Mom , I: A True Story Ch. 3

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Unlike many, or perhaps most, stories you may read on the net which state that they are true, this one really is. Only names, locations and minor details have been changed to protect those involved.

* * * * *

A few hours later I woke up in the dark. Mom was sleeping on her side, her body leaning against mine. Instinctively I placed a hand on her hip and started caressing her tender skin. It was enough to get me another hard-on. I inserted a leg between hers and pushed my rod against her pussy. A quick thrust was enough to insert the whole knob into her crevice. At that moment Mom woke and immediately understood what was going on. With a wiggle of her crotch she worked my dick all the way inside her. We had a long and lazy sex session. I pumped my pole into her eager pussy making my mom cum several times until I released another load of hot cream into her pussy. I fell asleep with my dick was still inside her.

We woke late that morning and there were no regrets. Just the opposite, we kissed and caressed each other for a long time before Anne decided to take a shower.

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to shower with you,” I said and she happily agreed.

In the bathroom she sat on the commode. “Turn around, don’t look on me, I need to do something,” she said.

Of course I didn’t pay attention to her plea and when she saw that I was peeking at her

she smiled but didn’t say anything. When she got in the shower I took the soap from her hands and rubbed it over her body. My cock was, of course, as stiff as a board. I got in the shower with her.

“My God, aren’t you ever satisfied?” she said.

“It’s your fault. You’re such a sexy woman!” I answered. “If you weren’t so beautiful I wouldn’t be like this. I can’t help getting hard every time I look at you. You used to complain that no one noticed you, I bet pretty soon you will be wanting to be alone again.”

“No chance,” my mother said, “You can have me anytime you want.” We hugged and kissed each other under the warm water for a long time.

“Let’s go back to the bed,” she suggested. Under the covers again, it was good to dive my tongue into her warm slit, sucking and darting my tongue between her labia until she cried and begged to be fucked.

We spent the rest of the Sunday at home fucking as much as we could. The following week was the same. When my mom got home from work we petted and kissed each other which always led us to bed. Mom said that I during that week I must have filled her womb with a gallon of jism.

I took her to a mall and we bought her some jeans, the first she’d had in years. She was looking for a high priced brand name but I convinced her to buy slim fit, stone washed Levi’s. We also bought some white tee shirts and male-styled long sleeve button shirts. On Saturday morning we went to the supermarket with her wearing one of her new outfits. We met one of my mother’s friends who said she was delighted to see me helping Anne do her Saturday morning shopping. She said she would never be able to get her sons to do the same. I wondered what would she think if she knew what Mom and I had been doing in bed!

Back home I helped Mom put the shopping away. While she was standing in front of the sink chopping vegetables for lunch I stood behind her and hugged her around the waist.

“Let me take your jeans off, you’ll feel more comfortable,” I said. I knelt behind her unfastened the waistband and zip, then pulled them down and helped her step out of them. My face was a few inches from her butt, covered only by her small lacy white panties. Quickly, I lowered the panties down to the middle of her thighs.

“Hey, you said the jeans!” Mom protested. I placed my hands on the round globes of her ass but when I tried to separate them she clenched her buttocks.

I wondered if my mom didn’t like her bottom being played with. Up to that moment I had never made any attempt to play with her ass, except when my hands used to stroll over the cheeks in bed, but I had never tried to force my finger into her crevice. I stood up and took hold of her breasts.

“What’s wrong with me playing with your bottom?”

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” she replied. “I’ve just been to the toilet. Let’s have lunch and after I will take a shower.” I was pressing Mom against the counter rubbing my hard dick against her bare bottom. I opened the fly of my pants and pulled my prick out, pushing it between the succulent globes of my mother’s ass. To my delight, she swayed and pressed he bottom against me.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Yes….” She whispered.

“Do you know what I mean?”

“I think so…” she answered and smiled slyly. I took the knife from her hand and made her turn around. I put my arms round her waist and she put her arms around my neck. She looked into my eyes.

“After… lunch… shall we?”

“Shall we what?” I probed, wanting to be sure we were talking about the same thing.

“You want to do it in my bottom, don’t bahis firmaları you?” I hand slithered my hand down between her ass cheeks, my middle finger touching her butt hole and then with a gentle thrust I inserted it up to the first knuckle.

“Do you mean here?” I asked. Mom just nodded.

The lunch seemed to last forever. Eventually we started to collect the dishes and then the phone rang. It was her boss who needed her to help with some papers. I think we were both disappointed. I know I was. I spent the afternoon working on my car.

When I went back in the house I saw mom’s purse and briefcase over the sofa. I hadn’t seen her come home. The door of her bedroom was half opened and the room was in semi-darkness. Mom was sleeping naked on her belly on the bed. I stood still in the doorway just enjoying the sight of her lying there.

I never tired of looking at my mother’s body. It may not have been that of an eighteen year-old cheerleader or professional stripper, but it was magnificent in its maturity. Her hips, waist and shoulders were perfectly proportioned. Her buttocks were well-rounded and her legs long and shapely. Her smooth skin made her seem more like a thirty five year-old than my forty three year-old mother of three.

I sat down on the bed. On the nightstand there was brand new tube of Vaseline jelly still in its box. It was an unmistakable message from our lunchtime conversation, which had been interrupted by her boss. She woke up and looked at me with her deep green eyes. I leant over and kissed lightly her lips.

“How was it with your boss?”

“It was all right, I was back by five. I saw you were working on your car so I took a shower and waited for you.”

“Sorry, I thought you’d be longer at work.”

“I wasn’t expecting to be back home so soon.” Mom sat up in bed and put her arms around my neck.

“Let me have a quick shower, I’m stinking.”

“No, I like you this way, I love the smell of your body,” she said, pulling up my tee shirt. She then begun to kiss and lick my chest.

“Get undressed, we’ve already wasted too much time,” she whispered.

She didn’t need to ask me twice. I frantically removed my pants and underwear and held her in my arms.

After a few kisses I forced mom to turn around. She lay on her belly, her face buried between the pillows, her arms and the legs slightly apart. I gazed at her for sometime then placed my hand on her back. Mom’s skin was very smooth and fresh, almost like a teenager. I slid my finger over her spine, from the nape of her neck down to the beginning of the deep valley that separated the two full mounds of her bottom. I placed a hand on each side of her cheeks and opened the mounds, exposing mom’s anus. It was a round, protruding, slightly puckered hole covered by dark, almost purple skin. Between her anus and her pussy was darker skin covered by light and short fluffy hair. I couldn’t stand anymore. I dove my face in that adorable valley, my tongue darting to the puckered hole. Her body shuddered fiercely as if she’d had been whipped. I covered her anus with my mouth, sucking it and pushing my tongue in at the same time. She responded by raising the ass and forcing it against my face. I responded by sucking more strongly and Mom’s body stiffened. She was panting loudly. I repeated the caress several times until I felt breathless. I broke off and she remained with her face buried between her arms.

“Put it in me,” she panted, “lubricate it before you…” she indicated the tube of jelly. I placed a big glob of Vaseline on my finger and pushed it slowly into mom’s bumhole. Working carefully to stretch her sphincter, I moved in slow circular movements, her ass widening more and more as mom’ relaxed her sphincter. It was fascinating to watch the little hole that at the start was tightly wrapped around my finger then opened in such a way that an egg could be fitted in without any effort. I added more Vaseline to keep up a good lubrication. I played with mom’s bottom a long time, loving it, but the pressure in my cock was growing urgent so I lay over Mom and pointed the knob against the anal ring I’d been playing with and pressed gently against her bumhole. My cock slid easily inside her and my mom panted heavily.

“Is it OK?” I asked, concerned by the intensity of her panting.

“Oh yes! Don’t worry, go ahead, shoved it all the way in me then keep it in, I want to get used to your dick,” She said breathlessly. I paused, my prick deeply embedded in her bowels. This was something new, mom’s anus was very receptive after so many years of intense anal sex and also due the rectal massage I had given her. Even so, like any anus, it was very tight, the sphincter strongly squeezing my prick.

After some seconds with my dick shoved all the way in I suddenly felt a perceptible looseness of pressure over the shaft. It seemed that mom had relaxed and her rectum had got used to the intruder. Very slowly, I drew my cock back and then shoved it in again. With each kaçak iddaa movement I increased the speed and the strength of the stroke. I slid my hands under her chest and grasped her tits, gently squeezing them. Mom returned my pistoning in her ass by sensuously swaying her butt. She panted heavily and murmered words of encouragement, begging me to push harder into her backdoor.

Finally my aching balls gave me signs that they ready and couldn’t stand anymore and a continuous flow of jism was expelled from my prick deep into my mother’s bowels. I lay against her back exhausted, my dick deeply embedded in her butt. Her anal ring contracted, chewing on my dick till it was soft enough to withdraw from her anus. As good as being inside mom were the moments afterwards when we held each other in our arms, slowly kissing and caressing and exchanging words of love. In these moments that beautiful and mature woman was my sweet lover, my adorable girl friend, and my hot mistress, not my mother.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Yes! Was very good!”

“You really like it up in your butt, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, I get anal orgasms stronger than with my pussy.”

“Is it common to women to like anal sex?”

‘It’s hard to say, I have some friends that say they never had it and never will, others say that they do it because their husband likes it and if they don’t do it they’re going look for it elsewhere, And there is a group that openly says they like it. I always liked it, ever since the first time!”

“Do you mind telling me how it happened?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong in telling you. After what we’ve done what else could be wrong between us?”

I settled down beside mom, holding her in my arms, and she began.

“I was thirteen and dating a guy who was eighteen. You can imagine how proud I was to have caught the attention of an older boy. Our petting was getting heavier and heavier. He sucked my tits, which were pretty small at the time, and his hands were exploring under my skirt, his finger inside my panties and so on. I decided to stop him because my mother had advised me to keep my cherry at least until I was seventeen. On the other hand that guy was my first really serious boyfriend and I didn’t want lose him.

“One day after one of those terrific petting sessions he asked if he could put his dick between my thighs and cum. He complained that his balls were aching and he could barely walk. That was another thing that mom warned me not to do. She said it is very dangerous if someone ejaculates over your pussy you can easily get pregnant, even being a virgin. Instead I gave him a handjob. He was always pressing me and saying that he was going to look for another girlfriend who would wanted to please him, that I was too young for that and all that bullshit boys used on us. I told him for the hundredth time that I was a virgin and not planned to change my mind very soon so he told me there was a way we both could have pleasure without the risk of getting pregnant or taking my virginity. He said that we could do it through my backdoor. The subject wasn’t news to me, some of my schoolfriends had said they did it. But as usual others said that it was dangerous, that the anal ring would get loose and lose its elasticity, causing incontinence.

“To support their statement they told one of those lousy stories: a famous movie actress was addict to anal sex and the stretching of her ass got so bad that she needed to a colostomy to correct the problem! Once again I turned to my mother. Your grand mother was a very beautiful and sexy woman. One day when she was naked in her bedroom I came in to talk to her. After skirting round the issue I eventually said, ‘Mom, do you and daddy have anal sex?’ Mom laughed loudly and said yes, it was an important piece of their sexual activities and asked why I wanted to know. I explained the reason and my concerns. She relieved me by saying that she had being doing it for a long time without any problems.

“After mom’s advise I decided that I would at least have to give it a try so I’d know what it was like. The opportunity came very soon after. My boyfriend sprained his Achilles’ tendon during a soccer game and had to stay home for sometime. One afternoon I went to visit him when his parents were out . It was the first time I taken all my clothes for a boy. I played with his dick and then he asked me to turn around and show him my bottom. He was no more experienced than me, all he used to lubricate my rear opening was saliva. He spit in his hand and spread it over his prick. Unlike many people said, it didn’t hurt. At the start it was a strange feeling, as if I were trying to expel something from my rectum then just a series of stings when the anal muscles were stretched. It quickly subsided and I felt incredible pleasure which grew until I had an orgasm much more intense than the ones I had experienced by playing with my clitoris.

“But everything has its price. Saliva works well at the beginning but it is kaçak bahis quickly absorbed by the rectum walls. When the excitement was over I begun to feel a burning sensation in my rectum. After dinner I was feeling highly uncomfortable; not a pain, just a discomfort. So I learned the rule for good anal sex: it needs good lubrication. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not secrete any lubrication.

“From that day on I became an enthusiast ‘backdoor babe’. Of course my relationship with that boy didn’t last too long. And until I decided to give up my virginity, when I was nearly eighteen, I had anal sex with all of my boyfriends. I was so addicted to anal sex that during my first regular sex sessions I found it difficult to have an orgasm.”

We woke up late the following day. It was Sunday and a beautiful day so I decided to take mom to a nice place I knew where I taken some previous girlfriends to have fun. The first I did was to help mom to dress in a new way. I gave her one of my racing tee-shirts. She complained a little bit until she saw that the shirt was loose enough so her nipples didn’t show. Next piece were the shorts. She only had some old fashioned, golfing shorts which hung down almost to her knees.

I used scissors to remove the bottom part of the legs to make a pair of cutoffs. Mom had narrow hips and long legs so the cutoffs didn’t look inappropriate for her age. I gave her one of my baseball caps. Mom wore a hair quite long, about four inches below her shoulders, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail which looked pretty sexy. Flat, strapped sandals completed her outfit.

On the way, when I stopped by a convenience store to buy sandwiches and sodas mom decided to stay in the car, not daring to be seen in her new outfits.

The place we went to was about sixty miles away from home. It was a large, state-owned area that later became a state park. On the banks of a wide, snaking river, the whole area was covered by hundred year-old tall trees with low bushes that grew high enough for complete privacy. The spot I chose was a hard-to-find narrow path that zigzagged for almost half a mile from the main trail to the riverbank. I was afraid of having the sides of my car scratched by the tree branches!

At the end of the path there was a clear area with only room enough to turn the car around and spread a blanket. It was a sheltered spot, surrounded by scrub woods, with access only by the path or the river. One of my best buddies who had an old jeep had told me about this place. It was a sort of secret spot where we used to bring our girlfriends to have fun without the risk of being caught by the police. Even on the weekends there weren’t many people there. Of course at that time there was no parking lot, wooden tables or barbecue areas which now attract families.

Mom was amazed with the place, it was so quiet and secluded. We spread a blanket and sat enjoying the peace that this forgotten spot offered. The silence was broken only by the birds or the few old barges towed by tugboats lazily running up and down the river every half hour or so. We chatted about our plans for future weekends. Mom’s boss had a small log cabin in the mountains, some three hours drive from our place. He had offered it to her several times and we decided we’d try it. Of course, our talk was interspersed with kissing and fondling and after the lunch our petting became more intense. I raised mom tee-shirt and kissed and sucked her breasts.

“Let’s go to the car,” she suggested when I started opening the zipper of her cutoffs. That was a problem because the competition seats I’d fitted were fancy, but were not suited to a petting session and didn’t recline. We sat in the back, which was narrow, with only about a foot of space, not much room to do anything. I peeled off her tee-shirt and shorts, leaving mom wearing only her usual lacy white bikini panties. I opened my fly and pulled my dick out. Mom placed one hand over it and played for some time, stroking the shaft and squeezing it gently.

Holding the nape of her neck I gently pushed her head down into my crotch. She understood and took my swelling prick in her mouth. I had eaten mom’s pussy several times but that was the first time she had ever given me a blow-job. She was an expert in that activity too and I was soon feeling exquisite pleasure. My dick is not enormous, just seven inches, but most of my girlfriends had not been able to take it fully into their mouths. Mom, after licking and sucking the knob for some time lowering her head until she had me all the way in her mouth, her lips and nose brushing my pubic hair.

She pumped up and down on the head, at the same time stroking my shaft. It usually takes me a long time to cum, sometimes a blow-job is only a warm up that ends up with my prick buried deeply in a cunt. That time was different though. It didn’t take long before I started feeling my nuts raising up in my sack and then a strong flow of semen being squirted into mom’s mouth. When she felt the first burst she raised her head, keeping only the glans inside to avoid being choked by my semen. Eagerly she drank all my cum, not even a drop leaked out of her lips. When she finished my softening cock was clean and almost dry.

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