Mom and Her New Boyfriend Ch. 02

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Hope you liked the previous story called ‘My Mom’s new Boyfriend’; this is the follow up-story. There is no need to read the first MMBB story as everything relevant is explained at the start of this story, it is recommended that you read the first part though, because you (the reader) would have a better understanding of what’s going on.

As before, think of Ziyi Zhang in the role of the mother since the character is based on her, thanks for the feedback and enjoy.


Hi, my name is Charles. To quickly recap what has gone on, my mom (her name is Cynthia) was dating this man named Joseph. I had no problem with that; in fact the interracial aspect of it was a bit of a turn-on for me (Mom being Chinese and Joseph being white.) Ever since moving as a child from Beijing to American, I remembered my mom as frigid and cold, after meeting Joseph and becoming his fiancée, she became a lot happier.

After a year of dating, Joseph moved in with us, then things started to get weird. Joseph would grab my mom’s ass in front of me, show me lingerie he brought for her and have sex with my mom in the shower. I knew this was not normal family behaviour, and I haven’t even mentioned the apex yet.

I saw my mom and Joseph have full-on sex, Joseph sometimes left the bedroom door open, just a little for ‘air’, but the real reason I think was to let me sneak a peek at what was going on. As loving a couple they were in public, they were so very different in the bedroom.

My mom was treated like Joseph’s personal fuck toy; he rough-fucked her in the bedroom. Welts on her ass were visible when bare and the dirty talk in the bedroom boarded on the abusive. Joseph had his way with my mother, that’s for sure.

I for one loved the set-up of loving and caring couple in public and dirty dominator and slave relationship in the bedroom. Also, as mean as Joseph was in the bedroom, he was as nice as a guy could be.

Joseph had taken to calling me ‘son’ at that point; I would have started calling him dad if I was, like, 12 years old. I had seen fleeting glimpses in the bedroom but nothing as solid as that pervious experience.

Two months had passed since I saw Joseph and my mom full-on fucking in the bedroom.

A month before the wedding, Joseph decided that we, as a family, would go to his vacation home. This vacation home was located near a beach in a private gated-area that the rich were only allowed in. Joseph said it was his family’s private beach area, I didn’t really get what he meant by that.

It was the day before the trip; I was packing my stuff and was walking by my mom and Joseph’s bedroom. I overheard them talking…

“Not that one,” he said in a firm tone.

“Would this one umm be not right?” asked my mom in her usual quiet accented voice.

“Well, you see, the one you picked is sort of out-of-style. The one I picked, suits you so much better,” Joseph made some shuffling sounds, “Ah, this one!”

“Oh, don’t you think this show too much?”

“That’s how these places are,” Said Joseph, “it’s what you’re meant to wear, and don’t tell me you won’t look good in that.”

There was a brief pause before my mom responded, “I’ll do it for you,” She said sounding slightly concerned.


We got to the beach house at around midday. Mom was wearing this sexy floral summer dress, she was sitting up front güvenilir bahis in the car and I kept taking peeks of her sexy legs.

This private area had a holiday home located near some hills and a beach down below. That place was weirdly empty; it was odd that such a large area had so few people.

It was a hot summer’s day, me and Joseph decided to go right to the beach when arriving, Mom went to the vacation home to put her bikini on.

Me and Joseph were lying down on the sand, we had some towels on the sandy floor and a massive umbrella protecting us from the sun; it was a hot day for sure.

I was wearing shorts that were baggy enough so that Mom and Joseph would not see the potential hard-on’s I could have gotten from seeing some fine ladies (including Mom) in their bikinis.

“She is going to look so good, son,” Said Joseph, “The one I picked out is just so hot.”

Me and Joseph had not talked about what happened in the bedroom between him and mom, the possibility that he let me watch was never brought up either. Even so, he would still openly make comments about my mom’s hotness. I would just nod politely to whatever he said.

After around ten minutes or so, we saw a woman walk towards us. As she got closer, I could tell who it was, it was Mom. She had this super-sexy black bikini-top on.

The bikini-top looked like two black triangles tied together by string, the bikini-top fitted very snugly on her. The top perfectly accentuated her tight tits. Underneath, she had on a white sarong.

She stood near us, she looked to be blushing. Joseph nudged along so that she could sit next to him; Joseph had a big smile on his face. Mom sat down next to Joseph.

Joseph went in close to whisper to my mom, “Come on baby, the beach houses are far away now and this beach is almost empty, you can take it off.”

I heard what he said, Mom looked quite unsure. She looked around and then nervously untied her sarong. I took a quick peek over and saw Mom’s sexy legs, creamy skin and skimpy bikini-bottom. I tried to take a peek at Mom’s ass but since she was lying down, I could not see it from that angle.

After a few more minutes of relaxing, Joseph asked Mom to go do something, “Can you go over near the ocean; I’ll be there in a second.”

After he said that, my mom stood up and I saw her ass up-close. Slowly and with the sun coming down, I saw that Mom did not just have normal bikini-bottoms on, she was wearing a thong!

The thong line seemed to be made of dental floss; I could see her whole ass. Her ass looked so sexy and creamy soft, I wanted to just grab it right there. I saw some faint red-lines on her ass; those were the welts I mentioned earlier.

My mom turned her head to me and Joseph and flashed us an embarrassed smile, Joseph smiled confidently back at her, while my eyes were fixated on her ass. Joseph nudged me playfully to get me out of my trance.

“I know she’s your mother,” Joseph said in a hushed tone, “but damn!” He stared to laugh to himself, “how do you keep it down,” he said with a snigger.

“I try to keep it down,” I said half-jokingly.

After my mom walked off towards the ocean area, Joseph told me something, “You see that rock over there, why don’t you go check it out. I think it has some interesting things on it.”

Joseph looked serious; I went over to the large rock. türkçe bahis It was an odd request, but odd seemed normal by then.

I got to the rock that Joseph pointed out, it was bigger then I thought. When I went behind it, I could see Mom.

At that angle I could see my mom walking on the beach, she was looking really hot, with her ass all out like that. Since it was a private beach, there were not too many guys to leer at her; those that did were mostly surprised at an Asian woman showing so much skin on the beach.

I was close enough to hear anyone speak but in a spot where no one could spot me. Below from where I was standing, I could hear the conversation of a married couple, they both seemed to be in their mid-40’s. They were talking about my mom and Joseph.

“Now would you look at that,” said the woman, “that Asian mother is wearing a thong for goodness sake! I just saw her son walk off in shame, I tell you he ran off in shame I say. And look at her, with a man which is so obviously not the kid’s father, well I tell you she is just a no-good hussy.”

“Well I don’t know about that, dear,” said the woman’s husband, “you know a woman like that…oh um…” He kept losing his train of thought when he spoke, “You know, nothing wrong with an interracial marriage, if I knew women like that would look so like that, I well…nothing wrong going on there…”

His wife slapped him on the shoulder, “oh, you not going to snap out this are you? Well you keep looking at her butt, I’m out of here!” His wife stormed off and her husband followed shortly after.

A couple minutes later, a man approached my mom. He was in some tiny black Speedo’s, was a big ripped guy, had short blond hair, was tanned, and spoke in a southern accent.

“Hello pretty lady,” he said.

My mom gave him a nervous smile; she gave a meek, “Hello,” in reply.

He looked her over from top to bottom, not hiding his intentions. He rubbed his chin and said, “Don’t see much of your kind of sexy round these parts.”

“Please, I have man already.” my mom replied, she looked really nervous. She was looking away from the man

Just then, Joseph hit the scene and loudly said, “Come on dear, he’s just being polite.”

The man was standing beside my mom; Joseph slapped him on the shoulder as a way of saying hello.

“Hi Larry, how you doing?” said Joseph in a welcoming voice.

“Better now I met your fine lady here.” After Larry said that, he gently put his hand on one of my mom’s ass cheeks. Mom jumped a little when he did that, Joseph shot her a look which told her to take it.

While Larry and Joseph spoke, Larry felt up my mom’s ass, softly at first. When Larry got more confident, he started digging his fingers into that toned sexy butt. I didn’t listen to what they were saying, just rubbing myself as my mom had her ass felt-up.

“Well I got a meeting tomorrow,” said Larry, “see you.”

Before Larry left, he shook Joseph’s hand and gave my mom a really dirty long kiss on the cheek. My mom kept the smile on the whole time. I watched Larry walk off into the distance in; as he was walking, someone stopped him and asked for an autograph, the guy asking for the autograph looked to be in his 20’s

As soon as Larry was gone, I went up to the guy who asked for the autograph.

“Hey who was that?”

“You don’t know?” he said with a surprised güvenilir bahis siteleri expression, “That was Larry Bucko, world-famous porn star. His whole deal is fucking moms; he was touching up that tasty Asian mom over there. Hey, are you her son!?”

“Her?” I said, “I wish.”

I went back to my rock, full of thoughts. One immediate question I had: why was Joseph introducing my mom to porn stars?

When I went back, I saw that once again they were the happy couple, despite her fiancé letting another man touch her up. He had his arms around her as they were both standing and looking out to the sea.

He kissed her cheek and neck a couple times before he said, “Son’s gone, and it’s just me and you on this beach.”

Joseph put his right hand near my mom’s pussy and started to rub, my mom showed little resistance. He put his left hand on her stomach and slowly grinded his cock on her bare ass cheeks. He looked around, shoved his fingers into her pussy and started to rub her tits.

I looked to the corner and saw my mom’s orgasmic face; it showed both pain and pleasure. Joseph was forcing her to be publicly fucked on the beach and she was taking it like the slave she was. My cock, at that point, was as hard as the rock I was leaning on as I rubbed myself.

He gave her some rough kisses on the neck as he talked dirty, saying, “Bitch you like it? Fucking little cock magnet being touched up by my friends, next time bitch take it with out hesitation, you horny lil bitch.”

You would think my mom would be stunned by these comments, she was not. As she got fucked, I heard her say, “Yes, yes anything for you.”

Joseph kept going harder and harder while Mom moaned. Mom’s orgasmic moans matched the ocean current; the waves would smash into the wall as Mom moaned and groaned in delight. Mom’s vagina was exposed as Joseph finger-fucked her.

Josepha drove his fingers in really fast and hard till he made my mom squirt right into the ocean. After climaxing, they both breathed heavily and sat down next to the ocean. Joseph whispered things into my mom’s ear as she sat quietly and listened.

After I cummed myself, I took a couple minutes to ready myself before I went back to the beach. When I was walking by, I saw my mom spot me coming, as soon as she saw me, she tried to frantically clean herself up.

I went up to them, they both stood up. It was obvious to anyone what my mom had just done, she was shaking ever-so-slightly, her thong was soaked, the cum could be seen dripping down her legs, her bikini bottoms were so loose that they exposed some of her vagina and one nipple was visible.

I pointed at her exposed nipple, she replied with a nervous laugh; I could sense that she had just been humiliated. It seemed like none of the other people on the beach saw them fornicating, if they did, they were quite about it.

“Yeah, were going back to the vacation home. Come on dear.” Joseph and Mom walked back to the vacation home, both were walking very gingerly.


A couple hours later, we were all at the vacation home getting ready for dinner. I walked by the master bedroom and overheard (snooped on) Joseph on the phone.

“Yes I know, bit frigid but perfect for what I have in mind…She will fit in very nicely, and before you ask, yes I know what Kelly’s opinion is on it all. She is just jealous; she’ll get over it…So how are things on your end…hmm…ok…yeah…oh that far already… ok…yeah….sure…ok…oh they coming down for the wedding? Now that will be interesting…ok talk to you soon, bye Denise.


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