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Big Dick

It all started when I did an absolutely stupid stunt. My buddies and I were four-wheeling one weekend in the backwoods. Of course there was beer to fuel the young macho males since it was my birthday bash.

We came to a deep wide ravine and the bitching about going around started. Then, suddenly, the challenge. “Bet ya can’t jump it.” I looked at it and thought, ‘Bet, I can.’

I backed off, lined up on it and to the cheers of my buddies, let ‘er rip. Launching into the air, I thought, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna do it.’ “Woo-Hoo!” I yelled.

BAM! I hit a limb. It hit me like a ball bat. (Broken jaw.) The four-wheeler continued across the ravine. I was sent tumbling toward the ravine wall.

I hit a third of the way down, head-first. (Cracked skull, broken neck with a total of eleven cracked vertebrae. Both shoulder ball sockets broken. Both clavicles broken.) I bounced away and continued down.

I hit again. (Right Ulna, four ribs and right femur broken.) Shooting sideways, I hit a two pointed rock with my chest and left side. (Sternum and three ribs broken.)

One more short bounce into a pile of leaves and stuff, caught me, and I slid the next hundred fifty feet to the bottom.

I know all this, cause one of my buddies had his camera out for the jump and he gave me the tape.

It took rescue a long time to get to me and I spent five weeks in the hospital before mom and dad took me home. I should have stayed in the hospital for better care. Insurance or not, the co-pays were eating my folks lunch. What happened at home, made everything worth it.

If I knew, a head of time, that I had to have that accident to get what happened at home, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

So, there I am, at home in my bed, helpless. My jaw is wired shut and will be for another week or so. They don’t want to take a chance on the hinge misaligning. Oh yeah, I forgot, I lost all my front teeth when I hit the limb so I got this piece of plastic with a hole in it there.

My head is tilted back and held so it can’t move by this contraption screwed to my head and wrapping around my neck. It is joined to a cast covering my upper body.

My arms stick straight out to the side, bent forward at the elbow and braced to the cast, somewhere below.

The cast goes all the way to my upper legs, leaving my genitals and asshole exposed. The cast goes to the knee on my right leg, but not the left.

You get the picture. I am helpless. Eighteen and helpless. I spent the night drugged.

The next afternoon, it started, innocently. Mom came in all cheerful. “Ready for your bath?”

‘Bath?’ I thought.

Mom started at my head, washing carefully around the brace and my sore jaw. She disappeared and I thought it was over. But, then, I felt her washing my feet. I don’t know why, but I thought about my cock and felt my balls move.

‘Oh, Shit! I can’t get a hardon! Not now! Not with mom washing me!’

As the warm washcloth moved slowly up my legs, I felt myself getting harder and harder. Concentrating not to, didn’t help.

When mom got to that forbidden area, she didn’t just grab it and wash. I felt the washcloth on my balls, then up my shaft, causing it to twitch. Then it felt like she used her forefinger and thumb to lightly grasp and pick my cock up to wash the rest. My cock throbbed again.

Finished, she covered me with a towel and pulled the sheet up. “All done. Back in a few.” She said as I heard her leave.

‘Oh Jesus. I got a hardon in front of mom. And, she touched it.’ That’s when old memories came back. I remembered it was mom I first jacked-off too.

I remembered the first time. I saw mom getting out of the tub. She was bent over, naked, her tits hanging down and swaying. I could see them again, with their big brown nipples, swaying back and forth.

It wasn’t mom that came back, but dad. He helped me to the bathroom to show me the ‘Piss Tube,’ as he called it. And a squeeze handle thing to pull my pants down and back up.

“Uh, yeah. Great dad, I don’t have any pants.”

“Your mother is getting you some big PJs. So all we gotta do is get you up and down. When you can get up, that is.”

“How about wiping my ass?”

“Shit! Hadn’t thought about that. Guess we’ll still have to. You can still piss by yourself and ya do that more than shit.”

‘Yeah, dad, I know. You just don’t wanna touch my cock.’ I thought, rolling my eyes. After a few more minutes, mom brought in my liquid meal. It was a lot different than the hospital crap. That stuff is just plain nasty. Mom brought in six glasses, all with different colored stuff.

“I tasted everything and I think it’s pretty good. I hope you like it.”

Talking with your jaw wired shut is a bitch. “It’s gotta be better than that hospital stuff.”

That meal was fuckin’ great. Mom had made the meal and prepared me a plate. She seasoned everything and then put it in the blender until it would go through a straw. I had steak, baked potato with sour cream, asparagus, cauliflower, biscuit (through a straw ain’t bahis firmaları good), and sweet potatoes. Why the hell can’t hospitals do that?

I couldn’t chew. But, I could get it in my mouth and roll it around with my tongue to actually taste it. That hospital crap was like wood pulp.

The third day, I got another bath. It was the same procedure as before. The only difference was taking the PJs on and off.

Once again, I got a hardon. I couldn’t help but think about mom jacking me off again. As soon as she started washing my face, I got hard.

This time when I came, something was different. I knew I was shooting like before, but nothing flew through the air.

After I came, I heard mom softly say, “Hmmmm, It’s still a mess. And, there’s so much of it.”

“Sorry, Mom.” I mumbled.

“That’s all right dear. Don’t worry about it.”

Mom cleaned me up, pulled my PJs on and quietly left.

I was loving it and wished I could participate freely. And, I was wanting it more than just bath time. Mom had a pattern going of bathing me every other day, so I was looking forward to her jacking me off again. The day came and went, with no bath. To say I was disappointed, is putting it mildly.

Dad did something for me though. He put a mirror, high up on the wall. It was angled so I could see the room. And he said he would try and rig up a TV for me to watch, because I couldn’t sit or stay upright very long.

The next day, mom came in and started doing her cleaning in my room. I watched her in the mirror. Something was different. She seemed nervous and kept looking at me, mostly my mid-section. She didn’t know about the mirror.

‘Did she just? Yeah, she is. She’s playing with her tits when she looks at me.’

Each time she looked at me she touched her tits and fingered her nipples. The longer she looked, the more she played with herself. When she left, she swung her hand out. Her fingertips touched the top of my foot and trailed lightly up and over my toes. It was ever so brief as she walked out.

‘Damn! Is she deliberately trying to excite me?’

A few minutes later, mom came back, carrying the wash basin. “Missed your bath yesterday. Sorry hon.”

“It’s alright, mom. Didn’t really need one.” ‘No, I didn’t need a bath. I needed jacked-off.’

“Well, the Dr. Gave me a schedule, so I’ll try and do better.”

“You’re doing great, mom. No complaints. Really.”

“Shhhh. No more talk. Relax and enjoy your bath.”

Mom’ touch was soft and I smelled lilacs. She had scented the water. When she moved down to wash my legs, I watched in the mirror. She never looked at the mirror, only glancing up over my cast and back at my mid-section.

Mom was touching herself as she did earlier. By the time she reached my calves, she had unbuttoned her dress. Constantly, looking up over my cast to make sure I couldn’t see her. When she reached my knees, she pulled a tit out.

‘Oh, Wow! Damn! It looks better than I remember!’

My cock jumped and got harder. I heard a low moan from mom. She exposed her other tit.

‘Son-of-a-bitch, they look good!’

My cock jumped again as mom paused to twist and pull her nipples. She continued up and I closed my eyes. I felt something touch the tip of my cock and opened my eyes just in time to see mom touching me. She looked over my cast again, before moving that finger to her lips. Her eyes closed and she had a wonderfully sensual look on her face as she sucked her finger. She was tasting me and loving it.

Mom washed my ass. When she finished, she ran her finger around my asshole and up to my balls. I twitched and moaned.

“That tickle, Dear?” But, before I could answer, she was already washing my balls. Finished with my balls, she put the washcloth in her right hand to do my cock. As she washed my cock with her right hand, she played with my balls with her left hand and licked her lips.

‘Jesus, I hope this means she’s going to give me a blowjob. I hope. I hope. I hope.’

Mom put the washcloth down and glanced over my cast, again. She gripped my cock so lightly, I could hardly feel it as her hand moved up and down. Another quick glance and mom lowered her head. Her tongue flicked out and licked the tip of my cock.

‘Oh Shit! C’mon mom, put it in your mouth. Please, please, put it in your mouth.’

Mom licked the underside of my cock. “OH, Mom.” I moaned through my teeth.

She didn’t stop. Her grip became tighter and she put the head of my cock in her mouth. If she hadn’t stood my cock straight up, I wouldn’t have seen it.

‘Holy Shit! My cock is in mom’ mouth. Y-YESSSS! Suck it, mom. Suck it.’

I hadn’t had a blowjob since last summer, when Laura broke up with me. She gave me a goodbye blowjob. Then I noticed mom’ free hand was unbuttoning the rest of her dress. I was hypnotized, watching each button pop free.

When she reached the last button, she spread her legs wide.

‘God yeah! Let me see that pussy.’

The button came free and mom threw the dress to the kaçak iddaa side. ‘Mom shaves!’ I couldn’t believe my mom shaved her pussy. Actually, I could only see her mound and long clit sticking out, but there wasn’t any hair.

Mom’ hand trailed down her thigh to her pussy and she began rubbing herself. The speed of her hand on my cock matched the hand rubbing her pussy. Then more of my cock went into her mouth. And more. And more. Until over half my cock disappeared into her mouth each time her head went down.

It didn’t take long, but eternity passed, before mom froze in place while shaking and letting out a deep moan. She began again, immediately going fast. I wasn’t going to last long. Hell, it felt too damn good.

I felt my balls tighten and instinctively flexed my ass. Excruciating pain shot up my back and down my right leg. Not even that could stop the cum racing up my cock. When the first blast shot into mom’ mouth, she began shaking as well.

Between the pain in my back and the ecstasy in my cock, I kind of blacked out. But, I could hear mom, gag, gurgle and gulp as I shot stream after stream into her mouth. When I could open my tear filled eyes, I saw mom shaking violently with my cock in her mouth. Her legs were clamped together on her hand and she had kinda fell back with her eyes closed.

Mom didn’t swallow all of it, there was cum on her fingers and the back of her hand. Her tongue came out licking around my cock-head. She opened her eyes and the look of lust on her face was one I’ll never forget.

Mom was looking straight at me in the mirror. Her face momentarily went blank. Slowly, she smiled sexily. Letting my cock from her mouth she licked her fingers and hand clean. She began stroking my cock again and smiling.

“Did you like what I did?”

“OH God, Yes.”

“And, what are you thinking.”

I didn’t answer because I couldn’t say I wanted to fuck her. She continued stroking and squeezing my rock hard cock.

Her voice was soft and wanton. “Are you so sick and depraved that you want to have sex with your own mother?”

“Yes.” I moaned.

“We will, but not now. Not until all this stuff comes off. In the meantime, you’ll just have to be satisfied with what I have done. Hmmmm, I could give us both a taste of what’s to come, by letting you inside me, briefly. Would you like that?”

I didn’t know what she was talking about. I just wanted to cum again.

“Huh? Uh, yeah, I guess.”

Mom dropped her dress to the floor and climbed up on the bed. She walked up, until she was standing under my arms.

“Like what you see?”

“Oh Yeah! You’re beautiful.”

Mom bent over causing her tits to hang down and sway.

“You’re just saying that to get in my pants.”

“Ah, you’re not wearing any.”

“Oh my! I’m not am I. I’m going to have to be more careful around you. You are a slick one. One of those boys my mother warned me about.”

With a giggle, mom stepped back and slowly squatted down. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times. Then she stood my cock up and rubbed it on her pussy.

Straightening up and looking in the mirror, she said, “Watch closely. You get to go back where you came from … just for a minute.”

Mom settled down and the warmth of her pussy surrounded my cock-head. I watched as my cock-head appeared and disappeared several times in her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Mom’ head went back as she moaned. “Whew! Ready to completely feel where you came from?”

“Yes. God YES!”

Mom looked at the mirror and let herself settle all the way down my cock.

“Dear Jesus!” She gasped.

Her weight caused excruciating pain in my hip and back. Causing me to scream through my teeth and pass out.

It was brief and when I opened my eyes, I heard, “ry Baby. Oh, God, I am so sorry!”

She was off of me faster than I could see and standing next to the bed, bent over with my cock in her mouth. One hand between my legs and one next to my side, she was doing pushups sucking my cock. My pain was forgotten as my balls churned to empty again.

It didn’t take long with mom doing a porn star routine sucking me. I erupted into her mouth. The volume wasn’t there since I already came once, but the pressure was and mom reacted to it. Not a single drop escaped, she got it all and softly sucked me until I softened.

Mom stood, smiled and moved toward my head. She stopped with a mischievous look and touched my hand with a tit. “Go ahead. I know you want to.”

I tried to feel her tits but there are only so many ways you can bend your wrist. Mom moved into an awkward position to give me a full frontal feel of her tits. After I felt both of them, she sat down and caressed my face before kissing me.

She raised slightly and whispered, “I Love You, Honey.” Kissed me again and left.

I didn’t know why mom was doing all of this and I really didn’t care. I loved it! I was going to find out, that Mom and Dad were hiding something from everybody. Something that was going to end up changing kaçak bahis my life forever.

After that fateful day, there was no pretense, mom would bathe me and suck me off. Sometimes, several times. She started out wearing sexy revealing outfits, on those days. My mom was a new woman.

The first freedom I got was the wire removed from my jaw. Man, that was great. I could eat again. Mom’ kisses were tongue teasing and now I could tongue back. But, mostly … mostly I wanted to taste her pussy.

I had to beg her to let me do it because she was afraid of my broken neck. She did do it for me, though. And it was fucking fantastic.

Mom straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth, so I could kiss and lick it. I’ve only ate three women, including mom. Her pussy was so creamy smooth and sweet tasting. Not tangy like the first one, or coarse and thick like the second.

She made sure she only moved her hips back and forth, not down. As I licked, kissed and sucked her delicious pussy. She moaned a lot. Especially when I nibbled and sucked her clit, or stuck my tongue inside. She almost pushed down, but caught herself and moved rapidly back and forth. When she came, her pussy dripped sweet nectar. Which I greedily sucked into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue before swallowing.

After that, the routine became mom sucking me off, sitting on my face, and sucking me off again. Still the damn restriction of the casts was maddening.

As it got close to time to start removing the casts, mom started walking around naked on bath day. It was driving me nuts. That and she started talking about having sex. How she couldn’t wait to feel my arms around her as I filled her.

The first thing to come off was the leg cast and part of my upper cast, to the arm braces. It stunk and had a thick layer of dead skin. Mom spent a lot of time cleaning the dead skin off without rubbing me raw. She fondled my cock and balls the entire time.

“Flex your butt.”


“Flex your butt. The doctor said you needed to exercise your hip. So, flex your butt.”

I did and of course it pushed my hips forward. A smile came across mom’ face.

“How long you think you can do that?” “I don’t know. It’s been months since I moved.”

“It sounds like you need some incentive.”

Mom stood, removed her panties and climbed on the bed to straddle me. She took my cock and rubbed her pussy with it and then just parted her pussylips with my cockhead.

With a huge smile, she softly said, “If you want in there, you gotta exercise.”

‘Hell Yes, I want in there!’ I started flexing my butt and moving my hips.

“You better slow down, Honey. The doctor said to start with five minutes and work up to fifteen.”

I knew she was right. I wouldn’t last five minutes as fast as I was moving. Not physically or sexually. I slowed down and still it was a strain. Damn, her pussy felt good. If hospitals used mom’ incentive method, guys would recover lots faster.

Closing her eyes and laying her head back, mom moaned several times. At three minutes, I was losing strength. Before four minutes, I was really slowing down.

Mom exposed her tits. “One more minute and you can suck on these.”

‘Fuckin A! I can do it!’ I gritted my teeth and pushed on. Mom cheated and didn’t tell me the time was up, because she was cuming. I was close and thought I could actually cum, when mom just stood up. I had almost reached eight minutes.

Mom shook and then came around to let me suck on her tits. After letting me suck each one while stroking my head, she pulled away.

Smiling, she bent and kissed me. “My turn to exercise.” She said and kissed me again.

Mom quickly straddled me on her knees and stuck my cock in her pussy. She began moving her pussy up and down my shaft. I tried to thrust in time with her, but had to quit. My back just couldn’t take it. So, I mostly stayed still and only thrust once in a while.

Several times, mom pushed down hard to grind her clit into my lower stomach at the base of my cock. Each time her cum flowed out over me.

Mom was panting, heavily and lustily moaned out, “Come on Baby, give it to me. Gimme your seed.” She was firmly pushing down on me as I felt her pussy get hotter. “C’mon baby. Do it. Breed mommy.”

That did it. My sack tightened and my cock throbbed as I shot streams into mom’ pussy. It was as intense as the first time she jacked me off and the first time she sucked me off. I wasn’t just cuming in mom’ pussy, I was going in there myself.

“Yessss. Yessss. That’s it.” Mom softly whispered as her pussy gripped my cock, trying to pull every last drop from my balls.

She stayed on me, with her eyes closed until I went completely soft. Then she eased off of me, sideways. Cupping her pussy with her hand, she left, without saying a word. It was more than ten minutes, before she came back

Mom cleaned me up and put my PJs on, then sat at my head and caressed my face.

“Was that alright, honey? What I did. Are you OK, with it?”

“Oh, Yeah, Mom. God, it was great. But. I thought you wanted to wait until this stuff came off.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you. And, when I saw you could do it. Well, I just couldn’t wait.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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