Mom’s Biggest Fan Ch. 02

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Olivia palmed the key in her hand as she headed back up the stairs. Now that she had finally rid herself of the sexual tension that built up the past two months, she realized what she had done. I just fucked my own daughter she thought in horror. Oh my god…..She opened the door with shaky fingers. Justine was fast asleep on the bed, still cuffed. Olivia let out a sigh of relief. That bought her some time to figure things out. She leaned over and unlocked the ankles first. Justine didn’t stir. Now the hard part. She unlocked first one wrist, then the other. Freed, her daughter rolled over onto her side and hugged the comforter, still asleep. That was a close one. She hurried downstairs.

Now you’ve really gotten yourself in it this time… Olivia thought to herself. She always loved to blow off steam after filming one of her movies, in the past she would go on a bender or find a woman or two to spend the night with. But the location of the set had made things like that difficult, and she had been in a rush to go home.

And there was that whole thing with the bondage. Anyone into that would’ve gone a little bit sex crazy, having a dish like that naked and waiting for them. She could feel her lower muscles start to clench again and decided not to think about it anymore. Don’t call your daughter a dish. She scolded herself.

She sat down at the large kitchen island and grabbed the stack of mail. Bills! Now if there was ever a more sexless thing to think about, that was it. Half the mail went straight to the recycling pile, while the other half had to be sorted into piles based on importance. After she finished with the mail and decided to get started on dinner.

She opened up the fridge. Wow. Aside from the condiments, a pizza box, a small brown takeout container and a half empty bottle of Pepsi were the only things in the fridge. She was lucky her daughter didn’t starve to death. She opened up the pizza box. Empty! Rolling her eyes, she put it next to the recycling pile. Guess she was going grocery shopping.


She was starting to feel more like herself again once she had gone to the nearby supermarket. Now she was toasting garlic for tomato sauce as she prepared chicken parmigiana for their meal tonight. She sipped from a glass of wine as she cooked and listened to Frank Sinatra.

“Mmm something smells good.” Justine said as she walked into the kitchen. She was now thankfully clothed, though with her dark hair tousled and very relaxed demeanor, she still looked like someone who had recently got some. She had on a white shirt and tight jeans on, and she took a seat at the kitchen island eagerly. Olivia should have known, the smell of food always seemed to rouse the animals from their slumber.

“Chicken parm.” Olivia said as she turned the music down a little so she could hear her better.

“I see that.” Justine said, licking her lips. “Need help?” Olivia tried not to stare at her lips.

“What? Oh. No, I’m almost finished.”

“Suit yourself.” Justine said, pouring herself a glass of wine. Olivia raised an eyebrow.

“What?” Justine said innocently. “California law states that it is perfectly legal for those under twenty-one to have alcohol in a private setting if a parent or guardian is present.” She said, flourishing the bottle.

“Wow. And with a speech like that I hope you have the grades to back it up.” Olivia said dryly. She added the garlic to the cooking tomato sauce and stirred it in.

“Eh, your typical Bs and Cs. Mostly Bs.” She said hastily as she sipped from the glass. “Mmm…this is good.” She said, looking at the wine label.

“That was a gift from the director of Chosen Fruit.” Olivia said, walking over and taking the bottle from Justine’s hands.

“Wasn’t that the guy that had the hots for you?” Justine said, leaning back on the counter now that her arms were free. The act made her chest look bigger, and Olivia didn’t want to think of when she had learned that move.

“Probably.” She put the wine in the fridge for later. “Anyways…” she put the pasta onto two plates and put the sauce over it, adding extra sauce for Justine since she knew she liked it that way. Then she used the tongs to grab a piece of chicken parm for each of them.

“Oooh…this looks so good!” Justine said eagerly. She immediately dug in, twirling some pasta on her fork and shoving it in her mouth. “Mm.” She closed her eyes, her shoulders dropping as she savored the food. “It’s so good. I missed your cooking.”

“I need to teach you how to cook.” Olivia said as she settled into the leather stool and started to eat. This…was good. This was a normal conversation. Between mother and daughter. Justine wasn’t bringing up what had happened earlier and that was fine with her.

“Does Carl know how to cook?” She asked, trying to ignore the image that popped into her head again of naked Carl. God.

Justine snorted. “Yeah, if you count boiling hot dogs and instant aksaray escort noodles ‘cooking’.” She made double quotes in the air, almost dropping her fork. She caught it and in one smooth motion went back to eating.

It seemed like Carl was not very good at a fairly large number of things, and the thought made Olivia a lot smugger than she should have been.

“A bunch of movies came out when you were away, want to watch one together?” Justine asked after she had polished off a large part of her plate of pasta and her chicken parm.

“Sure.” Olivia said.

“Ok we got horror, romance, action…” They were sitting in the large living room and Justine was flipping through the pay per view.

“Let’s do action.” Olivia said quickly. Romance was a bad idea. Horror wasn’t too bad but she had seen her fair share and knew it usually started with a lot of nudity.

“Okay, you’re the boss.” Justine said with a shrug. They were sitting on opposite ends of the couch and personally, Olivia would have preferred it stay that way. She didn’t trust herself around Justine after what happened this afternoon. She barely even knew what was happening to the people on the screen, she was so focused on the person sitting beside her. Justine also seemed unusually quiet, normally she loved making jokes during movies. When the movie ended Olivia stood up.

“Whew, I had a long day, I’m going to shower and then get ready for bed.” She said to Justine.



After her shower Olivia wrapped a towel around herself and one around her hair. She went to the sink and grabbed her toothbrush. Huh. That was weird. There was another toothbrush here. She had finished brushing her teeth and was ready to leave when the door opened. Justine was also in a towel with a fresh towel turban around her head. “Forgot my toothbrush.” She said, grabbing the pink toothbrush.

“Why were you in my bathroom?” Olivia asked.

Justine shrugged. “It’s bigger.”

“Oh. Well enjoy.” Olivia said. She put her hand on the doorknob.


“Yes?” She turned around just as Justine dropped her towel.


When she had woken up from her nap, Justine felt disoriented. What had happened? For a moment she legitimately believed that she had fallen asleep and had one of her sexual dreams about Mom again. But then she saw the cuffs still on her wrists and ankles. Oh my god…it was real???

Two years ago, Justine had come across one of her mom’s older movies. Curious, she had put it in her laptop and played it. It hadn’t been too bad; it was an action movie and her mom had a side role in it. At one point though, her mom had tied up the villainess and had been interrogating her. Mom’s charisma had shown in that scene, as the villainess that had been quite a bore throughout most of the movie actually looked engaged and yearning for her mom’s touch.

It had been a short scene, but the image of her mom tying a woman up and interrogating her was so hot to Justine that she never forgot it. She had long since lost track of how many hours over the weeks that she had masturbated to the thought of her mom doing that sort of scene with her, eventually becoming so bold as to sleep in her mom’s room when she was away for work. Carl had been all for doing sex acts in her mom’s bed, thinking of it as a sort of naughty act, oblivious to the real reason.

Sometimes she would count down the days until her mom got back from filming, but this time she had been completely caught by surprise, especially since her phone had been ruined. Even with that huge disaster things had gone miraculously well. She squeezed her thighs together and bit her lip, remembering how her mom had fucked her with that large strap on. Oh my god that had been so hot. She had always thought that chest contained money or important documents, but it must’ve been toys. She wondered what else was in there.

But where was mom? From the sounds downstairs it sounded like she was in the kitchen. Don’t fuck this up, Justine she said to herself. She put on her clothes and headed downstairs. When her mom had greeted her normally, she decided it would be safest to act like nothing had happened.

But she wanted more. And she definitely hadn’t made up that part where her mom had made the first move on her, kissing her when she was all tied up. She just needed to know how to work this. She took a shower after the movie, making sure she was out before her mom. Then she wrapped herself in a towel and headed upstairs to her mom’s bathroom.


Perhaps because it was the third time someone had become totally naked in front of Olivia, and in her mind, she had thought that the second time would be the last time, that this time left her completely shocked. She didn’t make a sound as Justine bridged the gap between them and kissed her.

“Is it too late for round two?” She said, tugging at Olivia’s towel and dropping anal yapan escort that onto the floor as well.

“Jus-” she couldn’t even finish her sentence before her daughter was pressing her warm lips against hers again. Her body responded eagerly and her hands moved automatically, cupping Justine’s face in her hands. She could feel their breasts pressing against each other, the intimate feeling sparking her desire again, causing her insides to clench.

She pressed Justine up against the counter, helping her sit on it. Justine wrapped her legs around her waist and Olivia groaned inwardly. She could already feel wetness against her stomach, proof of Justine’s desire. She looked away and saw their reflection, the mirror showing her a great view of Justine’s toned lower back and her perky butt. Justine took this opportunity to start nibbling on her earlobe. This time Olivia groaned out loud. Her daughter was dangerous if she wasn’t cuffed, she discovered immediately.

“Do you like this?” Justine whispered to her, knowing full well what the answer was. She took Olivia’s hand and put it between her legs. Olivia started to rub her thumb over Justine’s clit and she leaned back with a sigh, her eyes fluttering closed.

Olivia let her enjoy it for a few minutes as her fingers explored her, circling her entrance to gauge her wetness. She sucked on her bottom lip as her fingers discovered that Justine was already very, very wet. In one smooth motion, Olivia gripped her hair and pulled her head back. She moved in for a kiss and at the same time quickly thrust two fingers into her daughter’s pussy. Justine’s eyes shot open and she let out a cry that was stifled from Olivia’s mouth on hers. Olivia had timed that well and she could feel Justine clenching hard on her fingers, extremely aroused by the sudden aggression. She stuck her tongue in Justine’s mouth as she continued to finger-fuck her, penetrating her in two holes. Justine’s legs squeezed her hard, and she broke away from the kiss to kiss Justine’s neck as she felt her tensing, squeezing hard and harder before relaxing.

Olivia pulled her fingers out after her daughter had came. Olivia stopped kissing her neck and leaned back and Justine leaned towards her, trying to catch a kiss again. From the small pout of her lips Olivia knew that she wanted more. A quick mini-orgasm like that wasn’t intended to satisfy, only to entice her into wanting more.

“My turn.” She said with a purr, taking Justine’s hand. When her daughter reluctantly hopped off the counter, she led her out of the bathroom and to the bedroom.


Olivia laid down on the bed and pulled Justine on top of her. When her daughter started kissing down her neck she let out a hum of happiness. She could feel every kiss tingle on her skin. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt this good. Was it last year? Maybe even longer than that. Justine made her way down to her nipple and took the tip in her mouth, sucking on it. Olivia sucked air through her teeth, it felt like that had a direct connection to her clit. Justine look good sucking on her breast eagerly like that, her hair falling to one side. Olivia brushed her daughter’s dark hair out of her face and she looked up at her, her green eyes dark with desire. She moved over to the other nipple to give it attention and Olivia put her hand to the free one to squeeze it herself. Justine continued to suckle at her nipple but saw her hand pleasuring herself and pushed her hand away.

“What, I’m not allowed to touch myself?” She teased as her daughter started to rub the nipple with her own hand. Justine didn’t speak, her mouth was full. Olivia wasn’t about to complain about that. Justine’s tongue was wrapping around her sensitive tip and she was starting to feel need tugging at her again. She could feel her clit pulsing, so she spread her legs, exposing herself. That took the pressure off a little, but spreading her legs just made her hornier. Thankfully Justine took the hint and trailed kisses down to her inner thighs before planting a big kiss just on her mound.

She felt some trepidation upon exposing herself to Justine, but she quickly realized she needn’t had worried; Justine was looking at her pussy like it was the most delicious treat. She had a hair tie on her wrist and took it off, tying her hair into a quick ponytail. “Oh.” She looked up at Olivia for a moment. “I’ve never done this before…so uh…let me know how you like it.” The fact that she was hearing her words from earlier today repeated back to her was not lost on Olivia, but she paused.


Her daughter was holding her hair with one hand, but looked up again at her voice. “Hm?”


Justine ducked her head in embarrassment, but nodded. Oh god that was too damn cute. And Olivia was going to be her first. The anticipation was almost unbearable now. Her daughter’s first taste of pussy would be of hers! A surge of desire atakent escort washed over her and she was dizzy with desire.

She realized Justine was still talking. “…I mean…I’ve watched lesbian porn before…the amateur stuff, not the super fake stuff.”

Unggghh…. she was lucky Olivia hadn’t just taken over and flipped their positions so she could sit on Justine’s face. Was Justine even aware that she was driving her crazy? And the looks she was giving her, trying to keep eye contact but casting glances to look down at her pussy like she couldn’t wait to taste her. Oh, just suck me already.

“How about you start here?” She suggested, rubbing her outer lips. “Then show me what you learned from that lesbian porn.”

“Sure.” Justine said eagerly.

Ummph, that fucking adorable eagerness…she earned herself a good fucking after this, Olivia thought to herself. She watched as Justine leaned in and pressed her tongue against her outer lips. Mmm…well she didn’t recoil in disgust, and Olivia let out a breath. She pulled her pillow over so she could prop herself up on her elbows and watch her.

“How is it? Your first pussy?” She said in a teasing tone, but in reality, she was still a little concerned.

Justine paused for a moment. “It’s different than I thought…” She bit her lip bashfully. “I like tasting you. You taste…really good.” She went back to licking while Olivia laid back down relief.

Oh thank god, she liked it. She put her hand behind her head, suddenly exhausted.

Justine poked her thigh. “Is this good?” She prompted.

“You could lick a little harder.” Olivia said as Justine watched her with rapt attention. “Mm…like licking melted ice cream.”


Justine leaned in closer, wrapping her arms around Olivia’s thighs. The casual but sexual gesture was enough to get her excited again.

“Umphh..” this time Justine’s tongue was more bold, exploring. She could feel it brushing up against her clit, and let out a moan.

“That’s good, keep doing that.” She ran her fingers through Justine’s dark hair, her eyes half closed. Oh god this was good. What a sight it was to see her beautiful daughter eagerly lapping at her pussy. She closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure; the image still fresh in her mind. All of a sudden it happened.

Justine propped her head up with one hand. “Did I make you come, Mom?” She said excitedly.

Shit! Now she’s going to think it’s going to be that easy all the time.

“Yes, ” she said reservedly, “Just a small one.”

Justine beamed proudly. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you another one.” And before she could reply, Justine had ducked back down and begun sucking on her already sensitive clit.

“Wait-ahhh…” Waves of pleasure hit her, and she squeezed Justine with her thighs.

“Wait, wait.” She said hurriedly but Justine was like a little Hoover on her clit, sucking and licking and soon she clenched her thighs, dropping her thighs to one side. Her daughter let herself be rolled onto her side, never ceasing in her actions. Olivia moaned throatily, burying her face in the pillow. She heard Justine make a moan herself. Soon she came, harder this time, her clit pulsating in Justine’s warm mouth, the feeling traveling up her legs to her arms and her back. Justine continued sucking until she finally pushed her away gently, spent. Whew. Her head spun.

“Damn, that was something.” She said. Okay, maybe it wasn’t beginner’s luck…

Justine climbed on top of her and straddled her waist. “It’s my turn now, right?”

“I suppose it is.” Olivia said, eyes partly closed. “What do you want?” She asked, reaching over to hold Justine’s hand casually.

“Can you use Marcus on me again?”

Dirty girl.

“Sure.” She said. “I cleaned him, he’s in the shower.”

Justine hopped off her and went to the bathroom. Damn, the energy. Olivia looked out the window at the violet sky. The sun was setting soon. Justine returned with the strap on.

“You’ll need some lube-” Olivia paused as Justine put the plug in her both mouth, wetting it. Goodness. She was still a little stunned from the hot sight when Justine pushed the plug into her. She couldn’t help but let out a choked moan. Her pussy clenched down eagerly on the plug, sending waves of arousal coursing through her. Too many orgasms…She was already tensing as Justine put lube on the cock, running her hands up and down the shaft like an expert.

“Come on, Mom.” She said as she laid down, spreading her legs.

“Already? Give me a moment.” Olivia positioned the cock up against Justine’s pussy. She wanted to go slowly but the cock slipped into her so easily. They both groaned as Justine’s pussy sucked in the cock almost fully. Olivia started to pump in and out of her, but her own pussy was already clenching down hard on the plug. Fuck, she was going to come. She gritted her teeth as a deep vaginal orgasm took her.

“Don’t slow down, Mom.” Justine begged, hooking her own leg around hers. Olivia tried going faster again but it was no use, the sensations were too intense for her.

“Mom…” Justine urged; her tone desperate.

“I’m too sensitive right now for the plug.” Olivia said, pulling the cock out.

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