Mature Sister in Law Pt. 01

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James was in town for business meetings for a few days, which normally meant an uneventful couple of dinners with co-workers and a flight back home. He knew this trip would be different though. His wife’s older sister Amy lived in the same city, and had recently gone through a divorce. She needed some help moving things around, and he suspected a shoulder to cry on. Not that James really minded, he and Amy had always got along well and had a flirtatious manner when around each other. James called Amy when his flight landed to let her know he would stop over the following evening. Amy seemed excited, and offered to make dinner which was happily accepted.

Tuesday morning came, and James found his mind drifting throughout the day to his sister in law. Most of the thoughts were sympathetic to her recent problems, and some were of happier times like family functions. Some of those thoughts were a bit risque too. Remembering a few low-cut dresses, those times at the lake house with Amy in a modest swimsuit that still managed to show her petite body. As the day wore on, his imagination grew lustier as he remembered the soft curve of her ass and her slightly hardened nipples. There were more than a few times he found himself aroused and growing erect at the thought of her. By the end of the day, James was a little too eager to leave work to get over to Amy’s condo. He called her to see if she needed anything, and at first she said no, but after a pause suggested a bottle of wine. He thought that was odd, because he didn’t think Amy drank at all, but he agreed, and headed out to find a liquor store on his way. Shortly before 6:00 pm, he arrived at her place and rang the doorbell.

Amy had taken the day off work to get some things accomplished before James came over later. Shopping for a few dinner items, she realized she was happy to actually be cooking for someone other than herself for a change. Her ex husband stopped after work most days for drinks with his friends, so she had spent more time than she could remember eating alone and putting a plate in the microwave for whenever he dragged himself home. At first he had only done that now and then, but over time it became several times a week, and on those days he wasn’t out, he would come and flip on whatever game was on tv and drink at home. Amy was largely ignored, except for those increasingly rare occasions when he’d come to bed and paw at her until she gave in and let him fuck her for a few minutes before he came and fell asleep, leaving her just getting warmed up but not satisfied in any way. On those occasions she would sometimes be turned on enough to masturbate, but normally she’d just fall asleep too. She finally had had enough of the neglect and asked him for a divorce, and he happily agreed. She found out later that he’d been sleeping with his office assistant for quite some time which only made the whole situation worse. Needless to say, she had spent a lot of time miserable and unsatisfied, and this little dinner was a welcome change.

She heard the doorbell and almost ran to answer it, finding James still wearing a tie and carrying two bottles of wine.

“Hi stranger!” she said, giving him a big hug and a quick kiss on the lips. “Two bottles of wine, are you going to get me drunk?”

“Hi yourself Amy, and that wasn’t the idea, but I didn’t know what you liked so I brought a couple of different things. What are you making for dinner? It smells wonderful!”

“Oh, just a little Italian and garlic bread. Nothing too fancy.” That really wasn’t true however. She knew he loved her fettucini and had made it special for him.

Amy took the two bottles and turned toward the kitchen to collect an opener and glasses. James threw his jacket on the chair by the door, and walked to the kitchen in time to find her reaching for the wine glasses. He paused, seeing her blouse had pulled up and exposed her lower back slightly, and admired her slight hips and the lovely curve of her ass. He stepped behind her and placed one hand on her side, startling her as he reached over her shoulder for the glasses. She stepped back slightly and bumped into his lower half.

“Oops, sorry James”.

“No göztepe escort bayan problem” he laughed, thankful for the dress pants hiding his bulge.

“Opener?” he asked.

“In the drawer next to the fridge.”

James opened the white wine, and poured them each a half glass, then settled on the couch and started catching up. He was surprised, but Amy didn’t want to talk much about her divorce, only saying that she was glad it was over, and thought she’d rather just stay single. Dinner was about ready, so they moved to the dining room table and ate. Amy was a wonderful cook, and just as she’d hoped, James was delighted that she had prepared one of his favorite meals. They finished the bottle of wine during the meal and he helped clean up the dishes before opening the second bottle and pouring himself a glass.

“Would you like another?” he asked.

Amy was already feeling a little tipsy, but said “yes please, I’ll be right back.” and disappeared down the hall to the bathroom.

James took the bottle and went back to the couch, sitting on one side and setting the bottle on the coffee table along with her filled glass. Amy returned wearing sleep pants and a t-shirt.

“Sorry” she said, “those blue jeans were cutting me in half!”

James laughed and thought to himself they seemed just about right to him.

To his surprise, she sat down on the couch next to him and picked up her wine taking a big drink. She leaned back and sighed, and he noticed her eyes welling up.

“I’m sorry” she said, wiping away a tear. “It’s just so different having someone to talk to, and who appreciates a nice meal.”

“Things must have been pretty rough for a while?”

“Yes, you guys didn’t know the half of it. He didn’t pay any attention to me at all, just went out drinking all the time. I ate alone most of the time.” She gave a half grunt, half laugh. “Hell, we weren’t even intimate any more, unless 3 or 4 minutes of fumbling around and falling asleep counts!”

That wasn’t a topic of conversation that James expected, and wasn’t sure what to say. “That doesn’t sound very nice,” and he wanted to say “but I understand.”

His own marriage had suffered a lack of intimacy too the past several years. He was still attracted, but his wife had lost interest, so only on a rare occasion would he push the issue until she relented. He tried to please his wife, but she really just wanted him to get it over with. James’s sex life was literally left in his own hands.

Amy, perhaps driven by her tipsiness, continued on. “Do you know, I don’t think he was even attracted to me any more.” she lamented.

“That can’t be possible. Why would you think that?”

“Well, for starters he was screwing his stupid assistant. And whenever I wanted any attention from him, it didn’t matter what I did, he just didn’t seem interested. You know, I caught him masturbating once and started giving him oral sex. He let me for a while, then pushed me away and went to watch baseball on tv. That isn’t normal is it?”

James was stunned. And a little uncomfortable, both emotionally and in his trousers. He leaned forward and retrieved the wine bottle for a refill and an attempt to adjust the half erection that thinking about Amy’s lips wrapped tightly around a cock had given him.

“Me too” Amy said when he filled his glass. He poured the remainder into her glass and set the bottle back on the coffee table, then leaned back. Thank goodness, the adjustment worked he thought. He leaned back into the couch, and sighed loudly. Amy had sat on his left side, and turned leaning back against his shoulder. He pulled his left arm free and laid it across the back of the couch.

“Anyway, this is nice” Amy said, taking his arm and pulling it down across her belly. James gave her a little squeeze, which resulted in his forearm raising up slightly and settling just below her breasts. As she breathed, he found their weight pressing against him, sending an instant jolt to his groin.

Amy took a big drink of her wine and set the glass on the table beside them.

“So halkalı escort bayan IS that normal?” she asked.

“Is what normal?”

“I thought guys liked oral sex” Amy said. James coughed in surprise, then laughed a little.

“Well, I don’t know any guy who doesn’t,” he said chuckling.

Amy laughed too and said “maybe I just did it wrong.”

They both laughed at that, James giving her another squeeze and Amy’s giggling causing her breasts to fold across his arm slightly. He took the last drink, and sat up slightly to set his glass down, pulling her with him before settling back into the couch.

They say quietly for a few minutes before Amy looked up at him and asked “so what are you thinking?”

James looked down at her. Between the conversation, his uncomfortable half-erection, and the wine, his inhibitions were growing weaker and weaker. He looked into her eyes, and curled his left hand to slightly cup a breast.

“I’m trying not to think, because when I do, it’s nothing worth repeating.”

Amy gazed at him for a moment, then raised her head planting her lips firmly on his. He felt her tongue immediately exploring and met it with his own, squeezing her right tit firmly at the same time. They kissed and he groped for several seconds before she broke the kiss, breathless and slightly flushed. Amy didn’t say a word as she stood up and walked to the door. Locking it, she looked at James for a moment, and started walking toward the bedrooms. Along the way, she lifted her blouse over her head and dropped it on the floor. Watching this, and staring lustily at her beautiful ass as she walked away, James rubbed his erection through his trousers. He stood up, and followed her down the hall, turning into the master bedroom.

Amy was standing near the bed facing away from the door in her bra and sleep pants. Walking up behind her, James laid his hands on her shoulders and let them lower slowly down her arms before reaching around her slight belly. She pushed back against his crotch, feeling the bulge against her buttock, and leaning her head back turned to kiss him. Again her tongue shot into his mouth, and she pulled his hands up to her breasts, whimpering softly as he squeezed. It was a front clasp bra and he opened it easily, reaching up to pull the straps down her shoulders, her apple-sized globes sagged slightly back into his hands. Their tongues entwined, he squeezed, taking her stiffening nipples between his thumb and fingers and tugging at them softly, lifting the weight of them upward. Amy moaned, grinding her soft ass into James’ crotch.

She broke away from the kiss and turned to face him.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

He didn’t answer. The truth was he wasn’t sure, but had reached the point of no longer able to stop himself either. Instead, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it up over his head. James was tall, over six feet, and had the slight belly that seems to haunt men of a certain age. He kept himself active and fit though. Amy ran her hands down his firm chest until she found his belt, unclasped the buckle, and unbuttoned his trousers. He stepped out of them and reached down to remove his socks. She pushed her sleep pants down at the same time and stepped out, leaving both of them standing in their underwear, James in boxers with a very clear tent, and Amy in a bikini panty that showed her puffed out mound beautifully.

They paused.

“No other man has seen me nude for years” she said.

“Me too” he replied, then laughed. “I mean woman.”

She giggled, and stepped forward reaching for his hard cock and caressing it through his boxers.

“Is that for me?”

Amy didn’t wait for his answer, instead, she dropped to her knees in front of him, and leaned forward kissing the shaft through his boxers. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled slowly, kissing along his length before catching the waistband on the tip. She pulled the boxers free and pulled them down and off, then grasped his ass and pulled him close, his thick cock pressed against her soft cheek.

Pulling ikitelli escort bayan her head back, Amy looked up at James and wrapped her small hand around him.

“This is lovely” she said, and with that leaned forward, taking three quarters of his length deep into her mouth. James grasped the back of her head softly, feeling the flat of her tongue pulsing against the underside of his painfully hard cock before she pulled her head back, cradling his purple head between her lips before pushing down again quickly, taking him even deeper. Neither his wife, or any past girlfriends had ever sucked him so deeply, and James couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. He looked down at down at this beautiful woman, her lips wrapped tightly around the heavy veined shaft thrusting softly into the back of her throat, and moaned.

She pulled her lips away with a light pop and smiled up at him.

“Am I doing it right?” she asked, then pulled the edges of his head and poked her tongue into the little opening at the tip, flicking back and forth.

“God, I’ve never felt anything like this before” James groaned.

Amy opened her mouth, and swallowed almost his entire length, bobbing her head several times before pulling back again.

“Phew” she said giggling. “The truth is, I love giving blowjobs”, she pressed the flat of her tongue against the base, and licked slowly up until she reached the frenulum, licking it firmly while looking innocently up at him.

“And I haven’t been able to give a proper one for years. My dimwit of an ex didn’t like me doing this. He thought if I did, he might have to return the favor.”

She took his heavy balls in her hand, and sucked one into her mouth as she stroked the thick, veiny cock with her other one. James reached down and grasped one her breasts, squeezing it and then gently grasping her hard nipple, rolling it softly as she steadily sucked him until his swollen head pressed into the back of her throat. He released her and reached to the other nipple. Amy pulled away as he started rolling it between his fingers.

“You don’t have to be so gentle” she said, “I like them pinched a little harder, it turns me on.”

James happily obliged, pinching and pulling her nipple upward before letting it go, watching her heavy tit drop back down. He did the same to the other breast, with Amy trying to say “yes!” with her mouth filled with his throbbing erection. Upright again, he watched as she hungrily fucked him with her mouth, now and then looking up at him and watching his face as he moaned out his pleasure. He jumped slightly as she wet a finger, and slid it under his balls, rubbing it along the underside of his shaft between his asshole and perineum. Amy felt his head swell even larger in her mouth, and she sucked him harder.

James pulled back, his cock popping out of her sweet mouth.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.”

Amy smiled sweetly.

“That’s what I want you to do James!”

“Are you sure it’s ok? I’ve never done that from a blowjob before, but I’m so close now.”

“Oh please, yes! I love sucking cock, and yours is so hard and thick, it fills my whole mouth. It’s been so long since I’ve tasted cum, and I’m getting so wet and turned on. I need you to feel you swell up and shoot your cum in my mouth. I want you to feed it to me James. Make me eat your cum!”

He watched, stunned by her admission as Amy took him deep into her mouth again, and started sucking in and out quickly, squeezing his swollen balls with one hand. She heard his breath catch, and felt him swell and thrust into her mouth. She took him as deep into her throat as she could and started rubbing his asshole, sending him over the top. He came hard, shooting the first thick rope of semen down the back of her throat. She quickly swallowed and pulled back, licking under the head of his jerking cock as several more shots coated her tongue, upper lip and cheek before she took him in her mouth again, milking the liquid from the base of his shaft, and swallowing it wantonly. He began to soften slightly, and she released him from her softly suckling lips, and he helped her stand up. She looked at him smiling, using a finger to pull the cum from her upper lip to her tongue, licking the thick liquid and swallowing it. James took the hint, and used his own finger to wipe his cum from her cheek and brought it to her lips where she licked and sucked the spunk off his finger.

“That was amazing” he said, and kissed her deeply, their tongues entwined.

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