Me and Uncle Pete

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I had recently graduated from college and was living with my mother while I was trying to find a job. My uncle Pete had recently divorced his wife and was living with us while he got his life back on track. Everything was pretty normal until I got out of bed one night to get something to drink.

On my way down the hall to the kitchen, I noticed a table lamp was on in the living room and heard some sounds coming from in there. I stopped in the doorway to see what was going on so late in the evening. And my heart stopped. My mother was seated on the couch, and my uncle Pete was standing in front of her completely naked. I slowly took the scene in starting with my uncle’s naked body. His sleek form rippling with muscles sculpted through years of hard work on construction sites. I started with his thick firm biceps and moved to the smooth taught muscles of his back, his tight buttocks, and his large seven or eight inch erect cock, or what I could make out of it through my mother’s long raven hair as her full, red lips slipped along the length of it.

Needless to say, this was hot and I was immediately turned on by the shear taboo of it all. My mother, whom I always thought of as sexy, actually performing a sex act, and my uncle, whom I never found sexy, until now. I felt my heart begin to race and my breath catch in the back of my throat. Slowly, I also became aware of the growth of my own cock as it pushed against my boxers.

I’m not sure how long I just stood there taking it all in, maybe a couple of minutes. At first I was afraid my mother would see me; but with her hair hanging down over her face, and the fact that she had her eyes closed clearly savoring the experience of sucking Pete’s cock, she was totally oblivious to my presence. So, too, was my uncle Pete. His eyes closed, head thrown back, and low moaning sounds emanating up out of his throat and filling the room.

I’m not sure what happened; but, for one reason or another, my uncle Pete opened up his eyes and looked over in my direction. Seemingly calm and cool, he merely cleared his throat a bit louder than normal obviously trying to alert my mother to my presence. She pulled back revealing the large mushroom-shaped head of my uncle’s sleek trimmed cock. Without opening her eyes she muttered, “it’s o.k., I like your cum. You know that.” And she immediately enveloped his cock again slowly drawing her lips down the full length of his shaft. I almost cummed all over myself just hearing her say that and watching her go firmly back to work on his cock in anticipation of his release.

Clearly seeing that his efforts had failed he pulled back a little trying to remove himself from my mother’s firm hold on his member. However, she leaned forward mumbling around his cock in her mouth, “I told you I want it.”

Seeing that subtlety was not going to work, he spoke up, “you may not want to keep going unless you’re into voyeurism.” She didn’t comprehend right away, but you could definitely tell when it finally sunk in. She stopped mid-stroke and opened her eyes slowly scanning the room. As her eyes came to the doorway they locked on mine and immediately dilated in shock. She quickly leaned back and covered her glistening, drool-soaked mouth, clearly not knowing what to do. Then she started trying to explain, “um . . . uh . . . I was just . . . or, your uncle and I were just. . . well you see . . . “

Uncle Pete knew he had to step in saying, “it’s alright, boy. What your mother is trying to say is that we are helping each other out during a hard time in our lives. I hope you aren’t too freaked out. We can talk about all this if you want.”

I tried to say something, but I couldn’t get past the lump in my throat from being so turned on. I simply croaked a few times and then began clearing my throat. That’s when my mother finally found her own voice, “son, we can all go to bed and talk about this in the morning.” The red flush on her face, enhanced by both the sex and the embarrassment of being discovered, stood out in sharp contrast from her brunette hair accentuating the sleek beauty of her thin face turning me on even more.

I managed to say, “um, no, that’s o.k. mom, you can finish. I have to admit I’m pretty turned on right now, what you’re doing looks like a lot of fun, but if it’s too weird for you I avrupa yakası escort can go back to bed. I just needed some water. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“No, that’s alright, honey. If you want to stay and watch you can. It’s not really something I planned, but now that we’re all here and out in the open we might as well get back to enjoying it.”

“Well, I was kinda hoping I could do more than watch.”

“Oh, well, um, o.k. Just let me finish up with your uncle here and then I can finish you off too.” This she said while looking seductively up at me through her eyelashes, a naughty smirk starting to bloom on her lips. She was obviously enjoying all this now that the initial shock was wearing off.

“Oh, o.k., sure.” I said.

“You sound like you’re disappointed. I thought you wanted to do more than watch. I thought the sight of mommy sucking on your uncle’s cock got you all excited, that it looked like fun. But, now, you don’t sound like you want to.”

“Well, I was turned on by it, and it did look like a lot of fun.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Well, I was just kinda thinking that maybe, I don’t know.”

“What is it honey?”

“Well, it looked like a lot of fun.”

“I know, and I said as soon as I’m done with Pete you can have your fun too.”

“Well that’s just it. I don’t know why, but getting a blow job wasn’t what looked like a lot of fun.”

“O.k., I’m confused. That’s what I was doing, giving Pete a blowjob.”

“I know, and . . . it looked like a lot of fun.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. Giving a blow job looked like a lot of fun?” She said quizzically. “I didn’t know you were . . . well gay.”

“I’m not. I never ever wanted to do that before, but you make it look like a lot of fun.”

“Hmmmm. Well, this is different. I guess you can finish him off if you really want to. But it has to be o.k. with your uncle.” She said looking to Pete questioningly.

Poor Pete, who had been standing in the middle of the living room naked, patiently waiting for us to come to an understanding, finally spoke up. “It’s o.k. with me if it’s o.k. with you guys, but someone needs to finish me off soon.”

“Come here and sit by momma.” My mother said patting the sofa next to her.

I moved across the room and slowly sat down next to her and looked straight ahead at my uncle’s cock slowly relaxing right in front of my face. I looked up at him furtively, unconsciously making sure it was alright. He said, “go ahead son.”

I reached forward and slowly touched the underside of his cock lifting it up to my mouth. As I touched it a thrill went through my body and my own cock started to poke out of my boxers. It was smooth and soft and I suddenly wanted it in my mouth. I slowly placed my lips against it and licked the tip of it testing, or rather tasting, the waters. I once again noticed the soft smoothness of it as I slightly parted my lips and began to take him in. I can’t describe the total excitement I felt at that moment. Perhaps it was the wrongness and yet rightness of it all. I just couldn’t get over how turned on I was just by having his cock in my mouth. I kept going at it slowly, feeling my way around, savoring every moment of this new experience. In my head I was thinking, “wow! I’m sucking a cock. Is this gross?, is this hot?, is this wrong?, right?, good?, bad? Wow! I’m sucking a cock, my uncle’s cock, and my mom is watching me. Am I really doing this? Sucking on another man’s dick? Do I like it?” He smelled clean like his soap, yet with a mildly manly smell. To my surprise, it turned me on more and I began to suck him faster, a bit more aggressively. He began to moan, which just turned me on all the more. Then, in the background I began to make out my mother saying, “that’s right, that’s how you do it. I never thought of you as a cock sucker, but you really seem to enjoy it.”

“And he’s doing a really great job.” My uncle added breathlessly. I could tell he loved it, me sucking and moving my head up and down his shaft. And I started to feel a strange sense of pride at being able to make him feel so good. I thought I could sense his own pride and pleasure at what I was doing. And I knew he loved it. He had started to move his hips slightly, in rhythm to my sucking. We were really bağcılar escort enjoying each other, and mom was really enjoying watching us. I was so into it that I thought I might cum myself without any help. Something in the back of my mind brought me back to my senses and reminded me to touch his balls. I slowly moved my right hand up his thigh and lightly grazed it along his perineum to the bottom of his balls which I began to lightly brush back and forth and massage between my fingers. Just after this I felt Pete’s muscles start to tighten along his thighs and in his balls. I noted it, but didn’t really think about what was happening.

My mother, from her perspective saw the signs of my uncle’s impending release too and said, “well, son, we’re about to find out if you’re a good boy or not.”

I can’t lie; I was a little frightened, realizing that perhaps I hadn’t thought this all the way through. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but one way or another I was going to finish him off. It didn’t take long. Moments later he was moaning louder and I could feel his cock pumping in my mouth. I felt it before I tasted it. Then the taste hit me. I remember being shocked at first at the bitterness. I didn’t want to wretch, but I really didn’t want to swallow either. But after a moment I got past the bitter, slightly bleachy taste and noticed a sweeter flavor to it. I felt a rivulet begin to run down my chin, and realized that I had to either swallow now or make a mess. So I thought, what the hell it’s already in my mouth, and began swallowing his cum. My mother was stroking the back of my head telling me what a good job I had done.

Pete slowly backed out of my mouth and slumped down on the couch next to me. We were both breathing hard and shallow. Mom looked over and said, “oops, you missed some” as she leaned over and began licking uncle Pete’s cum off my chin just before sticking her tongue in my mouth. We sat there sharing the taste of my uncle for a moment as my cock began to throb and leak a little precum. As my mother pulled back from our kiss a long, sticky mixture of cum and saliva stretched out between us and landed on the head of my cock protruding from my shorts.

“Uh oh, dropped some,” she said as she gave me another coy look and a grin. “I’d better clean you up.”

“If you must,” I said as flirtatiously as possible.

It was so strange, and super hot, to talk to my mother this way, and even hotter when she leaned over my lap and slowly started sucking my cock. It felt sooo good. I started to moan immediately. I didn’t know how long I could hold out before cumming. It turned out not to be too long. I was just too turned on and she was going at it pretty hard and I just shot my load in the back of her throat.

“So, how do I taste compared to Uncle Pete?,” I asked only half jokingly. She didn’t respond, but just moved in slowly to give me a kiss. I guessed that she was going to let me taste the leftover cum to judge for myself, but was surprised when she emptied my entire load into my mouth for us to share. Once again, I was surprised at first by the salty/bleachy taste, but also savored its sweetness. It was then that I realized I was really starting to like cum . . . and my mom’s tongue in my mouth. Man, this was sooo hot.

Mom then broke off our kiss, and smiled. I smiled sheepishly as well. “Wow, I think you are starting to like guzzling down a mouthful of cum.”

“That’s funny, I was just thinking the same thing,” I replied.

“Well, now that you two have gotten off, I think it’s my turn,” she said. “But, perhaps we should take this to the bedroom now that we’re all on the same page.”

We all adjourned to the bedroom and started to figure out how all this was going to work. It was mom’s turn and we decided that since Uncle Pete and I had received oral, that mom would as well. She laid down on the bed and Uncle Pete and I decided that I should go first since he had already had the pleasure several times over the past few weeks. I got on the bed and slowly lay down between my mother’s milky white thighs. I took in the smell of her sex and lowered my head to her waiting womanhood. I began slowly licking and sucking her clit and probing her vagina with my tongue. Immediately her body responded bahçelievler escort to my touch writhing in carnal delight as she began to moan loudly. My own manhood quickly responded hardening against her ankle. Noticing this, she gently pulled my head up and told me to get on my hands and knees. She then maneuvered her head underneath me leaving herself open once again to my mouth. As I went back to work on her, she slowly started in on my cock as well.

We were having a great time when she pulled back and said, “Pete, I don’t want to leave you out, get your dick over here.” I felt Pete’s cock touch my balls as he moved his cock toward my mother’s waiting mouth and a thrill shot through me. She must have noticed as she started massaging my balls and perineum as she sucked on Pete’s big cock. Shortly afterward she moved her finger further back and touched my asshole. I just let out a big sigh as I felt another thrill run throughout my body. At this she stopped sucking on Pete and asked, “so, my little gay son, do you think you want to go all the way with Pete?”

By now I had completely stopped licking on her tight little pussy and just managed to make a soft, “uh-huh,” as I nodded my head lost in the sheer magnitude of the moment. I had just consented to let another man fuck my tight little ass. I was terrified and couldn’t wait at the same time. It was my dark secret that my ass was the most erogenous place on my body. I had always denied this, but kneeling there with my bare bottom exposed I could only think of the girls I had taken from behind and how they had reacted as I shoved my cock inside them and wondered if it would feel as good to me.

My mother took another long pull on Pete’s cock making sure to slather it in saliva just before she began to lick my own asshole. I had always wondered what this would feel like, but was always afraid to ask any of the girls I had been with to try it. Worried about what they might think. With my mother however, I knew she could only think of me with love. As her tongue touched me I moaned so loudly that at first she thought she had done something wrong and pulled back. But, as I waited in silence for another touch, she went back to work slathering my ass with her saliva. After a moment she stopped and my heart sank a little that she seemed to have finished. Just a moment later, though, I felt another shot of ecstasy as my uncle’s cock touched my ass. As he pushed his head inside me it was like a bolt of lightning shooting along my spine as warmth radiated out from my ass and enveloped my entire body. He pulled back until just his head remained within me and grabbed my hips as he took another long, slow stroke. It was amazing! Little shots of electricity shot through me as each inch of his prick moved along the rim of my ass. I was glad he took his time, not because it hurt like I feared it might, but because I enjoyed savoring each stroke of his manhood coming out and pushing in, again, and again, and again. This was undoubtedly the best sex of my life.

I didn’t think it could get any better until my mom started licking my cock again. I can’t put into words the feeling of complete surrender and release of it all as I came in my mother’s mouth again just moments later. I slumped forward placing my head on her thigh as my uncle continued to work my ass. I just lay there totally engulfed with the sensation of total relaxation as he pushed away filling me time and again with his large member. He started to speed up and I mumbled something about liking it slow, feeling him penetrate me. He then pulled completely out of me slowly, inch by inch, until I felt his head come out. He then put it back and pushed slowly into me again, repeating this total penetration over and over until he couldn’t hold off anymore. He came as he was pulling out. I felt him tense just as the back of his cock’s head reached my anal rim. His first shot went straight inside me. His second splashed against my asshole and I felt it start to run down my perineum toward my balls as he quickly thrust himself back inside me. I was instantly breathless as he pumped hard and fast emptying himself inside me. I savored this as my mother began licking his cum off my balls sending multiple signals of pleasure from my ass and balls at the same time throughout my whole being. Seconds later Pete collapsed on my back as we both rolled onto our sides next to my mother. We lay still as his cock throbbed inside me. We just lay there enjoying one another until he was completely spent and his cock slowly retracted until his head rested lightly against my ass. It was the beginning of a beautiful thing.

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