Miss Feel Good Pt. 05

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Everyone is at least eighteen and Dani is the narrator.


Chapter nine

“Did you really give Scott your number. You tramp, Jo joked with her sister. You really like him don’t you?”

There was a similar, but unusually delightful smell coming from the kitchen. John escorted me down the stairs blindfolded as he did yesterday.

“Well this isn’t what I expected.” As he kept me blindfolded and in suspense.

“I thought I would try a new recipe, I’ve been saving this one until I founded my future husband.”

I couldn’t take it any longer and removed her blindfold in suspense.

“Slow down cowgirl.” Wow. You’re going to scare him off talking like that.” John had his serious face on.

“You really like that boy. Don’t you. I hope he doesn’t break your heart.” I sighed.

I was in disbelief at the wonderful sight awaiting me.

“Happy Mother’s Day.” They all said in unison.

“So what’s this called sweetheart.”

“I call it Manasuki. Ruby replied. It is sort of like an omelette, with three types of cheese, ham, bacon, tomato, eggs and pineapple laid with a drizzling of Worcester sauce.”

“Right your cooking from now on. As I devoured her helping in no time, that was delicious, what a lucky boy he is. Oh by the way, Tanya called earlier they are going to meet us at the beach. My mind wondered off. I hope there is as much sexual activity as was yesterday, who am I kidding Jane and Tanya the ankara escort Queens of sex will be there.” I was getting very excited and started licking my lips and broke out with laughter.

“What’s got you all worked up, my Angel.” John queried.

“The thought of watching Tanya and Miss Jane fucking on our little secluded beach of cause.” I said with glee.

Everybody smiled much pleasure. John’s cock stood at full attention and Ruby’s nipples were as hard as a rock. Ruby raced for the shower in excitement. “Hurry up you lot.” Ruby couldn’t get ready fast enough.

“You just relax Mum, Dad and I will wash up. This is your day.” As if Ruby wasn’t excited enough about the prospect of seeing Scott again.

I got up slowly regaining my composure and went upstairs to Finish packing my bag and have a nice relaxing spa. Half an hour passed and I come down stairs looking amazing.

“I’m ready to go now, sorry to keep you all waiting.”

“Let’s go then. As John took control. Are we ready to go to the sex beach?”

As we approached the car park we noticed that Tanya’s car was already there. As we wandered down to Beach there was Tanya and Jane fucking and deeply kissing each other. “No surprise to any of us.”

“Cool it down you two.” John provoked them, tapping Jane on the shoulder.

“Well it’s about time.” Jane giggled, an hour late as usual.

After about ten minutes of chatting and surveying the naked bodies on escort ankara the beach, there was Scott strolling down to the beach.

“Well hello there young Scotty.” Tanya exclaimed.

Ruby looked up in shock as Scott said good morning Miss Ruby. “Hang on a minute Ruby coughed. You know my Aunty Tanya?”

“Oh yes we know Scotty very well. Tanya spoke before Scott had a chance.

He is in my Photography/Art course that I run at TAFE. Jane and I pose nude in front of him all the time.”

“It’s the first time he has watched us have sex though.” Jane broke away from Tanya’s grip.

“Oh come on Miss Jane, since when have you been so prudish? Tanya reassured her. This is a sex beach after all. So how do you know our Ruby?”

“I met Ruby and her family right here yesterday.” Scott explained.

“So you have already met the family, you don’t waste anytime do you?” Tanya laughed.

Scott turned bright red, Ruby helped him lay his towel beside her and they cuddled. Jane was much more relaxed now and Tanya invited Ruby to have a threesome with them.

“Sure I would love to show Scott how bisexual and sexually active I am. As Scott’s cock jumped to attention at the thought of watching her have a lesbian threesome. I’ll be there in a moment. You two start without me and Ruby began to give Scott an intense blowjob in front of her family. Scott I think we both need to cool off before I have sex in front of you, come for a swim ankara escort bayan with me naked.” Scott chased after her into the surf.

Not five minutes later, Ruby felt Jane massaging her tits and fingering her in the surf. “You ready for your threesome yet.?” Jane whispered in her ear.) Jane carried her out of the water.

“Rescue me my prince” Ruby laughed, as Scott chased them up the beach.

Tanya was eagerly masturbating in anticipation of her sexy niece joining her lesbian threeway. Tanya gave Scott a handjob, leaving her own sex on her hands, as they watched Jane licking Ruby’s tight young pussy. “Let’s show young Scotty just how intense lesbian sex can get!” Tanya winked at her niece. Tanya started to gently roll the tip of her tongue over Ruby’s erect nipples, then started to suck and lick Ruby’s tits picking up the pace as Tanya sensed her nieces orgasm. Tanya and Jane assumed the scissoring position and rubbed their soft shaven together vigorously, as Jane replaced her fingers inside Ruby’s pussy, where her tongue had just been.

Ruby reached over to hold Scotts throbbing erection. With love in her eyes.

“Enjoying the show young man? Tanya asked Scotty erotically. Tell us how much you love Ruby?”

Scott just nodded as his eyes were popping out of his head in disbelief at his luck. “Wow this is so hot, Scotty thought to himself. I adore her with all my heart.” Scott finally managed to say as the two love birds gazed into each other’s eyes.

It was as if they had the whole beach to themselves, paying absolutely no attention to the rest of their family and on lookers. I just smiled at them and thought I couldn’t wish for a better Mother’s Day present.

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