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Hi this is my first story. I hope it will like it. I will wait for your feedbacks.


My story began when I was in school, I was 18 years old. My name is Merwyn and I’m living in Mumbai with my Mom who turned 40 last week. My mom started working at a firm that was a multi-national company shortly after my father died a few months ago. She started to work hard just as my father had, in addition to her already tiring wifely duties taking care of our small family. It was now just me and her as I was the only child, needless to say I become mamma’s loving boy.

Everything was going well when suddenly one day by accident, something happened that changed my entire life. It was the summer that my father passed away, my mother began sleeping in the bathroom every night. I grew more and more worried for her and quickly began sleeping in the hall right near the bathroom, watching her as she would weep and moan over my father.

On this particular night our AC was not working and it was getting to hot, we were both sweating and exhausted from the heat. I could not close my eyes for too long before I awoke in discomfort from my sweat gathering under me making my cloths cling to my body. I looked over to my mother and saw that her clothing clung to her in the same way. My mouth quickly became dry as my eyes raked over my mother as her back rested against the side of the tub as she fanned herself.

Her eyes were on me and for the first time I noticed that she was not crying and moaning like she had for the previous nights. She stood and I saw that her night dress squeezed her making her curves stand out. I tried to look away, my body would not allow me to, and instead of looking away like the loving mama’s boy that I was I ran my tongue over my now dry lips.

My mom is 40 but I swear no one could say that she was even close to being 40 years old, because she hardly looked like she was 30. Her ripe 36D breast made her body ataköy anal yapan escort large at the top, tapering to a small waist and moving back out to a firm round ass, and it was very difficult to describe in words how beautiful she was. After the death of my father she mostly spent her time in office and home I mean she was living a joyless life.

When she would be in the house her wardrobe would be the same as if my father were here. Her thighs completely bare, short skirts that always gripped her mound with enough force to leave her camel toe in complete view. Her shirts were nearly see through and always hugged her breasts just as tight as her shorts gripped her ass. It drove me made until I remembered that this beautifully devilishly woman was still in mourning. When she would get out the shower she would put on the smallest towels that were in the house, as if she knew how I saw her. She always came to me and smiled her best smile kissing the tip of my nose.

So there she stood, in a small night gown that flowed just under her rump with her hand held out to me. I looked up to her still being on the floor and could see her panties and bra clearly through the thin fabric of her gown. I gulped down what little spit was in my mouth and stood taking her hand, she led me to her room and released my hand getting into the bed. I watched with awe as her ass seemed to wave to my cock in invitation, her legs spread slightly and I could see those pussy lips that have always taunted me. I could even make out the small hint of her clit as her as moved from my sight and I was presented with her luscious cleavage.

Her hand slid out in front of her as she pated lightly onto the bed her eyes holding a hint of amusement as I settled in beside her. She turned with her back against me as I lay flat on my back unable to process the attention she was showing me. I curled around with my back facing ataköy bdsm escort her as well and tried to go to sleep. My erection completely noticeable as I tried to control myself, my hand pushed down between my legs. I justified it by telling myself I was cold, and was simply trying to warm my hands. I was lying to myself of course as my fingers began to trace along the ridge of my cock.

I heard the slight sound of her breathing change and I knew that she was sleep. I rolled over and faced her as her back still faced me, my cock now nestled right against her ass. My erection seemed to grow as I shivered hard feeling her legs move and spread and soon my cock tip was right between her legs. My eyes grew in the dimly lit room as my cock felt like exploding in between her legs. I moved forward slightly and felt her back arch away from me making my cock shove hard against her clit, I held back a groan. I closed my eyes willing myself to stop, willing myself to go to sleep as my cock throbbed hard between her legs. I tried counting numbers, I tried thinking of football, but my mind would not slowdown at all. I sighed heavily giving in beginning to rock against her sweet pussy, her hips holding completely still as I breath out harder feeling my cock beginning to pulse. I groan slightly as my hand move to her waist and I move my hips a little more feeling the throbbing begin again and finally I got my juice.

I woke up in the next morning with the bed next to me empty. I smelled the familiar smell of breakfast and went to the kitchen. She gave me her usual good smile and behaved like nothing happened as she kissed my nose and left for work. I went to school with thoughts of her running through my mind all day, I got home before her and wondered what would happen when she got home.

That night I laid in the hall and waited for her to resume her normal place in the bathroom. She came through the ataköy elit escort door and smiled at me holding her hand out to me and took me back to her room. I assume it was due to the heat and the AC not working still. She dressed in the bathroom as I laid down waiting for her to come back, when she entered she wore only a mini skirt and a small shirt. She had no bra on and I could see her nipples clearly, they were large and her breasts looked heavy as she watched me. I tried to behave myself as she got into the bed and I began breathing out a bit heavier pretending to have suddenly drifted off to sleep. After sometime I actually went to sleep, dreaming of my mother. I was shocked when my eyes opened and I saw my mother over me, my boxers had been pushed down and my cock stood long in her hands as she stroked me looking into my eyes.

Now I can say that I put on the best acting of my life when I showed the shock in my eyes, she smirked at me and gripped onto my shaft tighter. I couldn’t help but moan out as my hips lifted to her touch, I reached up and gripped onto one of her breasts squeezing it lightly as she moaned to me. She leaned over me with her legs spread right over my face and I began to devour her pussy. I wondered quickly how she had gotten it shaved so clean, I couldn’t see a speck of hair as my tongue ground into her hole. My tongue pushed down against her clit and then I pushed my fingertips into her dripping wet pussy. Her hips moved down against my face and soon I was moaning into her.

She had my dick deep in her mouth and her hands were stroking and massaging my balls. My toes curled hard as I begin to stiffen feeling my cock throbbing between her lips so quickly. I began shoving my fingers into her and felt her pussy throbbing just as hard as my cock. After many being married it was astonishing how tight her pussy was. I pulled my cock from her mouth pushing her over onto her back. I climbed between her legs and watched as her eyes mused with delight. Her legs spread wide as I shoved all 7 inches of my cock balls deep into her. My eyes closed tight as I rode her faster, my cock shivering hard, her pussy sucking me down and pulsing around me with a fierce need. I pushed my hand between us and stroked at her small clit, and then we got our juice…

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