move the hoop around a lot, and wash it out with alcohol three times a day.” Debra said. “In fact we should do that right now.”

She took the rubbing alcohol and poured it over my wound. Pain shot up into my belly and the room jerked around my head. Everything seemed to be making a low whining sound and blackness rolled in from the edges of my vision and carried me away.

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