Mom’s Milkshake Mustache Ch. 5

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3D Babes

Message to the reader: Hello, we have received many letters (feedback) for this story. We love them all good or bad, anonymous or nonymous (LOL).

We urge strongly that you leave your e-mail address so that we can absorb your suggestions and ideas. We fully understand if that does not work for you. Thank You!

* * * * *

As Janice Roberts stood at her vanity mirror, she thought that she had her mind in order. The unspeakable events with her own son were now under the bridge. She could resume the normal righteousness of her morally straight life.

But an hour before her son’s lunch arrival, Janice was powdering herself with the sweetest perfume. Her hair was cropped in a stylish manner, and her face was lit by eye-liner.

Moments later Janice was in the attic, window dressing for clothes stored away several years ago. “It is terribly hot today” she reasoned, pulling on shorts and a low-cut halter. Janice had gained nearly 20lbs since she had worn this outfit. Janice also carried healed pumps down stairs since they were, ‘toe-less’, of course.

Janice convinced herself how hot it was today, but she was unable to look at herself in any reflection glass. So when the doorbell rang, she rushed to the door with her understood reasoning for such attire. “But why doesn’t he use his house key?”

Janice expressioned her face casual as if she had little on her mind. Then she swung the door open. “What!..what are you doing here!?

“Well hello Janice, top of the morning dearie. You know, you said that you’d come by the next day and I was wondering what you’ve been up to.”

“Betty…I can’t…”

“Well can I come in neighbor?,” Betty asked rhetorically as she pranced thru the foyer.

“Betty, I can’t right now. My son will be home for lunch soon, and I haven’t finished his…

“Damn! Wait, the phone.”

Betty was led to the den where she sat down and crossed her legs. She watched Janice on the phone that was at the hall entrance to the den. She couldn’t hear anything however.

Janice was twice as irritated now that Joey wasn’t even coming for lunch today. (He could have told me earlier!)She hissed. It wasn’t the only reason she’d miss his presence. Janice would not share this development with Betty however, she needed a way to get rid of Miss Jenkins.

“That was my son Betty. Hey, I’ll call you later on, O.K.?,” she tried to dismiss the woman.

“My Janice, I know it’s hot today, but…you’re almost naked.”

When Janice snubbed the comment, Betty pushed her taunts further.

“Janice, do you dress this way at home always?,” she mused, noticing the small shorts tightened at Janice’s hips when Janice was in stride. She saw Janice’s nice figured ass balled into the light cotton fabric until meaty rivets of buttcheek peeked beneath the hems. The shorts were so small that the hems actually v-ed into her vaginal crack.

Janice took exception to this comment, and angrily tugged on the bottom of her halter to hide her exposed navel. But this caused her ample breast, naked under the shirt, to pop towards the neckline, the undersized shirt scraping her nipples taut.

“I mean, If you have a man coming over Janice I understand. I can’t believe you serve your teenaged son dinner, looking so damn…hot!?” (Whorish was her first choice of words). “The poor boy!”

“I don’t Betty! Today is just…ah…well its hot! O.K.!? Damn!” her fuse being lit.

“I’m sorry Janice, I didn’t mean… But I am sure that any dish you serve the boy is a banquet, or a feast! Ha! Ha!”


“I know, I know, just trippin’. His teammates with the biiig bats would love to have his dinner. Ha!Ha! As well as those hot young girls that watch them too, for that matter.”

Janice was stunned at the implication. How could Betty? But Janice knew there was truth in the matter. And how would it look, she serving her own son a plate, with her voluptuous gourmet figure spilling all over the table. And for a moment she felt that Betty could see right thru the intentions for her dressed this way.

And Janice was forced to admit to herself that maybe she did want to stimulate her son– to punish him for his nonchalant attitude the night before. (But just to stimulate him!) She clarified.

Janice was horrified at the thought of being suspected. Especially by Betty, who was becoming more and more intimidating. Janice hastily reacted, spurred by the last comments of Betty. The mere mention of young girls being interested in another woman, and the way Betty was eyeing her body, Janice would act as if she was in to…women. (I know she likes cock, so it’s a harmless way to throw her off track), Janice had thought.

“Where is my son? He’s late today. Betty, why don’t I pour us drinks while we wait,” she schemed as she raised slowly, eyed Betty deeply, and turned to walk seductively towards the bar. Out of site at the bar, she pulled her halter even lower, to force her breast higher ’til deep cleavage showed of her full ataşehir escort rounded tits.

She slowly re-entered the room in run-way fashion, and walked right up to Betty’s crossed legs. She bent at the waist until her powdered smelling titties were inches from Betty’s face. She paused to lower the drink and looked into Betty’s eyes.

“You know, I don’t recall you mentioning any guy the other day. It’s just you and your son in that big old house of yours.” Janice turned to place the tray down, turning her back as she finished her comment. “Unless of course you play ball while he’s practicing it,” she said coyly. Then she sat right beside Betty on the couch.

“Well Betty, you know, I wondered about that the whole time I was at you crib. If there’s a guy in your bosom I mean.” Janice was eyeing Betty’s body now to over sell her act. But undressing Betty with her eyes was a mistake for Janice. The memory of seeing Betty naked had actually aroused her senses.

“Speaking of your Billy, Joey says that he is a very good ball player. If he sees you as sexy as I do, he would show you some of his moves,” she laughed at her own taunting.

Janice knew of the Jenkins incestuous activity, but she didn’t mean to be so blunt. Now it was Betty’s turn to squirm. She wondered why the cold shoulder by Janice, to go along with the in-u-windows. And If Joey and Billy were good friends, Billy may have unknowingly given cause for the Roberts to speculate.

Betty was becoming convinced that Janice was attracted to her, and if she’d go along for now, maybe Janice would let off with the taunting. She and Billy spent very much time together and Joey may have told his mother something.

“My sexy Janice, you are a knockout. You must have suspected it Janice, that I asked you over that day to see if you might be game.”

And Betty eyed Janice while she tested her drink. With Janice attention, she soaked her middle finger in her scotch as if it were a stir. She then brought her dripping finger out and up to her lips, rubbing it saucily along them. When she saw Janice’s eyes widen, she slip her wet finger into her mouth for a deliberate and moist sucking.

Janice found herself becoming aroused by this woman although she believed it to be an act. But Betty had an intoxicating way of taking one’s focus and turning it into lustful whims of submission. The more she stared at Betty, the more of a trance she fell. And Betty’s words began to soothingly penetrate her brain like a thick white smoke filling a small air-tight room.

“Janice, you are a gorgeous little sweet tart with a body for the heavens. Although I’d risk hell to have it.”

“Thank you Betty,” she said to the woman that she detested only :30 minutes ago. She was taken by the fact that Betty was even interested in her. She had no intentions of going any further with this. That is until Betty’s next request. Orders.

“Honey, I’ll let you get back to your son’s lunch,” she told Janice, needing a way out herself from this uncommon act of seducing a woman. “I would need longer quality moments with a treasure like you sweetie.” But Betty’s Achilles heel was controlling people, and pushing their buttons to test how far they would go. And then there was Janice’s sluttish attire scantily wrapped around the hottest body Betty had ever seen. She couldn’t help herself.

“4:30 Janice, at my house, a knee length jacket to cover your ass. Longer high heels, and don’t get out of those fucking shorts.”

Betty was thru the hall and exiting the foyer’s entrance before Janice mumbled a silent whisper…

“Yes Betty.”

* * * * *

“Take off that fucking jacket! and let me see the goods,” Betty ordered. And Janice complied, trying to ignore the harshness.

Janice didn’t know what she was doing here. Why she would come to this woman’s home on such demeaning instruction. She should have pulled out of this long ago, abandon this act of submissive lesbianism.

“You are a delicious looking slut Janice. Yes, those fucking shorts of yours.” Betty placed her hand between Janice’s thighs, causing tremors thru Janice’s body.

“Be still bitch! You are very wet down here.” And Janice was in fact staining her garment with cunt oils.

“Take them off now, slowly. And turn around! show me that ass.” Janice followed the order, feeling shameful for the display she was ordered to give. But her cunt was burning with curiosity and becoming very itchy. She would do what ever Betty insisted, if she could have her pussy attended to.

“Oh my! If I were a dyke like you, I’d fuck your ass off all day!” she told Janice. The comment sort of confused Janice.

“That’s right. I am not into slut women like you Janice. I prefer cock. Now turn around!”

Janice was standing there frightened to look back. Then she did as Betty requested, and her breath stuck in her throat. There was that thick patch of a pussy again, the one that had Janice so excited a few nights before. avcılar anal yapan escort

Betty had shrugged off her pants without Janice knowing. There was that familiar fragrance of wanton lust flowing from it.

“Betty? What do you mean…”she stammered.

“I mean only sick bitches would want to play with another woman’s pussy. You need to find some hot little whore to play with yours.”


“But I haven’t had a roughneck around to play with mine lately, and since you are my little whore, get your ass over hear and take care of it!”


“Now bitch!” she yelled. “You have about an hour before Billy comes home, so get on your knees and crawl over hear damn-it.”

And Janice lowered to her knees and crawled over between Betty’s legs. The fragrance between Betty’s thighs was stronger now, filling the room, and provocatively enticing to Janice. She really wanted to experiment with this honey pot, that smelled so rich and creamy. But she did not see herself as the sick bitch dyke that Betty had referred to. She teasingly brought her face inches from Betty’s snatch pausing to look up mischievously at Betty.

“You have a gorgeous little pouch here Betty. I bet it’s very tasty. But maybe you should wait for Billy to come home and eat it for you.” Then Janice raised her body with her face staying inches from Betty’s torso. The belly, the big braless titties, and then Janice’s face was inches away from Betty’s.

“That’s right Betty, I know that he eats your pussy. I am sure he likes it too.” Betty was horrified. How did Janice know? But the confidence in Janice left little room for doubt, that she was not bluffing.

“That’s disgusting you bitch! You can just get your things and leave right now!” Betty hissed.

“So you can be along to gobble your own son’s cock, and eat his nasty cum?” Janice taunted. “What shall I do with you Betty, you cum drinking slut? Shall I tell anyone at your Country Club, where you seem to be so self righteously respected? Or shall I tell all of the boys on Billy’s basketball team, that they can dribble and dunk their big dick-n-balls down your cum dirty mouth?”

Janice became very harsh and pointed now, and began to force betty’s hand.

“Tell me Betty, shall I do that to get back at you, or do you want to tell me the truth…? Right now Bitch!”

And Janice got up and grabbed her jacket. She put it on not getting her shorts. She knew she wouldn’t need them just yet. She was heading to the door while laying it on thick.

“I am not a dyke either Betty. I’ll teach you not to play your little games with me. It won’t be long before you’re leaving this town with that pretty face of yours covered in shame. Bitch.”

Betty was balling uncontrollably now. Nothing she could do now to disguise her shame and guilt.

“O.K. Janice! Please! Don’t go. I…I…it’s true. Please Janice, you can’t say anything. What can I do?”

Janice was in the hallway when she dropped to all fours, assed-up towards Betty. She fingered her wet little pussylips apart and turned her head back at Betty.

“Well I could use a sick bitch whore to come over here and play with this pussy. So get your dick-sucking mouth over here and start eating my cunt!”

Betty was scrapping her knees against the carpet as she had order Janice to do moments before. Without another word she crawled head first towards Janice’s round ass. Betty had done nothing like this before as she bumped her lips right up to Janice’s pussy.

“Kiss my ass Dearie, and then lick my asshole!” Janice had never been aggressive and didn’t like the role. But she was increasing getting hot and moist between her thighs. She need her cunt serviced now!

Betty tentatively swabbed at her asshole. The tart taste of the tight musky wrinkle added to the humiliation that Betty was feeling.

“Get use to that you tramp. But now I want you to eat my hot little pussy, and don’t stop you little whore, until I give you some pussy cream to swallow.”

Betty quickly inserted a finger into Janice’s pussy. She noticed Janice’s cunt was already hot and swollen. She placed a second finger in and started jacking her pussy off faster.

“Unngghhh!” wailed Janice. She blushed with shame that her pussy had lubricated so easily, that she’d even allow another woman play between her thighs. She began humping and wiggling her ass in the air, fucking her wet pussy onto Betty’s hand.

“Does that feel good Baby?” Betty whispered. “Your pussy is very tight for a woman your age.”

“Ohh! Ungghhh yes!”

Still pumping her fingers rapidly in and out of Janice’s gooey pussy, she brought her other hand to the fat, dark colored bud above her cunt-slit. She rubbed it firmly in circular motion.

“Does this feel good sweetie? I’ve never done this Janice. I hope I can do it right,” she said as she buried her face between Janice’s asscheeks. She pressed her mouth at the horny avcılar bdsm escort mothers wet tasty fuckhole and began to lick and suck. She sluiced her tongue thru Janice’s throbbing fuckhole and eagerly lapped cuntcream from the folds of Janice’s cunt.

Janice felt her pussy growing even hornier, oozing fuck oils into her submissive’s hungry tongue.

“Ohh! suck me!” The pleasure of having her pussy eaten caused Janice to loose all control. She reached back to grab Betty’s head, shoving the mother’s face into her snatch and her nose into the wrinkle of her asshole.

“Lick my pussy bitch! Ohh! You’re making my pussy so wet! “Unnggghh! Suck it damn-it!”

Betty pushed her tongue in deeper, causing Janice to buck her hips back at her face. The clit in her hand throbbed obscenely with its need to be licked and sucked. Betty chinned lower to get her tongue on it. Janice spread her legs wider to allow Betty to take it into her mouth. Betty did take it, sucking it hard, puckering her cheeks on it as if it was a tiny cock.

“Suck me! Put your fingers back in! My pussy is so wet. It needs to cum!”

Betty complied with her straightened fingers, gooshing them into the clasping tunnel of Janice’s hot aching cunt. She jacked Janice off with her hand as she sucked harder on her clit.

I’m cummmiinng!” she wailed, assing back several inches in search of Betty’s face. “Suck my fucking pussy. Eat my fucking ass up, now! I’m cummmiiinng!”

Janice’s pussy spasmed as violently as it did when her son had eaten it. The delicious smelling cuntcream eased fluidly from her horny hole, giving Betty much nectar to suck, eat, and lick up. Betty continued to jack off the pussy while licking the clit and eating hot creams from the cum splattering pussy. Her eating cuntcream, to her shameful surprise, was nearly as delightful as slurping out cockjuice from a huge shooting cock like her son’s.

“Well, I think you enjoyed that Janice. You certainly came hard! Didn’t you?,” she said sitting back on her heels with eyes full of tears.

Janice sprawled forward on her shoulders with her dripping snatch still in the air. She was disappointed with herself. Just this morning she vowed to go proper in her sexual discretions. But just having the upper hand on the luscious Betty Jenkins was enough to force another woman to eat her horny wet cunt.

“Ohh god Janice, I don’t need you to tell anyone about me. If your pussy is still horny, I guess I could lick it for you again, if you want me to,” she said, subjecting herself to Janice. She was sobbing almost hysterically.

Janice felt a soft spot for the woman despite the way that Betty had treated her. She wanted to place her arm around her to comfort her.

“It’s o.k. Betty. Don’t cry. I feel good. I…I shouldn’t have done that to you. It’s just that… My pussy is so horny lately. It’s all your fault for being so sexy, that I wanted you to be the very first for me. Ha!” she tried to flatter Betty with humor.

“I guess… You want to come over everyday now, whenever you need your pussy licked. Ungh?”

Janice could see how disturbed the mother was, at the possibility of being a long-term slut-slave. Betty could not hold the tears back at the thought of being submissive. Janice did put her arm around the crying woman, feeling her warm thin-covered tits against the bigger ones of Betty’s.

“Don’t cry Betty. You are so damn sexy, I love being with you. I really do want you to be my sex slave some time. But I promise that if you want to be, and even if you don’t, I’m never going to tell anyone about you.” With that, she raised Betty’s chin and planted a long kiss on the woman’s quivering pouty lips. She brushed Betty’s hair free of her pretty face and smiled at her. “Sweetheart, I’m not even like that.”

“Thank you Janice. I…I don’t know what to say,” Betty said, wiping away her tears.

Janice was busy lip-kissing Betty’s face out of compassion. It was just to comfort her, but then Janice’s hands came upon Betty’s large tits. She massaged them without notice. It all felt so natural. The next thing she knew is that Betty’s blouse was up high on her titties, and she was mouthing the fat darkened nipples on Betty’s meaty tits.

“Ohh that feels good Janice,” Betty moaned, to frightened to move. She wasn’t sure if she had Janice’s approval.

Janice was aware of the woman’s reaction to her ministrations. She never dreamt she could cause this reaction from another woman. But It had been a long time since she caused it with anyone period.

The power of sexual control was like an aphrodisiac to Janice, it spurred her on with instinct. Janice shoved her hand between Betty’s thighs without warning, and rubbed the fat pussylips rapidly until she could feel a plump throbbing presence against her palm.

“Ohh! God! Janice, yes, ohhhh!” moaned Betty as her clit literally grew in Janice’s hand. “Suck my tits baby, bite my nips!”

Janice rubbed the heel of her hand harder against the budding clit. But she pulled her face away.

“I’m not your baby, and don’t ever tell me what to do!” Janice sternly corrected. “Now lay the fuck down and get those legs in the air!” she order.

Betty was shocked at the change of tone. But she did as she was ordered, and held her full firm thighs as high as they’d go.

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