Mom, Merry Christmas Ch. 01

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I Love You Mom. I Want You Mother. I need you to have sex with me Mom.

This is your story, Seth. This is a story that I was retained to write for Seth as his Christmas gift to his mother, Mary. Merry Christmas Seth and Mary.

“Merry Christmas Mom, with love, from Seth.”

# # #

Author’s Note:

This is a true story that Seth asked me to write for him about what sexually and romantically transpired between him and his mother, Mary. This is his special and sexy Christmas gift to her. With him telling me what to write as if whispering all of the sexual details in my ear as I was writing, he wanted to surprise his mother by having me write their forbidden, sexual, love story. In exchanged for this story as her Christmas gift, her unexpected Christmas gift to him was her willingness to have consensual, incestuous sex with him.

This is not just another mother and son incestuous, sex story. This is more of a love story of two people coming together at a time when they needed one another the most. Who else can fill the physical, emotional, and sexual needs of her son than his mother? Who else can fill the physical, emotional, and sexual needs of his mother than her son? They’re not only fucking but they’re making love. Seth loves his mother physically, emotionally, and sexually, and Mary loves her son physically, emotionally, and sexually.

This story is not just about them having sex but it’s more about them making love. It’s more about them being lovingly and passionately intimate with one another. Many mother and son incest stories don’t even describe their characters. Some don’t even name their characters. Few mother and son stories give you the backstory as to why and how they came together to have forbidden sex.

Very few mother and son incestuous stories have plot, show tension, have character development, and even have dialog. All they show are asses, tits, pussies, and cocks. All that have is sex, sex, and more sex. Yet, we all know that there’s much more to a mother and son sexual relationship and a mother and son incest story than sex. Sometimes, why they’re having sex is just as importantly interesting as them stripping themselves naked to have sex with one another.

Many mother and son incestuous stories seldom show a mother making out with her son and French kissing him. In addition to fucking, instead of just showing a son fucking his mother fast and hard enough for her to have a sexual orgasm with his cock, this story shows a mother making slow, sweet love to her son. This story shows the intense love that a mother has for her son and the devoted love that a son has for his mother.

# # #

“I love you, Mom,” said Seth giving his mother a kiss on her lips while reaching his horny hand around her.

Taking sexual liberties with his mother’s nearly naked body, he lifted the back of Mary’s nightgown to feel her firm, round, and naked ass. He squeezed her ass, patted her ass, and even slapped his mother’s shapely, naked ass. Then, not allowing the opportunity to finger his mother’s pussy to pass him by, he slid a slow and a sexually experienced hand between her shapely legs to cup and finger her shaved pussy. Gentler and more loving with his sexual touches of his mother than other men she had been with, he wasn’t as aggressively forceful as his father was with his mother.

With her already breathing through her mouth, she quivered with sexual excitement in the way that he lovingly touched and sexually felt his mother’s beautiful body. Then, when he cupped her already wet cunt and slowly fingered her pussy, she swooned with the lustful anticipation of what she expected would happen next. She knew that her son would masturbate her in the way that she would gladly move to her knees and stroke him while sucking him.

Different than how she sucked other men; other men were much more aggressive than her son. They’d hold her head in place with a firm hand to the back of her head. Then, bordering on hurting her, they’d hump her mouth and fuck her face. As soon as they ejaculated in her mouth and all over her face, they were done. They’d turn over and fall asleep without addressing and taking care of her sexual wants, needs, and desires.

Her son took care of her sexual needs first. More lovingly romantic with her, Seth took care of his mother’s sexual wants and desires before she took care of his sexual wants and desires. Moreover, instead of having sex with her just one time in a night, giving her what she wanted and what she needed, he gave her multiple orgasms. He was ready to go two and three times in one night.

Unlike other men her age, Seth was more appreciative of cumming in his mother’s mouth. With her knowing her way around a stiff prick, Mary was quite the talented cocksucker. She sucked the fuck out of his dick. He loved his mother’s blowjobs, especially when she cupped his balls in the warmth of his motherly hand. He loved cumming in her mouth as much as he loved giving her cum baths and cumming all over her face and across her naked, C avcılar elit escort cup breasts.

“Suck my cock, Mom. I need you to blow me. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth. I need to cum all over your pretty face,” he said putting a gentle hand behind his mother’s pretty, red head. “Blow me Mom. Blow me,” he said gently and lovingly humping her beautiful mouth as if she was breakable.

Mary stroked her son while sucking him. She stroked him faster and stroked him harder while sucking him deeper. Clearly, she wanted to suck him as much as he wanted her to blow him. Clearly, she loved sucking her son as much as he loved his mother giving him head. Better than anyone else, she gave him the best blowjobs that he ever had in his life.

“Cum, Seth. Cum. Cum in Mommy’s mouth. I need to taste you. I need to swallow you,” she said stroking him faster and harder while sucking him deeper. “Cum, Seth. Cum.”

Clearly, with their loving relationship not just about incestuous sex, they were two people in romantic love, no matter if they were mother and son. Seth and Mary smiled lovingly at one another while passionately making out with one another and French kissing. After having hot sex for the first-time last night, no doubt, with them unable to control the sexual lust that they had, they’ll be having hot sex with one another again today and every day thereafter Christmas.

“I love you, Seth,” said Mary returning her son’s kiss with her kiss before hugging him while reaching her soft, motherly hand inside the front of his pajama bottoms to feel and fondle his naked prick.

# # #

It was snowing. With no cars driving by and no people and about, it was always so very quiet when it snowed. So very beautiful when the trees, the ground, the bushes, and the houses were decorated with snow, they’d be having a white Christmas this year.

Mary opened the shades and pulled by the curtains wide open to watch the snowfall. The only lights in the living room were from the Christmas tree. The glow of the colorful lights put them both in a romantic mood. Deafening silent the only sounds were Christmas carols playing over the radio. Burl Ives sang Frosty the Snowman, Nat King Cole sang Chestnuts Roasting Over and Open Fire, and Madonna sang Santa Baby.

Never knowing when and where Cupid’s arrow will strike, one never knows when or with whom the arrow will hit but sometimes love just happens. Something unplanned but that had surprisingly and unexpectedly happened, a horny son fell in love with his MILF of a mother. Something unplanned but that had unexpectedly happened, a lonely mother fell in love with her handsome son. Yet, with their romantic interlude so very forbidden, there are always lifelong consequences to a son having incestuous sex with his mother just as there are always lifelong consequences to a mother having incestuous sex with her son.

It all started early that morning when his mother caught him masturbating over her with his eyes closed. She unexpectedly opened his bedroom door without knocking. Clearly, by the sexually aroused look on her face, she was surprised to see her son stroking his erect, naked prick over the thought of her naked while having sex with her. Obviously, he was masturbating over her because he was holding her used panties while sniffing them as he stroked his engorged cock.

Something that any mother would have done, she didn’t do. Instead of immediately leaving his room and closing his bedroom door behind her, she stayed to watch him cum. With her so very horny and sexually frustrated, she couldn’t stop staring at her son’s big prick. Having never seen a man masturbating himself before, and even more sexually aroused that it was her son masturbating over her, Seth was the first man she ever watched playing with himself.

Different than how women masturbate a man; he was rougher with his cock. Determined to cum, he stroked himself harder. He stroked himself faster.

While continuing to watch her son masturbate, she lifted her short nightgown to her shoulders and fondled her big breasts while fingering her erect nipples. Then, too sexually aroused to control herself, not caring if her son saw her naked tits and/or her pussy, she held her nightgown in place. While he stroked himself faster and harder, with her pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples, she rubbed her clit faster and fingerfucked her pussy deeper. She was hoping to cum just as her son ejaculated his cum all over his stomach and his hand.

“Oh, Mom,” he mumbled as he ejaculated his cum all over himself. “Blow me, Mom. Suck my cock. I need to cum in your mouth.”

Then, when he opened his eyes, stunned to see his naked mother, he not only saw his mother his standing in his room watching him stroking his prick but also, he saw her naked tits, her erect nipples, and her naked pussy. An understatement, he was as shocked as he was sexually excited.

He couldn’t believe his mother had been standing in his room watching him masturbate avcılar escort himself. He couldn’t believe that his mother had been standing in his room watching him masturbate himself while she masturbated herself. He couldn’t believe he was seeing his mother’s naked tits and pussy.

‘I wonder if she heard me say that I wanted her to suck my cock,’ he thought while suddenly feeling embarrassed. ‘I wonder if she heard me say that I wanted to cum in her mouth,’ he thought while wondering if he had said what he sexually wanted her to hear loud enough.

# # #

Something he had never seen before; he couldn’t believe he saw his mother’s big, naked breasts and her erect nipples. Again, something he had never seen before, he couldn’t believe he saw his mother’s shaved, naked pussy. He didn’t understand why she would have shaved off her beautiful, bright, red pubic hair.

He couldn’t believe he had sexually aroused his mother enough for her to not only expose her naked pussy to him but also to finger her naked cunt while masturbating herself. Just as he couldn’t believe that he saw his mother masturbating herself, he couldn’t believe that he finally saw his mother naked. Ready to masturbate over his mother again, this time over seeing her naked and masturbating herself, never had he been as sexually excited as he was now.

She was so sexy and so shapely. For a 49-year-old woman, she had beautiful breasts that barely sagged at all. Now, that he saw his mother naked, if only for the sake of comparison, he’d love to see some of her friends and the mothers of some of his friends her age naked, too.

“Mom,” he said clearly embarrassed as he was sexually excited. He covered his naked prick with both of his hands. “What are you doing in here? Oh, my God. Please don’t look at my naked prick,” he said calling even more attention to his naked prick. “I’m so embarrassed.”

Lowering her nightgown in place and covering her nakedness, she laughed while giving him a sexy look and a naughty smile.

“Are those my panties,” she asked with a dirty laugh and a sexy look? “I was enthralled watching you masturbating yourself while holding and sniffing my soiled panties. Tell me. Is this what you normally do to sexually gratify yourself? You masturbate over your mother while holding and sniffing my panties?”

Then, continuing to interrogate her son, while looking at him with sexual lust and horniness she asked him the loaded question.

“Is this what you want? You want to have sex with your mother? You want to sniff and finger my pussy in the way that you’re stiffing my panties?”

He looked at her as if he was going to be sick.

“Sorry, Mom. I’m so sorry,” said Seth. “I don’t know what came over me. I’m just so horny and so very sexually frustrated. Then, every time you flash me your panties, your naked pussy, your bra and long, sexy line of cleavage, or your naked breasts, you make me so hard that I need to masturbate. Unable to control my sexual lust for you, I need to masturbate over you and all that you’re showing me of your beautiful body,” he said.

# # #

That night, there was an uncomfortable silence. His mother had caught him masturbating over her while sniffing her panties. He felt embarrassed. He felt juvenile. Yet, not all on him. With her no better than him, he had caught her with her nightgown raised to her shoulders while she fondled her naked breasts, fingered her nipples, and masturbated her naked pussy.

In their effort to ease the sexual tension, they went downstairs and opened a bottle of wine. After some wine and some honest and sexually probing conversation, no surprise there, now that their sexual attraction for one another was out in the open, mother and son came together to have passionate and loving, consensual, incestuous sex. Just as their plan wasn’t to have sex with one another, even though they did, their plan wasn’t to fall in romantic love with one another either, even though they did.

As if it was meant to be, it just happened. Yet, with them both so very horny, sexually frustrated, and needy, they should have surmised that them having a sexual relationship would have inevitably happened. No going back now, unable erase them having sex from the memories, not a one-time thing, they should have surmised that this was the start of a forbidden, sexual relationship between mother and son.

Something unplanned but that had unexpectedly happened, a sexually frustrated mother fell in love with her son. Something unplanned but that had just unexpectedly happened, a vulnerable son romantically fell in love with his MILF of a mother. Something unplanned but that had unexpectedly happened, mother and son had forbidden sex. They had passionate, incestuous sex.

This is their true and unedited story as told to me by Seth how it all began and unexpectedly happened.

# # #

Unlike my horny and perverted friends who always talked about wishing they could see their mothers topless and/or naked, I never sexually avcılar eve gelen escort lusted over my mother, Mary, in that sexually perverted way. Not once and not ever did I imagine wanting to see her topless and/or naked. Having more respect for her than that, she was my mother and not some whore that I picked up in a bar. Never having the thought of sexually abusing my mother, I was her devoted and loving son.

Finding the thought of having incestuous sex with my mother totally revolting, even though she was as beautiful as she was sexy and shapely, I never wanted to see my mother without her clothes. I never masturbated over imagining her naked and having sex with me. I never masturbated over my mother stroking my cock, sucking my cock, and fucking my cock.

Even though she was a real MILF, I never saw her in the sexual way that my friends saw her and in the way that they all saw their mothers. I never sexually lusted over their mothers in the way that they sexually lusted over my mother. I never imagined what it would be like to have sex with my mother or with their mothers. Moreover, I never masturbated over the disturbing thoughts of my mother and/or their mothers having sex with me.

“Eww. Gross,” I thought while imagining being naked and in bed with my naked mother. “That’s so sick. That’s so disgusting.”

I found the thought of us having sex immorally repulsive. I found it totally offensive to imagine my naked mother stroking me while sucking me before fucking me. Just as I couldn’t imagine cumming in her mouth, I couldn’t imagine cumming all over her face and/or in her pussy. As if she was the Virgin Mary put on Earth to help and guide me through my life, as if blessed by the Almighty God himself, my mother’s mouth and pussy were sacrosanct. They were sacred places that were never to be sexually violated by her son.

I couldn’t imagine a time when I’d want to see, feel, sexually touch, fondle, grope, and suck her big tits while fingering her erect nipples. Not a dream or sexual fantasy to me but a Hellish nightmare, I couldn’t imagine rubbing her clit and licking her pussy while fingerfucking my mother’s cunt. Unable to wrap my mind around it, I couldn’t even imagine making out with her while French kissing my mother as she made forbidden love to me.

“Gross. That’s so gross. You guys are crazy for wanting to have sex with your mothers. What’s wrong with all of you?” I looked at my friends as if they were insane. They looked back at me laughing as if I was the one who was sexually deranged and they were the normal ones. “There’s something mentally wrong with you all of you for wanting to have incestuous sex with your mothers. I’d never have sex with my mother,” I said to my friends. “I’d never want to see my mother naked.”

My friends laughed at me.

“You’re the one who’s crazy,” said my friend Bob. “If I had a mother who looked like your mother, I’d definitely throw her a bang.”

My friend, Jim, nodded his head in agreement.

“Your mother is the definition of a MILF. I can’t believe you haven’t already tapped her ass,” said Jim.

Eddie nodded his agreement with Jim.

“If Mary was my mother, I’d encourage her to go see a CFNM, clothe female and nude male naked strip tease. Then, when she came home drunk and horny, I’d have her suck my cock. I’d have her blow me in the way that she, no doubt, blew the strippers. I’d not only love to cum in your mother’s mouth but, I’d love to cum all over her face and across her naked tits,” said Eddie.

Angered now, I looked at him with rage.

“How dare you say that about my mother? What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with all of you? You are all such perverted assholes to even think of my mother having sex with me or with any of you. How dare you imagine my mother blowing you and you cumming in her mouth,” I said. “That’s my mother you’re talking about and not some whore. Maybe your mothers would suck your cocks and allow you to cum in their mouths, but my mother is not like that. She’s a lady.”

# # #

Truth be told, I was never sexually attracted to my mother. Something so sexually unappealing to me, I never understood why a son would want to have incestuous sex with his mother and why a mother would dare want to have forbidden sex with her son. With there so very many women in the world, why would a son sexually want his mother? With there so very many men in the world, why would a mother sexually want her son? It just didn’t make sense.

“All mothers are women,” said my friend, Vinnie. “I hate to ruin the image that you have of your mother but all women suck cocks. All women are cocksuckers. If she had enough to drink, even your mother would suck your cock, my cock, and all of our cocks,” he said with a loud and dirty laugh. “She’d not only suck our cocks, but she’d fuck us, too.”

Yet, at the time when we started our forbidden, sexual affair, inevitable for it to happen, my mother and I were lonely, weak, vulnerable, and looking for love. We were destined to sexually come together, especially after we had been drinking. When we not only physically needed one another but emotionally needed one another too, admittedly in hindsight now, sex with one another was our temporary band aid. Sex with one another was a temporary fix to help us to feel better and to enable us through bad times in our lives.

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