Mermaid’s Kiss Pt. 02

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Huge Strapon

Sunday dawned bright and clear. Alison was woken by the light streaming through the window. She rolled over and picked up her watch from the bedside table. It showed 10:20. She threw off the covers, swung her legs out of bed, and stripped off the baggy T-shirt she wore. Hurriedly, she dressed in jeans and a sweater, scraping her hair back into a ponytail, which she had to hold in place with her hand as she franticly searched her suitcase for a band to apply. As she rummaged, she found the ‘La Senza’ bag, which contained the bra, briefs, stockings and suspenders set, and babydoll nightie she had bought specially for her planned night with Pete. She had hidden them in her suitcase, so her Mother wouldn’t find them. She put the lingerie back into it’s hiding place, secured her wayward hair and, slipping on her trainers, she made her way down to the kitchen, from which was emanating the delicious aroma of fresh coffee and bacon.

Phil and Jan were sitting at the big wooden table, chatting and eating bacon sandwiches, and sipping from large mugs of coffee.

“Morning, lazybones,” Phil joked, “Help yourself to breakfast. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes thanks, Unc…I mean Phil,” Alison flushed slightly as she recalled how tired she had been after her orgasm on the phone with Pete, “I had a great night.”

Jan smiled at Phil across the table, a peculiarly wry smile, and Alison wondered if he had heard her last night, and told his housekeeper. She felt herself redden even more, and turned her back to them as she made her sandwich and coffee.

After they had tidied away the breakfast things, and Mrs. Trelawney had started round with the vacuum cleaner, Phil took Alison out to the garage.

“I didn’t think the Landrover was suitable for you,” He explained as he opened the large double doors, “So, I got you insured to drive ‘Katie’.”

“Oh my god,” thought Alison, “He names his cars. How sad. I bet it’s an old banger.”

Her eyes widened, as her pulled off the cover, revealing the gleaming red shape underneath.

“Oh wow! Uncle Phil! Are you serious?” She gushed, “An MG? My friends would be so jealous. It’s gorgeous! Can I really drive it?”

“Yup.” He replied, handing her the keys, “There’s a local guide book and map in the glove box, I have an account with the local garage in town for fuel etc. Just look after her, ok? She’s part of the family. I’ve had her since before you were born.”

Alison threw her arms round his neck and kissed him profusely.

“Oh, Phil. Thank you!”

Phil hugged her back, becoming aware that she wore no bra under the tight sweater, her young, soft breasts separated from him only by a couple of layers of material. He could feel the little nubs of her nipples pressing into him as she kissed him, and he felt his penis start to stiffen involuntarily. Guiltily, he pulled away, and spent the next ten minutes or so explaining to Alison how to lower the top, and all the controls.

“She’s not fast, by today’s standards. But 60 feels like 100 with the top down and the wind in your hair…not that I’ve got much left, now,” He laughed, nervously, running a hand across his head, “Why don’t you take her for a spin?”

Alison got in, and started the engine. Phil winced with pain as the gears grated when she engaged first, and kangarooed up the driveway. By the end of the road she was smoother and with a wave, she vanished off into the distance, with a muted growl from the exhaust.

Phil turned and walked back into the house, his cock still slightly stiff as he recalled her scent and the feel of her body, her lips on his face, the swell of her breasts against his chest.

“Has she gone?” Jan asked, as he returned to the kitchen, “She is lovely, and so pretty.”

“Yes, she’s out exploring,” ataköy escort replied Phil, standing behind her, “And yes, she is pretty. She looks very like her mother.”

Phil moved close behind Jan, placing his hands on her hips and leant in to kiss her neck.

“I missed you last night,” he whispered, “I wanted you to stay, but it wouldn’t have been proper, with her here.”

His hands moved up and round, gently cupping and caressing Jan’s small breasts. He pulled her tight to him, feeling her buttocks in their tight jeans pressing against his swelling erection. His lips brushed across the nape of her neck, planting light feathery kisses.

Jan sighed softly, then turned to face him, gently she placed her hands on his face, pulled him down and kissed him, her lips warm and soft on his, her small pink tongue gently probed as she pressed into him. Phil’s fingers fumbled with the buttons on her shirt, clumsily managing to undo them, he opened it wide, exposing the lacy black bra, with the pert, soft swellings within.

Jan pulled away slightly, then knelt down, her small hands expertly undoing Phil’s jeans. He leant against the kitchen table, as she pulled them down, then his boxers, allowing his manhood to spring free. Jan caressed the thick, throbbing shaft, the foreskin partially retracted, exposing some of the swelling glans, a drop of fluid forming at the slit. As she stroked, she licked gently at the tip, tasting him, then gently encircling the head with her lips. She sucked her cheeks in and lowered her mouth part way down the shaft, before withdrawing, a slight smudge of lipstick smearing the taut flesh. “Mmmmmm! Oh god yes!” Phil gasped as Jan’s mouth began to work on his throbbing hardness. “That feels so good, Jan.”

Jan took her mouth from his cock, strings of saliva bridging the gap from mouth to shaft.

“Do you think Alison has sucked a cock, yet?” She asked, looking up at him, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Did you get hard listening to her last night? Did you wank thinking of her?”

“I don’t want to think about her,” Phil gasped, “I want you, Jan.”

Gently, he placed his hand on her head, and guided her back to his cock. She sucked him gently, her hand caressing his balls as she did. Her mouth moved slowly, steadily, her lips tight around the shaft, as she went further down him each passing moment, until she felt him in the back of her throat, almost choking her. She fought the gag reflex, and took him all the way in.

Phil gasped and moaned with pleasure as Jan fellated him. He knew he couldn’t hold out for long…he wanted to cum, but he also needed to fuck…to feel a pussy round his cock…to empty his cum deep inside her body.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, and pulled her to her feet. Urgently, he picked her up and placed her on the large kitchen table. Hurriedly, he undid her jeans, and pulled them off. Her panties followed, revealing the neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair and the pink, moist slit below. With fury, he clamped his mouth to her pussy, licking and kissing like a man possessed. He flicked at her clit, caught it between his teeth and tongue, pulling gently on it, before releasing it and returning to his licking. Jan’s hands ran through his hair, her moans filled his ears and her musky aroma assailed his nostrils as her juices flowed, coating his face.

“Oh god, Phil! Mmmmmmm! Yes!” She moaned as he worked away at her slit, “you’re the best. I want you now…I want your cock in my cunt. Fuck me, Phil…please fuck me hard!”

Phil stood, and pulled her towards him, her bottom slightly over the edge, her gaping, swollen pussy presented itself at the perfect height for his manhood. He held her legs apart, and pushed avcılar escort straight in, burying his cock deep inside Jan’s hot, wet hole.

“Aaaahhh!” Jan moaned as Phil took her without finesse or tenderness, “Oh god, you bastard! Yes! Fuck me.”

Phil started to thrust. Deep, hard, fast. Just wanting release, not caring about Jan’s pleasure. All the time, images of Alison filled his mind as he fucked Jan…using her as a substitute, a commodity to be used.

Jan looked up at him, with his eyes closed, sweat beginning to bead on his forehead.

“You’re thinking of her, aren’t you?” She gasped, “Thinking of her tight little pussy round your cock, aren’t you?”

“No, Jan. I’m not,” He lied, between gritted teeth, “I’m only thinking of you.”

“Fuck me, Uncle Phil,” Jan moaned, trying to imitate Alison’s accent, and failing, “Please fuck me hard.”

The words spurred him on, the lust and desire rising. An image of Alison sprang into his mind, of her pussy on his cock, and he felt himself boiling over. With a loud moan, he erupted deep into Jan’s pussy, spurting thick gouts of semen into her, his orgasm so intense it hurt.

“Oh fuck! FUCK!!! Yes!” With a final groan he pumped the last spurts inside her, as she came with him, gasping, moaning. Her fluids gushing out and coating the table beneath her, and dripping onto the floor, as she held him close, her pussy spasming as it milked every last drop from his gushing cock.

For a few moments, they remained locked together, only their laboured breathing breaking the silence before Phil withdrew with a squelching noise, which released a torrent of their combined fluids from her love hole, adding to the spreading pool on the quarry-tiled floor.

Jan wriggled off the table, and kissed him tenderly.

“That was lovely, darling,” She whispered, a laugh in her voice. “Now I know how to make you cum whenever I want.”

Grabbing her discarded clothes, she ran off to his shower, leaving him alone, his penis rapidly softening, wondering about what had happened. He tucked his now flaccid penis away, and looked round for a cloth. Grabbing one from the draining-board, he proceeded to clean the table and floor.

As he cleaned, he thought, and pondered how complicated his life had become…or was about to.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Meanwhile, Alison had filled the MG with fuel, and had decided to follow the coast road with its twists, turns and steep hills. Her hair fluttered in the wind as she drove the open-topped sports car, guiding it through the narrow lanes with their stone hedges on either side. As she negotiated one particularly tight bend, she was confronted by a large, white 4×4, filling the road before her. She slammed on the brakes, and managed to avoid the looming behemoth by swerving into a fortuitously placed farm gateway. The other vehicle also swerved, then stopped, its nearside wheels in the small ditch beside the road. Emblazoned on the door, level with her head, Alison read the words ‘University of Cornwall Archaeology Dept.’ As she sat, shaken and promising herself to drive more carefully, the door opened. She was dimly aware of a voice talking to her.

“Oh my god! Are you ok?”

“Erm…Yes thanks. No problem.”

Alison looked up, into the face of an attractive, dark haired woman in her early thirties. She was dressed in shorts and a vest top, her nipples prominent through the material. Her figure could best be described as ‘lush’, a little overweight…but in all the right places. She would have delighted Reubens, but would be derided in today’s ‘size zero’ culture. She was short, not much over five feet tall, with short dark hair and brown eyes. Even without make up, and with smudges avrupa yakası escort of dirt on her face, Alison could see she was pretty.

“Are you sure?” The woman asked, concern showing on her face, “Can I call anyone for you?”

“I’m fine, really,” Alison replied, brushing a few loose strands of hair away from her face, “I wasn’t really expecting anything to be coming the other way. It’s my first day of driving in Cornwall, and I wasn’t really concentrating. Sorry. Plus, it’s my first time driving this car, too. Oh, god! I hope I haven’t scratched it…it belongs to my uncle.”

Quickly, she scrambled out and walked round, checking the pristine paint and chrome for any signs of damage…she sighed with relief when she found the bodywork undamaged, with no evidence of her foray into off-road driving.

As she returned to the driver’s side, the woman held her hand out.

“I’m Samantha, but they all call me Sammi.”

“Alison,” Alison stated, taking the proffered hand in her own, “I’m staying with my Uncle for a few weeks before I start University.”

The hand was warm, and squeezed gently. Alison was aware that she was easily half a head taller than Sammi, but the woman had a confidence, an air about her, that made her seem taller. She oozed sexuality. Her eyes twinkled, a faint smile danced around her mouth, her full lips were parted slightly, and occasionally her little pink tongue emerged to lick them. Alison found herself strangely attracted to Sammi, and she reluctantly pulled her hand away, aware that she was breathing faster, and her face was flushing slightly.

“Are you on a dig?” she asked. “I saw the sign on the door.”

“Yes, we are.” Sammi replied. “A local farmer found what appears to be a Roman mosaic floor, while ploughing his field. It’s always been thought the Romans never got this far west. We know they traded with the Cornish for tin and copper, but we’ve never found a settlement.”

“Oh wow!” Alison enthused, “where are you digging? I’m off to study History in September. I’d love to come and look.”

“Just up the coast at Trelyn,” Sammi replied. “Drop in anytime. I know I’d love to see you.”

With a smile, Sammi climbed up into the cab and drove away with a wave, leaving Alison alone with her thoughts. Slowly, she became aware of feelings she hadn’t felt since leaving school. She had had a crush on Susan, the head girl. Sammi was like her in many ways, and Alison felt a curious churning in her stomach when she thought of the lovely woman. She got into the MG, started the engine and manoeuvred herself out of the gateway, before setting off at a reduced pace.

She returned to the house, driving cautiously, wondering if the butterflies in her stomach were a result of the near-miss, or the sexy, confident woman she had just met. Neither Phil’s Landrover, nor Jan’s Fiat were in the driveway as Alison parked up and let herself in. She made herself a coffee, and went through to Phil’s study, where she turned on his computer. He had said she could use it, as long as she didn’t access any of his personal files. Alison logged on to her Instant Messenger account, and waited for her list of online friends to appear. There at the top was Pete’s name. Alison clicked the mouse, and opened a window. She noticed his webcam was on, and broadcasting. She clicked on the ‘view webcam’ icon, and waited for the connection. A blurred image appeared, which then focussed. For a few seconds she watched, unsure of what she was seeing…then not wanting to. Pete was laying on his bed, naked, while some tattooed and pierced little rock-chick moved her head up and down in his lap! Alison realised she’d seen her before, hanging round the club where Pete was a barman.

As she watched, awestruck, the girl took her mouth from Pete’s cock and straddled him, her back to the camera. Slowly she lowered herself onto his thick shaft, before beginning to rock slowly back and forth.

With tears in her eyes, she closed the window, and shut the computer down. She went upstairs, threw herself onto the bed, and wept into her pillow.

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