Mom and Son in the Car Pt. 02

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I have received comments about Part 1 being short, unoriginal, or unbelievable. Part 2 is crazy and outrageous and definitely not believable. I don’t know if it will be very long either. I don’t think this is a story to satisfy the strict critics of the Literotica community. I hope everyone else enjoys this quick story though.

All characters are 18+


My mother shook me awake. My eyes opened to see daylight.

“Are we home?” I said, groggily.

“Nope. We’re staying here till the traffic subsides,” my dad said.

I checked my phone. It was 6pm. How bad was the traffic? I got out of the van. We were parked at a motel.

“Why are we here?”

“We’ll leave at night, son. That way, there will be less cars on the road. I swear these highways get more and more crowded every year,” My dad said.

My mother grabbed my by the arm and ran inside one of the rooms, pulling me with her. When we got inside, I noticed how clean this motel was. I was expecting some sort of dump with dilapidated furniture and cum stains on the wall. Instead, it looked like a moderately priced hotel. Not bad. There were 2 beds and a TV. The bathroom was nice and clean.

“How was the trip so far, babe?” my mom asked.

I felt my erection beginning to fill up.

“Did it feel good?” she asked.

All I could do was nod.

“Well, your father is going to sleep early so he can drive all night. That gives us HOURS of play time.” She put her arms around me and pulled me close, squishing her tits against my chest and my erection on her crotch. “Do you want mommy for hours?

She was driving me nuts. Again, all I could do was nod. She attempted to kiss me, but pulled away from me as my dad opened the door and walked in.

He let out a long yawn. “I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed honey. Wake me up at 4am.” He gave her a kiss and slapped her ass as they kissed. I felt a little jealous. He fell onto the bed and was snoring within minutes.

My mother flashed me an evil grin. My mother walked to the bathroom and motioned for me to follow her with her finger. I locked the door behind me and was now alone with my mother in the bathroom.

She took off her clothes slowly. She had no panties on, only a bra. She undid the clasp in the back and let the straps fall, holding the cups. She slowly lifted the bra up, bringing her big, soft tits with it. When she let go of her bra, her tits fell and I saw the sexiest boob drop I have ever seen. Her tits jiggled with her every move. Her areolae we’re the size of 50¢ coins. Her nipples hardened in the open air and looked like pencil erasers.

I took my shirt off. My mother went on her knees and pull my shorts and underwear off. She grabbed my 9 inch cock with both of her hands. It was exceptionally thick. She attempted to deep throat my penis. She managed to get half way down before gagging and pulling back.

“Your cock is so huge baby. Your father certainly can’t give me anything like this. I need you babe.”

Her words made my cock twitch. I put my hands on the back of her head and forced my cock into her mouth. Every time I pushed, I felt my head poke her throat. I felt my orgasm nearing, but I didn’t want this to end. I pulled my dick out and pulled my mother up to stand in front of me. Without hesitation, I pulled her face to mine and gave her a nice kiss. My lips mashed against hers. My tongue slid past hers as we invaded each other’s mouth. Her arms were around me, pulling me tight against her. My hands were mauling her juicy ass. The head of my cock was poking at her entrance. I took one of my hands from her ass and brought it to clit. I toyed with it as we kissed. I rolled her clit between my fingers, giving it little pinches and rubs. She squirmed and wriggled, but I held her close. I felt her tense up and her legs gave in. She would’ve fallen to the ground, but I caught bahis firmaları her. I pulled her up and held her like a child. Her head and arms were on my shoulders and here legs wrapped around my torso. I held her up with my hands on her ass. The tip of my penis was pointing at her pussy. I lowered her slowly, the tip of my cock opening up her lips. Her juices were leaking onto my dick, drenching it.

“Put it in me babe, slowly,” she said.

“Sorry mom.”

I let go of her ass briefly. I let her weight push her down onto my cock. My penis impaled her, penetrating her down to her deepest parts. My thick member stretched her in one second. If she wasn’t wet, she would have suffered painful damage. Instead, she slowly slid down my cock.

My hands were on her ass again. I pushed her against the wall and began fucking her.

Amidst her euphoria and lust, she was angry. “I TOLD YOU TO PUT IT IN SLO-“

I interrupted her yelling by kissing her again. Her tension and anger melted away. Her hands were now on my back. Her nails raked and clawed. I fucked her hard against the wall. Every thrust made a loud thud. I’m sure my dad heard. I let go of her and let her stand. I kept my cock inside her. I continued my thrusting.

I have seen this “standing missionary position on the internet. Good thing my mom let me try it on her. I stood there, humping her crotch. I felt my orgasm coming. This was going to be the largest orgasm ever. I kept pumping and pumping and then…

My father knocked on the door.

“Honey? Are you in there? I have to take a shit!”

“Fuck,” my mother whispered. “Hide in the shower.”

I walked into the shower and sat down. My mother closed the curtains and turned to the door.

“Give me a sec hun.”

“Why are you naked?” he asked. He took a big whiff and his face looked confused.

“I was… um… masturbating. I was masturbating.”

My father seemed to think that was normal. “That’s nice but can you masturbate on the bed I have to shit. Your son isn’t there. Where is he anyways?”

“He told me he was checking his stuff in the car. I’ll go masturbate now.” She grabbed my clothes and covered it with her own as she walked out. My father closed the door and didn’t even bother to turn on the fan. “Oh shit,” I thought.

He sat on the toilet and let out a wet fart. Damn that was fucking disgusting. My father was shitting and I was stuck in the shower, waiting for him to finish. He took 20 whole minutes just sitting. The smell that filled the bathroom was fucking disgusting. I looked down and saw my soft cock. I knew I needed to cum or else I would die of blue balls. Sadly, I would not be able to get hard if it smelled like shit in here.

After an eternity, my father walked out. I heard the springs on the bed and assumed he was sleeping when I heard him snore. I snuck out of the bathroom and grabbed my clothes. I went outside when I was clothed and cherished the fresh air. My mother was sitting down on a bench, enjoying the weather. I sat next to her.

“Mom. You can’t just have sex with me and not let me cum. I have to cum now or else I’ll die. Please!”

My mother put her finger up to my lips to silence me. I gave her finger a soft kiss.

“You’ll be fine. We’ll continue later. Let’s go get some food.”

She walked in to wake my father. The nearest McDonalds was a short walk away. When we got there, we got our food and sat down. The restaurant was empty. We sat in the corner. It was somewhat hidden.

“I need to take a piss.” My dad got up and went to the bathroom. Out of nowhere, my mom pulled my shorts down and grabbed my semi-erect penis out. The touch of her hand made my cock instantly jolt up. She bent over and took the hand into her mouth. She jerked and sucked me off at the same time.

“Mom. Were in public. What are you doing?” The panic in my kaçak iddaa whisper was audible.

She didn’t stop sucking. Fine with me. I really needed to cum. I knew I would not be able to last long because of the sex we had earlier. I put my hand on her head to speed her up. My cock began to have the sensation it always feels before I cum. My mother picked up the pace. Just then, the bathroom door opened and my father walked out. I pulled my mother’s head from my dick and her tooth scraped the top of my shaft. Ouch. I’m pretty sure my dad didn’t see.

I put my dick back into my shorts as my dad sat down. We finished our meal and walked back to the motel.

My mother walked in and went straight to her bed.

“I’m tired,” my mom said as she yawned.

My dad joined her in the bed and they were fast asleep. I really wanted to masturbate or something to finally release my load, but I was tired as well. I went to my bad and passed out.

My mother held shoulders and shook me. I got up from bed and stretched.

“Let’s go sleepyhead. Time for another car ride.” There was that same smile again. I watched her sexy ass as she walked out the door. I quickly followed.

It was 12pm. We were supposed to leave in the night so there would be less traffic, but we slept in. Now we were going to have to face even more traffic. I was looking forward to the extra time with my mother. My father was not looking forward to the drive.

At first, the drive on the freeway was pretty smooth. Then, cars started flooding in and we went from 60mph to 16. My mother was sleeping the whole time.

Since we were in the back and we were completely covered, she was wearing no clothes because it was hot in the back of the van. My cock was aching. I took off my clothes too and moved to my mother. I grabbed her tit and kissed her sleeping face. She woke up. Before she could say anything, I kissed her. My left hand was pinching her nipple and my right went down the play with her clit. Her legs were spread wide and her juices leaked onto the chair. Her hand found my cock and was slowly jerking it, my precum covering her fingers.

My mom let go and stood up. I stayed sitting down, jerking my dick. My mother put her feet to my sides and stood on top of me. She crouched down and planted her pussy on my face. I stuck my tongue out and fucked her pussy with it.

She tasted so good. She was leaking all over my face and my top lip was rubbing her clit. She was moaning now, no longer being quiet. She didn’t seem to care about my dad anymore.

“You guys ok back there?” my dad said.

Shit. He could hear mom. I stopped my tonguing, but my mom wouldn’t stop grinding on my face. I tried to pull her off but she grabbed by head and didn’t stop. She moaned ever louder. It was quite obvious now. Her orgasm came and she let out a loud scream.

“Oh fuck yeah!” My mother yelled.

She got down and put her ass up to my face. I gave it a slap and she sat on my lap. I pointed my cock at her pussy and she sat down on it. She slowly slid down my length and reached the bottom. Her ass moved in circles. She never went up and down. She just kept moving in circles. I reached my hand around and pinched her clit. She let out a loud moan. Then she got up and let my dick slip out.

I didn’t know what she was doing. She started grabbing the boxes in the middle seat and put them in the back. She grabbed my hand and we went to sit in the middle seats. I sat down and she went back to our doggy style position. This time, she went up and down throughout the entire length of my cock. Her ass made a loud slapping sound when it hit me. She was moaning really loud.

“Fuck me baby. Pump your big, thick cock in and out of my pussy. Fuck me so hard baby. Cum in my pussy and make me your wife. Give me a baby.” My mother’s words so completely out of nowhere. Was she out of kaçak bahis her mind?

My father turned his head and saw me fucking his wife. His jaw dropped and he turned to look back at the road. In the rearview mirror, I could see a tear fall down his face.

“I have been hearing things from you guys. I heard it on the first trip. I heard you guys in the bathroom. I saw you get up from below the table at McDonalds. Now I know my suspicions were correct. What is wrong with you woman?” My dad let another tear out.

“Oh shut the fuck up. I know you have sex with your secretary at work. Besides, your cock is nowhere near the size of your son.”

We were fucking the whole time. My dad slammed the brakes and swerved onto the shoulder. He got out and slammed the door. He walked away, never looking back. That was the last time I ever saw my dad.

My mother did not stop on me. I was stunned by the whole situation. I didn’t want my family to fall apart, but my mom was so hot. All my negative feelings washed away when she started twerking with my dick still inside her pussy. I reached for her tits and grabbed them. I squeezed her tits. I held her tits and used them to pull myself and thrust deeper into my mother. She then stopped moving.

“Let’s spice things up.” She put her shoes on and got outside. I put my shoes on and followed her out. She climbed onto the hood of the van and then to the roof. I followed her like a dog. She got on her hands and knees and looked back at me with that evil smile. I went straight to her and impaled her with my meat stick. I fucked her hard.

We were mother and son. Naked on top of a van. Cars drove past on the freeway. Trucks and other drivers honked as they past us. Some would cheer us on as they drove past. Some would reach into the back seat to cover their children’s eyes. Most people pulled their phones out to record.

Im not the exhibitionist type, but it was nice fucking my mother freely. I knew I would last long. I flipped my mother over so she could lay on her back. I spread her legs wide and went in between her. I forced my cock into her pussy and she wrapped her legs around me. Our lips met again and my tongue was probing as far as it could. I thrust in and out of my mother as fast and as hard as I could.

Everything leading up to this moment was going to contribute to my cum. The sex in the car. The sex in the bathroom. The blowjob at McDonalds. Fucking my mother in front of my dad. I knew I would not be able to last any longer. I gave 1 final push and my entire body stiffened. I felt the cum shoot straight out my dick. My cock twitched and jerk as rope after rope of cum covered the inside of my mother. My mother was cumming too. Her pussy convulsed and writhed in pleasure. It squeezed my dick and milked the semen out. I collapsed onto her. My dick was soft by now, but it still stayed inside her. We lay there, kissing each other lovingly.

“Do you actually want a baby, Mom?”

“As long as it’s from you. Now, I have one.”

She reached down and grabbed some cum from her pussy. She brought it to her mouth and sucked her finger clean.

“There’s a gallon of semen in my pussy, there’s no way I’m not getting pregnant.”

We climbed down and got into the van. I got in the driver’s seat and merged into the freeway. My mother took her ring and threw it out the window.

She out her hand on my face as I drove. “I love you baby.”

We drove home, naked. I pulled into the driveway. When I got out, my mother grabbed my cock and we ran inside. We had sex the whole night and the day after and we had sex almost everyday.

My parents eventually got divorced and my father married his secretary. My mother and I moved to a different country and our baby was born. We chose this country because incest was legal here. We lived the rest of our lives as a normal couple. I never thought this is what my future would be like. There’s nothing wrong with it though. It’s kind of wild, but I like it. I love my mother, I mean, my wife. I love out daughter too. Maybe one day, when she’s 18 we could…

Part 3?

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