Mom’s Bed Ch. 03

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“Looking good!” I cried as Lisa walked by my room in nothing but a towel.

“Thanks little brother,” my sister smiled, pausing at the door. She was blond and beautiful.

“Are you in a rush?” I asked, trying to sound innocent.

“Yes, so don’t even think about it!” she snapped, not buying it for a moment. She knew what I wanted. I grinned and shrugged. Lisa smiled at my reaction, shook her head and then added, “Truthfully, I wish I did have the time, but it’s my week to oversee the early morning workouts in the weight room.”

“Life of a gym teacher,” I teased.

“Tell me about it,” she sighed.

“Please!” I snorted. “You love your job.”

“It’s okay,” my sister replied.

“Come on,” I teased. “How does it feel to know that you’re every teenage boys’ fantasy?”

“What?” she asked.

“Lisa, you teach gym in high school,” I explained. “No only that, but you’re beautiful. You’re the hot gym teacher every boy thinks about late at night when he’s alone in his bed.”

“Oh joy,” my sister said sarcastically. “That’s a picture I could do without.” I couldn’t help it. I laughed.

“You love it!” I teased. She shook her head again and didn’t bother arguing.

“Brian, make sure to wake mom up on time,” my sister said, changing the subject. “She’s got her third interview today.”

“I know,” I smiled. “Did you see how nervous she was last night?”

“She has a right to be,” Lisa replied. “This job is perfect for her.”

“She deserves it,” I smiled. “I can’t believe how quickly it’s moving.”

“It was pretty cool when she got a call from her old company’s biggest competitor the Monday morning after she quit,” Lisa said.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “She’ll do fine.”

“Fine? Mom?” Lisa frowned. “She’ll do great!”

“True,” I laughed. “I just wish she didn’t have to fly across the country and spend three days at their corporate office.”

“Don’t worry little brother,” my sister smiled. “Mom will be home before you know it with a new job and a smile on her face. Besides, I’m still here. I’ll take care of you.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of!” I cried. “You can’t cook and your cleaning leaves something to be desired.”

“Jerk!” Lisa laughed.

“On the other hand, there are some things you do very well,” I said, smiling slowly.

“Not if you keep being so mean to me,” my sister said pointedly and moved past my doorway.

I smiled contently. It was only two weeks since mom quit her job and everything changed so drastically at home. We were all happier now. I wasn’t sure it could last and mom kept bringing up the fact that it couldn’t, but right now I was enjoying myself immensely.

I heard my sister leave the bathroom and go into her bedroom. She was done there surprisingly fast. Lisa was one of those morning people. Ugh!

“I’m leaving little brother,” she said as she stopped by my doorway on the way out. “Go wake mom up.”

“Can’t you do it?” I asked, far too comfortably to move.

“Yes,” she said. “But mom needs something to help relieve her anxiety about the interview and you’re it.”

“Are you crazy?” I laughed. “She’ll be wired! If I try and go near her…”

“That’s the point,” my sister interjected. “Do what you always do and don’t give her a choice. She’ll thank you afterward.”

“You could do it,” I offered hopefully.

“No I can’t,” my sister said. “First, I don’t have the time.”

“And second, you’re still not ready,” I sighed, reading her expression. “I get it.”

“The thought of mom and me together must really turn you on,” Lisa said, looking at me thoughtfully. “You bring it up all the time.”

“Hmm,” I said. “Let me think? My mother and sister in bed together. Two beautiful women driving each other crazy. Would that really turn me on? You bet!”

“Pervert!” my sister laughed.

“Takes one to know one!” I called as she disappeared down aksaray escort the hall. I heard her leave a few minutes later. “I guess I should wake mom.”

The trip to her room was short. I didn’t bother putting any clothes on. I opened the door and saw mom sleeping in her bed. The sight made me smile.

Instead of shaking mom awake, I climbed into bed next to her and pulled her into my arms. Mom didn’t wake up at first. She snuggled closer instead. I hugged her tight and then kissed her gently.

“Now that’s the way to wake up,” she moaned, returning my kiss.

“Only the beginning of it,” I replied, giving her another kiss before slipping under the covers.

“Brian, what are you doing?” she asked groggily. I ignored the question. The answer was obvious.

Mom slept in the nude these days as well. We all did. Frequently we ended up together on the weekends, but most weekdays we slept in our own beds because otherwise we’d all be too exhausted the next day.

“Brian stop!” my mother gasped when I buried my face between her legs. “I have to get ready. I don’t have the time!”

“Sure you do,” I disagreed, running my tongue up and down the length of her pussy.

“We shouldn’t!” she moaned, spreading her legs and giving me better access.

Mom tasted just as amazing as always. She had plenty of time before she needed to leave for her flight and I planned on making it memorable. It wasn’t long before my tongue was working her clit just the way I knew she liked it.

“Oh!” mom cried as her orgasm neared. “Brian, you’re tongue is so wicked!” I thrust two fingers inside of her in response.

“Come for me mom!” I demanded.

“No!” she cried, fighting the inevitable. A few moments later her orgasm took her. I licked and sucked until she was done.

She was smiling contently as I moved from under the covers to lie next to her. My lips were still damp with her juices, but mom didn’t hesitate in kissing me. She was obviously ready for more despite her orgasm.

Her hand found my cock and she stroked it, not that I needed the stimulation. I was already completely hard. On the other hand, it did feel really good. I enjoyed what mom was doing for a few moments before pulling her on top of me.

Mom’s gasp of surprise quickly turned into a moan when I took her hips in both hands and shifted her body until my cock was lined up with her pussy. She was still soaked. I pushed my cock up into her.

“This is new!” she cried, obviously enjoying the position as I held her hips steady and thrust into her a few times.

“It’s because you like to play hard to get,” I laughed. “I usually have to chase you and hold you down.” Mom looked at me. I thought she was going to pull off of me. I didn’t mind. I would just do exactly what I said and chase her down if she tried to get away.

“You’ve corrupted me!” mom whispered lustfully as she started slowly moving up and down.

“So you like having sex with your son now?” I teased.

“I’ve always liked it,” she answered in that same lust filled tone. “It’s just so wrong!” I reached up and cupped my mom’s full breasts.

“But that’s the part you love best, isn’t it?” I asked. My mom’s eyes met mine. Hers were lust filled, but there was something else there that I hadn’t seen before.

“Yes!” she admitted, squeezing down on my cock. “And that’s why I keep saying we have to stop. Brian, the last couple of weeks with you and your sister were completely wrong in so many ways, but the truth is that I’ve never been happier. I love you two with all my heart and the pleasure we share, sick and twisted as it is, is more than I could ever have hoped for, but it can’t last forever.”

“I don’t want to talk about that now,” I groaned. “Instead, why don’t you tell me how it feels to ride your son?” Mom looked down at me and bit her bottom lip.

She looked anal yapan escort ready to continue her argument, but I knew her body was on my side. It was mine and had been since our first night together. I thrust up into her with more strength and pinched both of her nipples gently. Mom gasped. I could feel her giving in slowly.

“Incredible!” she finally moaned, picking up the pace. She was now bouncing on my cock slowly.

“Focus on that and nothing else!” I demanded.

“Oh Brian!” mom gasped, her argument forgotten. “Your cock is so big! It fills me completely!”

I reached up and pulled her toward me. I kissed her passionately and then shifted her just enough for me to kiss her full tits.

“You like my breasts?” mom asked, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear me say it.

“They’re perfect!” I moaned.

Mom smiled and leaned forward, propping herself up with her arms and dangling them in my face. She swayed slowly, teasing me. I enjoyed it for a few moments, but could only take so much of that.

I knocked her arms out of the way and buried my face between her heavy breasts as her torso fell on me. I held onto my mother’s hips tighter and started thrusting up into her with short fierce strokes.

“Yes!” she cried as our bodies slapped against each other. It didn’t take long for mom’s orgasm to build. I rolled us around until I was on top and continued stroking in and out of her, only now my thrusts were much longer and deeper. Mom’s nails racked across my back.

“Try not to draw blood this time,” I groaned.

“It’s not like I do it on purpose!” she gasped.

I grabbed my mom’s hands and held them above her head, against the bed. She looked up at me and smiled. My mother’s expression was one of lust, but also contentment and trust. She was mine and that’s the way we both wanted it. I took her beauty in and shook my head.

I held her like that while I thrust in and out of her over and over again, getting faster as time went by. I watched her expression as her orgasm threatened. There was nothing more beautiful to me then the passion that filled my mother’s eyes at the moment of release.

“Tell me!” I growled, close to losing it. “Tell me what you want!”

“Don’t make me say it! I’m a good girl!” mom cried. I stopped stroking for a moment. “No! Don’t stop!”

“Tell me!” I demanded. She gave in quickly. I wasn’t surprised. I knew my mom wanted to tell me.

“I want to feel my son’s big cock buried inside of me!” she cried. “I want you to hold me down and fill me with cum!” I thrust deep into her pussy.

“Yes!” I grunted and came. My mother was right behind me. We shivered and shook through our mutual orgasm for quite some time.

“Thanks,” mom said with a sigh afterward. “I needed that.”

“Lisa thought you would,” I grinned, rolling off of my mother.

“Smart girl,” mom smiled.

“You want her, don’t you?” I asked. My mother didn’t quite lose her smile while she shrugged.

“I told you,” she said. “I’m a good girl.”

“It’s going to be that way is it?” I asked. My mother looked at my face.

“Brian! Don’t you dare,” she said. “I can’t miss my flight!”

“Then admit the truth,” I said. “Tell me how you really feel about Lisa. For a moment, forget about being a good girl and tell me what you want. It’s either that or I’ll make you.” Mom looked at the clock and then at my eyes. She knew me well enough to know I wasn’t joking.

“I love your sister,” mom said carefully. I reached for her, but she shifted away. “Okay! I want her! Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“Yes,” I smiled, relaxing and lying back.

“But that doesn’t mean it will happen,” my mother continued as she got out of bed. “She has to want it too. Besides, what we’re doing is almost over.”

“Over?” I asked in surprised concern.

“Brian, you atakent escort said until the mark you gave me disappeared,” my mother replied. “It’s almost gone.” Mom lifted her hair to show me her neck. The hickey was still there, but it was fading. The sight of it stunned me. Mom walked into her bathroom before I could say anything.

I heard the water turn on as I lay there. I sat and thought for a few minutes. I had told mom that she was mine until my mark was gone, but was I ready for it to end? Was she? I thought mom looked sad as she went into the bathroom. It didn’t take me long to decide what to do.

“Brian!” mom cried as I walked in on her. “What are you doing in here?”

I didn’t bother responding. I simply walked into the shower, spun her around and pushed her against the wall. I pulled mom’s hair into a ponytail and moved it out of the way.

“No!” mom cried when she realized what I was doing, but by that time it was too late. My lips were latched onto the back of her neck. She fought, but I held her tight as I kissed and sucked on her neck until the hickey was bright once more. I let her go then and she turned to face me.

“Mom, I don’t want this to end,” I said. “Not yet.”

“Oh Brian!” my mom cried. “You think I do? But…”

“I won’t let it end!” I interjected more strongly. “You’re mine until my mark fades. That was the deal.” Mom looked at me.

“You cheated,” she said, shaking her head.

“So?” I shrugged, pulled her body against mine and kissing her hungrily. Mom tried to talk, but I wouldn’t let her, no until after she started kissing me back.

“Brian!” mom moaned. “No son should have this kind of an effect on his mother!”

“You’re mine!” I said.

“For as long as the mark lasts,” she said between kisses. “That was the deal.”

“I knew you’d see it my way,” I smiled.

“Get out,” she said as she shook her head and laughed. “I really do need to be going soon.”

“You’d leave me like this?” I asked, motioning toward my hardening cock. “Excited and alone? What kind of mother are you?”

“The worst kind,” she said, but then dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth.

“You mean the best!” I groaned, taking her head with both hands and stroking my cock between her lips.

Mom locked eyes with me as I fucked her mouth. She never once looked away. It didn’t take long for me to cum. The sight of my mother watching me and swallowing as I spurted rope after rope of cum down her throat only made my orgasm last longer.

“Can I return the favor?” I asked, leaning against the shower wall to hold myself up. Mom started to stand and I reached out one hand and helped.

“When I get back,” she smiled. “We really don’t have the time. If I don’t get going right now I’ll miss my flight.”

“I’ll be waiting,” I promised.

“I know,” she said, shaking her head.

“Don’t worry,” I added with a grin. “While you’re gone, I’ll see what I can do about getting Lisa to be try more with you.”

“You my son, have a one track mind,” mom sighed.

“I wonder where I get it from?” I joked.

“Not me!” she cried. “I’m a good girl.”

“Sure you are,” I agreed easily, slapping her ass playfully and laughing as I left the shower.

“Young man,” my mother said sternly. “You and I have to talk about the correct way to treat a lady.”

“I’m willing to listen,” I replied as I dried myself. “But I’m reasonably certain you’ll miss your plane if you try and explain it right now.” My mother shook her head.

“Another time,” she said. She was fighting off a smile.

“I can’t wait,” I grinned.

Mom made it out of the house in plenty of time. The car the company sent to take her to the airport was only waiting a few minutes before she was ready.

“Good luck,” I said as I put her bags in the trunk. “Not that you’ll need it.”

“Thanks,” she said, getting into the car.

I waved as she drove off and smiled. I had just enough time for another couple of hours of sleep before I had to get up and get ready for class. I needed it. Mom had a way of totally exhausting me and thoughts of what might happen this weekend with my sister had me smiling in anticipation.

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