MILFs – Ms. Jones Ch. 04

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“Isn’t it nice outside today?” Ms. Jones asked Nick as she jogged.

“Sure is,” Nick replied.

Nick and Ms. Jones jogged side by side down the dirt path of the park early noon. The weather was sunny with a cool breeze, making it a perfect day to be outside. Nick was wearing standard black running shorts, running shoes, and a green athletic shirt while his aunt was wearing a pink tank top, black shoes, black tights, and black sunglasses; with her hair tied in a ponytail too. Nick peeked over at Ms. Jones’ chest, looking at her cleavage and her giant breasts bounce around in her tight top.

“Easy, Nick. Just a little longer,” Ms. Jones said with a smile.

Nick and Ms. Jones nodded at joggers passing by as they continued. A sudden turn brought the two at a dead end surrounded by forestry.

“Right this way,” Ms. Jones said while climbing through the brush.

Nick, while confused, was also intrigued and followed his aunt. Through the bush, Nick saw a small clearing just big enough for two people and hidden away from people running on the path. Nick looked down and saw Ms. Jones on her knees rustling through the bottom of another bush. After some struggle, she pulled out several items. Ms. Jones unraveled a towel and laid it down on the clearing. After sitting down on it, she instructed Nick to bring out his phone.

“You might want to record this,” she told him.

Nick quickly brought his phone out and set it to record.

“Hey there, sweetie. Promise me you won’t show anyone else this video and we’ll continue the show, okay?” Ms. Jones said.

Nick nodded his head in agreement.

Ms. Jones smiled and put her legs up while sitting down. Digging her thumbs into her waistband, she pulled her tights down then off. Ms. Jones spread her legs open, showing off her bare crotch from the lack of panties, before reaching behind. A crinkling sound could be heard as she pulled a pink vibrator out of a plastic bag. Ms. Jones smiled while flipping it on and off.

After giving the camera a kiss, she switched the vibrator back on and shoved it in her snatch. Ms. Jones’s mouth grew agape without sound as she held it in place without moving for a few seconds. Slowly, she worked the vibrator in and out while biting her lip.

“Mmm, fuck,” she said in a hushed tone.

Nick got close to capture the action at a better angle. The camera panned up to Ms. Jones’s face from underneath her, capturing her smiling right back. Nick backed away and continued to film his aunt. Soon, she raised the bottom of her top just above her breasts to let her tits hang out. Ms. Jones grabbed her left breast and brought it up to her mouth. She gave her nipple a long lick before wrapping her lips to suck on it. Ms. Jones let her breast go with a ‘pop’ before giving her right one the same treatment.

Ms. Jones got on all fours and stuck her ass in the air at Nick. She reached back with her vibrator and dragged across her asshole.

“I bet you want to cum inside here again,” she said in a low voice.

Ms. Jones put the vibrator back in her pussy and continued the show. Unlike when she started, she was now getting more into it. She moaned softly and rocked her body as the vibrator worked its magic. The vibrator, and towel below her, was getting soaked in Ms. Jones’s pussy-lube. She let got of the dildo and let it fall out on its own. Grabbing her ass, she spread her cheeks apart and gave Nick a better view of her pussy.

“You know you want to stick your dick in, baby. Just go whenever you’re ready,” Ms. Jones said.

Nick quickly wrestled his shorts and boxers down then shuffled over to his aunt’s ass while on his knees. Still holding his phone recording in one hand, Nick captured his cock entering Ms. Jones’s wet-pussy. Both let out an audible moan before Nick started moving. Nick cautiously looked around through his phone, seeing izmir escort bayan if anyone was running along the path while also looking back at Ms. Jones’s back. The two did their best to conceal their moans, but the sound of Nick’s hips smacking into Ms. Jones could still be heard.

Little to their knowledge, Ms. Jones had stretched her hands out on the grass and intertwined her fingers in the bush in front of her. This caused the bush to shake every time Nick pounded into her. Nick captured a jogger passing by and briefly stopping to watch the bush. Nick froze as he observed the jogger. Suddenly, the jogger started walking towards him.

“Fuck, someone’s coming,” Nick said to Ms. Jones as he put his phone down and started pulling his pants back up.

Ms. Jones swore in a low-tone and scurried to get her shirt down and her tights back on. As the jogger got closer and the two desperately tried to hide the evidence of their outdoor adventure, a small bunny ran out from the bushes and towards the jogger. The jogger recoiled in surprise and watched the bunny run away in the opposite direction. The man shrugged it off and continued back jogging.

“Fuck me, that was close,” Nick said to Ms. Jones.

“You can say that again,” Ms. Jones replied.

Ms. Jones saw Nick attempting to pull his cock back out and stopped him.

“Sorry, Nick. That was way to close for comfort. Let’s pick this back up somewhere else,” she said to him while coming out of the brush.

Nick followed behind her and continued jogging with his still-hard dick tucked against his stomach by his waistband. The two were jogging for a while more until they were almost at the entrance of the park.

“How about we go over to those bushes over there and finish up what we started?” Nick suggested to Ms. Jones.

“No. It’s too close to the entrance,” Ms. Jones replied.

Nick re-focused back on the trail. Ms. Jones took notice of Nick’s gloomy demeanor.

“Okay, how about this. Let’s come back late at night and finish the rest of the “jog”,” Ms. Jones whispered to Nick.

Nick perked right back up and happily jogged back to the entrance.


Ms. Jones and Nick returned back at the park at two in the morning.

“Alright, I know for a fact that nobody comes here this late at night, so we should be good,” Ms. Jones said.

Nick followed Ms. Jones until they were deep into the park. As they approached a lone bench that they could see with the lights from their phones, Ms. Jones told Nick, “you better take your cock out and start getting it hard because if you don’t finish in time, you’ll have blue balls until the next time we can fuck.” Nick spotted no one in the distance and did just so. Ms. Jones picked up her pace and made it to the bench before Nick did. Bending over, she pulled her tights down to her knees.

Nick needed no lube for his aunt’s already dripping-wet pussy and just dove right on in. Nick and Ms. Jones kept the lights on their phones hidden and fucked in the dark like they did on their first night together. They both moaned just enough to hear each other.

“This is pretty exciting,” Ms. Jones told Nick.

Nick didn’t respond and kept fucking. His movements were more aggressive than earlier since he was on a time crunch. He soon reached for the bottom of Ms. Jones’s top and yanked it off her body, tossing it to the side.

“Nick, you bastard!” Ms. Jones told Nick as he still fucked her.

Nick grabbed his aunt by her arms and fucked her standing up. Ms. Jones couldn’t contain herself and let out a loud moan. Nick couldn’t see it, but she was gritting her teeth with drool seeping down the sides of her mouth.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Nick! You better fuck that pussy good!” Ms. Jones growled at Nick.

Nick picked up his speed and really made Ms. Jones lose her mind. He had been edged escort izmir so much when they did it at the park earlier that he was already closing to cumming.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming!” he said.

Ms. Jones quickly tore away from Nick and got on her knees facing him. In the dark, she searched around for his dick until she felt it in her hand. She jerked it a few times before slurping and sucking on the tip. Ms. Jones finally pulled off and jerked Nick’s cock hard and fast until he shot his loud out onto her MILF-face. Shot after shot exploded out, hitting her forehead, cheeks, mouth, and hair. Even though she could not see herself, she could feel that she was now wearing a massive facial.

“Fuck, I came a lot,” Nick said followed by a deep breath.

Ms. Jones squeezed out the last drop of semen before licking his tip clean.

“Put the light on me,” Ms. Jones said.

Nick felt around for his phone before shining it in Ms. Jones’s face. Instantly upon seeing her, his eyes widened and he let out an uncontrolled chuckle.

“It’s bad, isn’t it?” Ms. Jones asked with a smile.

Nick handed his aunt her phone. Ms. Jones turned her camera on in the front-facing view and gasped in shock at the amount of cum splattered on her; she saw that her face was literally dripping with it! Jizz slowly dripped off her orbital margin (the top part of your eye socket) and onto her cheek, which then dripped down and off her chin. Ms. Jones wiped some away off her eyelids before staring at Nick.

Nick’s phone clicked away as he took numerous pictures. After doing so, he tucked his phone back in his shorts and searched for Ms. Jones’s top.

“You know what, hold onto it for me. Also, I think I’ll be wearing this out,” Ms. Jones said.

Nick watched in surprise as Ms. Jones pulled her tights back up and started jogging back to the entrance with nothing but the moonlight to show the way. He was still staring even as she got further away then turned around to call him over. The two jogged in the dark now, except now Ms. Jones was topless and plastered in her nephew’s cum. Nick and her giggled the entire way back.

That giggling soon stopped when they saw another light coming towards them.

“I thought you said there would be nobody else out here?!” Nick whispered to Ms. Jones.

“There usually isn’t! Who the fuck is out jogging this late?” Ms. Jones replied.

The two acted as casual as they could as the oncoming light came closer. A male jogger was the source of the light and didn’t seem to notice the two jogging in the dark. They looked behind as they continued walking and saw the jogger get farther away.

“I’m pretty sure he noticed,” Ms. Jones said with a sigh.

“I’m sure he didn’t, but would you like to think that he did? Wouldn’t that be so hot if a complete stranger saw a MILF jogging with a huge load on her face?” Nick asked Ms. Jones.

“Damn you, Nick. You’re getting me worked up again. I might just have to take you back to my house and ride you on the bed until you pass out,” Ms. Jones said back in a suggestive tone.

The two kept up their banter even as they jogged out of the park and back to Ms. Jones’s house. Normally, Ms. Jones would never consider jogging outside with her tits in full-view, but the night was providing the perfect covering.

The two hid in bushed and behind fences for the few stray cars that were driving out late, but eventually made it back home. Right as Ms. Jones was about to take the key from under her mat and unlock her door, the sound of heels clicking on the pavement came from behind her.

The light from a phone shined on the two. Ms. Jones and Nick froze before they slowly turned around. There standing before them, was Ms. Evans.

“Out for an evening jog?” she asked the two with a smile.

“Jesus Christ, Olivia! Just get inside and we’ll talk!” Ms. Jones izmir escort exclaimed while ushering her inside.

Everyone made their way to the living room where Olivia got a better look at Ms. Jones.

“Fuck, Tammy! That is one hell of a cumshot!” Olivia said.

Ms. Jones, embarrassed, started wiping off her face with tissues.

“Nick, this is my best friend, Olivia,” she said while pointing at her.

“Nice to meet you, Nick,” Olivia said with a wink as she extended her hand.

“Nice to meet you, too,” Nick replied as he shook her hand.

“So, how did you find out I would be coming home late?” Ms. Jones asked Olivia.

“Oh, when I was at your house the other day, I might have looked at your messages and saw your little plan for today. I just camped out in your driveway after you two left earlier until y’all got back,” Olivia responded.

“You have no reason to blackmail me, so why did you come here? To tease me?” Ms. Jones asked.

“Blackmail? Nah, I just wanted to get a good look for your man before extending an invitation,” Olivia responded.

“Invitation?” Ms. Jones asked.

“Oh, you’ll get it after Nick takes his cock out for me,” Olivia said.

Nick looked over at Ms. Jones, who said, “Go ahead and show her.” Nick slowly pulled his shorts and boxers down, letting his dick flop out. Olivia gasped and grabbed it in her hands, massaging it and feeling it up from base to tip.

“Tammy, this is an amazing find!” Olivia said. “No wonder you’re not walking straight after a night with him.”

“All right, so what’s this “invitation” you wanted to give us?” Ms. Jones asked.

Olivia finished inspecting Nick and got back on topic.

“How about the two of you meet me and my guy at a beach house on Saturday where we have a little fuckfest. We’ll take turns fucking our men until those balls are completely dry!” Olivia explained.

Nick and Ms. Jones were stunned by Olivia’s words.

“I don’t know…” Ms. Jones said while resting her chin in her hands.

“I know that we have feelings for each other and that won’t change if we switched partners for a day, but I wonder how’d he take it,” she thought to herself.

She glanced over at Nick who looked like he already had determined an answer.

“I’m onboard if you are, Tammy,” Nick answered Olivia while looking at Ms. Jones.

“Are you sure? You’re comfortable with me being with another man? You know I’d be taking it in every hole and swallowing his cum if he wanted me to,” Ms. Jones cautiously warned Nick.

“But in return, you can do whatever the fuck you want with me too,” Olivia added. “You should know that I really love anal, so just imagine fucking my ass raw and pumping all the cum you can inside!”

“Yep, I’m good with that!” Nick quickly replied.

“Great! I’ll send Tammy the address and see you two Saturday!” Olivia said before making her exit.

“Jesus, Nick. Why do you men get so excited when anal gets put on the table?” Ms. Jones giggled while saying.

“Putting our dicks in holes where they don’t belong is super fucking hot,” Nick answered.

“Well, it looks like we’ve got four days until Saturday, so stock up on condoms and avoid blowing any loads until then,” Ms. Jones said.

The two headed up stairs to retire for the night.

Ms. Jones washed her face and climbed in the bed with Nick.

“Nick, just so you know, what I do with that guy Saturday means absolutely nothing, okay? I’m with you and you alone with sex that means something, got it? I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a situation like that, but you need to know that before going in so you don’t get your heart ripped out when you see another man plundering my mouth,” Ms. Jones told Nick.

“Yeah, I know. It’ll take some adjusting, but I should manage. You know you’re the one I want the most,” Nick told Ms. Jones.

Ms. Jones gave Nick a hug before turning the lights off.

“I can’t wait throat your cock, suck your sperm out, and let your give me asshole a nice, thick creampie Saturday,” Ms. Jones said to Nick before closing her eyes.

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