Michelle’s Awakening Pt. 01

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This is my first story. I started writing it a few years ago and come back to it now and then. This first chapter just sets things up. Chapters coming up will have more action and things will go in several different directions. Any suggestions/comments let me know!


My name is Michelle and I’m 18 years old. I just turned 18 actually. It’s a little weird being 18 knowing I can now do more than I could be before like vote, join the army (not that I’m going to), and well, other stuff.

My life is pretty normal. I live with my parents, Rob and Beth, and my twin brother, not identical, Steve. Nothing about our life is extraordinary or different really. My parents both have good jobs, and work the regular 9-5 hours with the occasional late nights. My brother and I both go to a Catholic School in the north east. You know, uniforms, somewhat strict, and so on. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m pretty quiet myself. I keep to myself mostly, and my grades are pretty good. I’m just about to enter my final year at highschool, and I need to start thinking about what I want to do with my life. Travel? College? Something else? My brother is going through the same thing, but is much more outgoing. He always has a girlfriend, and is one of the most popular people at school.

We’re just on our way back from a family vacation in Florida. We’re driving back. It’s a family tradition. We always rent a house near Miami and spend time together by the pool, go out for dinners, do some fishing, and so on. Regular family stuff really.

I don’t know if it was because I was 18 this year, or what, but I had some real different feelings on this years trip. I’ve never had a boyfriend really. There was someone I “dated”, but it never went anywhere sexually. It was just young puppy love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m somewhat sexual, I do masturbate occasionally, but I’ve never had sex. It’s usually just when my hormones get the best of me and I need to get off, or relax.

I think I’m fairly attractive, but I wouldn’t call myself “sexy”. I’m 5’6″, brown hair and have nice B cup breasts. I work out sometimes at home so I’m pretty toned. Flat stomach, nice butt. I don’t really dress provocatively. I usually wear slightly baggy jeans or shorts. If I wear a skirt it’s down to my knees for sure. T-shirts are my go too tops. If I have to wear a dress it’s usually old. Oh, and I never wear heels.

My parents are pretty average too. Mid 40’s, pretty fit, nothing out of the ordinary. Most people would say that they are attractive for their age, but of course I don’t see them like that.

My brother on the other hand would be considered “hot”. 6’1″, hard stomach, great hair, and he works out a lot. This is obviously the reason that he always has a girlfriend, because other than his looks, he’s actually an idiot.

Like I said, this trip was a little different than usual, not because we did anything differently, just because I noticed pendik escort and felt things, and really it confused me. I’m thinking about them right now actually, in the car on our way home. This so isn’t me, but I’m getting a little turned on just thinking about it.

The first thing that happened was the same night we arrived. We got to the house, brought all of our stuff in, some of us showered, and we decided to go out for dinner. We all got changed and I went with my usual outfit, black Nike running shoes, mid thigh jean shorts, and a worn out black t-shirt. Nothing special. We of course decided to go out Miami beach for dinner. We drove down there, and as I looked out the window I just started to look, and then stare at the people. For what seemed like the first time I noticed how little they were wearing, especially the girls. Their skirts were so short, their bikinis hardly covered anything, and their shorts were so short they showed off their ass like panties. I remember sitting there, starting to feel a little warm. It was probably the first time I realized I was actually getting turned on.

We parked the car shortly after, I was trying to recompose myself, and we started walking to our restaurant. Of course we were following two girls dressed like sluts if you want me to be honest. The one girl had the smallest bikini I’ve ever seen on, or at least smallest at that point. It was bright pink, and the string just disappeared into her ass crack. Her friend wasn’t much better, she was wearing a t-shirt that must have been 10 sizes too small, and white leggings that were almost sheer. I don’t THINK she had any panties on, but I couldn’t be sure. I was once again turned on, and disgusted at the sametime. How could girls dress like this?

I looked over to my brother and his eyes were bouncing back and forth between the two girls asses. I think he was almost drooling. I elbowed him and he looked down at me. He looked at my smiling and just acted like it was a normal thing. We both kind of laughed because it was so ridiculous, but really I know we were both a little turned on. It was an interesting walk to say the least.

We finally got to dinner, and the rest of the night was as expected. I’ll be honest I had a hard time concentrating. I kept going back to how those girls looked, what they were wearing. It really did turn me on.

The second thing that was not a normal part of our vacations was when we all decided to spend a day at the beach. Well all got ready to go, drinks, some snacks, towels, the regular stuff. As we drove to the beach we went past the same streets, and I saw the same kinds of girls wearing the same kind of things. I started to feel a little turned on again, but I knew that I was in the car with my family, so I started thinking of other things trying to get my mind off the feelings in my bikini bottoms.

We got to the beach, found a nice tuzla escort area and started to take off our outer clothes to get comfy. I wore my regular bikini. Probably at least a size too big. It gave me all the coverage I wanted. As much as the other girls I saw turned me on, I wasn’t ready to wear anything like that.

My dad wore regular swim trunks, same with my brother. I must admit when my brother took his shirt off I kind of was taken aback. He really does have a great body. No wonder girls like him so much.

My mom’s bikini was actually a lot more revealing than mine. Not anywhere close to some of the other girls around though. It tied on the sides, and top looked like it was at least one size too small. She actually looked really good.

I layed down and started to read my book. My brother and dad were throwing a football around, and my mom was reading a magazine. Like I said, nothing special. After a while I was getting pretty hot so I decided to go into the ocean to cool down. I got up and started walking when I saw this beautiful girl walking just in front of me. She had the smallest bikini I have ever seen on. It was white and the g-string bottom disappeared into her butt. I couldn’t help but look.

As we got closer to the water I tried to look away so it wasn’t so obvious I was staring. She started getting into the water, and then I guess it was cold, because she turned around quick and ran out smiling. I looked over and almost tripped. Her bikini was SO small. The bottoms barely covered her vagina, sorry, pussy, I’m new to this whole thing, and the top was the perfect size to show off her breasts. She must have noticed me looking because she quickly looked up and smiled at me. I got super embarrassed and ran into the ocean.

Just then my brother came up beside me and nudged me. I thought he was just going to say hi, but instead he started asking me about that girl, and if I liked what I saw. Once again, SO embarrassed! I told him I was just in shock, and his response was “Sure”. So basically my brother thought I was a lesbian after that. Which I’m not… I don’t think!

Just to make things worse, right after that I was trying to get out of the water, and a big wave came up and when it went back out my bottoms slipped down a little. I didn’t notice at first, but my brother came up around me and basically said that my bush was showing and I should really shave! I was beet red by that point. Then he pointed over to the other girl in the white bikini and said I should be more like her, pointing at her pussy in her bikini. It was basically see thru now that it was wet. You could see her pussy clearly, no hair. Even though I was embarrassed by what happened, I was actually so turned on. Partially by the fact that she looked so hot, but also the thought of dressing like that in public. Part of me wanted to wear the same thing!

So if those two things maltepe escort weren’t odd enough for our trip, the third was actually worse! My brother and I were at the rented house and were planning to go in the pool. We both looked around for our bathing suits but couldn’t find them. Apparently our mom decided to wash them all. Odd, why wash a bathing suit? Anyway, I still had my very old and worn out one piece, but since we were at our own place it didn’t matter. I put it on and noticed right away it was really tight. It definitely showed off more of my butt then I would usually, and it really was tight against my pussy, but once again, at home, so who cares. I went out back and jumped into the pool.

My brother came out wearing his white boxers only. I asked him what he was doing, and he said it was all he had to wear. I didn’t really put two and two together, but I should have known what would happen when he got in the water. Thinking back now, I think I did notice his penis moving in his boxers as he walked over, but it was nothing like after. He jumped in the pool and spent some time in there before deciding to get a drink. As he walked out I looked up and noticed is boxers went almost completely see thru. I was behind him, so I just saw his butt, but once again I was staring at something I shouldn’t have been! It was even worse when he got back, he was walking right towards the pool, I looked up, and there was his penis hanging in his boxers. I’ve never seen one up close, but it looked like it was pretty big. I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. I could feel myself getting turned on. I had to turn away and swim the other direction. I forced myself too. I couldn’t believe I just stared at my brothers penis!

As soon as he jumped back in I decided to get out. I swam over to the steps and started getting out. As I did my brother called over to me and basically said that my suit looked a little small. I originally thought he was saying that I was fat, but then he followed up with saying that my ass looked really good! What the hell! I couldn’t believe it. I started turning red immediately. I said thanks back, but really I just wanted to get out of there. I turned to walk down the side of the pool back to the house when I heard my brother say that he noticed I took his advice. I was so confused at first. Then he pointed to my vagina. Oh my god, my suit was so thin over all of these years it was almost see thru now that it was wet. And to make it worse my vagina was now shaved! The night before after the beach I shaved right away after being so embarrassed. Now it was even worse!

My brother lifted himself out of the pool and sat on the edge. His boxers were very see thru at this point. His penis was bigger then before I noticed, it was getting harder. That’s when I realized he was getting turned on! And I realized it was because he was staring at me! The worst part was I was getting turned on too. It felt so dirty and so good at the sametime! I ran back inside right after that.

I basically ignored my brother for the rest of the trip. My mind was racing. Trying to forget everything… but I couldn’t.

Anyway, that was the trip, and now I’m here, in the car with my family, and we’re almost home from the trip.

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