Mom Wants Son to Speak Up

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Gary never was the likeable one. He didn’t have many friends, but he never hurt anyone, he just wasn’t exactly the friendly type. His introverted behavior probably started with his mother’s second marriage. Molly married David when Gary graduated college. She kept it as a surprise for Gary, when he returned home, but Gary was disappointed that she married a guy without even letting him know. They had drifted apart in the past few months.

Gary was lying on the couch with his phone in his hands. That’s pretty much what he does these days. Molly’s husband goes for work at 8 in the morning. He reaches by about midnight. So, Gary almost never sees him.

“Can you keep that thing away for one minute?” Molly asked him while she was cleaning the shelves beside the couch.

“Why? I’m not harming anyone,” Gary replied with disinterest.

Molly looked at him and sighed. She knew he was unhappy about her wedding, but what could she do? She was lonely when he went to college. She needed someone to fulfill her needs. She could not invite him as he was busy with his exams.

Gary looked at his mother from behind his phone. She was wearing a t-shirt with a small skirt that extended up to her knees. She was average in size and very curvy compared to women her age. She had beautiful long black hair, with brown eyes, and a soft pair of red lips. Her thighs looked smooth and her hips swayed so hard, every time she walked. Molly knew she was the hottest in her town. Why else would she marry a guy 6 years younger than her?

Gary quickly opened his discord chat server. ‘Gary’s Hot Mom’ had two unseen messages. He saw his friends being thirsty for his mom:

Gary’s Hot Mom

Sam 4:42PM

Gary, when are you going to give another pic of your mom?

Robert (college) 4:50PM

Fuck, I’m so hard dude, send her pics

Gary 4:54PM

Yeah, calm your nerves, she’s near me. Wait

Gary carefully tilted his phone and snapped three pics of his mom. She looked hot in those. Gary never grew tired of seeing those curves. He felt a bulge in his shorts. He send the pics in the server and continued to watch her clean the shelves. When she raised her shoulders to clean the top cupboard, her boobs bounced. They were too heavy for her shirt.

Molly bend down to clean the bottom cupboards beside the couch. Gary instantly got a boner. He could see her white panties easily. Her ass looked huge for her waist, and her legs looked like it was dipped in milk. Gary quickly took a few more pics and sent them to his discord chat. He knew his friends was going to have a blast.

“Gary, I know what you’re doing,” Molly said with a tone of pity. She stood up and dropped the cleaning towel on the table. She was drenched in sweat and her t-shirt ataköy escort stuck to her body. Gary could see her nipples.

“What?” Gary’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“You’re purposefully avoiding me, because I married a guy without letting you know”

Gary was relieved. For a moment, he thought that his mother saw what he was doing. But he didn’t care for it much, he was at a point where he didn’t care about anything at all. But he was angry at his mother. Why else would he create a chat and share her pics with his friends?

“I’m not avoiding you, I’m just not in a good mood,” Gary said with a tone of disinterest, again.

“You are never in a good mood! You were happy before you left for college. Even during your college, you used to visit me. It was only after I married him you started behaving like this!!” Molly started raising her voice.

“Just leave me alone, please?” Gary continued scrolling his discord chat. Robert posted a video of him cumming to Molly’s picture. Gary smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” Molly raised her voice again. Even when shouting, Molly sounded sweet because of her cute voice.

“I’m just looking at my phone mom”

“Anything more important than your mother?”

Gary kept silent.

“Yeah, ignore me, like you ignored me after college,” Molly sat on the bigger couch opposite to his.

“I never ignored you, you went and married that guy. You ignored me!” Gary replied with haste. He had been meaning to tell her that since he graduated. Molly’s skirt was off her legs. He could see her thighs really well. He wished to see more of her.

“I needed someone Gary! I’m a woman, I have needs,” Molly said with no emotion at all.

“I can hear your needs being done at night; you don’t need to explain to me about that”

“Watch your mouth young man!”

“You tell me to speak up, so I spoke”

“So, what are you telling me? Shouldn’t I have someone? Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I don’t have one. And I certainly would tell you before I marry one”

“What do you want me to say Gary? I wanted to be fucked! I was lonely! Happy?”

“I’m not the happy one. You are. And probably your new husband”

Molly rose from the couch. She was determined to win the argument by any means.

“Well at least he gets to fuck a lady at night. He’s not a virgin like you,” Molly did not regret a word she said. She could see Gary losing his shit.

“How can you know that? I must have fucked a lot of girls in college, couldn’t I? So, screw you!”

“Yeah right, I wonder whether you can even move that thing,” Molly let out a pitiful sigh.

Gary had enough. He quickly stood up, rushed towards her and grabbed her.

“You want ataköy eve gelen escort to know whether I’m a man?” Gary grabbed her with both arms and kissed her. Her soft lips seemed to melt away in his mouth. He felt her body pressed against his and he played with her mouth till she ran out of breath. Molly broke free of his hold and panted a bit.

“If you think this makes you a man, I can only laugh at you son,” Molly was pissed at him

“Really?” Gary looked at her menacingly. He tore away her t-shirt and skirt in one move. She was standing there, in her white bra and panties, in front of her son. Yet she did not shy away. She still seemed pissed. Gary fondled through her arms and caressed her waist, teasing her slowly. He stopped and looked at her. She seemed nervous. He fondled her breasts ever so lightly and quickly pulled her towards him with his right hand. Her huge breasts were pushed against his chest and her thighs touching his dick. He kept his right hand on her back and started caressing her ass cheeks while his left hand pulled down her lower lips and brushed it.

“David knows how to handle me. You know nothing about big girls, son. Leave me now and avoid the embarrassment,” Molly obviously seemed provocative. Gary could feel her heart beating. Her body started to sweat. He knew what she was doing.

“Is it? Then I’ll tell you why I was pissed all this time. I wanted you. I wanted to be with you after college. I was going to tell you that, but you already married a guy by then. Now, it doesn’t matter anymore. So, I’m going to fuck you right now. I’m going to take my time and make you realize that your son knows how to please you.”

Molly seemed shocked. She never expected that from him. But yet, she smiled. She seemed happy. Is it because her son finally started talking to her? Or that his cock was pressing against her thighs?

Gary kissed her once again, this time passionately. Molly did not resist one bit. They both looked into each other’s eyes for a second. Then Gary whispered in her ears:

“You called me son all this time. Now I’m going to make you call me daddy”

He grabbed her legs from the floor and carried her in his arms. He took her to her bedroom and closed the door. He dropped her on the bed and removed his shirt and shorts. His cock popped out, hard and ready. Molly could not take her eyes off his cock. Gary grabbed his mom’s hair, took out the hair clip and let it loose. He then caressed it for a while Molly adored her son’s cock. He then quickly grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Molly tried to use her hands but Gary locked them behind her. He thrust his cock into her mouth. With every blow, Molly seemed to enjoy it. She seemed to ataköy grup yapan escort be eager for more, every time he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Gary made her lick his balls. She took the job to herself. She started licking the balls and slowly moved to his cock. She licked the top and quickly pushed her mouth onto his cock. She took it in until it bulged itself out inside her throat. Gary gave out a loud moan and came inside her mouth. While some of his cum were spilled in her face, Molly swallowed the rest of it.

“I want you; I want you inside me. Please son,” Molly begged.

Gary looked at his slutty mother in her bra and panties, with his cum all over her face. She was smiling. But Gary was not done yet. He took her bra off and sucked her breasts. Molly started moaning softly while looking at her son. She felt proud. Gary fondled her left breasts while biting on the right one. Molly gave out an even louder moan. He quickly turned her around and pulled down her panties. Her pussy was already a bit wet. Gary touched her pussy, very softly. He felt his mother shiver slightly. Gary caressed her ass and spanked her.

“I will make you beg for me every day. I will make you yearn for my cock every night,” Gary turned her around and spread her legs. He crawled towards her and pushed the tip of his cock on her pussy.

“Gary,” Molly closed her eyes and pulled the bed sheets towards her.

Gary pushed his cock deeper into her pussy. Molly moaned loudly. She could not supress the pleasure she felt. Gary silenced her with a strong kiss. He then continued thrusting her pussy with his cock.

“Yes! Gary I’m glad you did this,” Molly managed to complete the sentence while the bed was shaking. She could feel his warm cock inside her, thrusting into her every second, and she moaned a bit every time. Molly could not hold longer. She came on her son’s cock and let out a loud satisfying moan.

“Gary, don’t stop, you should cum in me,” Molly said with great exhaust.

Gary did not stop. He continued to fuck her. He put his middle finger inside her mouth and fucked her. He could feel his orgasm nearing. He quickly took his cock out and came all over her. Molly was covered with his cum. Gary moaned and fell on top of her.

“You won’t get my cum inside that soon,” Gary said to his mom while he caressed her face.

“Son, I have a confession. I wanted you too. I was surprised when you said you wanted to fuck me, but I was more than happy! I married him only because I thought you would never lie with me. I’m sorry,” Molly said to him with deep regret.

“It’s okay mom. I love you. As long as we can do this, we will be happy. Don’t let David know. He can never know. I promise I’ll never disappoint you again. Especially in bed,” Gary kissed her lips softly. Then he took his phone from his shorts and snapped three pictures of her quickly.

“What’s that for?” Molly inquired.

“Nothing, just something to remember this. Always,” Gary smiled. He looked at his phone:

Gary’s Hot Mom

Gary 7:23PM

You are going to love this boys.

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