May Ch. 07

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Jack woke early on Thursday morning; he slipped out of bed at five-forty-five leaving May and Jean fast asleep. He showered then checked that the plane was on time, it would be ten minutes early. He left the house at six-fifteen and arrived at the airport exactly on seven. He bought a coffee then his phone beeped, he had a message from Mags which read, “I am waiting for my baggage, I slept on the plane, it was so comfortable. They gave me blinds for my eyes and, and I have slept for nearly six hours. I am so looking forward to seeing you. Love Mags xx.”

He replied saying that he was at the arrival gate having a coffee. He sat and waited and reflected on the past two days. He had been very subtle when he told May that he was thinking of asking Mags out when she came home. He had been very open and asked her at dinner with Jean also sitting at the table. May had replied, “Wow, that would be interesting, I was wondering how I was going to cover it up so that she didn’t know that I was sleeping with you. Jack be honest with her. She is an adult. If there’s chemistry, then I have no problem sharing you with her.”

After the meal he had given May the Rogering of her life, she had four vaginal orgasms when he ass fucked her, the ass fucking was now a significant part of the foreplay with Jean and May. They all knew that Jack was now a part of all their lives. May would stay with Dot on Thursday night which would allow Jean and Jack time with Mags. The funeral would be held on Saturday morning. May had left it all to the undertaker. She had spoken with Simon, the Managing Director of Rats Tail; he would be at the funeral and suggested a meeting next week. She had indicated to Jack that they should go on an afternoon when his lectures finished early.

Yesterday afternoon Jack had spent several hours at the Clinic. Jack hadn’t realised how big it was. Jean then showed him around the whole Clinic. There were nine consulting rooms. There was a vast laboratory where everything could be examined, blood and urine samples analysed in-house. She told him that a lot of ladies came to them with STDs which they could diagnose and treat internally. There were also four rooms which were used for beauty treatments; three were being used so Jean took Jack into the room that was unoccupied. It had an examination table and also an ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet.

There was also a hairdressing salon with six chairs all were occupied. It was a busy place. They went back to Jean’s office, and Val brought them a coffee. Jean said, “We have a wonderful business here, with what Mags is proposing it will change us into a unique Clinic. We are more than a woman’s clinic here. We offer much more than medical services. We spoil and pamper our guests. In the beauty treatment rooms, we offer waxing and pussy shaving. These are very popular. Our assistants are all excellent they also provide stimulation services for the girls, as I like to call them. This is very profitable for me and for the staff. It was Mags that suggested ümraniye escort we offer these services and they have proved highly profitable.”

“We are all so excited about what Mags has proposed. I am so pleased that they will help with the marketing and public relations which are so important. I have an old girlfriend who is now editor of the most popular older women’s magazines. After Mags is settled, she will visit us and write an article on what we can offer. I would like you to spend some time with her when she is here. We also have fifteen ensuite bedrooms and a Spa. We have in essence a small hotel. I will show you this part of the building now but I can’t take you into the Spa as the girls like to be naked in there.”

Jean then gave him a tour. He had no idea of the potential that the Clinic had. It had been an old Mansion House, and Jack’s father had bought it with the intention of converting it into a Clinic. Over the years this is what had happened. The bedrooms were initially built for patients that needed to recuperate after an illness. Now they were being used for breaks where women could relax and be pampered. Three cooks provided all the meals which were all of nutritional value. Jack was impressed with all he saw but also that Jean had achieved what she had created here, and he knew next to nothing about it.

After the tour, they had gone back to Jean’s office. She removed her white coat and underneath she was wearing a blouse and a pair of light pink very tight leggings. Her Camels Toe looked terrific. Her long sex slit looked perfect. Jean said, “I took your advice, and I am thrilled that I did. It looks fantastic and feels great. Do you like what you see?”

He took her in his arms, and the kissed passionately with affection. He then said, “It looks amazing, I am happy that you have bought those leggings, I am sure that you will make a lot of pussies wet.”

Jean smiled then said, “What will you do with Mags tomorrow? Do you have classes in the morning? I know that she wants you. May and I will be out of the house by eight, and I won’t be home until six in the evening. May and Dot are going shopping in the afternoon then back to Dot’s for supper.”

Jack replied, “I have told them that I have three job interviews tomorrow, so my day is free. Mags will probably be tired, so I think that it will be an easy day. I will keep you updated so that you know what’s happening. I never imagined that the Clinic was so big and offered so many services. The beauty of it is that you still have so much land around that it can still be developed. I want to learn more about this business; it excites me the way that you have advanced the business.”

Jean said, “That makes me happy to hear you saying that. I have worked hard, but I enjoy my work so much. I am a doctor, I am a good doctor, and I help people every day. I have learned so much. All women enjoy sex, but because of many different reasons, things don’t work out for them. It’s because of these many different reasons kartal escort that these women come to me; the majority are only wanting sexual relief which I can provide with the assistants and the services that I offer her. I also have many private patients that come to me specifically for sexual relief. That’s very lucrative, and I enjoy giving them relief. All the doctors here do the same as I do so it works well for all of us.”

As Jack waited for Mags, he reflected on all that had happened yesterday with Jean. He now understood her business, and it excited him. The first passengers were now starting to come through the arrival gate then he saw Mags, she looked stunning, her hair was shorter, but it suited her. She was pushing a trolley with two large suitcases and an assessment of other baggage. The hugged and kissed. He felt the weight of her enormous tits on his chest and her pussy pushing against his leg with a sexy circular motion. They then walked to the car and loaded the baggage into it. Mags said, “I need a shower, I want to be fresh for you. I am not tied at all. I had six hours sleep in the plane, I have never done that before.”

On the drive to Jack’s house Mags said, “I’m amazed that I just walked through Customs, I have a suitcase full of medications. It’s good that I wasn’t stopped as these are expensive medicines. Jean has told me that my consulting room is ready and as from Monday I will be working. Jean has also told me she has had business cards printed with Professor Dr Mags Graham, believe me, that title is a major boost for my confidence. I honestly believe that the Clinic will now take off. Jean’s excited about it, I haven’t discussed it much with mum, but she only works mornings. I think that I should do a short seminar so all the doctors in the Clinic are aware of what the new medications can do. Jean was only aware of two of them, and there are fourteen different medications available.”

They arrived at the house and Mags left the suitcase with the mediations in it in the car. He led her to the Master Bedroom where Jean had left wardrobe space for her then Jack took her into the ensuite bathroom. They kissed and touched then Mags said, “Let’s shower then bring me back to that huge bed next door and take me anyway that you want. I have dreamt about this for years. I loved the oral that we had today I am going to have you inside me.”

They were both naked a minute later. Jack saw the many similarities between Mags and May. They were both tall with very long legs. Both had enormous breasts with May’s slightly fuller than Mags. Both had flat stomachs, both their Camels Toe were identical, long but not as long as Jean. They got under the shower and applied shower gel to the other. They both had a delicate touch, and their hands were applying gel everywhere. Jack slid his hand between her open legs. He ran his middle finger down the length of her sex slit. It felt so good, and her hard clit was identical to May’s

Mags washed his cock thoroughly then let the maltepe escort jet of the shower rinse it. Jack was rock hard and was thinking of doing her in the shower, but he wanted this to be special. The way they were kissing each other was so relaxed but with a lot of tenderness. They finished in the shower then; they dried themselves. They went back to the bedroom, and Jack positioned Mags so that they could sixty-nine, then all the memories of the Garden House flooded back to both of them. As he sucked her hard clit, he was finger fucking her with four fingers. She was gripping his fingers with her cunt muscles, and it felt so good. They played with a lot of tenderness. Mags was getting very wet. Jack had felt her hot cum several times in his mouth, and she like May tasted so sweet.

Jack was unsure of how to proceed with Mags but knowing how much May enjoyed anal; he decided to check things out. He slipped his middle finger inside Mags ass, and she moaned with pleasure. She loved it. He brought his finger out then slide his index and middle fingers inside her hot cunt. He then gently slide them into her ass. Mags was pushing her ass against his two intrusive fingers. Mags said, “I am an ass virgin, but that feels amazing. I would love to feel your cock in there.”

He was using her cunt juice as lube, and five minutes later she was easily taking three fingers in her ass. He turned her around and made her kneel on the bed. He stood at the side of the bed and covered the head of his cock with her cunt juice. He centred the head on her ass and pushed into her ass doggy style. His massive cock disappeared inside her ass. Mags said, “That’s fucking wonderful, fuck me deep and hard. Your head is stimulating my G-spot, and that will make me cum.”

He quickly had a great rhythm going as his balls were swinging and hitting her cunt. He was also rubbing her clit as he pounded her ass. Throughout the next fifteen minutes she had three orgasms, each one stronger than the previous one. She was shaking with the third one. She was so like May, they both loved to be ass fucked. He pulled out then went into her pussy doggy style. He continued to rub her hard clit and like May her tits were bouncing everywhere. Like May she was gripping at the base, then the head of his cock on each thrust. They were both so good, they both wanted to give their partner pleasure. Twenty minutes later they both climaxed within seconds of each other.

Jack had squirted hard inside her cunt, and she had felt it, she said, “That feels magic, I felt you squirt your spunk inside my cunt. I have never felt that before.”

He pulled out and turned her around then they kissed passionately and tenderly. Jack said, “I enjoyed that so much, I hope that you had as much pleasure as I had. I am glad that you are back home.”

They kissed again then Mags said, “It was wonderful for me too. I want more of you, and I don’t care if I have to share you. How can we get mum on board?”

He thought for a minute then said, “I’ll tell her tomorrow that you are going to stay with Jean and me, if she would like to join us then she is more than welcome. I believe that she will accept that. May has got very attached to my cock. I am very comfortable being around you, your mum and Jean.”

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