Mommy’s Slave Son

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Debby was working up a helluva sweat, the 40-year-old short brunette with a thick middle and full, round ass dancing before the TV set as her favorite aerobics tape played. She had her hair pulled back in a curly ponytail and wore a tight T-shirt, her huge tits bouncing with the music, and tiny gray shorts over her incredibly muscular thighs, and short black socks and sneaks down below. It was the legs Deb was most proud of; she’d often get comments on their hardness, their muscularity, and she loved it. Her ex-husband did not, however, and they were divorced several years ago after Deb had taken to squeezing him too hard during their playful wrestling matches, and during sex later.

Jason, her 18-year-old slacker son, was on his way out the door, despite having been grounded by his mom for mouthing off. The scraggly teen walked by the room his mom was aerobicizing in and shook his head.

“Fucking muscular bitch,” he growled. “How you gonna get a man with those legs?”

Deb seethed. She was a strict disciplinarian but nothing seemed to work with her punk son. She rarely got physical with him, but today seemed the time to bring it on strong. She smiled and walked to the door, blocking his exit.

“You’re grounded, son of mine, so get your ass back to your room and clean it up,” she hissed, poking him in the chest; at 5-3, she was considerably smaller than his 6 feet, but she was thick, compact and hard, while he was tall, skinny and not at all strong.

“Fuck you, thunder thighs,” he growled. “I’m outta here.”

He reached for the door, and Deb snapped a strong hand over that wrist, smiling up at him: “I don’t think so, Jace.”

With that, she spun him around, slammed him face first into the door and twisted his arm high up his back for a painful hammerlock. He squealed in pain as Deb stood close to him, working the hold.

“Fucking bitch!” he squeaked, trying to free himself.

“You’ll pay for that,” she barked, punching the hold on harder.

She let him back away from the door and waltzed them into the living room. There she worked a headlock on him, her thick arm crushing his neck. She had him bent over and he fought her hard, but succeeded only in getting bulldogged to his hands and knees, Deb perched on his back, her short, thick legs wrapped around his sides squeezing hard as her muscular arm punished his head.

“Mom…stop…goddamit…” he wheezed, leaning on one hand now as he used the other to try pulling first her arm then her legs from him,without success. Deb stayed on him like a blanket, smiling as the sweat poured down her face and made the fabric of her tight T-shirt stick to her body.

“No way, son, you need to be taught a lesson,” she growled, biting his ear.

Deb rolled to her back, relinquishing the headlock and concentrating on her bodyscissors. Her thick thighs crushed Jason’s skinny midsection as she sat up behind him. He howled in pain and tried to pry loose his mom’s socked ankles, but she squeezed harder.

“Now, young man, do you apologize?” she said calmly. “Or do I REALLY show you what your mama’s legs can do?”

“Fuck….you…” Jason said, unwisely.

“Your call,” she said with a sigh.

She popped her legs open only to grab his long hair and pull him backwards, the back of his head slamming to her crotch and her meaty thighs mousetrapping shut on his ears for a vicious headscissors hold. Her big legs bulged around the bulk of Jason’s head sandwiched between them, thick creases of muscular separation down the sides, her jagged calves knotting in muscle above her socks as she crossed her feet. She leaned up on her elbows and looked down at his red face with satisfaction.

“Jason, I can hold you in this scissor hold all day if I choose, and believe me, I’ll be getting my exercise, by doing stuff like THIS!!!”

With that, she went into a violent, brutal snapping motion, drawing her locked feet up and then slamming them out hard, her big muscular thighs quivering like a keg of fleshy woman meat and then setting in hard steel as she pulverized her son’s screaming head over and over, for a solid minute. When she stopped, he was whimpering.

“Please…mom…no…no more…legs hurt…”

Deb bakırköy escort smiled. “No SHIT they hurt, why do you think your dad left? Anyway, I want an apology, and I want you to mean it, and I want you to know you’re grounded for two weeks now, not just one!”

Jason bucked on that one and he spat out a string of curses at his mother. She shook her head.

“Boys never learn,” she laughed to herself.

Just then the phone rang, inches away from Deb on a side table in the living room. She hunkered down the leg lock, forcing Jason to shut up. She answered it.

“Oh, hi, Bobby, no, Jason can’t come out today…actually, he’s grounded for two weeks, so it will be some time before he hangs out with you guys again,” Deb said calmly, thrusting her thighs on her son’s head to quiet him down. “But you can speak to him now if you’d like. He’s a little tied up, has a headache, actually, but here, let him tell you why!”

She held the phone down to her son’s red face. Jason refused to speak, even as he heard Bobby calling his name, sounding confused.

“Jason, say hello to Bobby, or I’ll pop you like a tick,” Debby hissed.

“Jace, what the fuck is doing, man, pop you like a tick?” Bobby asked. “What the fuck does that mean?”

“Forget it, man….can’t talk about it….shit, she’s a bitch, man, a fucking…OWWWW!!!

Debby cut him short with a pure, all-out scissor squeeze that almost fractured his skull. She pulled the phone back to her own ear as she squeezed.

“Bobby, Jason’s been a wise ass, really giving me a hard time, so I’ve got him now in a really hard headscissors,” she said. “Yes, scissors, my legs on his head. Right, I DO have big legs, Bobby, and believe me, they’re causing your friend no small amount of pain right now, so I’ll be hanging up. If you want to come over and try these thighs on for size yourself, so you’ll know…you don’t? I don’t blame you, young man. Talk to you later.”

She hung up and spun Jason around, his hurt, angry face in the vee of his mother’s crotch. She reattached her thighs and squeezed hard, pulling now on the back of his head, forcing his mouth and nose into the sweaty maw of her crotch.

“Mmmm, that feels nice, Jason…may as well get some use outta you!”

Jason was horrified as his mother used his face, grinding her thick hips up and down, rubbing her pussy through her short shorts against his mouth, nose, and teeth. He tried to beg her to stop but couldn’t speak. Her iron thighs grew tighter and tighter on his skull as she scissored him harder.

“Hope you got good lungs, son of mine, you’re gonna need ’em now!”

Debby unlocked her legs only to lay Jason on his back on the floor and rudely sit on his face, holding his arms down with her spread knees, lowering her wet crotch to his face. He saw it coming, a big moist spot showing through her shorts, and couldn’t stop her. She rode him hard, her hips hunching, her thick ass quivering as she used his mouth and nose, punching her pussy down hard on him, her hands on the floor above his head as she worked his face.

“Damn, Jason, this is soooooooo good…..been awhile since I’ve rode face like this…you like it, honey, you like Mommy on your face?” she teased. “S’matter, can’t talk? Well this oughta make it a little worse for ya!!”

She leaned up a bit to quickly peel off her short shorts, and to his horror Jason saw his mother’s dripping wet and very hairy cunny lower back down on his face. She spread the meaty lips and buried his mouth inside the sweaty mulch of her hunching cunt, pinning him flat again and riding him hard.

“Fuck, yeah, that’s it, that’s it……” she hissed, eyes closed, thick ass quivering, thighs flexing, pussy chewing his mouth and lips, punishing his nose, bending it flat in the hairy grip of her cunt.

She leaned forward on one hand and used the other to grab his head and pull it even harder into her pussy. Jason could barely breathe, grabbing lungsful of air from the furry grip of her cunt, his eyes wide open, terror-filled and crying at the shame and degradation of being forced to be his mother’s pussy toy. Her slightly distended belly brushed his forehead bakırköy eve gelen escort and buried his nose as she banged her tireless pussy back and forth on him and the whole package of gut and cunt threatened to kill him by suffocation.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice, baby, nice face you have for riding….how’s my pussy smell, little boy of mine, how’s momma’s hot, sweaty cunny smell?” she growled, thrusting her sex all over his face, sloshing, wet sounds filling the room as her big, moist pussy lips washed over his face like a furry sponge. “Is it all cheesy and nasty because Mommy was doing aerobics all morning? Hmm? How’s mommy’s cunny SMELL!!!”

She went wild now, throbbing hard on him, cumming hard, washing his face down in pussy juices, pulling back her cunt so her clit banged his chin then slamming forward to engulf his entire face with her open puss lips, like a giant, wet clam bathing his entire face, chin to forehead, back and forth she went, faster and faster until her cunt was a blur on his face, and even her open and dripping asshole was being smashed repeatedly against his mouth, chin, nose, lips, eyes, forehead. For a solid minute Debby came with such brutality it nearly knocked her son out. When she finally stopped and settled down to a slow grind, Jason was sobbing hysterically beneath her soaking wet cunt.

“You gonna listen to mommy from now on, Jason?” she said, sliding back to sit on his chest and look at his crying, sopping face.

“Y….yes….” he stammered.

“Yes, what? Say, ‘Yes, Mommy, I will obey you.’ Say it.”

“Yes, Mommy….I will…obey….you…” he continued.

“And ‘Yes, Mommy, you have the strongest thighs in the world, the tastiest pussy and the smelliest ass!”

“Fuck YOU!!!”

Jason bucked and bucked hard but succeeded only in making his mother slide back to sit on his crotch and lash out to take his neck in her socked, muscular calves. She lay back and let her calves chew at his face, vibrating them brutally hard, snapping his head back and forth as they crushed his neck, snapping her sneaks this way and that and nearly busting his neck.

“Oh, and make that ‘Mommy has the strongest CALVES in the world, too!’ SAY IT!!! SAY IT ALL!!!”

“Mommy…has the strongest…thighs…and calves….the tastiest pussy…” Jason said, staccato fashion as his mother’s calves rocketed his head back and forth.

“And smelliest ass….it SHOULD be smelly with all this exercise, but then again, you don’t know yet, DO YOU!!!”

Debby let go the calf tremors and quickly spun around to sit squarely on her son’s moaning face, up on her haunches, her thighs and calves squatting in bold muscular creases along the sides, her puckered asshole right at his nose. Before he could react, Deb sat down hard, taking her son’s long nose inside the sweaty and gripping ring of her shitchute.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she hissed, rotating a bit now, screwing her asshole with her son’s nose. “Smell it now, Jason, take a big whiff….”

Jason balked so Deb laid flat atop him and secured his head deep in the crushing hams of her muscular, round ass in a bruising reverse facescissors, putting on a squeeze so sudden and intense it took his breath away. She reached back, spread her fleshy mounds of butt meat and buried his face deep up it.

“Smell Mommy’s ass, Jason, now just smell Mommy’s ass and Mommy will let you go,” she growled.

Jason fought it but had to obey, taking a huge snort of his mother’s gamy rump, the flesh of his nostrils fluttering as the muscled walls of his mother’s crapper gripped it.

“How’s it smell?” she growled. “How’s Mommy’s asshole smell?”

“Awful…please, Mommy, don’t make me smell your asshole anymore,” Jason begged, sounding like he had a cold with his nose blocked up by his mother’s sweaty shitchute.

“OK, you don’t have to smell it anymore,” she laughed, letting go the scissors to sit up on his face, positioning his mouth at her sweaty rump. “Now lick it clean, get that tongue up your mother’s asshole and clean it. Nice and pointy, make your tongue…that’s it, inside you go…mmmmmmm, that’s a boy, Jace, eat Mommy’s shitchute, eat my asshole bakırköy grup yapan escort out, make Mommy’s ass nice and clean and wet…”

For five minutes, Jason endured what he thought was the ultimate humiliation, being forced to be an anal slave to his mother’s dirty, sweaty asshole. But then it got worse. As he hate her shit hole, she leaned forward and started mauling his cock through his baggy sweatpants. To his horror, his cock was already half hard and grew full under her handling.

“Mmmm, Jason, you were getting turned on by being mommy’s asshole slave, weren’t you?” Debby laughed, leaning down and mouthing his big cock through his pants. “Get nice and thick and big for mommy….get that cock hard, baby boy…”

Jason fought it but couldn’t resist his mother’s hot breath through his pants, her fingers knotting around the base of his big dick, crushing his nuts in the other. Debby was a moaning machine, mouthing her son’s meat in his pants, jacking it now as she did, stroking his cock by wrapping her hand around it through his sweats, jerking him off rapidly as she popped the giant knob into her mouth, still through his pants.

“Cummmmmmmmm…cummmmmm for Mommy…commmmmmm in Mommy’s hot mouth, you little slut!” she barked, punching down her asshole onto his mouth and sucking his tongue so far inside Jason thought she’d rip it out.

Then he came. He fought it, thought of other things, but the truth was his mother was giving him the blowjob of his life, right through his pants, and he was cumming. Debby squealed with delight, sucking his cock, feeling the cum fill his underwear under her hot mouth but sucking hard enough to draw some sweet teen sperm out of the clothe where she tasted and savored it before swallowing it. She used her hands to mash Jason’s cock in his pants, smearing his come all over himself and his shorts. She sat back up on his face and jiggled her thick ass that was still engulfing him.

“Kiss Mommy’s ass, Jason,” she said, leaning up.

He meekly obeyed and didn’t move as Debby climbed off his red, wet face She stood up and looked at the giant wet spot in his pants.

“Take your sweats off,” she said, sitting in a chair, diddling her clit as she watched.

Jason obeyed, and stood now in dark blue briefs, the entire front soaking wet.

“Remove that underwear,” she commanded.

Meekly, he obeyed, his long, thick cock not stiff now, but still hanging low against his skinny legs, a dollop of cum in the eye. He held his underwear in his hand, ashamed.

“Turn it inside out, let Mommy see the mess you made, the mess I suppose I’ll have to clean up on laundry day,” she sighed.

Jason obeyed, and showed her the inside of his shorts, a thick blanket of teen cream clinging to it.

“Jason, come here and hand that to me, carefully,” she said. “And sit down before me so I may scissor your head in Mommy’s thick thighs.”

Jason blindly obeyed now, fearful for his life, a totally broken teenager who was the unquestioning slave, sexually and otherwise, of his middle-aged, muscular mom. Debby fitted her chunky hard thighs on his ears, wrapping up her socked calves and gently squeezing him, harder and harder until he moaned.

“Jason, you will now clean the mess you made. Open your mouth and lick the sperm from your shorts,” she hissed, holding the soiled cloth before him.

He bucked, a last-minute attempt to be his own man again. Deb laughed and rescissored him, her thick thighs thickening even more,the sheer bulk of them dwarfing Jason’s scissored skull.

“Eat that cum,slave son of mine, eat your hot, nasty, dirty cum from your underwear!!” Deb barked.

Jason obeyed, shutting his eyes and opening his mouth so Debby could not-too-gently wipe the spew-covered cloth allover his mouth, scraping it into his lips, filling his cheeks, covering his tongue. When it was all inside, she made him open his mouth wide and stick out his tongue.

“Mmmmmm, Jason, you have a huge mouthful of hot boy cum, you know that?” she laughed, squeezing her scissors. “Think maybe I’ll have Bobby come over some time and give you som fresh from the source!! I think that boy might be gay anyway, or at least bi. I hope he’s bi, because from the size of those hands and feet of his, I’d say his dick is twice the size of yours!! Now fucking swallow that cum, Jason, swallow your own sperm, eat your cream!!”

And Jason obeyed, anxious to be done with it, hoping Debby would scissor him into sleep. But she did not. She was only warming him up for more…

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