Mistaken Identity

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I knocked three times softly and impatiently waited for you to open the door. You opened it a few inches, peeking at me through the small space in the doorway. We stare into each other’s eyes for a few seconds that seems like an eternity. Vague recognition washes over us. You smile softly at me.

In one swift and sudden move I pushed through the doorway, slamming the door shut behind me. I shoved you up against the wall, passionately attacking your lips with mine. My tongue darts into your mouth, seeking yours. Not leaving a spare inch between us, I pin your body against the wall with my own. Grinding my hips into you, I can easily feel your hard desire mounting with my own. My hands travel, groping, down your shoulders and further over your hands. Once I reached your waist, I pulled back just long enough to rip your shirt up and off of you. Returning to your waist, I frantically unfastened your jeans, sliding down your zipper, freeing the object of my desire. My mouth leaves yours, only to begin sucking on your neck. I continue down across your chest, licking and nibbling at your nipples. I recall that during our chats you mention how sensitive they are to you. I hear you gasp as I grasp your nipple in my teeth and tug on it. I continue down along your stomach – my mouth kissing, my tongue licking, my hot mouth leaving a trail down your body. Your hips start to rock forward, anxiously awaiting my arrival.

I güvenilir bahis pull back from you just long enough to look up at your face. I wink flirtatiously as I open my mouth and clamp my lips around your swollen head. I begin forcefully sucking you inside my mouth. Pulling you slowly deeper and deeper into my mouth. I look up at you again, watching you watch your cock as it slowly slides inch by inch into my mouth. I feel you getting larger in my mouth as I pull you into my throat. I pause briefly to allow my throat to adjust to your girth. My nose is rubbing softly against your pubic hair. I look at you again and I can tell that you are pleased thus far. Within minutes of my arrival, I have your cock imbedded in my throat.

I begin to suck heartily on you. I moan with pleasure, causing you to vibrate in my mouth. My tongue is massaging the underside of your cock, my throat swallow greedily as your hot precum drips down it. You start to thrust your hips against me, trying to get further into my mouth. I realize that with all of your effort, you are going to cum shortly. I have other plans.

I abruptly pull back, sliding my mouth off of your cock. I hear you whimper in disappointment as I lick the extra saliva from you. Standing, I lean forward to whisper in your ear.

“You didn’t really think that was going to be it, did you?”

I turn away from you and casually walk over to your windows. I pull open türkçe bahis your blinds and bend over against the windows to take in the campus life down below. I shift my weight back and forth between my feet, bending over even further, causing my black micro-mini to shimmy up further, which makes it blatantly obvious that I am not wearing any panties. From where you are standing, still at the door, you can see the little tufts of dark hair which trim my hungry pussy. I stand up suddenly, my skirt falling over my hips again. I look at you over my shoulder.

“It’s rather warm in here, isn’t it?”

I proceed to open the windows, letting the cool autumn air rush into the steamy room.

“There, that is much better, wouldn’t you say?”

I bend over again, continuing to look out the windows. Swaying back and forth, my skirt begins to slide up over my ass again. I am taunting you. You know it. You love it.

Before I know it, I feel your hands grasping my hips. I shriek pleasingly as I feel the head of your cock teasing my pussy. I push back slightly, urging you on. In one swift move, you shove your hips forward slamming your cock into my cunt. You start hammering your cock repeatedly into me. I am incredibly excited by this and begin to moan in great pleasure. I notice that three floors below people are looking up to see where the sounds of ecstasy are coming from.

The fact that people are watching us güvenilir bahis siteleri turns me on immensely. I know they can only see us from the waist up, you standing behind me at the window, but it is certainly obvious – if by our actions if not simply our sounds – that you are fucking me with great intensity. I recall our conversations about your fantasies – your erotic thoughts of being watched by others. Determined to give them, as well as you, an incredible show, I begin slamming back against you. I start yelling at you to fuck my cunt harder and faster. The students below are stopping and a small crowd is forming to watch our display. I start begging you to stick it in my ass – to ram your huge, hard cock deep into my ass. With a soft pop you remove your cock from me and immediately ram it into my ass.

I scream with pleasure over and over as you fuck me madly. We’re panting, moaning, screaming until, with one final thrust, you shove your cock deeply into my ass and exploding your cum deep into me. Your orgasm propels me immediately into my own and I scream emphatically, letting everyone below know exactly how you just pleasured me.

Suddenly, the door flies open behind us. Completely disheveled, we both turn around. You speak for the first time.

“Hey there, Rick! It seems your company arrived a little, uh, early.”

“So I heard,” this stranger replied, looking towards the windows.

Completely confused, I look from my recent conquest, who is still panting next to me, over to the handsome guy who just walked in the door. With mounting confusion, I look at him questioningly.


To be continued…

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