Meeting Claire

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This story is written for Claire. You are truly a very sexy if slightly fallen angel!

As I walked into the pub I noted it was fairly quiet. Arriving at the bar I was greeted by the lad serving. He drew a pint of bitter from the pump then as I paid we chatted.

“It’s a bit empty in here?” I asked him.

“Always starts a little slow but gets busier as the evening goes on. If you want a really busy pub this is probably not for you I am afraid.”

“That’s cool, I am only in this part of London today. Just want a quick beer before heading home.”

“Where’s home?”

“South Coast, near Brighton.”

“Oh, lots of busy pubs and clubs down there.”

I nodded, at this point a pair of couples came in, so the conversation faltered. When he had finished serving the barman sat down on a stool behind the bar and picked up a textbook. He was obviously a student who took advantage of earning in a quieter environment that allowed him to catch up on his reading. The couples went and sat at a table with their drinks. To be honest I savoured the calm after a hectic day.

The door opened once more but this time only one person came in. A young woman approached the bar and spoke with the barman. She was in her early twenties with long dark brown hair that fell over her shoulders and down to her chest. I was mesmerised as she was wearing a sexy black dress that hugged her figure. She was shapely and curvy in all the right places. The bottom of her dress was about two inches above her knees showing her nice shapely legs. As she sat on the stool along the bar I watched her lean forward and laugh with the barman. I approached them on the pretence that I needed a refill, opening my wallet I took out a note, smiling at the pair I sat on the stool next to the woman. “Sorry to butt in, could I buy you a drink with mine?”

“Sure.” She replied smiling.

The barman took the money then placed the drinks on the bar I turned to her and offered my glass. “Cheers!” I said.

“Cheers.” She replied clinking her glass against mine. “And thank you for the drink.” This close to her I could see she looked a lot younger than I had at first thought she was. From up close I noted that she had really sexy dark brown eyes. Her features were naturally pretty and she wore very little make-up, yet her lips were red and looked very full. I found myself imagining kissing her lips as they looked so very soft, warm and wet. “Hello! Are you okay?” She said.

“Sorry, had just been a bit distracted. You see I did not realise how young you are. I must seem like an awful dirty old man hitting on such a young girl like you!”

She just laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment. Anyway I am 24 as a matter of fact.”

“Still much younger than me. But I must confess you look younger than that, I thought you had just turned 20!”

“So how old are you then?” She asked turning the conversation.

“I shall be 36 next month.”

“Well, I don’t have problem chatting with a guy as old as you.” She said laughing once more; I noted how her smile made her pretty face even more beautiful. “Mind if we sit over there if we are going to chat? Specially if the chat was to get more personal!” With that she winked and we made our way to a quiet table at the side of the bar.

I explained to her that I was married, and have bahis firmaları been so for eleven years, with a girl of four. She was single which she said allowed her to have fun and enjoy herself. I told her to take advantage of that as, although I felt lucky to have met my wife early in my life, I had only ever been with her. Sometimes I admitted I wished I had experienced some wilder no strings attached sex in my younger days. After some general chit-chat she stunned me by asking he, “What would your wife say if she knew you were sat in a London pub, miles away from home, chatting up a young woman?”

“I am not hitting on you.” I said rather flustered.

Her face fell, she pouted looking up at me, before asking. “What’s wrong with me then?”

“Nothing…..I….just…” I didn’t get to finish as she started to laugh and I realised she was winding me up. “If I am honest, were I ten years younger I would be attempting to get off with you, not that I think I would have a chance.”

Smiling she looked up, I felt her hand gently stroking the top of my thigh, smiled and sexily licked her lips. “You would defiantly stand a chance…believe me.”

“Shit, I left my time machine at home.”

“Why would you need that?” She said and I felt her hand slide over my groin. My penis started to stiffen at her touch and I blushed. “Thank you for confirming you like me. I am sorry to tease you. If you could experience some of that no strings attached sex and be sure your wife would never know…. What would you do?”

“There’s no way one could ever be sure is there?” I replied.

“That is true but I would suggest you are in the closest position to it that you will ever be in. Don’t look so shocked all I am saying is if you wanted a one off fuck I would be happy to oblige. So you up for it?” She winked and excused herself to visit the ladies. When she came back she didn’t take her seat but ran her hand up my arm. “So what’s it to be? Care for a bit of fun with me or are you going to be Mr Play-it-safe? No difference to me but I warn you that you will probably replay this scene over and over in your head if you don’t take my hand now. Come with Claire and I promise you won’t regret it!” She dropped her hand to my hand. I took her hand and rose from the seat.

Walking from the pub my heart was racing, here I was with a really sexy young woman over ten years my junior who was offering herself to me, I tried to be calm. “Quick follow me.” She said as she skipped off into the grounds of a church. In the dark she pulled me close to her. I could smell her perfume wafting through the darkness then felt her warm, wet tongue probing my lips forcing my mouth open. We kissed allowing our tongues to entwine. I could taste the hint of wine on her breath. Her hands were fumbling with the zipper of my trousers that she then drew down. The metallic clicking as she drew the fly open seemed deafening in the silence. Pulling away from me she asked, “Doe’s your wife ever suck you off?”

“She’s not keen.”

Claire then led me deeper into the churchyard. She sat me down on a bench then knelt between my legs forcing them apart. Her hands delved into the confines of my boxers as her right hand located my stiffening penis. Pulling it free from within my clothes she looked at my erection as she began to masturbate me. “Relax and enjoy this.” kaçak iddaa She then placed her head over me and lightly began kissing my cock. With my foreskin fully pulled back she licked round the head of my penis. “Now why would a wife not want to willingly give you this?” Then she started to bob her head up and down on me. Her lips were so very soft and full forming a seal around me. While she sucked her tongue flicked round and around my cockhead. The feeling was so good that I began bucking my hips. Claire gently pushed my groin down and increased her bobbing and sucking.

“Oohh that feels so good. I am very close to cumming.” I told her as I felt myself moving towards my climax. Claire looked directly into my eyes and winked. Then she sucked hard and her free hand gently cupped my balls, which she gently squeezed. Claire gave a muffled groan as I felt my precum ooze and she was obviously going to take my semen in her mouth. I couldn’t hold back. I closed my eyes and felt the bliss of my orgasm. I heard the sound of my cum filling Claire’s beautiful young mouth before hearing her gulp then swallow. I opened my eyes and saw her cheeks bulge followed by her throat rise and fall as she drained her mouth drinking my hot salty sperm.

She released me from her lovely mouth and slowly wanked my wilting dick. “Was that nice?” Then she proceeded to lick my penis clean of the residue, “We can’t have your wife realising you have cum can we!” She then stood up and walked over to a grave with had a raised granite coffin style cover rather than a plain grass plot. She sat on the tomb slowly hitching her skirt up, she raised her right hand and beckoned me to her. “Kneel down big boy and show me how grateful you are.” I looked down realising that any underwear she had been wearing had been removed when she visited the ladies.

I knelt before her looking at her young pussy. She had whispy brown hair over her mound with puffy outer lips. Her entrance glistened slightly with her clitoris and fleshy labia a lovely pink colour. My mouth found her inner thigh and I sucked, licked and lightly nibbled at her flesh. When I neared her groin I smelt her musky scent of arousal. Leaning forward I pushed the tip of my tongue against her vaginal opening. Immediately I was aware how tight her lips felt and I sensed my cock twitching in anticipation of entering that sweet haven. A drop of her juice slides onto my tongue and I tasted the bitter taste of her. She tasted less bitter than my wife as well as the smell of her arousal not being as strong.

Lapping at her labia and her clitoris, Claire’s hands fell to my head holding me in place, as her stiffening clit poked from her pink clitoral hood. I traced a figure of eight pattern with my tongue over her pussy, which I know makes my wife orgasm. “Mmmmm of that feels good. Please finger me and rub my g-spot.” She asked so I inserted two fingers and curled them up against her vaginal wall under her pubic mound. “Yes push harder.” I did and continued my licking. Her cunt was so very tight and I felt the unmistakable pulses as her muscles started to contract. My fingers were clamped so tight as she began to orgasm. “OOOoooohhhhh yes.” She screamed out gently pushing my mouth away from her so I would stop.

Looking up at me I noted that her face was flushed. “Thank you, your wife is very lucky that’s kaçak bahis one of the best lickings I have had. Are you ready to be unfaithful yet?” I nodded. “How do you want to fuck me?” She asked.

“I like to be ridden.” I admitted.

“Sit yourself down then.” She said. I sat on the grass as she rummaged in her handbag. “Here we go a present for you.” Producing a wrapped condom. She carefully opened the packet and teased the rubber from the foil. Rolling it a fraction onto her extended fingers she took my stiffening cock in her other hand. She lowered her head making me solid whilst providing some moisture to my head. Pulling my foreskin forward she placed the tip and teat on the end of my phallus. Then she rolling the base of the condom down the length of my six and half inch dick. Once fully covered she wanked me in her hand with the rubber creaking under her grip. Quickly she lowered herself onto my lap.

I could feel the heat from her cunny as she guided my tip to her tight opening. Her free hand rose to my face as she took my chin in her hand allowing us to kiss. As my erection probed into her for the first time she sucked on my tongue. With a thrust I was deep inside of her. “Fuck me Claire you are so tight.”

“You are quite big, not the biggest I have had but a nice size.” She smiled and kissed me again. “Will you think of me when you fuck your wife tonight?”

“She will feel very loose that’s for sure.” I then started to bounce her up and down on my lap. She lifted the strap off of her right arm allowing it to fall, which she repeated on the other side then pulled her top down exposing her black lace bra. Her firm young breasts were heaving against the material and a flush of redness was in her cleavage from her earlier climax. A bead of perspiration fell onto her right boob. I mauled at her firm titties marvelling in the tightness of her young skin. She released the clasp at the back and allowed her breasts to be free and I was surprised by the perkiness of her 34C orbs. I leant forward placing her stiffening left nipple into my mouth. Her nipples were so soft and brilliant pink. There was no such hardening of the skin from breastfeeding as had happened to my wife’s.

Claire’s hand fell to her groin; she rubbed her clit, while I carried on fucking her tight young sex. “I won’t be able to hold on for long Claire.” I warned, as despite her earlier blowjob her tight young body was far too much for me.

“It’s okay, cum. I want you to cum.” With that I bucked as my cock exploded inside of the rubber.

“I am sorry.” I started to apologise.

“No, you don’t need to. Just let me bring myself off.” She squatted over me as my shrinking cock fell from her. She carried on masturbating as she took me in her hand and slowly removed the condom, which she threw across the grass, then lowered her head to my penis. Once again she licked at me. “We can’t have any tell tale evidence left on you can we?” When she had finished we tidied ourselves up before leaving the cemetery.

“Thank you Claire.”

“You are welcome. Did you enjoy straying?” I nodded in reply. “I am not proposing an affair or that we are in contact with each other in anyway. This will protect your marriage, as she will almost definitely never find out. However, I will be in the pub where we met every other Wednesday. We could maybe meet up for a drink and if there was anything either of us wanted to do or try we could talk about it. Would you like that?”

“Sure.” I agreed. We kissed and then parted as I made my way back to my wife.

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