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All characters in this story are 18 or older. This is a work of fiction. This is my first submission, so feedback is welcome. Thank you and enjoy.


“Mindy! Pizza’s here!” Lewis called up the stairs to his daughter.

“Be right there, Dad!” came the quick response.

Lewis set the pizza on the coffee table in the living room and queued up the latest episode of the show he and Mindy had been watching recently. He went into the kitchen and grabbed two beers out of the fridge. Things had been out of whack in their household ever since Lewis’s wife had been hit by a drunk driver and killed three years ago. For a while, he hadn’t been sure that he would be able to pull himself out of the depression that her loss had left him with. He and Linda had been high school sweethearts and had never loved anyone else. They’d married straight after high school and Mindy had followed nine months later. The years had been filled with happiness and laughter. Her death had shaken him to the core. Mindy had only been fifteen, but she’d stepped up to the plate and kept the household running. She’d started cooking and cleaning and keeping the house in order. Her insistence on weekly Daddy Daughter movie nights gave him something to look forward to.

Mindy danced into the room in her pajamas. The 18-year-old wore an old tee shirt so threadbare that the fabric had become see-through. Lewis could clearly see her bright pink nipples. His cock twitched at the sight. Lately Lewis had found he’d started getting aroused by his daughter. He attributed it to how much she looked like Linda.

Mindy looked nearly identical to Linda at 18. Her long blonde hair had been tied up in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck and a few strands had escaped to curl adorably around her cheeks. She had the same wide blue eyes and full red lips. The only difference came from their bodies. While Linda had also been slim and athletic, Mindy’s breasts were much larger than her mother’s had been. Lewis wondered idly if Mindy’s nipples were as sensitive as Linda’s had been. He’d been able to give his late wife multiple orgasms just from sucking on her pert nipples.

“Dad?” Lewis jumped. His daughter held out a plate loaded with pizza out to him.

“You were lost in thought there for a second.”

“Sorry honey. Just been a long week at work.” He took the food with a chagrined smile. “You ready to watch the show?”

She nodded, biting her lip. Lewis’s eyes fixed on her lips and he wondered how they would feel wrapped ankara escort around his aching cock. Stop it, he thought. That’s your daughter. It took an effort to focus on the TV and not steal glances at his sexy child. After the episode they watched a movie.

“You want another drink Dad?” Mindy’s voice was soft, almost sensual.

He nodded, his throat tight. Her nipples were stiff beneath the fabric of her shirt. His mouth watered for a taste. Mindy walked into the kitchen, taking the rest of the food with her. Lewis took advantage of her absence to readjust his swollen cock. Precum had left a small damp patch on his underwear. He hadn’t had sex since Linda had died, and masturbating hadn’t done much to alleviate his desire. Maybe he should try and find someone at work to take care of his horniness.

Mindy reappeared with two more beers. She handed one to her Dad and curled up on the couch beside him. Lewis watched her pale legs as she sat. “I’m ready. Go ahead and play it.”

The movie droned on, but Mindy couldn’t focus on it. Her thoughts kept straying back to what she’d seen as she’d left the room. She’s seen her dad reach into his shorts and move his hard cock to tuck it into his waistband. It should have disgusted her, but it didn’t. Mindy had always found her dad attractive. At 36, he had the body of a much younger man. They went to the gym together three times a week and her dad looked damn good. With his black hair, blue eyes, and square jaw, he’d always reminded her of Clark Kent. Come to think of it, she’d always fantasized about Superman growing up. In the kitchen she’d gotten so horny thinking about her daddy’s hard cock that she’d drenched her panties. She’d had to take them off and toss them in the dirty laundry. So now she was sitting beside her dad on the couch in only a too thin shirt. Her pussy ached with desire. She wanted to feel her dad’s hard cock pounding her into oblivion. And she wanted it now.

“Hey Dad, would you give me a massage? My back hurts.”

Lewis stifled his surprise. “Of course. Lay down.”

Mindy arranged herself carefully on the couch so that her shirt just barely covered her ass. Her dad slowly started kneading her shoulders. She moaned slightly as he worked his way down her back, stopping before he reached her ass. “Could you do my legs too Dad?”

Lewis swallowed hard at his daughter’s request. He scooted down the couch and started working the knots out of her calves. The skin beneath his fingers was decadently soft and supple. escort ankara As he moved higher, Mindy opened her legs just enough to give him a shock. Her pink pussy was on full display. Moisture glinted on the insides of her thighs. His cock twitched at the offering. He wanted to taste her, wondering if she tasted as sweet as she looked.

“Roll over and let me do your front sweetie,” he said lightly. Mindy twisted beneath him until her blue eyes met his. The motion had caused her shirt to ride up and he stifled a groan at the bare skin. He’d always been a sucker for a shaved pussy.

He started with the tops of her shoulders by her collarbones and slowly trailed his hands down. When he reached her pert breasts, Mindy nodded slightly. He kneaded the soft flesh over her shirt, feeling her nipples tighten beneath his palms. Mindy’s breathing hitched and her eyes fluttered. Feeling bold, Lewis sat back. “I can’t do much with your shirt in the way. Maybe it would be easier if you-,” Before he could finish, Mindy had grabbed the hem and jerked the garment off. Lewis’s tongue felt heavy in his mouth as he stared at the bounty in front of him. Mindy’s breasts were even more perfect than he could have imagined. Large and round with tight pink nipples begging to be sucked, they were so mesmerizing that he couldn’t wait a second longer.

His mouth closed over one of the taut buds and suckled hard. Mindy moaned loudly. Her nipples had always been so sensitive, and the feeling of her daddy’s wet mouth sucking sent shockwaves through her. When he bit down on the swollen bud, Mindy’s back arched and a fierce orgasm ripped through her. “Daddy!” She cried.

Lewis’s throaty chuckle tickled her nipple. “This is going to be even better than I imagined.”

Mindy let out a noise of complaint when he let go of her nipple and stood. “Don’t stop Daddy.”

“I’m not planning on it, baby. Move your ass here.” He pointed to a spot on the couch and Mindy quickly obliged. He grabbed her legs and spread them so that her pussy was exposed to his questing gaze. “God you look so sweet.” His hoarse voice sent a shiver down Mindy’s spine. “I wonder if you taste as sweet.” He buried his face in the treasure between her legs.

Mindy came to the conclusion that her Dad knew what he was doing. His tongue swept over her sodden folds, tasting the sweet nectar. He teased her. His tongue examined every inch of her pussy except her throbbing clit. He even thrust it into her wet hole. By the time he finally took pity on her and ankara escort bayan focused on her clit, she was mewling with need. Her body shook. “Please Daddy! Please!” The orgasm ripped through her with such force that she saw stars. Lewis didn’t stop his feasting. He kept eating her pussy until she’d had two more forceful orgasms. Only then did he sit back.

Panting and slick with sweat, Mindy looked sinful. Her blonde hair had come undone from its tie and floated around her face. Lewis looked at her teeth dimpling her lips and stood, his fingers quickly shoving his shorts off. Mindy took in his substantial girth with wide eyes. He fisted his cock and aimed it at his daughter’s face. “Time for you to help Daddy, baby.”

She sat up and her soft hand gently took his cock. It twitched in her grip and Lewis shook his head. “Your mouth, baby. Not your hand.” Mindy grinned and licked the tip.

Lewis had never seen anything more seductive than the sight of his daughter’s pink tongue lapping at the precum on his hard cock. Her blue eyes met his as she took him into her mouth. God, his daughter had a talented mouth. She licked and sucked at his cock like it was the only thing keeping her alive. He groaned when she ran her tongue along the sensitive vein on the underside of his cock before gently suckling his balls. Her ministrations had him at the brink in no time.

Lewis gently pushed her back. The reproach in her eyes made him smile. “I don’t want to finish in your mouth tonight sweetie. I want to fuck your delicious pussy until you can’t walk.”

He pushed her back on the couch and lifted her legs. He used one hand to rub the head of his cock on her damp folds. Mindy arched her back, urging her dad to fuck her. Her little mewl of need spurred him on, and he entered her with one swift thrust.

“Oh God, you’re so damn tight,” he groaned. He moved slowly at first. Each gentle thrust caused a small moan to emanate from his daughter’s dazed form. Her legs wrapped around his hips, urging him faster. He moved faster and deeper, nearly bottoming out with each thrust. His balls tightened as he reached his breaking point. He wanted Mindy to cum at the same time, so he used one hand to tweak her nipple.

“Ah! Daddy, I’m cumming!” She screeched. Lewis felt her pussy pulsing with the force of her orgasm, and it tipped him over the edge. He came hard deep within his daughter’s pussy.

“Fuck,” he panted.

He lifted her in the air and set her on top of him on the couch. She lay over her dad like a blanket, her breasts squashed against his chest. As they lay their in post coital bliss, a stray thought crossed Mindy’s mind. Her daddy hadn’t been wearing a condom. And she wasn’t on birth control.

To Be Continued…?

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