Me, Mom, and Our Fantasies Ch. 01

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Well my name is Parth and I came across many Mom fantasy stories and I always wanted to share mine but was hesitant.

Let me first tell you something about my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 only because of day to day household work and morning routine exercise. My Dad was an aircraft engineer who died of an accident when I was 19 years old. My mom was then 38 years. She still looked young as she got married at a very young age.

We had enough to survive and mom banked on my education to fulfill future. I never thought about my mom otherwise at that time and we started living our life. But after 6 months of my dad’s death, I started noticing that my mom was feeling lonely because there was no one to share her feelings as I was always busy with my friends. One day while having dinner I started talking to her about what made her feel so sad and lonely and what I can do. She told me — “nothing much except concentrate on your studies”. I asked her if she could join some classes but she told she was fine at home.

One day I was talking to my friend about my mom and told him how sad she felt. He advised me to take her out whenever possible and spend some time with her. That day I got back home and asked my mom if she was interested going out for a movie. But she told no she was fine. Suddenly she recalled about a drama (a Gujarati Play) which she loved watching. I told her we can go on Sunday and I will book tickets for her. She got very happy and I saw smile on her face. That day we sat and chatted for almost an hour and that day I realized how lonely she was. We chatted about everything about family, relatives etc.

Sunday evening we got ready for the Play and we reached the auditorium. It was pack and trust me, all were stunningly dressed. My mom was really looking like a widow. People were staring at her beauty and she was feeling more helpless. As we were getting in, someone pushed her accidentally and she caught my hand. That was first time I felt like a grown-up man and she held on to it till we got seated. I thought she was feeling secured. We came home that night and I told her to start dressing normal and not to worry about the world. As days passed we started getting more close as we discussed many things. Year passed and I was in my final year studying engineering. I started fantasizing about girls and I loved them dressed in different dresses all skimpy. I felt I was grown up.

One day, mom and I went for a movie and now we were like friends talking everything; she was also getting out of loneliness. As usual she was wearing a Sari though not white now (In India, Widows wear White clothes). As we were about to go in the hall, someone started touching her shoulder and she got irritated and looked at me. I realized that man was trying to touch her and I just pushed him away. We entered into an argument and it was really a heated one. People interfered and asked us to calm down. I saw some sense of security in my mom’s eyes and she was very happy. As we sat down, she leaned a bit towards me and our shoulders were touching each other. She asked me to get some popcorns and cold drink and we shared from one. Somehow I also started feeling close to her. As we were driving back home she thanked me for what I did today and told she was feeling secured now. We went home and went to our bedrooms. Mom normally wore sarees at night. I was not getting sleep and went to our living room and was sitting busy watching TV. Mom came out because of TV’s noise and asked me why I was not sleeping. I told her that I was thinking about that guy and getting angry. She smiled and came and kissed on my cheek. First time I felt warmth of her lips and a wave moved through my body. She gave me a smile and went to her room. First time I saw her with lustful eyes and trust me she was looking like a babe.

She was fair in complexion with 5`6“ height, well-structured body and I guess she had 35C size boobs with 37 hips and 28 waist…it was heaven. Entire night I didn’t sleep. Next day morning as it was Sunday I got up and went to kitchen where she was cooking. I sat on the platform and started talking to her:

Me: Mom how did you feel yesterday night.

Mom: Secured. I have someone to protect me.

Me: You don’t feel like having another relationship with a man?

Mom: Well, never thought of it but yes I feel lonely at times.

Me: I can help you to find someone.

Mom: No need, I am worried about you.

Me: Don’t worry. I am not asking you to get married to him but you can always have someone special.

Mom: I don’t think so.

Me: Ok, if you are ready let me know and I’ll find someone for you.

Mom: Ok….Parth you are there to protect me. Right?? Why do I need someone special?

Me: But I am your son…and I know you feel more secured with “YOUR” Man.

Mom: Ok….let us see.

I started getting some ideas and my heart starting throbbing hard. I was getting idea of proposing my mom and it was like — “hey, what am I thinking”…but bakırköy escort somehow it came out.

Me: Mom, do you see a Man in me.

Mom: Of course. You are grown-up now. Aren’t you?

Me: Man as in “MAN”

Mom: Means…???

Me: as “your man” who can protect you.

Mom: Yes you did it yesterday…

Me: and I want to do it forever.

Mom: yes you will you are my son and I’m sure you will even after your marriage.

Me: No I want to protect you as your MAN

Mom: Parth…??

Me: Mom listen, we both have got very close, we share things, I want to protect you and what’s wrong in that?

Mom: I know but darling I don’t want to spoil your life.

Me: We can be good friends, say special friends. Right??

Mom: So are we!!

Me: I want to give other definition to it than Mother – Son.

Mom: What definition?

Me: Say we are couples.

Mom: (smiled) dear with this age difference?

Me: so what? We can be a boyfriend-girlfriend, a healthy relation right.

Mom: Ok I am fine with it but you are still my son.

Me: No!! I’m your Parth and from now onwards you my Varsha, can I call you that?

Mom: Parth, I’m liking what you are saying but my conscious doesn’t allow it.

Me: Come on Mom you can….let’s try to be. If we find that it is not healthy then we’ll discuss it.

Mom: OK as you say….

I was in heaven but still thinking what I told. I got an erection and I was feeling so happy.

Me: Mom…

Mom: hmmm…not mom …Varsha,

Me: hey Varsha!! Can we go for date today?

Varsha: Sure… But where?? We have too many relatives to see us.

Me: Ok Varsha let us drive to Lonavala (Hill-Station in India).

Varsha: Ok but it is already 10:30 AM.

Me: Let us start fast.

Varsha: Ok let me keep food in fridge and will get ready.

Me: Hurray….

For first time I felt happy and went and hugged her…she felt happy but told me

Varsha: We can have a healthy relationship but we can’t get physical.

Me: Ok…..

Varsha got ready in a sari though it was better this time and I was in Shorts and T-shirt. As she came out I told:

Me: Varsha what is this? We are going on a date.

Varsha: But I do not have anything else dear.

Me: Oh ok…We will buy something

Varsha: No need…come on.

Me: Ok…but…

We started driving and we took take-away to eat on the way…We reached Lonavala and got down at Tiger point…it was too breezy there because of which Mom`s sari pallu (loose end of a Sari) was flying away… I smiled at her and told her…

Me: Varsha had u been in western dress this would have not happened.

Varsha: You are right…all are looking at me… I feel like a Bollywood film heroine and she laughed…

Me: Mom, you look better than them…But I don’t like people starring at you, so we’ll buy stuff for you.

Varsha: So sweet… ok we will.

I felt like heaven when she told so sweet….We got down and went to the market for some shopping. I saw some couples moving around holding hands…I gathered courage and told her.

Me: Varsha can we at least hold hands…

Varsha: No…

Me: Come on Mom

Varsha: I told you it has to be just healthy.

Me: But what’s wrong in holding.

Varsha: People will think “How come this old lady is roaming around with this young lad”

Me: Let them think…but had you worn western dress, you would have never looked old.

Varsha: Is it?… I would have looked like ‘hot & sizzling’ Film heroine and she laughed.

First time I realized how naughty she was from inside….I told her

Me: Ok Varsha please let us hold…

Varsha: Hmmm Man doesn’t ask!! They hold…

I realized what she meant and how idiot I was…I caught her hand and felt like I was on cloud 9. I had never thought of holding my mom`s hand in crowd as a couple…. Then I saw a shop and I asked my mom if she wants to shop some stuff to wear right away. She told she was Ok in what she was wearing…but I forced her inside….There I saw lovely pair of jeans and asked her to try it… She told no we will get cheaper in Mumbai and that she had never worn jeans after marriage… I told her to at least wear once…

Varsha: But I don’t know my waist-size!! Which jeans will fit??… So forget it.

Me: we’ll get it measured.

Varsha: so you want other man to touch me!!

I realized what she meant and told her….

Me: No I’ll do it.

Mom smiled at me and just blinked her eyes….Wow it was so sweet I fell in Love…Love with her for first time. I called for a Measuring-tape and for first time I touched my mom though little on her waist…my god she was just 27, even less then today’s Fat girls… I called for 26 jeans as u don’t get 27… She was not aware of all that and went to try. As she was trying it, I was waiting outside başakşehir escort her trial room. I called for her and she told she can’t come out as it is too tight and she doesn’t have anything on top.

I called for a T-shirt with some words written on it and gave it to her. She wore it and had just opened the door….when I thought ‘wow, what a babe’. I was feeling as if she was a college girl and looking stunning. T-shirt was just reaching her waist and the jeans were hugging her body like skin… I told her she was looking like a babe…Then I realized the words written on her T-shirt…Heaven is Here…and surely it was…Her boobs looked like a firm watermelon hanging…waiting for the T-shirt to tear apart and to make them free. She told me:

Varsha: Parth this is tooooo tight…I can’t breath

Me: Varsha this is fashion and you look stunning.

Varsha: But it shows my body!!

Me: No Varsha, it shows your figure… And it’s Hot.

Varsha: Shut up Parth….mind what you say.

Me: (pleading) Mom trust me!!

Varsha: But Parth it shows too much of me.

Me: It’s OK…it makes you look younger

Then I asked her to turn around. As she turned I was mad for what I saw…her ass was popping out because the jeans was too tight and I was able to see her panty strip as jeans was low waist and the T-shirt was short…I was not able to move my eyes…I looked up and I could see her bra strip which was a single strip as the T-shirt was tight…I was aroused. I now knew what made her so fit and sexy. Her daily morning routine exercise. I somehow convinced her to buy it and told her not to remove it and we’ll get the sari packed…she finally agreed. I realized that she was liking what she was wearing and she always wanted to wear it. As she came out of trial room she was looking like a newly-wed girl trying to hide her assets…I told her to be relaxed and be normal. I was getting more aroused with people starring at her body..Oh my god..she was looking Bombshell!! We bought a new pair of sandals to suit her.

As we moved on the road, all were looking at her assets. Her Panty strips were visible but I never told her that…I hold her hand and she smiled. We were chatting and as usual she was cracking jokes. Suddenly somehow my hand didn’t stop and I removed her hand from mine and patted her Ass…I thought she will get angry and she did…

Varsha: (angrily) I told you not to get so physical!! What is this?

Me: You told me Man doesn’t ask

Varsha: But gentleman do..

Me: OK Varsha can I pat your ass….and we both burst into laughing…

I thought she was coming out from that Mother-Son relationship and enjoying this new one when suddenly her sandal strip came out and she bent down to put it and as she bent, I say her ass-crack from the top and I got aroused….As she got up I clinched her ass and moved my hand to her waist…She looked at me with an angry face and I gave her smile…she tried to remove it but I requested her and she then gave a naughty smile…I was happy. I thought I have got her now.. All were looking at us and I was enjoying. I pulled her close and asked –

Me: hey Mom…sorry Varsha, what’s your ass-size?

Varsha: Naughty…I don’t know!! You should have measured it…and she laughed.

Me: Ok let’s go home and I will…

Varsha: Shut up

Me: Varsha can’t we be like real couples enjoying everything.

Varsha: What you mean everything?

Me: Everything which every couple does.

Varsha: Ok we’ll be good couples but not like college going.

Me: Means…??

Varsha: We can be couples doing everything other than Sex.

Me: (deliberately) You mean intercourse?

Varsha: yes Intercourse.

Me: When can I do Intercourse?

Varsha: only after marriage.

Me: (naughtily) So you are proposing me?

Varsha: Shut up Parth!! Be serious. I mean with your wife when you get married.

Me: OK..but rest all we can.

Varsha: Yes we can but…in limits.

Me: Ok…you have too many limitations.

Varsha: Parth I am liking all this but truth still remains that I am your mother.

Me: yeah it’s ok but soon I will get you out of these thoughts

And she just smiled. As it was getting late in the evening, we thought of getting back to Mumbai. We got in the car and reached home at 10:00 PM. As Mom was dressed in a western outfit, she ran into the house so that no one can see her. She changed into her routine sari and came out. We sat with some coffee and were discussing about day. She told me —

Varsha: It was enough for the day and you should start studying hard for your exams as they are just 2 months away.

Me: Ok Varsha but what do I get after that.

Varsha: Lovely holidays for sure.

Me: Ok Varsha but I want some motivation to study.

Varsha: What?

Me: Daily outing for 2 hours with you and long weekends and as of now I’m not planning to go to college.

Varsha: beşiktaş escort OK but only for the next 1 month.

Me: Ok….Varsha why don’t you wear some night suits?

Varsha: I don’t have any. Your dad neither shopped for me as he was busy on aircrafts travelling nor was he into it.

Me: But I like it.

Varsha: Ok I will think.

Me: Can we go to shopping tomorrow evening for night-suites?

Varsha: I think you should concentrate on studying

Me: (pleading) That will motivate me…

Varsha: Ok let’s see.

Then we wished each other good night and went to sleep. I thought of kissing her but I was afraid. I got up in the morning early to study at 5:00 AM and around 6:30 AM I heard some music from Mom’s room. I used to listen that every time but never bothered to see. I went to her room and knocked. My Mom opened the door and I was shocked to see her in long tight trunks and T-shirt (old types) and she was exercising. That was her daily routine. I told her-

Me: you told me you never wore such stuff.

Varsha: this is for exercising…quite old and this is the only one that I have

Me: you look HOT!! But the t-shirt is too long.

Varsha: Go inside and study OK

I was not able to forget that scene but I continued studying for whole day. In evening, around 5:00 PM I went to mom’s room where she was watching TV and I told her —

Me: Mom, I am tired!! Can we go out for some shopping and food?

Varsha: Ok but we should be back by 7:30 PM, so that you can sleep early.

We got ready and Mom wore a sari but this time a bit colorful. I smiled at her and sat in the car. I told her that we’ll go today and buy some night dress for her. She opposed it in beginning but later agreed. We drove to Shoppers’ Stop and as we entered, she was first hesitant to enter into lingerie section and was roaming looking for other stuffs. I pushed her a bit and she went. I was waiting on one side like a husband and she was pointing at night wears and I was giving my opinion. Suddenly I looked at a transparent gown and pointed at it. She told NO and showed eyes but I begged and she finally went and tried. She came out with smile. It was black, bit transparent. I asked her to buy one more and then went inside and picked up a sleeveless low neck short night dress which would barely cover her knees. Then we took both the night dresses and reached home by 7:00 PM. I had still 30 minutes so I told Mom to wear and show me those night dresses but she told me that she’ll wear them in the night and saying so she went to change.

It was at that instant that a thought struck me and I asked her —

Me: What’s your size Varsha!!

Varsha: What?????

Me: Size of your Boobs and Ass

Varsha: (playfully) Someone was to measure it and she laughed…

As she went to her room, I searched for a measuring tape and rushed to her room. I knocked on her door and she told me to wait for 2 mins as she was changing. I kept on knocking as I was not in control. She was forced to open the door in her Blouse and Petticoat with the sari loosely held over her shoulders. She looked at me and shouted.

Varsha: What is it Parth!!!

Me: Varsha I want to measure

Varsha: (angrily) Go away Parth

Me: No

And I banged the door open, she was stunned. I threw away her sari and I saw her big boobs hanging out of her blouse, her petticoat was loosely tied and I could see her panty from the part open near the strings. It was white in color, cotton I guess. Her belly had some fat but it was flat. I was not able to control my enthusiasm and I hugged her. She pushed me away and told me to do for what I had come. I took the Tape around her breast as she moved her hands up, her boobs touched my hand and I got a massive erection. After adjusting the tape, she moved her hands down. She knew how to give measurement!! I measured it and they came out to be 36…and she asked me to keep the tape a bit down and it came 35…

Then I moved to her Ass. I bent in front of her pussy and I smelled a delight. I had put my hand around her ass with the tape and pulled her close to me giving me a better view of her panty and I was just inches away from her pussy. I wanted to kiss it but I was afraid. I measured the Hips and they came out to be almost 37. Wow…..I got up and kissed her on the cheek. She kissed me back and then I moved my hand over her belly. She caught hold of my hand and told —

Varsha: No! I told you not to do anything till exams are over.

Me: (begging) But I want you.

Varsha: You will get me after the exam is over.

Me: Sure?

Varsha: Yes but no intercourse…Rest whatever u want.

Me: I want you to be my Girlfriend…I love you!!

Varsha: I love you too but you need to study now and not to get distracted…I will wear your night gowns after your exams.

Me: Ok I will study hard.

I studied hard for the entire 2 months and was waiting for ‘the day’ to come.

My final exam was over and I was not even able to wait for the last 5 minutes due to the excitement. I gave my papers and I rushed home. I met my friends on way and they told me that they were going to a Disco that night ‘Enigma’ and asked me if I wanted to join. I told them that I’ll try but I don’t have girlfriend to bring…They asked me to call if I can manage.

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