Mom , 30+ Years Ch. 04

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First, maybe a few notes are in order to help anyone who may read this.

I type quite poorly so I use a dictation program. I re-read all that I write and there are no “red lines” or “green lines” in my text, meaning “Word” correction is happy.

I am conveying snip-its of a two+ year period to become a 30+ year period. So, there is no “flow”. Modify your reading. Lets begin Ch4.


Over time, Mom and I did become considerably more huggie, feely. We made “Angel Baby” by Rosie and the Originals our song and danced to it often. For whatever reason, mom did not like to kiss except when in the fiery lust of lovemaking, just before or during orgasm. I never felt that mom was a good kisser so I did not press her. During foreplay, I concentrated on mom’s numerous other attributes.

She did welcome my suggestions and choices of buying sexier underwear and even wearing one of my long sleeved white shirts, with only the middle buttons fastened. Such was her dress when lounging around the house. Usually on weekend mornings and afternoons, we spent much of our time reading, watching TV, or cleaning the apartment, often dancing and “playing” as we did so. I would follow her around doing my best to sneak a peak as she bent over or other such foolishness. She loved the attention and would intentionally posture to show her sexual prowess. One such game that thrilled her much was to be in the middle of the bed alone striking poses, and taunting me to masturbate, to rid me of my sexual energy I think, as I watched her. Other times, she would strip off her panties, positioning herself at the edge of the bed and limit my lust to masturbating within inches of her pussy, as she begged me to come on her lavishly bushed mound. When I did so, I would be captivated watching her massage the milky substance into her bush.

One of the most sexually intoxicating things I have ever witnessed is a woman squatting in the tub to scrub her pussy, or even squatting to pee. Often, when mom was bathing, I would listen for the water to be draining from the tub. Knowing that mom would soon be squatting in the tub to perform the task, I would quickly wander in to watch her. She, knowing I was watching, would take longer than necessary to perform the task, smiling. On one such occasion I had an idea;

The first time it took a little talking to convince her to squat at the foot of the bed, with her knees apart, over my face, holding on to the bed post for balance only. Challenging her not to move regardless of the need. I kept to myself, the theory that it would almost totally limit her ability to move. I then proceeded to eat her pussy, bringing her to what appeared like an almost painful orgasm. Her body quaked and she moaned loudly like a stricken animal. Having spent herself, she collapsed forward in exhaustion, whimpering lowly. I then took her there on the floor. It always took a little talking to convince her to do this but she never turned me down.

I received a call one day from mom telling me she had a great surprise and I could meet her at the bus stop for dinner. During dinner;

“Mrs. Agiston is replacing her Chevy Impala and offered it to me at a price that is just too low to ignore. When it comes out of the shop for inspection and a tune-up and other stuff, we will have us a pretty nice car. It’s fully loaded. You’ve seen it.” Mom joyfully informed me. “We can take trips upstate and I’d like to go to South Carolina and see Lois and everyone.”

As we must have already walked 100 miles or more visiting bahis firmaları her friends, up and down large hills, I was as happy as mom. I would be the driver of a fully loaded 1961 Chevy Impala, black in color. Near seven years old, but garage kept.

Two weeks later we were headed to Greenville, South Carolina. I would see Micky and Geraldine, my two female cousins, whom I hadn’t seen in over 13 years. Lois, my aunt, their mother, was a very small and funny lady. It was to be a great time.

Two days down, we stayed overnight in a motel. Mom, insisted on getting a two-bed room and it was quite a treat as we had never fucked anywhere except our apartment. Even took a soaking bath together in a huge bathtub.

Micky and I were extremely close when we were young children. We slept in the same bed and had once or twice shown each other our privates. The biggest thing though is that we joined forces against Geraldine. We were always doing something to aggravate my older cousin. On seeing them again, Mickey and I seemed to take up where we left off. Her husband was a Marine stationed at Cherry Point and was there on-duty. Micky and I were free to haunt the local hamburger shops and drive-ins. We only saw Geraldine once or twice while we were there.

“You remember dumping Geraldine off the old porch sitting in that rocker?” Mickey laughed, as we sat watching a movie at a nearby drive-in.

“We had to avoid her all day.” I replied, as we laughed.

“And I bet you remember us sleeping together?” She snickered. “I hope it’s gotten a little bigger since then?”

“Considerably. If, I might say so myself.” I defended.

“You know, if I wasn’t your cousin, I might be tempted to give you some pussy.” She teased.

“And if you did not have a Marine for a husband, I might just be tempted to let you.” I joked back, though inside I felt less joking. “Maybe next time mom and I come down we can discuss it. Give us both time to consider it. You might come around.”

“You know us South Carolinians all family oriented and all.” She said, moving closer to me and snuggling as I put my arm around her.

I wondered how happy her marriage was. But I felt strongly about not fucking her this night, as I really didn’t know this girl next to me, and because she was family, there could be hell to pay.

We spent four glorious days traveling around seeing family and mom’s friends. A grand time it was. There was much crying on the morning we left, mom and Lois anyway, and we promised to be back soon. As sad as it was to leave, it had been three nights without sex and it was good to be alone with mom once more.

As we drove up I-85.”Geraldine’s husband is beating the hell out of her. I told her if she came to New York she could stay with us and I would help her find a good job.” Mom casually informed me.

“You did what!” I asked in amazement. “Why in hell would you do something like that!”

“Because she’s family and it makes me mad as hell thinking that some son-of-the-bitching man is treating her like your dad treated me. Not that she probably doesn’t deserve it sometimes.” She explained. “I know what your problem is and we will figure something out. It won’t take long to find her a job. And our apartment is not the only place we can screw.”

After lunch in Charlotte, on route 49, headed for Asheboro (a road much less developed than it is today), I drove along at about 50mph.

“You know, I think I could have fucked Mickey if I had a mind to.” I stated, wanting to feel mom kaçak iddaa out on the notion.

“What! You fuck your mother but draw the line at your cousin?” She said, incredulously.

“I just wanted to clear it with you when we come back down in three or four months.” I replied, defensively. “I wouldn’t want to upset you, is all.”

“I told you from the very beginning that you had your own life.” She replied. “You fuck whoever you want to. You and Mickey were inseparable whenever you to were together as youngsters. So, it appeared that you two picked up where you left off. If you think she can be trusted, go for it.”

Mom lifted her dress to allow the air-conditioning to blow underneath it, causing my eyes to divide their time between the road and her exposed legs. Noting my interest, she left a great deal of her thighs exposed as she laid her head back and closed her eyes.

“Hey, why don’t you slide over here a bit closer?” I suggested, after a few miles.

“That’s all we need is for a state trooper to pass and see a woman my age setting romantically close to you.” She returned. “He’d find some reason to pull us over for sure.”

“You’re going to cause me to reach to feel your thighs and that could be dangerous.” I surmised.

“You just behave yourself and pay attention to the road.” She returned.

Five or 10 miles rolled by.

“I’ve been thinking. I wouldn’t want to cause you to have an accident. You are still looking at my legs, aren’t you? How about slowing down a bit and look for a place we can pull into the woods.” She said, without opening her eyes

I slowed the car down to about 30mph and studied every little dirt track that we passed. I stopped at a lonely crossroads and hung a left and within a half mile found a grassy track that looked like it had not had much use recently. Seeing no houses within view. I slowly backed the Chevy down the track and into a curved section about 50 yards in. We were totally out of sight of the road.

“Let me walk down this track a little ways and look around. Don’t get out. We might have to make a hasty retreat.” I teased, with a bit of caution in my voice.”

I returned, to find mom in the rear seat. I informed her that we were totally alone as I sat down beside her in the back seat.

“You want to take my panties off? Or should I?” She questioned, turning her knees towards me and backing against the opposite door. “Riding back there with my eyes closed, I was thinking about you and Mickey together. I don’t need any foreplay. I’m set to go.”

Certain of what was going to transpire, I straddled the drive shaft hump in the middle of the floor. I watched mom gather her dress, lifting her posterior to gather it above her waist. I caught sight of her fuzzy treasure as she took the initiative and removed her panties. I hurriedly unzipped my fly and found my cock rising quickly as mom maneuvered to straddle me. I held my now rigid cock “at attention” as she sought penetration.

“I’m a bit dry yet.” She whispered, lowering herself onto my shaft. “AAhhhhhhh! There. Maybe not that dry after all.”

She began to ride me slowly, as I began kissing her neck and fondling her breasts through a couple of layers of dress. She wiggled her ass, slowly taking me deeper into her. Soon, she began a comfortable rhythm and I slid my hands under the dress to hold the cheeks of her ass.

“I haven’t done this in over 20 years.” She whispered. “We should have taken time to strip.”

“You seemed to be in a hurry? “I kaçak bahis questioned.

“Not anymore, Sugar.” She replied. “Not anymore.”

We fucked slowly and passionately. Through the open rear door, I was aware of the sound of the wind fluttering through the leaves. This sun filtering through the moving limbs cast soft shadows around us and I could feel the warmth coming through the back window. As always, I was content and happy to be coupled with a woman, with it being mom a definite plus.

“I love fucking you, Press.” She whispered. “I don’t care who you fuck as long as you continue to fuck me.”

She lifted high, nearly withdrawing my cock from her, pushing her still covered breasts into my face, before settling down again on my cock. She did this repeatedly, giving herself much pleasure and groaning with pleasure.

“I’m happiest when you’re in me.” She moaned.

“I love being inside you.” I replied. “Inside your belly.”

She settled down and took me deep as we fucked, in a sluggish rhythm, lost in our incestuous desire. I became quite warm with the activity, the warming sun and being fully dressed. But, I wasn’t about to interrupt mom in her incestuous bliss.

In due course, mom’s erotic mind began to show in her movements and her breathing.

“When you fuck Mickey are you going to fuck her like this, right here where we’re fucking now?”

I knew that left to her own devices, mom would talk both of us into a frenzy of lust. But, I must admit I enjoyed being included occasionally.

“Would you like that?” I whispered in her ear. “Her skinny ass riding on my cock? We’d have to be careful. It’s risky, shooting my cum in her tight little pussy.”

“Yes! Yes!” She moaned. “Tell me. Tell me more.”

“That little blonde haired snatch of hers.” I continued, beginning to excite myself. “I’ll fuck her snatch like it’s never been fucked before. I’ll make her yelp like a little pup. I’ll stick it in her so deep I’ll touch her belly button with the tip of my cock.”

“Just like your fucking me now!” Mom exclaimed. “Fuck my tight little snatch, baby. Fuck your mama’s tight little snatch.

Mom was pounding on my cock now. With her frantic rhythm, she had withdrawn my cock twice now, causing us to scramble to get back in her.

“Put it back in!” She cried. “Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” And then picked up where she had left all. ” My snatch is safe. You can cum in mother’s snatch.

“You want your boy’s cum in your tight little cunt?” I taunted, with a swift jab upwards.

“YES! YES! YOU MOTHER-FUCKER!” She shouted, as the orgasm seized her, seemingly from out of nowhere. “FUCK MY CUNT!”

My orgasm followed closely behind hers, spurred no doubt by her explicit shouts. She collapsed on me, hugging my head tightly. I reciprocated by pulling her tightly against me. I could feel her body tremble as she breathed through her mouth.

After long moments, she pulled from me. She avoided my gaze and acted as though she was embarrassed.

“You are so bad!” She said, keeping her eyes from meeting mine. “You are so naughty talking like that. You get me so rattled. All I wanted was a nice, long, slow fuck in the woods and then you go and made me cum in less than 30 minutes. Bad, bad, bad.”

“Hey! You started it.” I retaliated.

That evening in the motel she got her extended fuck. We rented the two-bed room, had dinner in a nearby restaurant, showered together and then fucked for nearly 2 hours. I brought her near orgasm repeatedly, only to slow down, bringing her down. With her totally exhausted, I ate her pussy to orgasm, mounted her, fucked her intensely, but quickly, to my own orgasm and then we snuggled until we fell asleep.

Chapter 5 coming soon.

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