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this week’s been really crazy for me, everything seems to go out of the ordinary…just yesterday i happened to meet an old teacher from my primary school and things didn’t just go the way it’s supposed to when an old student and teacher meet…

before i go into details, let me first introduce you to my teacher. sita(not a fake name) had been my primary school teacher. i was in 4th grade when she came to the school. at that time i was about 10 yrs old and she must have been somewhere near 18 or 19 yrs old (she had just completed her school then) and she really was a fun teacher and we kids used to go visit her every weekend. now, i am 20 and she is somewhere near her late 20s. i had left my school in 5th grade and joined a boarding school. so, i got a chance to meet her recently. i will tell you about her in more details as we go on in the story (cuz as a kid i had no idea about sex and so, i had no idea about her body until we met again)

well ok! it was saturday morning and i thought i would go meet her in her house(which i hadn’t forgotten btw) and left at around 10am. so, i got to her house only to find that she wasn’t at her house that time and would return soon. so, her sister asked me to be comfortable and wait for a while which i gladly did. i had to do something in her absence, so, i started going through her pictures. i was going through her pictures and frankly i was amazed to see that her boobs were so huge. i never thought that way about her so i hadn’t noticed that yet but now that i saw it, i was getting harder and harder every second. just to avoid her sister seeing it, i had to hide my erection under a newspaper. and then it all started…

the girl was kinda slutty and used to bring me something to eat or read once in a while…and while serving those to me, i had this excellent view of her huge boobs…perhaps huge breast runs in their family but then it was none of my concern… for a while i thought these were unintentional actions but soon i started to feel that she was doing that on purpose…i thought “what the heck!” and decided to give it a shot…so, i headed for the kitchen. there she was, not so beautiful dress but huge hips and sexy look izmit escort (i was standing behind her). to start the conversation, i asked her name which she replied “Namrata” (not fake). she was like 18 or 19 yrs old (and still had huge boobs), about 5’8″ tall and had blond(ed) hair which made her look really pretty. she wasn’t married(neither was her sister) and had huge ass. i kept her asking questions about herself and while doing that i started moving closer and closer to her. finally when i reached her, i moved my hands around her belly and started caressing her. she gulped on for like a second or two but soon she joined me. i moved my hands inside her apron and under her dress (kurta in out language) and started caressing her boobs from the outside of her bra. her boobs were very huge and so the bra was very tight for me to reach inside and touch her nipple. and i had a feeling that it would be the greatest sex i would ever have

so, now holding her boobs with both my hands, i started to kiss her. i was already to my full erection but i was holding my thoughts for later. i took my hands out of her body and asked her “here?”. she just nodded. well, that was enough for me. i had always liked sex in weird locations and kitchen would be a new one. so, i raised her up and made her sit on the table. now that i was face to face with her, i pushed my neck into the partition of her boobs and started kissing them from outside. she didn’t mourn. actually she couldn’t breath at that time. she was getting all excited about the way i was doing it so she was just inhaling. my hands made their way to the back of her dress and started opening her apron, dress and then her bra. when i was finally done, i looked into here huge breasts and i just kept looking for about 5 seconds(which btw is a long time to not to do anything while having sex) and then kissed and kneaded on her breasts. her erect nipple was amazing and i could feel the heat of her body oozing out of her nipple the momment i started kissing them. her hands were around my back and when i was licking her nipple, they began to tighten the grip and got tighter and tighter. finally, when she loosened her grip, i asked her “ready?”…(i know yahya kaptan escort i am dumb…i mean who asks for anything while doing it…still i felt i should) she just nodded the way she had done before. i undid my shirt and then opened her top and bottom. i started to open her underwear when she started the same inhaling of air (i guess that’s the way she got excited) maybe due to the presence of a foreign hands so near to her genitals. she laid back and tilted on the wall. i again took a momment or two to look at them. clean shaved, tight, and in great shape…i knew that the “fuck” part would be amazing in the sex…so, i kneeled down and then kissed her boobs once again. just that, this time i moved lower and lower every second until i reached her belly button. kissing there once or twice, i headed straight for her vagina. took a moment to kiss her thighs and then penetrated my tounge deep into her. finally, she let out all the air in a quite audible mourn. i just went deeper and deeper and finally went all the way i could. she was already in her full excitment but i thought to push it over and inserted a finger and then two into it and started licking her clit. i think she got out of the limit and her mourn was very loud and audible this time. i loved it and i just went on and on until she reached her climax. it was amazing taste. really amazing. i stood up and found that she was already on her way to the kneeling position. she got down and kneeled before me and started licking my semi hard penis(and that’s what i was saving the erection for). she started licking the tip of my penis and soon it was hard, harder than anything i had felt before…

so, there she was lickin the head of my penis and i was standing (barely due to the tingling sensation inside me…so i had taken the table as my support) she took a couple of inches into her mouth and then started sucking it. i was going through such an excitment that i took the hold of her hair with my one hand and started humping on her mouth, slowly and steadily increasing the speed. she was really amazing. she had made a tight grip around my penis and was playing with my balls all the time and for me that gebze escort was the happiest moment of my life. then i felt i would cum. i don’t know what took me but this time, i didn’t take it out. instead, i forced it deeper into her mouth(maybe halfway her neck) and dropped all i could inside and stayed in there for a while. my whole body was shaking with pleasure and i felt really good. i took it out and she started cleaning me. licking me again and again till i got aroused again(which was pretty quick btw) and then i felt that i really needed to fuck her right away…

i raised her and then made her lie on the table like before and readied her for a missionary position. but she refused. she wanted me to fuck her like a dog… well, i always fancied that so i thought i might as well go for it. she got down the table and turned over. she held the table with her hands and parted her legs. it was such a beautiful view of her pussy that i couldn’t hold it any longer. i placed my cock in the entrance and then held her boobs(from below, obviously) and then pushed all the way up her pussy. she gave out a fairly audible mourn and this time, a mourn escaped everytime i moved in and out of her. she was getting really really hot. i could feel my penis being on fire. i was feeling really hot too. the heat just grew and continued growin as i increased the pace (in and out, in and out…oh! gives me erection just thinking about it). so, i was about to cum and she said, “cum in me…oh…cum in me”…these words hit the barrier and i threw all i could inside her…perhaps the feeling of the warm liquid in her made her do it…but all i know is that she cummed almost simultaneously…juices all over the floor…i just took a little time to rest my head on her back and slowly took out my wet penis…

just then the sound of crackling of door and sita (the sister)’s sound comes out “namrata, has anyone come to visit”…shit!!! she must have seen my shoes and deduced that a visitor was home…she was headed for the kitchen and we hadn’t even worn the underwears…i didn’t know what i was supposed to do….{to be continued….}

i will look for the response for this story and then post the rest part of the event…mind you, this is not a fantasy(meaning it really happened to me) and the next part (or the part when the elder sister came home) is the main part of the story

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