Maxine Does ‘Em All Ch. 04

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Cum Shot

The next week passed by painfully slowly. Clive awoke with anxiety every morning. He had been treating his lice and he knew Maxine had been taking her medication as well. They obviously hadn’t had sex since the incident. He had cancelled all appointments, even with friends, and took a few days off work to keep an eye on Maxine, in case she decided to run off. Maxine hadn’t said anything more about the videotape, seemingly resigning herself to what was coming, or pretending it wasn’t even there. She was listless, her face pale and drawn. She had lost some weight because she was only nibbling on her food.

Then came the knock on the door – it was a Friday evening. Both Clive and Maxine jumped up from their seats in the living room, after their quiet supper. Clive looked at Maxine and moved slowly towards the door. He felt in his bones it was them, this was the night. He was right. The door opened to reveal a sea of the old faces, some looking grim and others smiling. Some looked like they had dressed up for the occasion. It was much more rehearsed than the last time.

“Hi man!” shouted Matt, pushing past Clive and through the doorway. The others started coming in as well. Clive was standing like a statue with them brushing past him. He noticed a couple new faces – two girls, both slutty-looking Latinas and three other men, one white and two Mexican.

They all saw Maxine standing nervously in the living room, her arms wrapped self-consciously around her. The new people eyed her over, the women whispering in each other’s ears.

Someone slammed the front door – it was George – and Matt spoke up again: “OK, man, here’s the deal – we want our money up front. No excuses.”

Clive walked over to a table and opened a draw with a fat envelope. Inside were twelve $100 bills – most of their savings. He passed it hesitantly over to Matt. Matt flipped through the bills, and said, “OK, good. Now let’s get to the fun stuff.”

George had moved closer to Maxine. “What’s up, baby, you nervous? Forget how good it was?”

Maxine just looked embarrassed and moody like a little child. She was secretly happy that the dog wasn’t back.

“Let’s get to the action!” piped up another man.

“Yeah!” joined in a clamor of voices.

“It doesn’t look like you ready, baby. You ain’t dressed up like last time,” commented George.

It was true. Maxine had not been wearing her usually flashy outfits, just loose hanging plain dresses. She looked more like a demure country housewife than a rich bitch socialite.

“That just won’t do, honey,” continued George. “You gotta put on a show. People paying good money to be here. Oh, I mean you paying us good money to be here,” sniggered George, stroking Maxine’s hair, which was taken up in bun.

“Let’s get you prepped up. Clive, why don’t you help the lady get dressed right. We like the stockings and heels. And how about a bit of make-up as well? Dang, baby, you looking a bit homely.”

Clive walked over to Maxine and took her arm, leading her up the stairs. “Give us a minute,” he said to the crowd. They went upstairs to the bedroom and he heard the people moving through his house below, helping themselves to food in the kitchen.

Clive opened Maxine’s closet and looked for something for her to wear.

“I don’t want to make this enjoyable for them!” she spat out.

“Let’s not get them upset. One night and this will all be over,” he said.

“Well, I hope they all get what I got. One of them gave me chlamydia!” she almost shouted.

“Shhh!” hushed Clive. “Don’t let on. Let’s just get this over with.”

“That’s easy for you to say – you’re not the one who has to fuck them all,” retorted Maxine.

Clive was lost for words again, then he said: “I also got crabs, remember? They did force me to join in.”

Maxine gave him a withering look but then turned her head and said nothing.

“Aah, this should do,” said Clive, pulling out a black evening dress with slits up the sides. He also picked up her four-inch black strap-on heels off the closet floor and tossed them on the bed, before heading to her dresser. He fumbled around inside and hauled out some white hose. “You got no stockings and garters?” he asked his wife.

“I threw them all out,” she replied.

Clive sighed and said, “Well, wear these. They liked the hose last time. Pity we don’t have the garters again, but…” he shrugged.

Maxine observed all the clothes he had laid out for her. “They don’t match,” she said. “A black evening gown and white hose?”

Clive was incredulous that she should be thinking fashion now. It was like the old Maxine. “Just put it all on,” he said impatiently.

Maxine slowly pulled off her dress and started putting on the new clothes. She started pulling on the hose over her French cut panties, but Clive told her, “You probably ought to take those off first.”

“What?” asked Maxine.

He pointed. “The big old lady panties. They don’t look right.”

Maxine stood there, then put her fingers in the waistband and pulled them down. Clive glanced kozyatağı escort bayan at her ass and tried to see what she looked like. He wondered if she had tightened up some. He didn’t want to ask.

Maxine started to look for a smaller pair of panties, but Clive stopped her. “Just put the hose on.”

Maxine paused, then faced him and stepped into the hose, first one leg, then the other. It was the first time Clive was seeing her naked in two weeks. He liked the way her muff looked through the white hose, nothing between it and the hose. The top of the hose came up to her bellybutton. She looked sexy.

Maxine continued to put on the rest of the clothes Clive selected and Clive heard domeone holler to him from downstairs. “You ready yet?”

“No,” Clive shouted back. “Just a few more minutes.”

He sat Maxine down at her vanity table and told her to put on some make-up. Not too much, just her usual make-up. She applied some red lipstick, pouting her lips, then some blush to her cheeks, a little blue eye shadow and finally some mascara. She was looking hot.

There was one more thing to do. “Let down your hair,” said Clive. Maxine undid the clips and her gorgeous long auburn locks fell around her shoulders.

Clive stepped out to call to the gathering. “OK, come on up.”

As many as could filed into the bedroom, with some in the doorway. J. Lo and her two friends were in front, eying Maxine flirtatiously.

“We decided the girls should warm her up first,” said George, beaming. “We want this to be enjoyable for everyone. We want your wife to get wet.”

Maxine flushed red under the make-up.

“Turn around for us, honey,” said J. Lo.

Maxine turned around. “Mm-mm,” were the hums of approval.

“Do a strip for us – just the dress,” J. Lo continued.

Maxine hesitated, then reached behind her to unzip her dress.

“Dance a little, baby,” encouraged one of the new girls, suggesting the movement by swaying herself.

Maxine had a far-off look in her eyes as she began to sway while peeling down the dress. She continued to do a circle, til she was facing everyone again, in her white bra, white hose and four-inch black heels.

The mob whistled and hollered again.

“Oh, baby you look so good I gotta eat you,” said J. Lo. “I know I didn’t last time but your pussy was all messed up, baby. I can’t stand messy pussy.”

Maxine thought about the irony.

J. Lo came close towards her and put her arms on her shoulders, doing a little swaying dance with Maxine. Then she leaned in to kiss her. Maxine didn’t respond at first, keeping her lips closed. The Mexican woman stuck her tongue out to lick Maxine’s red lips and Maxine’s mouth pouted and J. Lo stuck her tongue between Maxine’s lips, licking along her front teeth. Maxine closed her eyes and gave a little moan and the onlookers took it as a sign of her arousal. J. Lo was pushing her tongue insistently against Maxine’s white teeth and Maxine opened her mouth, letting the other woman in. J. Lo’s breath tasted of garlic and nicotine, leaving a sour taste in Maxine’s mouth as they kissed. It felt so strange to be a kissing a woman like this – only the second time in her life. She had been almost delirious the first time, but she had a clear mind now – this felt so wrong!

J. Lo was enjoying Frenching the beautiful white brunette. She hardly ever got to do white chicks. Even though she fucked a lot of men, she was sure she preferred women. She could be dominant with women; she liked eating pussy and liked pushing dildos into their pussies and also their asses. She loved being able to stretch a virgin ass, like she had this one several days ago. She didn’t even think they would be back here. But here she was, getting a second chance with this beautiful white bitch. She pushed her tongue deeper into Maxine’s mouth and Maxine’s tongue dueled reflexively with hers. J. Lo had a long tongue. She explored the entirety of Maxine’s sweet mouth with it, scraping along her back teeth and even tickling her epiglottis. Maxine got a sudden twinge in her pussy. Despite herself, this cruel Latina was arousing her – she was such a good kisser.

J. Lo unlocked lips and then spat into Maxine’s open mouth. Maxine was stunned – this seemed so crude and unnecessary. She wanted to spit out the foreign saliva but J. Lo told her: “Swallow my spit, bitch.” Maxine closed her mouth and gulped, swallowing the saliva. “Open up your pretty mouth again,” the Latina ordered. Maxine did and J. Lo spit some more, hawking from the back of her throat and spit a huge gob into Maxine’s mouth with enough force that it hit the back of her throat and slid down. She gulped again, disgusted but afraid to object. J. Lo spat a third time, this time on Maxine’s pretty face. It hit her in one eye, making her flinch, and ran down her cheek. She wondered why this woman got off on humiliating her like this. The male observers looked like they were enjoying it as well. She noticed Clive just stared open-mouthed.

J. küçükçekmece escort bayan Lo felt a rush of power and desire and quickly locked mouths with Maxine again, hugging her tight, their breasts pressed together through their clothes. Maxine didn’t know what to do with her own hands, which up to that point had been hanging limply at her sides. J. Lo tugged on Maxine’s upper lip with her teeth, making the other woman afraid this bitch was going to bite her. But J. Lo released her lip, then pushed Maxine roughly back, making her squeal as she fell backwards onto the bed.

“Take off your bra, babe,” said J. Lo in a smoky voice, as she stripped off her own clothes. She was wearing a biker jacket, short leather skirt, fishnet stockings and knee-high leather boots. Under the jacket and T-shirt, she had no bra. Maxine looked at her breasts clearly for the first time. They were small, with small brown areolas, but with very pointy nipples. She estimated J. Lo was a 32B.

Maxine had meanwhile reached behind herself to unclip her bra and pull it off. The men whistled again at the sight of her huge, wide 38D mounds. She felt embarrassed again, like a lab specimen.

“I can’t get enough of those tits,” J. Lo said, falling on top of Maxine and leaning in to kiss her again while she groped at her breasts. J. Lo had taken off everything except her boots and fishnets, which were held up with elastic. As they writhed on the bed, the men admired the contrast between Maxine’s pale flesh (she hadn’t been getting to the sunlamp lately) and J. Lo’s Olive skin. This was going to be hot to watch.

J. Lo moved down Maxine and flicked her tongue across her nipples, then sucked alternatively on each breast, coating them with saliva and making her nipples erect. She even bit down gently on each bud, making Maxine yelp softly. Keeping hold of her breasts and squeezing them every so often, J. Lo slid further down, tracing kisses over Maxine’s taut tummy and belly button. Maxine was starting to breathe hard and her tummy was quivering.

The Latina woman reached the hem of Maxine’s white hose and Maxine thought she would pull them down, but J. Lo decided to lick her through the nylon, leaving a wet trial to her pubic hair. She nipped at Maxine’s dark pubic curls through the nylon, making Maxine tremble and gasp. She licked at the hair, wetting it through the hose, and removed her hands from Maxine’s breasts to part her thighs. The guys all leaned in to get their first glimpse of Maxine’s nylon-covered slit. As her legs were pushed wider, they could make out the outline of her pussy lips. It was like something within reach and yet maddeningly unattainable. Several men were stroking themselves through their trousers by now, and the two other women were also fondling themselves.

Maxine looked so hot, her long, hose-covered legs spread so wide, the black high heels making her legs seem endless. J. Lo held onto her inner thighs with her hands and licked up and down her slit through the flimsy material. Maxine felt the wetness cool almost immediately against her slit and felt antsy. She lifted her head and looked at J. Lo’s face between her legs. After Maxine’s hose-covered crotch was sopping with saliva and perhaps a bit of Maxine’s own seeping arousal, J. Lo decided she had to get flesh to flesh. She tried to tear the crotch away but the material was tougher than she thought.

“I need scissors!” she yelled out to no one in particular.

One of the guys fumbled in his pocket and drew out a Swiss army knife. He tossed it towards J. Lo. It fell on the bed and she snatched it up, looking for the right component, then unfolded the small scissors and pulling out the crotch of the hose, started snipping away. She cut a crude circle out of the crotch, enough the expose Maxine’s pussy and asshole. The guys leaned in again and gazed at Maxine’s genitals before J. Lo went down on her again.

Maxine started again when she felt J. Lo’s tongue without the impeding nylon. This was another first for her, she thought. She had eaten J. Lo’s pussy last time, but this was the first time a woman was eating her. Maxine loved being given oral sex more than she liked giving it. She had hardly ever sucked off Clive, but she loved having him eat her. And this woman between her legs was even better, paying attention to her clit as well as her slit. She moaned and fluttered her eyes. J. Lo was licking deep swathes between Maxine’s tight cunt lips. Her vagina had recovered since two weeks ago, the lips of her opening neat and virginal again. She prided herself on having a pretty vagina, and was horrified when she had seen in the mirror what her cunt looked like after her gangbang.

J. Lo also liked the look of Maxine’s pink-white cunt. It was so neat and clean and tasted sweet, sweeter than any cunt she had ever eaten. She was glad this bitch had cleaned up. Maxine was getting wetter, and J. Lo could tell as she tasted Maxine’s musky syrup. She drilled her dexterous tongue against Maxine’s little clit, pushing küçükyalı escort bayan the hood away with the tip of her tongue and flicking at the little pink nubbin. The clit was swelling as it filled with blood.

As her tongue was attacking Maxine’s clit, she inserted a finger in Maxine’s slit, thrusting it back and forth. Maxine was squirming and moaning, trying to force back her sexual arousal and yet enjoying these sensations so much. She knew if this continued the woman was going to make her come. J. Lo inserted a second finger into the tight cunt, then a third, pushing them al the way in to the third knuckle. They came out wet and glistening. She was impressed at Maxine’s elasticity – the white woman’s pussy had shrunk down to its original size. She knew it had to be a great feeling for a man to have his penis encased in a tight pussy like this.

Maxine was getting wetter and wetter under J. Lo’s mouth and probing fingers. She arched her buttocks off the bed and pushed her pussy against J. Lo’s face and fingers. J. Lo smiled at her surrender, retracting her fingers from the tight pussy and making her long tongue into the funnel shape and pushing it between Maxine’s labia as far as it would go, in and out, in and out. Maxine was overcome by the sensation of the soft, long, wet object replacing the knuckled fingers inside her pussy. She couldn’t believe anyone could get their tongue that far inside a pussy. It was lathing her soft tunnel, gently massaging her delicate inner womanhood. Maxine gripped the sheets, bunching them in her hands and gasping and moaning: “Uhhhhh… Ooohhhh…. Uhhhhh…”

J. Lo clamped her mouth over the whole upper portion of Maxine’s pussy, sucking at the clit with deep sucks. Maxine felt a rush deep within her. A heat broke out over her whole body and she jerked her hips and cried out: “Oooohhhhh! I’m coming! Ooooohhhh!!!”

J. Lo loved the sound of the woman’s complete surrender, her blossoming orgasm. She latched her mouth to Maxine’s slit again, licking inside and tasting the flood of wetness. Maxine’s feminine juices were so sweet, she thought. She licked up tongue-fuls of the sweet moisture, swallowing it and going back for more. Finally as Maxine came down from the heights of her orgasm, J. Lo lifted her head and licked her lips.

“She tastes great, guys! You should try this!”

“No thanks, “ laughed one of the gang. “Eating pussy is for girls and white boys.” Several others laughed at this.

Maxine looked between her spread-open legs at J. Lo’s face. She hungered for this woman in spite of herself.

“OK, girlie,” said J. Lo, standing up and then crawling across the bed to Maxine’s head. “Time for you to eat me.”

She lifted a leg over Maxine’s pretty face straddling her frontwards this time, so she could look into Maxine’s face as the other woman ate her pussy. She lowered her pussy to Maxine’s mouth and scooted in, her leather boots scraping roughly over Maxine’s shoulders, the heels pressing against her tits. Maxine felt obliged to eat J. Lo after she had given her such a good cum. No-one had ever eaten her like that. It was so different and gentle after the brutal gangbang two weeks ago, when her cunt was treated so cruelly.

She reached her hands around J. Lo’s brown thighs, her long fingers spread out across the other woman’s thighs. She looked up seductively at J. Lo’s face and stuck out her tongue to her pussy. She didn’t even mind that the other woman didn’t have an attractive pussy, seeing again the permanently open, wrinkled grey labia. J. Lo’s pussy looked like it had seen a lot of fucking in its time. Maxine’s tongue came into contact with the pussy and she closed her eyes and licked. She was glad to find J. Lo was fresh, with no semen dripping from her like last time. She still tasted fishy, however. J. Lo pressed one hand palm flat against her belly and breathed in at the feeling of the other woman’s tongue. Maxine licked up and down the corrugated slit and tasted J. Lo’s juices. The other woman must have been getting wet while she was eating her. She wondered what it must be like to be so into women.

J. Lo looked appreciatingly down at Maxine’s pretty face, looking into her big blue eyes with their long eyelashes. She loved seeing a pretty feminine face between her legs, eating her pussy. And this woman was somebody who had formerly been out of her league, wouldn’t have given her the time of day before. J. Lo felt dominant again, pushing her pussy urgently against Maxine’s mouth. Maxine did her best to keep up the licking, her tongue muscle getting a bit sore.

Rocking back and forth on Maxine’s face, J. Lo looked over her shoulder and called out to the other girls: “Hey ladies, you ought to try her now, before the boys mess her up.”

The other girls didn’t waste time stripping. They obviously took orders from J. Lo. One of them, whose name turned out to be Salma, knelt between Maxine’s thighs, spreading them again to get access to her cunt. She grasped her long raven hair in one hand to keep it from falling in her face and her head went down and she started licking. Maxine moaned again at the renewed tongue-lashing. “Mmmmm!” She broke contact with J. Lo’s pussy for a bit and sucked in and swallowed. J. Lo reached down to hold Maxine’s head between her hands and pulled it up towards her cunt again. Maxine resumed her work on the other woman’s cunt, trying desperately to bring her to orgasm. She just wasn’t as experienced in eating pussy as J. Lo.

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