Maria, Revisited

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“Hola, good looking,” Maria says, smiling brilliantly at me from my doorframe. She looks beautiful, with her long dark hair framing her pretty face and her pretty teal eyes staring at me sexily.

“Hey, beautiful,” I respond. She steps forward to kiss my cheek and hug me tightly. I wrap my arms around her and savor the feeling of her warm, feminine body pressed against me, her head pressed against my chest.

“It’s been too long,” I say, reluctantly breaking the embrace and motioning for her to come inside. She plops down in my easy chair and kicks off her shoes, relaxing with familiar comfort.

“It has not been long at all since we have spoken,” she replies. “Although I suppose it has been months since I saw you in the flesh.”

“Wait, didn’t you see my “flesh” on my webcam not too long ago?” I ask, teasing her.

“Shhhh…” she says, smiling naughtily. “Do not be technical with me.”

I stand behind her, gently caressing her shoulders and neck. “How long has it been since we… got together?” I ask her.

“Eight or nine months. Do I even want to know how many different girls you have had since then?” She looks up at me, grinning with an impish challenge.

I lift my hand and extend all my fingers, wiggling them at her.

“Five? Well I guess that is not TOO many for a slut like you,” she tells me, standing up and walking towards my bedroom. “Of course, I’ve only been with one since then.”

“Well, it isn’t my fault you dated Alex for over six months. You can’t blame me for finding other outlets for my sexual needs.”

“I suppose not. However, I do not think you would say no to a cute girl even if you were getting some from me,” she tells me. We’re in my bedroom, and I shut the door behind us. We both know why she’s here, yet playing our little game of cat and mouse is part of the fun of our encounters.

We were together for over a year, and have been off and on sex buddies in the years since. There have been breaks when either of us is in a monogamous relationship, yet we’ve kept up an unspoken agreement that whenever both of us are single the door is open.

“Well, bahis firmaları if I’m too big of a slut for you we don’t have to do this,” I tell her, removing my shirt.

“Hmmm, let me think,” she responds, taking off her thin white tank top. She’s wearing a basic but attractive black bra. It cups her small breasts nicely, lifting and them upward slightly to create an illusion of greater size, a small cavern of tantalizing cleavage. “I could say ‘no, let’s not do this’ and pretend I was not going to,” she continued. “Maybe that would be hot for you, if I played hard to get,” she continued, removing her jeans. Her panties are also black, a brief string bikini style cut. Her legs are still smooth, her ass still highly squeezable. “But how about I just suck your cock instead?” she asks, stepping in front of me and sinking to my knees.

I undo my pants and yank them and my boxers down together. My cock springs free, already hugely rigid from anticipation. She smiles at me, licking her lips slightly before grasping my shaft and taking me into her mouth.

It’s either her brain or the muscle memory of her mouth, but she still remembers exactly how to please me. Giving head is not a chore nor simply foreplay for Maria. She is a rare breed of woman, one who becomes truly aroused giving oral pleasure. I recall one tryst we planned where her period arrived a day early, much to her chagrin. She didn’t want to have intercourse, but was adamantly opposed when I suggested we just take a rain check. Twenty minutes later we were cuddled together on her bed, me sighing contentedly at having received some wonderful head.

“God, baby, that feels so good,” I moan. I’m sure she already knows that I love what she’s doing to me, but I like to tell her anyways. Looking down with rapt attention, I watch her slide her lips up and down on my thick shaft, taking the bulk of it into her mouth with each pass. Standing over a woman while she gives me head is a favorite activity of mine.

Maria looks up at me as she continues sucking upon my cock. Of the two of us, I’m far more talkative during sex. She lets her body kaçak iddaa do the talking for her, although during the heat of the moment she certainly expresses herself vocally.

Her lips release my cock and she whispers, “I need you. Now.” Who am I to deny this beautiful, sexy woman the pleasure of my cock?

I stand her up and spin her around, forcefully. I bend her over onto my desk. Her curvy ass sticks out delightfully. My right hand grabs her panties and tugs them down, eliciting a soft gasp from my soon to be reacquainted lover.

Her panties fall to the ground. I don’t bother removing her bra; I’m already too excited by her gorgeous body and talented mouth, coupled with the excitement of having my old lover. I slide my hand across her tummy, down through the small patch of hair between her legs, to her pussy. I slip one finger inside her; she’s very wet and very ready.

“God, please, fuck me!” she moans, rubbing her ass against my cock, trying in vain to get me inside her. The fact is, like this, with her positioned like this, I’m in control, a position I relish.

“Ok, you asked for it,” I say, aiming myself and thrusting my whole length into her at once. She cries out in surprise.

“God! You…. You know I have not had anything so big in a while!”

I smile, although she can’t see me. “Is it too much? Should I take it out?” I ask, teasing her.

“No!” she exclaims, almost frantically, reaching her hand back to try to grab my hips and hold me inside her. “Just… just give me a moment to adjust to you, baby.”

I’m happy to hold still for a moment and savor the novel yet familiar feeling of her tight pussy clenching my cock. I know her body well enough to feel when she’s ready for me to start thrusting. I go slowly at first, watching my entire length slip deep inside her then sliding it almost all the way out. In and out, slowly and deeply, I want to pace myself to maximize our pleasure. I run my fingertips along her sides, caressing her, then grasp her hips and push deep inside her.

“So nice…” she moans. “It has been too long,” she murmurs softly.

“Yes, kaçak bahis yes it has,” I agree, looking down at her wonderful ass and watching my cock disappear into her snug pussy.

Her wet pussy is clenching me with each thrust. I can feel she’s getting close. I’m incredibly excited too; fucking her like this always drives me wild. It’s just forbidden enough to be hot, yet still safe, secure and familiar. None of our friends will know what we do, that my cock still penetrates her deeply when the mood strikes us.

Without speaking I take her hand and guide it between her legs, to her pussy. I start thrusting into her harder and faster. She cries out and groans with passion, I can feel her fingers playing with her clit as I pound her deeply. Her moans encourage mine, and soon we’re gasping and groaning, two bodies slapping together in hot, frenzied passion.

“God baby, yes, yes, oh god, OH GOD!” she cries out, her pussy clenching me as she orgasms. The sensation is amazing and wonderful as her pussy squeezes me, involuntarily demanding I fill her with my cum. It’s tight, hot, wet and wonderful, everything a pussy should be, and most importantly, my cock is buried inside it.

I couldn’t hold off if I wanted to. With a loud groan and one deep thrust, my cock explodes within her. Pleasure shoots through my body as I feel myself erupting deep within her. It feels amazing.

We stay like that for a while, panting and recovering our breath. I slide my hands up and down her sides, and kiss the back of her neck. Eventually I slip out of her, and lean across her for a quick peck on her lips. We locate our clothing and redress in silence.

“That was… wow, that was great!” she exclaims to me once she’s fully composed.

“You knew it would be,” I say with a wink.

“You are very cocky, you know that?” she asks. She can’t even fake a scowl at me, her body is too happy after getting fucked.

“So, should we do this again next week?” I ask.

“You will have to wait and see,” she tells me. With a wink and one last kiss, she’s out the door, leaving me with a huge smile on my face.

Author’s Notes: This was a bit of a “quickie”, but I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been working on a number of longer stories, which hopefully will be finished soon. Comments and votes are always welcome and appreciated.

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