Mom’s Huge Boobs Ch. 01

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Being a middle child, it sometimes felt like I got lost in the shuffle for not being the oldest or youngest. However, I did have one thing that was bigger and better than my brothers. Not sure I thought it was such a good thing until the summer after I turned 18.

My older brother, Stan, who was two years older was away at college and my younger brother, Ray, was just finishing his freshman year in high school. For me, Robby, I was finishing my senior year in high school and looking forward to moving away to go to college. Just not sure where yet.

Those thoughts changed. After that summer, I wanted to then stay at home and go to the local community college. Let me explain why..

I grew up in a very conservative family where there was certainly no “I love you’s” or any signs of affection. Sex was not something anyone talked about, especially with my parents. My father worked at a bank and was 8 years older than my mom. They married when she was 19 and had my brother 2 years later. I was born two years after that.

A little about mom. My mom was what you called “very well endowed.” She had big boobs before kids, but having three so close together certainly turned them into huge monster fun bags. You would need two hands just to handle one of them. Not sure where she bought her bras to contain them. That, of course, is not something we would ever talk about.

They also got a lot of attention from my friends who liked to talk about my mom and her huge boobs a lot. I would kind of laugh the comments off and pretend like they bothered me, but was also very happy and proud that my mom was thought of in such a good light and as a MILF.

I was always a pretty ataköy türbanlı escort skinny kid growing up and just started to fill in when I was 18 and boy did I fill in. Along with the rest of my body, my cock grew from a skinny little thing into 7 inches when hanging down in front of my massive set of balls and 9 inches when it stood at attention when hard which seemed to be a lot.

Maybe I owed my size to my mom who had no problem with size obviously.

At that age, masturbation become a lifestyle and a couple times a day activity for me and often with the thoughts of my mom’s boobs swinging in my face and having my hard cock rubbing between them as I stroked my big hard cock.

I would shoot a big load of cum in the air and then feel guilty for having such thoughts about my mom. Those feelings sure passed quickly the next time I saw them or was stoking my cock again.

Her boobs became a little bit of an obsession for me and caused me to stare at her chest more than I probably should of. I just always hoped she didn’t notice, but as time passed, I kept hoping more and more that she did notice me staring and wonder what she was thinking.

Things changed between my mom and me that Spring when she accidently walked into my room to gather laundry while I was changing and was only wearing my tighty whities. I remember that look of embarrassment on her face as she stared at my massive bulge.

“Sorry for walking in while you were changing, Robby. I thought you were already downstairs.”

“No problem, mom. I was just getting dressed for school.”

She didn’t remove her eyes from my crotch as she turned red and ataköy ucuz escort apologized as she turned to leave. She did turn for one last look before leaving with a small smile on her face. I will never forget that smile.

I can sure tell you that the masturbation session that followed that event was one for the record books as I shot my load so high in the air that it almost hit the ceiling.

My goal from that point on was to both see those massive boobs naked and also to see whether mom’s stares where from curiosity or whether she liked what she saw. Maybe she had never seen one that big and dad wasn’t this blessed. I was also guessing their sex live was nothing to brag about. He was almost 50 while she was still in her prime in her early 40’s.

I tried to be sneaky about things, like I would try to catch her (accidently of course) coming out of the bathroom after a shower. She always wore a robe, but would not always be very closed around her boobs. I would then try to ask her stupid questions about meaningless stuff as tried to catch a glimpse. I think she knew what I was doing, but was never sure.

The second part of the plan was to have mom see me in as many tight shorts or pants that showed off my cock as I could. She would make comments about how my clothes were too tight and to change, but she would always take a long look at my crotch before speaking.

This continued for a few weeks, but nothing more than that was happening. I tried to up the ante and throw more caution to the wind to make sure she got a good look at my cock.

My plan was to have her walk in my room again, but this time, have no clothes on. I ataköy üniversiteli escort didn’t want her to freak out too much, so I just had a t shirt on and pretended to listen to music in my head phones.

The anticipation was killing me as I tried not to get a full hard on, especially when I heard the knock on the door. I pretended not to be able to hear because of the fake music in my ears as I stood by the window.

Thinking I was not in there, my mom walked in seeing me in nothing but a t shirt and a semi-hard now 8 inch cock as I pretended to stare out the window.

“Robby!!!, Oh my goodness, I knocked and you didn’t say anything,” she stammered…

“It’s ok mom, I was listening to music,” I replied making no effort to cover myself.

“Can you bring your dirty clothes downstairs when you come down?” She was turning red, but made no effort to look away from my dick as she backed out the door.

Mission accomplished I felt as my hand naturally went to my now hard cock and started stroking it long and hard as the thoughts of what just happened went through my head.

My mom apologized when I did come downstairs, but I made sure that she knew that I thought it was no big deal and she didn’t need to apologize. It was just an accident. Yes, an accident that I hoped was tattooed in her brain now.

It was now time to see where things went from here and let me tell you, it went to a really good place.

The next day when she was coming out of the bathroom after a shower, I was there. This time she made no effort to close her robe and I made no effort to try and hide my growing cock. We both stood there looking at each other with smiles on our faces. I couldn’t take my eyes off her hanging breasts and she couldn’t remove her eyes from the buldge in my shorts.

The question now was where was this going to go from here. Would I be able to finally get my hands and hopefully my mouth on those glorious mounds of flesh and what was her intentions with the biggest cock she had ever seen?

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