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Twenty four year old Megan sat across the room, watching her 3 year old play with his cousins. It was Sunday afternoon and the annual family Christmas dinner. Everyone seemed to be having a great time visiting over the wonderful feast. Everyone, that is, except Megan.

Megan’s husband of only 4 years, recently left her and their son, for another woman. Affairs for him were all too common and Megan had simply had enough! Now divorced, the single young mom quietly pondered her life. After all, this was the season when you are supposed to be happy. She wasn’t.

Megan was so happy when she was first married. She thought she had the perfect life, the perfect husband, and barely 9 months later, the perfect son, the perfect future. Now as a single mom, she worried about her future. Christmas would be hard.

It was cold outside and it had snowed earlier that afternoon. I told my wife, Jenny, that I was eager to get started home before it got too dark. We had about 50 miles to travel and the roads could get bad.

Everyone pitched in and finished cleaning up. Just before we started to leave, my wife’s parents asked all of their adult, married children, to come into the den for a “private family meeting.” This had never happened before, but it sounded important. Jenny dutifully followed her parents for their meeting. The remaining spouses were told to take care of the children while they were gone.

Jenny, is the oldest of six siblings. In her family there are two boys and four girls. All of them are happily married with their own children and several grandchildren. At home, Jenny and I are now “empty nesters,” with all of our children grown and married with their own families. Jenny’s other siblings still have their younger children living at home.

So I waited in the family room and helped entertain the kids. Five of the children there were my own grandkids, so I had plenty to keep me busy.

While the meeting was in progress, the “spouses” tried to guess what was going on. The years had piled up on grandma and grandpa, causing some health concerns. Grandma was severely bent over with arthritis, and grandpa recently had a couple of mild heart attacks. But all things considered, they were still happy and in fairly good health.

I guessed that they were going over their wills. Who knows if they would even be here next year?

Others suggested possible financial concerns. I know that their estate is small. I was sure that was not the topic, unless they were in financial trouble and needed help. Maybe they were going to sell their home and move to a retirement community somewhere?

Finally, the meeting ended. With lots of hugs and good-byes, the parents ushered their children into their cars and everyone left for home. It was now dark and cold outside.

Our drive home was unusually quiet. I could tell Jenny was thinking about something, but wasn’t yet ready to share. The interstate freeway traffic was unusually busy for a Sunday night, and slower than normal due to the weather. A few times, as I checked my rear view mirror, I thought we were being followed, but I dismissed the thought due to traffic conditions.

A few miles before our home, Jenny started to talk.

“Do you love me?” she questioned.

“Of course I do! Why do you ask?”

“Well,” she answered, “It’s about the family meeting.”

“If it’s private, you don’t need to tell me.”

“No, no that’s not it. The meeting was about you. . . and about us. . . and about my family.” I didn’t understand. I could hear in her voice she was confused, concerned, and serious all at the same time.

“Mom and Dad” she sighed, “are concerned about Megan, my brother Rex’s daughter.”

Megan is a beautiful girl, intelligent, with a love for life! Head over heels in love right out of high school, she married early, got pregnant, only to have her husband frequently cheat on her and leave her a few years later. She was terribly hurt as her dream life of home and family shattered around her. Now, a single mother, she was surviving, but just barely, with her parents help. Trying to juggle work, go back to school, and care for her son was all she could do.

“Yes, I know Megan is unhappy. I saw that at dinner earlier. She needs to find new friends and have some fun!” “But,” I ask cautiously, “what does that have to do with us? Do they want us to help support her?”

“Well, sort of…. But more than that.” She paused, deep in thought. The right words were hard to find. “They want her to move in with us…”

I laughed, “Is that all? Of course she can!”

“Financially, she can stop paying rent and use that money to go to school. That will help her meet new friends and get a better job to support herself. Maybe a new husband?”

“I think that will work,” I said. “When will she move in?”

Arriving home, I turned into our driveway, and turned off the car. Jenny snuggled against me. I placed my arm around the coat on her shoulders. Her voice trailed off as she was trying to decide how taksim escort bayan to continue.

“There’s one more thing. Megan wants to have another child.” She paused, not sure exactly how to continue. “Megan wants you to be the father!”

“What? I can’t do that!” I was stunned!

“Rex would kill me! Besides, I can’t be married to two women at the same time! Not only that, I was a year older than her father! She could easily be my daughter. What would your parents think? Did you agree to this?” My mind was going wild as I considered all the ramifications.

Jenny paused. Lost in her own world of confusion. Quietly she responded to my questions.

“Megan first talked to her parents about her situation. She asked them if she could have a baby with me. At first, her parents were totally against the idea. But after a lot of persuasion and discussion, Megan still insisted on having another baby. Rex talked to my parents about the idea, knowing it could cause a family scandal. Again, after a lot more discussions, my parents said okay, but only if my siblings agreed. That is what the meeting was about.”

I was speechless. This idea had never entered my mind.

Jenny continued. “No, you can’t marry her, but you can get her pregnant. I know your ‘baby maker’ still works! It was Rex’s proposal in the meeting, and we all agreed that it would be the best for Megan.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My sweet, caring, loving wife was telling me that Megan, her father, her parents, and all her siblings wanted me to get Megan pregnant!

Jenny smiled briefly as she continued. She had already thought of the implications.

She reasoned, “Of all the family, we are the only ones to have all of our children grown, successful in business, married, and gone. We are the only one who are financially stable enough to help support her. She wants to have more children, which she certainly can’t do by herself or with my brothers, and you are a much better option than picking up a stranger. I’m sure you’d like to do that much for her, wouldn’t you?” she chuckled.

“We considered each of my sisters husbands, but after all the discussion, we all agreed that you were the best choice. Our home is large enough and we have plenty of space. Besides, Megan picked you!”

I was still speechless.

“The family voted on me? Are you serious, they want me to get Megan pregnant?” My penis heard what I said and stirred in my pants.

My mind was running wild! In all our married life, I had been faithful to my wife and only my wife. Oh, I admit to checking out the menu on a few occasions. Jenny and I have occasionally shared fantasies about other women for me and other men for her, but that was just fantasy. We’ve dreamed of spicing up our sex in new and different places, but we have always been faithful to each other. Now, I was being asked to care for my wife’s niece, and have a child with her. I didn’t know what to say!

I let Jenny out of the car. She went into the house and I put the car in the garage. Just as I was entering the house and closing the garage door, I saw another car pull in the driveway. We were being followed!

A few moments later there was a light, timid knock on the front door. I went to answer it and, sure enough, there was Megan with her young son.

“I guess you know why I am here?” she said quietly. I nodded saying that Jenny was just telling me about it. “Please come in.”

Megan carried her son in and Jenny helped her put him to bed in the grandkids “toy room”. I was dispatched to go get her suitcases out of the car. I hauled them downstairs and turned on the television while the women talked, presumably about me!

At first, I heard some silly girl giggling and laughing as they visited. Then it became very quiet as they talked more seriously.

About 45 minutes later, I heard Jenny calling to me. I switched off the TV and went up to the family room where they were talking. I sat down in my usual recliner and waited for them to say something. There was an odd, yet loving silence.

The women sat together closely on the couch, first looking at each other, then at me.

“So Dear”, my wife began. “As I told you in the car, Megan and the family want Megan to move in and live with us. She will live downstairs and we will help her out with babysitting and other needs while she works and goes school. After work, we can all share in the cooking, care of Megan’s son, and the maintenance of the house and yard. More help should make it easier for all of us, don’t you agree?”

“Yes,” I cautiously answered. I still was not convinced.

“And they…. no, Megan wants a baby, and has chosen you to be the father. I’ve agreed and I’m sure that you will enjoy that job,” she said with a wink and a big smile.

My jaw dropped to the floor! What did she say? How do I respond to a comment like that? My sweet, loving wife was telling me to get another woman, even her niece, pregnant!

We ümraniye escort bayan sat quietly and looked at each other. Trying to comprehend what changes were about to happen in all of our lives.

I looked at Jenny. She had that sweet sparkle in her eyes that I often see when she is extremely satisfied and happy.

Megan was more serious, pondering her situation and excited about the thought of beginning a new pregnancy. She was watching me intently. She was looking for my acceptance.

“Are you both sure that this is what you both want? This is a commitment that can’t be undone.” My cock stirred in my pants, even as I spoke.

“Megan, what do you really want? I am almost 25 years older than you. Are you sure that you want me to get you pregnant? I’m sure there are lots of men, more you age, who would love to have sex with you!”

“Yes,” Megan replied. “They want sex all right. But I want more than just sex. I want a family to love me and my children. They need a father.”

Megan looked at Jenny, then back at me. “Ever since I was a little girl, and you used to tickle me on the floor, I have loved you. You are my favorite uncle. I definitely want more children, and… yes, I want you to be their father!”

Jenny nodded her consent. I squirmed in my chair as the growing pole in my pants gave away my agreement.

“So, how do we do this”, I asked. Jenny and Megan both laughed.

“I’m sure you will remember, Dear.” Jenny teased.

My penis was rock hard, straining to get out of my pants. I wiggled around in my seat to get a little more comfortable. I thought I could make out the swollen, excited nipples under both women’s blouses.

“You and I are sleeping together tonight,” Jenny said. “Megan will get settled in and she can have you tomorrow. After that, you can simply switch beds with us every other night, unless you have a better idea. Whether you have sex, or just sleep together, is up to you, but we think that is the fairest way to share you. And who knows, after Megan gets pregnant, she may not want to sleep with you!” We all laughed.

It was late. We said good night. Megan went downstairs to her room, and Jenny and I went upstairs to ours. As soon as the door closed, we stripped off our clothes and jumped naked into bed. Before I had even touched Jenny, she was already dripping wet. I easily slipped two fingers into her juicy hole and rubbed her “G spot”. In just a few moments, she stiffened and had an intense orgasm.

I kept rubbing her spot softly as she settled back down. I bent down over her, kissing and sucking on her nipples, while massaging her breasts. Jenny loves that!

Jenny’s hand found my penis and stroked it in her hand. It was hard and ready for action!

My fingers eased out of her vagina and focused on that sweet spot around her clitoris. Her breathing increased, her eyes closed, as another orgasm shook through her lovely body.

I climbed on top of her. We kissed deeply. One hand continued to rub her slippery clitoris, the other on her breast, our tongues dueled in her mouth.

Moving between her parted legs, she pulled up her knees and opened her legs wide. Jenny guided my hard penis to her opening and I slid inside her in one easy push. Buried deep in her hole, I held her still and ask one more time, “Do you really want me to get Megan pregnant?”

She looked up at me with that twinkle of love in her eye and nodded her head. “She needs us, dear… she needs you… she wants to have more children… and I know you want to do it!”

We again kissed deeply, our tongues in a dueling frenzy, as I pound deeply into her body. She raised her hips up and down to match my thrusts. I pounded on her cunt harder and harder. Her breathing became rapid and she tossed her head from side to side in another orgasm.

I slowed down only long enough for her to catch her breath. She squeezed her legs tightly together and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. In four or five more thrusts, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m cuming,” I whispered. She arched her pelvis into me as yet another orgasm took over her body. With a final, powerful stroke, I unloaded my sperm deep in her womb. Three powerful spurts coated the inside of her wonderful hole. I collapsed on top of her, and held her tight as we kissed.

Slowly, I rolled onto my side and she turned with me. With my penis still held tight inside her, in a loving embrace, we drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Megan and Jenny finished moving her few belongings out of her small, studio apartment and into our home. They made up the smaller guest bedroom, next to Megan’s room, for her son, and moved in a few toys.

I couldn’t concentrate at work. I stayed seated at my desk most of the day, primarily to hide my constant erection. I kept wondering what would really happen when I got home? Is this what Jenny wanted or was she simply giving in to some family decision? We’d fantasized about sex with üsküdar escort bayan other men and other women, but this was real! Did Megan really want me to father her next child?

Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer. I adjusted the erection in my pants as best I could, and left work just a little early. Although I am an exhibitionist at heart, today I hoped no one would notice the extra large bulge in my pants.

Jenny and Megan were starting dinner when I arrived. Jenny was wearing casual slacks and a button blouse without a bra. That was normal. She usually doesn’t wear a bra at home and I enjoy her that way.

Megan was wearing tight fitting jeans. Her light blue thong showed above the low waistband. Her top was plain white, with a bra slightly visible through the material.

They were laughing and chirping like song birds, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. I kissed my wife and gave Megan a little kiss on the cheek. Jenny told me to go sit down and watch the evening news while they grilled the steaks.

I did as Instructed, but instead of sitting in my usual recliner, with my back to the kitchen, I settled into the couch where I could watch the news but still observe both women.

They worked well together. Of course, they always had. By the time the news was over, the table was set, the steaks were ready, complete with a baked potato, steamed vegetables, and a small dinner salad. My favorite meal!

“Megan, where is your son?” I asked.

“Oh, while we were cleaning the apartment, one of my girlfriends saw us and ask if he could stay over with her son, for their last night together. I thought it would be okay and it would give us some private, uninterrupted time together. She has my cell phone number if she needs me.”

My cock twitched in my pants as I recognized that she was really going to do this. Jenny must have noticed my reaction as she smiled and reached over and patted my thigh.

We all cleared the table and put the dishes in the dish washer. I kissed Jenny goodnight and looked in her eyes again. She grinned, gave me a playful swat on my rear, and told us to go have a good night.

I took Megan’s hand and we went downstairs. Megan ask me to wait in the den while she went into the bedroom to change. I sat down in one of the soft chairs. She took a long time. I thought she may be having second thoughts about this arrangement.

Finally, her bedroom door slowly opened and Megan, the vision of beauty, came out. The light from the bedroom behind her illuminated her womanly figure. She glowed!

She was dressed in a white, see through, short baby doll night gown, tied only with a light pink bow between her breasts, and a matching white panty. Her long hair was brushed down her back. She twirled around as she slowly walked toward me, giving me plenty of time to look and admire her.

My penis went into auto pilot and stiffened in my pants. Her B-cup size breasts were firm on her chest, her nipples pointed with the dark areola easily visible through the transparent fabric.

“Wow!” was the only thing I could say. I had never seen Megan sexy before.

She sat down on my lap and put her arm around my neck. Her perfume smelled good. Her breast brushed against my chin. I looked up into her glowing face. We looked into one another’s eyes. Tentatively our lips met and we kissed our first passionate kiss. Slowly her lips opened and our tongues touched. My cock stirred beneath her. I knew she could feel it growing.

Snuggled up close to my still dressed body, she talked about her failed marriage and the abuse she suffered. She talked more about her son, her dreams and fears of not being able to make it on her own. She explained that as a little girl, her dream always was to have 3 or 4 children, each 2 or 3 years apart. Her son was now four.

She told me that her period ended yesterday and she would be ready to conceive in a few days. I told her I was willing to do my part as long as she was sure that was what she wanted. She assured me that it was. She felt my hardening penis stir beneath her.

Slowly, I slid my hand inside her night gown and cupped her small, firm breast. Her nipples were hard. She lay her head against my neck as she enjoyed the feelings in her body.

She kissed me again, took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

Reaching the side of her bed, she turned and started kissing me again as she unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall to the floor. I reached for her breasts and fondled them gently through the thin material.

She let out a sigh of pleasure and need that had not been touched for a long time. I pulled on the pink bow between her breasts, untying the knot that held her night gown in place. Gently, I pushed the delicate fabric off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Her breasts were beautiful, full, round, and firm. Her nipples sat on top like cherries on an ice cream cone, ready to be licked. I bent down and took her right nipple between my lips.

With trembling hands, she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. My penis bounced up high as my pants and underwear fell to the ground. I kicked them aside.

Megan took my penis in her hands, as if examining one for the first time. She pulled it out and her hand slipped up the shaft to the tip. A drop of pre-cum appeared. She took it on her finger and raised it to her lips to taste it.

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