Milky Maids All In A Row Ch. 04

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NOTE: This story was to have only one episode, which was described in the first two chapters. I had to continue with the third, where indeed the circle was to have been completed.

It is amazing, and also encouraging, how many folks out there wrote to me and gave me their suggestions to keep the story going. The following chapter may sound a bit contrived: it was written after incorporating the various wants and needs of my pals out there.

I hope that they are not disappointed with this effort. And though the end is sort of hasty, it was the only way left for me!

Enjoy and do keep writing in. A piece of advice for those who wrote to tell me that incest and breast sex are a product of the depraved mind: SHUT OFF YOUR PC!

It came as no surprise to Dev and Riya when they learnt that the rest of them already knew about the relations between Dev’s parents and his uncle and aunt.

“Imagine these oldies doing a swap!” Sheena had giggled.

“Oldies?” Ajit queried, unzipping his pants and fishing out his large erect cock. “You call this oldies?”

“Of course not, dad,” Mina laughed, leaning to her side and wrapping her fist around it. “That’s one hell of a piece I ever saw.”

“Does dad know about us?” Riya asked.

“No,” Nimmi told her. “But I reckon it’s only fair that they do. Hey, Riya, have you ever had the hots for your father-in-law? He’s a handsome geezer alright!”

Dev looked curiously at his wife. Riya blushed, averting her eyes from Nimmi and looking at her feet.

“And hey stud,” Hari called out, “don’t you ever think about your mom that way? Moms are a son’s best friends. I can tell you that!” He laughed, grabbing his mother’s tits.

When both Dev and Riya didn’t answer, Ajit began to laugh.

“That floors the two of you, uh?” he cackled, lifting his hips to allow Mina to jerk on his cock.

Dev sighed, grinning. “I never really thought of that,” he confessed. “But after going through all this and listening to aunt giving us a blow-by-blow description of your foursome, it’s getting to me.”

“What about you, Riya?” Sunil slid towards her and put his arms around her. “Does the thought of getting laid by your father-in-law gets you all horny and heated up?”

Riya smiled, looking at her husband. Dev was massaging Sheena’s thighs.

“I suppose now that you mention it, it does.”

“I wonder what it would feel like. I mean fucking aunt Shreya.” Hari said, leaning forward to bury his head between his mother’s tits.

“Ok, ok,” his wife, said. “Enough of discussions. We have maybe an hour before mom and dad go to get Dev’s parents. Let’s make the most of it.” She leaned down and took Ajit’s cock in her mouth.

“Ah, Mina,” Ajit murmured, “Well said.”

He dragged his chair so that he could face Mina. His cock, which had slipped out of her mouth while he positioned himself, was fully erect and glistening with his pre-cum and her saliva. As he was satisfying himself with the new position, Mina, sitting on the other chair opposite him, hiked her skirt up her thighs. She wasn’t wearing panties and when she spread her legs to hook them over the armchair, he could see that her pussy was already wet with her juices.

As he pulled his chair closer to hers, Mina pushed down the top she was wearing letting her heavy tits tumble out; she wasn’t wearing any bra either.

She bent down again, taking her father-in-law’s cock in her mouth: there was no licking, no teasing. There was no finesse at all in her actions. She just grasped the base of his shaft and took his entire length in her mouth. He grunted with pleasure, raising his hips and thrusting his hands down to capture her dangling tits.

Sunil, meanwhile, who had his arm around Riya’s shoulder, reached inside her blouse and pulled out one swollen tit. He was seated on the arm of the chair on which she was seated and had to lean sideways to put his mouth over hers. Though Nimmi had already satiated her a while ago, Riya let out a small moan and thrust her tongue in his mouth to allow him to suck on it.

Dev was indulging in his now favorite fetish. He lay back on his chair and watched Sheena who was kneeling on the floor move up and down over him, masturbating his cock between her tits. He pushed her silky hair behind her ears to watch the delightful sight of his cock being fucked by her enormous tits.

The other pair of mother and son was rocking back and forth in one corner of the room. Nimmi was on her fours and Hari, bent over her, pumped his cock in and out from behind, reveling in the sound that they were making when his hips slapped against her ass.

Mina had been right when she had said that they barely had an hour before they would have to finish up the job in hand. It was precisely fifty minutes when they lay on the floor and the chairs, each one of them breathing raggedly. The job in hand was over.

At least, for now.


“Gosh, that was a wonderful dinner, Nimmi,” Shreya said, leaning back against the chair and sipping izmir escort bayan the wine. She looked around the table at the rest of the family.

“So, son, are you having a good time?” Vivek asked, lighting up a cigarette.

“Oh, just great,” Dev answered, flushing a bit. He just couldn’t get the image of his naked parents off his mind.

“What about you, Riya?” Vivek asked, glancing at Dev’s wife.

She blushed. Partly because she thought of all the things that they had been doing and partly because the vision of her father-in-law, naked and hunched over Nimmi, sprang into her mind.

She nodded her head. “Very good, Dad,” she answered.

“Okay, kids,” Nimmi interrupted, “Vivek and Shreya must be tired. So, off we go to bed early tonight. We can all have our discussions tomorrow.”

It had all been planned.


When Ajit and Nimmi had driven Vivek and Shreya to the house, they had discussed about old times. The sisters had taken the back seat and Vivek had turned around from the front seat, grinning from ear to ear as he watched them kiss each other. It was by no way a sisterly kiss: more than that it was the kiss between two lovers meeting after a long time.

When they were about fifteen minutes away from the house, Shreya had sat up, fluffing back her hair and rocking her grandson to sleep.

“Shit, we missed you both,” Vivek sighed, reaching behind and feeling up his sister-in-law’s tits over her blouse.

“Yeah,” Shreya seconded him. “We have to get together tonight.”

“We have three milky maids, pal,” Ajit chuckled. “And guess what?”

“Hey. Come on, Ajit. They are kids.”

“Just hear me out, okay? Tell me the two of you. You have seen our children and their spouses lately, haven’t you?” Ajit asked.

“Of course, Ajit. What are you talking about?” Shreya was puzzled.

“What do you think about incest?” Nimmi asked in a soft voice.

Her sister and Vivek were astonished and stunned. His jaws gaping wide, Vivek muttered, “What the hell are you talking about, you two?”

“Answer my question. Please,” insisted Nimmi.

“We have read some stories and seen some porno tapes featuring incest,” Shreya admitted.

“And what did the two of you feel about it?”

“Frankly, we weren’t bothered about the relationship aspect,” Vivek answered, glancing at his wife. “We were more focused to the action!”

Ajit burst out laughing. “That’s my man,” he said.

“Actually, most of the time, we mute the TV when we watch the stag films. There’s barely any story line in fuck films these days. Besides, the track is full of loud background music, a lot of moans and groans and dialogues which do not go beyond the mundane. ‘Fuck me.’ ‘Suck me.’ ‘Lick my pussy.’ ‘I’m gonna fuck you.’ I don’t find those very appealing. I’d rather mute the volume and watch the action instead,” Shreya laughed.

“Why bring up incest anyway?” Vivek was curious.

“You were the folks who got us into milky tits. And when Sheena and Mina became moms, I frankly couldn’t resist their milky tits,” Ajit replied with a straight face.

Vivek froze, as did Shreya.

“You mean you fuck your daughter?” he queried.

“And your daughter in law?” Shreya’s voice quivered.

“Yup,” Ajit replied nonchalantly. “And their husbands know.”

“They participate too,” Nimmi added.

This was a shock for Vivek and his wife and the two were quiet for a couple of minutes.

“C’mon you guys,” Nimmi said finally. “What the four of us do is just the same.”

“B-but with your son, Nimmi, I don’t believe it!” Shreya stammered.

“And Ajit, you fuck with your daughter?” Vivek still looked bewildered and flustered, though he couldn’t ignore his cock twitching inside his pants. He knew that both, the busty Sheena and the beautiful Mina would be irresistible, given their looks and bodies.

“Your son and his wife spied on us when we were having a nice little party together, Vivek,” Ajit said in a quiet voice.

This really shocked them. They glanced at each other, tongue tied, as if afraid to ask anything more about what had transpired during the last few days.

Finally, Ajit parked the car a mere hundred meters from the house and with the help of Nimmi explained to the shocked couple what exactly had happened. Of course, they kept the part of the set-up away from the conversation.

Vivek couldn’t deny to himself how much Riya’s swollen tits had infatuated him. Of late, whenever Shreya and he played games, he had found himself thinking about his daughter in law. Added to that, the naked images of his niece and Mina kept flashing through his mind.

On her part, Shreya too couldn’t help but think about her son in a different way. Twice, she had spied on him when he had walked from the bathroom to the bedroom. Both the times he had not been aware that she was around. Both the times, she had seen his naked cock dangling between his legs and she fought the feeling of guilt when she had felt the wetness between her legs. escort izmir Then, there were Hari and Sunil.

“Do they know about us?” Shreya finally asked.

“Yes. But I don’t want them to know that you do. I don’t know why, but I feel that they shouldn’t know that you know. At least for a while. When it happens, it is better it happens naturally.”

“Why?” Vivek asked.

“Just a gut feeling. After all, they are kids. Allow them to behave naturally with you two. It’s not like we just barge in and say, ‘Hey folks, now that everything is in the open, lets get undressed and fuck!’ That would sure put them off!”

By now, both, Vivek and Shreya had absorbed the shock and accepted what had happened.

“What do you want us to think?” Vivek asked her plaintively.

“I think it should happen naturally,” Ajit murmured looking into the distance through the windshield. “Just pretend they don’t know about us and you don’t know about them.”

“What are we talking about?” Shreya asked. “An orgy with the kids? Me fucking with my son? Vivek getting into his daughter in law’s pants? A groupie thing with our own kids?”

Ajit smiled slowly and turned to her. He reached out and thrust his hand in her blouse, giving her tit a quick squeeze.

“First things first,” he grinned. “I just can’t wait to get in your pants.”

Nimmi laughed. “And I can’t wait to get into yours, Vivek. It’s been such a long time. Last time I came down to your place without Ajit and had a nice romp with the two of you. It’s somehow more exciting when all the four of us are together.”


The huge open terrace was chosen as the rendezvous. There was no roof, no canopy and they could see the starry night and the bright moon. A few low watt bulbs swinging against the sidewalls illuminated the terrace without drawing anybody’s attention to the light.

Ajit had already arranged for a few mattresses on the floor. The terrace was normally used for parties. This too, was going to be one.

Shreya was so turned on that she had already pushed Ajit onto his back and was lying atop him, her open mouth covering his, sucking on his tongue. She was dry humping him.

“Wait, wait,” he said, breathlessly, pulling his mouth away from hers, “lets get out of these clothes.”

She sat up on his lap and with her eyes fixed on his, quickly whipped out her nightie, baring her tits. As she pulled down her panties, she had to kneel up over him to slide them off her legs.

He pushed his shorts down, his hard cock springing out, pointing up to the sky. By the time she sat back on his hips, he had thrown his shorts into the far corner.

A few feet away from them, Vivek and Nimmi were seated on another mattress, locked in a tight embrace and kissing each other passionately. His hands were inside her nightie and were fondling her braless tits, while she had thrust one of her hand inside his shorts, pulling his cock up and then pushing it down as far as she could.

They separated when they heard Ajit groaning aloud. They turned to the other couple and watched Shreya crouched on her knees, her head bobbing up and down, Ajit’s cock inside her mouth. Ajit was lying on his back, a look of ecstasy on his face, his eyes closed.

“Oh yes, suck that, Shreya, oh god, yes. I’d almost forgotten how good you suck it. Ah, god, yes, I love it when you run your tongue over it.”

Vivek pushed Nimmi onto her back and ripped off her nightie. She squealed in delight as he pushed her panties roughly down her knees. She reached out for his shorts, but he pushed her hands away and stripped them off himself.

He rolled her over and got on her top in the sixty-nine, his tongue licking furiously at her wet cunt. She moaned, opening her mouth to allow him to thrust his dick inside it. She closed her lips around the throbbing shaft and began to suck him avidly, pushing her crotch up into his face.

As he began to thrust his hips up and down, he studied the pink folds of her cunt. They were wet and he used his fingers to part them and peer inside. Her clit was large, and at the moment, it was erect and swollen.

He put his thumb over her engorged clit, rubbing it in a circular motion. She gasped and almost bit his cock when he licked her slit with the tip of his tongue. Her knees rose and she clamped his head between her thighs as he settled down to lick her wet labia, running his tongue up the slit and then down again till she was writhing with pleasure, eagerly stuffing his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Ah yes, Shreya,” they heard Ajit groan. “Oh yes, run your lips over my balls, oh yes, take one in your mouth, ouch, you idiot, gently does it. I don’t want to have a bandage over my balls.”

Shreya giggled and sucked one of his enormous balls. She pushed his cock up to press it over his belly and let her tongue run over the back of the flesh.

“Don’t do that longer,” Ajit warned her. “Though I may have been doing a lot of fucking, I’m gonna be quick on the trigger. After all it’s been a hell izmir escort of a long time since I’ve done this with you.”

She giggled again and looked up at him. He was sitting on the mattress, his legs stretched in front of him and wide apart.

“That is the aim, isn’t it? I mean I’m doing this so that I can see that cum spurt out from your cock.”

He leaned forward and seized her tits, squeezing them. “Yeah, I know that. But first, I’m gonna make you cum so that I can fuck these. Like the good old times, you know.”

“You are still crazy about it, aren’t you?” Vivek called out, raising his head from Nimmi’s cunt.

“Aren’t you?” Ajit fired back. “You were the one who got me hooked on to it.”

“And now you make it a habit by fucking all the tits you get. Including your own daughter and daughter-in-law, huh?”

“Don’t forget your daughter-in-law,” Ajit retorted, bucking his hips up and down as Shreya bobbed her head between his legs.

“How could I?” Vivek mused. “I just can’t get over it. She’s got a lot of milk?”

“You can say that, pal. Three sets of overflowing milky tits! Oh wow! I just couldn’t decide which one to fuck. And when your son slips his rod up Nimmi’s pussy, it’s a great turn-on, I can tell you that!”

Vivek closed his eyes and let the image of his daughter-in-law fill his mind. He had been sneaking a look at her straining tits when they were dining and he could imagine what it would feel like getting those nipples in his mouth.

He turned his attention to Nimmi and he had to agree with Ajit that it would be a real turn on watching his son’s cock piston in and out of this woman’s cunt.

Her fluids were profuse and mild and he began to lick them up eagerly even as she let out a whimper and buried her head down to take his shaft completely inside her mouth till his pubic hair tickled her cheeks. He found her flavor to be subtle and the folds of her cunt rolled off his tongue. He licked the outer lips and then, gradually brought his tongue into contact with the slick pinkness of the inner ones.

She moaned, grinding her hips up to bring his tongue into firmer contact with her dripping pussy. She mumbled around his cock, which he was now pumping in and out of her mouth.

Nimmi had briefly described to him the size and shape of his son’s cock and he felt almost feverish with excitement as he imagined it thrusting into her cunt. It made him slide his tongue deep into her pussy and he tasted the pungency there. This brought delighted ripples to her lips followed by intense pulsations to her inflamed cunt.

Inspired by the moans and grunts that he was hearing, Ajit pushed Shreya onto her back and clambered up her luscious body.

“Just like the old times, huh?” she asked him mischievously.

“You bet,” he panted, thrusting his cock between her juicy melons that she was holding together for him.

“Fuck them, then,” she urged him, sliding her body up and down the mattress even before he could begin rocking to and fro.

He grabbed her shoulders for additional leverage and began to move frantically. “Oh god, Shreya, I missed these, oh god, they are so beautiful, oh god, they feel so good around my cock.”

“Ride on, cowboy,” she gasped, crushing her tits together even more tightly, feeling his shaft work to and fro in the dry channel.

All the lubrication they had was her saliva and his pre-cum on his cock and it felt so different for him. She noticed it and rasped,

“Spit between my tits, baby, make them wet just the way you like them.”

He bent and let his saliva dribble out of his mouth, coating not just her cleavage and his cock but also her nipples and the rest of her tits.

“Now, fuck my tits, honey, go on, fuck them,” her voice was shrill.

He did. Realizing that she was holding her tits together for him to achieve just the right friction, he let one of his hands wander down the slope of her belly till he found her cunt. She cried out when she felt two of his fingers spear her moist cunt.

They noticed that Vivek and Nimmi had rolled over to lie beside them. They were still in the sixty-nine and he was still on top of her, but she soon felt Nimmi’s hands wandering over her tits. She reciprocated by thrusting her hand between their bodies and grasping Shreya’s tit.

She raised her head to watch Ajit’s prick sliding between her tits and suddenly she imagined that it was fucking Riya’s milky cleavage. She could almost see Riya’s milk oozing out of her nipples and coating the fleshy tits till they were dripping wet. She could almost hear the slick sounds that his cock was making as his balls slapped the lactating tits.

Vivek could feel his wife’s hand kneading Nimmi’s tits. He withdrew his tongue and moved upwards towards her erect red clit. He moved back and closed his lips around the nub, sucking it lightly at first and then with increasing pressure. He felt it getting more erect and he now settled into licking it, running his tongue over it slowly.

All at once, she began to shake and scream below him, stuffing his cock meat deeper into her mouth. She had been sucking on the glans and when she felt his tongue licking her clit again, she pulled his ass by one hand, urging him to fuck her mouth harder.

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