Mom’s New Recipe Ch. 02

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Thanks for all the feedback on chapter 1

The saga continues…

For the next few days I played a balancing act; I’d sneak into my sister’s bedroom at night where she’d be waiting for me, and once she fell asleep I’d slip off to mom’s room and found her each night in a very advanced state of arousal… She was insatiable and needed to be milked two to three times a day. Needless to say I’d started taking naps after school just to keep up with these two. We were all on sexual overdrive, there was something in the water as they say and everyone was feeling it. On her lunch breaks mom would pull up to the school and pick me up for my ‘noon feeding’. I’d suck on her tits in the back seat of the car at a local make-out spot, and rarely made it back to class on time. Once a car pulled up nearby while mom was riding my cock, running her hands through her hair while I sucked her swollen tits. When I saw the couple in the car they were both smiling and mom let out a short laugh when she saw what I was looking at; the guy gave a thumbs up and I turned back to continue drinking.

After a few days though Alison left for a gymnastics meet and it was just going to be mom and me. I turned down an invite to a party so I could stay home with her; I knew she had something special planned and the anticipation was high as we ate dinner together. Mom’s tits were obviously swollen and her sweater bulged out at her chest seductively. She smiled at me staring at them, “So how was your day sweetie?”

“Not bad, same old, same old…”

I hesitated and thought of lunch, I noticed one of mom’s eyebrows raise almost imperceptibly and stammered, “Well, you know, it had its moments.”

She was smiling mischievously and asked me to pass the salt, then added as she set it down, “Oh I forgot drinks,” she looked me in the eyes knowingly, “How ’bout a glass of milk, Nick?”

“I’d love one mom.”

She flashed a wicked smile as she stood up and turned towards the fridge. Since she’d begun lactating her frame seemed to have thickened in a good way, and in her sweater and black pants her huge rack and round butt formed a seductive S as she arched her back just so and stepped over to the refrigerator. The milk carton looked a little beat up; the top of it had been opened all the way and then loosely folded back. In the mornings I hadn’t been able to suck her tits without Alison finding out, so she’d been pumping them and keeping the milk to serve to us later. Meals became a kind of psychological foreplay for mom and I, and she’d often give me seconds on desert or excuse me from helping with the dishes if she could see I had an erection that I couldn’t conceal. One night she even met me in the upstairs bathroom and quietly sucked my dick while Alison watched TV just down the stairs.

She poured the milk and set a glass down in front of me, taking a long sip from her own, watching me watch her. We finished eating and she started picking up the dishes, she smiled at me as I stayed sitting. She took them to the sink and filled it with warm soapy water and put on a pair of rubber gloves. I stood up with an obvious erection showing along my left thigh and came toward her. She twisted around and looked at me, then at my crotch while she held her soapy hands over the sink. “Let me help you with that,” I said

“Okay,” she said quietly.

I came up behind her and pressed my stiff cock up against her ass, she immediately pressed back and I began to move my hips back and forth, slowly sliding my dick from one side of my mom’s ass to the other as I reached around her and started dropping plates and glasses into the water. She pressed back and slid her ass against me and turned her face, puckering her lips. I kissed them and then put my hands up onto her big breasts while smelling the perfume of her sweater mixed with the smell of detergent. The warm vapour seemed to condense on my face and forehead as I held my hips still while my mother continued to press her ass back against me, sliding slowly back and forth. She began to scrub the dishes while I sucked on her earlobe, sliding my tongue in circles around the small gold earring she wore. As I did this she would scrub one dish in the same circular motion and not turn it or set it down until I paused or changed pattern.

While rubbing her right tit I slid my left hand down the front of her pants and rubbed her clit through her satin panties in the same motion that I sucked her ear and rubbed her breast. Her sweater began to dampen and I slid my finger down her panties to find that they were wet as well. There were still a few dished left when mom turned around in my arms, having to lean back over the sink as I was so pressed against her, and held the side of my face with one soapy glove and kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and wrapping her lips over mine; breathing heavily through her nose. She pushed me back and fumbled with the front of my pants, but couldn’t get my belt open with her avcılar rus escort gloves on. I leaned back and opened them for her.

She pushed me back to the dinner table and I sat down in my chair. She pulled clumsily at my pants and I lifted myself and lowered them to the floor. My cock bobbed in her face and she grabbed it with one soapy wet hand and started stroking it up and down. The glove was a little big on her and bulged up in places and made rubbery noises while she fucked my dick with her soapy hand. Up and down she stroked it with her face so close she looked cross-eyed staring at it. She was rubbing mostly the base of my cock and, wrapping her other hand around the top she began stroking the whole thing with an intense, almost angry look on her face. Biting her lower lip she looked up at me, “Ohh, mom, fuck that’s so good.”

I gradually slid my ass forward until it was on the edge of the chair and I was sitting completely slouched. As she went on stroking it I actually had to lift my ass back up onto the chair several times as I continually flexed it and pushed up into her hands, which continued making the squeaky sounds of rubber on rubber, and of the folds tightening and slackening. I looked down at the head of my cock popping out from her left hand then being enveloped once more. It was swollen and purple and strained under the friction and mom’s breath pushed out over it and across my stomach, warm and ticklish in a teasing sort of way, though she was panting and looked hell-bent on seeing me blow a load all over her hands.

I strained my head back and savoured the feeling of such an erotic handjob. I looked down at the sight of my mother, kneeling between my knees, her face glazed with sweat and condensation, working for the jizz she seemed to crave. I pushed up into her hands again and again, sometimes messing up her rhythm; we both knew I was close. She squeezed hard as she leaned in, jerking my cock faster up and down right at her chest. She gritted her teeth and looked me in the eyes, her words coming out haltingly “Come on baby, Come on! Cum for mommy!”

“Ughh, I’m almost there mom! Ugh, fuck… Unh, faster…”

She was panting and fucked me furiously with both hands pulling and squeaking. I held the seat of the chair on both sides and lifted my ass up, fucking up into her hands in quick short thrusts as I felt a tremendous pressure building in my balls, “Aaaaah!.. Fuck!”

I shot a rope of cum that stuck to her face, spanning her chin and nose and ending on her forehead, she quickly put her mouth over the head of my cock and pressed her hands together, creating a tunnel that ended in her mouth that I was fucking while she held still. “Aaaaaah!.. Aaah!”

I pumped her hands and felt her wet lips and tongue as I shot thick wads of cum into her hot mouth. Soon she let go with her hands and in one smooth motion dropped her face down and swallowed my whole dick while it was still cumming. Feeling the inside of my mom’s throat with my cock like that seemed to trigger a second load and I grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her face in short strokes while blowing cum down her throat. She was gurgling as both her arms flailed out to the sides; her forehead wrinkled and her eyes bulged while she made throaty noises, sputtering her lips around the base of my cock, but I was too far gone and just pushed her down until her nose and face were pressed hard into my stomach. I squeezed her there and shot ropes of cum down her throat, my head pushed back, my face contorted.

I slowly felt my breathing come back and loosened my grip on her hair as I slowly returned to Earth. To my surprise my mom kept sucking my dick after taking a few quick breaths through her nose. With strings of spit and cum stretching precariously between my pelvis and her face she suckled my dick and milked the base of it with her tongue, drawing out more cum and sliding this around her mouth and all over my dick.

I was still out of breath, “Oh… mom… that was… oh shit… that was amazing.”

She leaned back and I watched the full length of my cock slide out of my mother’s beautiful face, wet and gradually softening, “Mmm, you can say that again.”

“You’re okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No, no… Not in any bad way,” She said, giving me a look that I’d never seen in her before.

It struck me then that we really had crossed a line, and that our relationship would never be quite the same as it had been only a week before. Mom didn’t seem to be thinking this though as she slid up to kiss me, her full breasts pressed against me and the soft fabric of her sweater rubbed against my wet cock.

That night I drank her milk in the living room while she rode my dick in the large soft armchair we have there while the TV played silently as the only light in the room. Then we ate a bowl of popcorn and watched some bad 80’s crime drama on TV; both of us anticipating going avcılar türbanlı escort to bed that night, as it would be the first time we’d sleep together.

We went up to her room and she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it aside, undressing without looking at me. Her breasts filled her satin bra and overflowed only slightly as I had milked her just a few hours before. She shimmied out of her pants facing away from me and her purple matching panties framed her round ass perfectly. She stepped out one leg at a time and then looked at me as she slid gracefully between the soft cool sheets of her bed.

She watched as I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor, then pulling my shirt over my head I stood in front of her with my half-hard dick bulging in my white boxer-briefs. I pulled off my socks and slid under the sheets next to her just as mom turned away from me to click the lamp off.

In the darkness I turned toward her and found the warm flesh of her toned abdomen clench momentarily at my touch, then her soft arms pulled me forward, as she received my weight gladly onto her.

In the morning I came down for breakfast and found my mom standing by the table dumping some sausages onto my plate. We had until 11 before Alison would get home and evidently mom wanted to make use of this time as she wore only a frilly white apron tied loosely around her. One of her heavy tits was sticking out from the side and I could only stare at her. She smiled at me, blushing and looking very pleased with herself. In her distraction a sausage hit the table instead of my plate and rolled off onto the floor.

She looked down at the sausage at her feet, then back at me; she set down the frying pan, then turned seductively and began to crouch down, sticking her naked ass out at me, only the two strings of the apron hugging her smooth sexy back as she got on her knees and tried to pick it up with the oven mitt she had on. She stopped and looked back at me, my erection was obvious and I opened my jeans and dropped them to the floor. Mom smiled as she got down lower and picked up the sausage with her mouth. I kneeled down and slid my hands up her calves and, bringing my face to her ass I began kissing her fat cheeks and moving up her lower back. I slid my hands up under the apron to her big milky tits and began massaging them, lightly spraying milk along the inside of the apron which hung loosely beneath her. I slid back again dragging my tongue along her tailbone and down between the cheeks of her ass until I found her tight little bud and began slowly tonguing it.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her and she began bobbing her hips slowly, pressing her ass back and forth against my face. I had both hands on her upper thighs now, feeling the muscle beneath the yielding flesh and massaging the base of her ass cheeks while still firmly tonguing her asshole.

“Baby do you want to fuck my ass?” She asked in a seductive tone, “…There’s syrup on the table.”

I straightened up and grabbed the bottle, slowly squeezing a stream of it down onto her asshole and the area around it. It began to drip downward as I deliberately fingered her asshole with one, then two, then three fingers in the tight wet hole. Slowly syrup ran down over her pussy and dripped steadily off her stiff clit, sending shivers down her spine as the anticipation became palpable.

I set my dick down flat on her asscrack and slid it up and down between her cheeks, drizzling syrup onto it and massaging her big round ass with both hands.

Mom spread her legs, lowering herself down further, and told me to push it in. The syrup was warm and my dick sank easily into her asshole. The sight of it only just penetrating my mom’s ass, tightly encircled by it with the dimple of her tailbone above and the thin white straps of the apron in tight bows against her naked back, was one I savoured as she lay face down on the kitchen floor with her hands up above her. I could feel her pulse in her tight sphincter as it squeezed the head of my dick. Slowly I pushed it forward and mom pressed back against me. Deciding to leave it up to her I stopped and held still, letting her move steadily back until she had half my dick up her ass. She stopped and then –just as slowly- pulled forward, until the head of my dick was being squeezed by her wet slick asshole; then she pushed back again. I never thought fucking this slowly would feel so good, but it was fucking incredible, as the texture of her tight ass caressed my dick which slid gradually deeper and deeper inside her.

Mom’s eyes were shut and she seemed to be concentrating on it as well. When she finally got it buried to the hilt –after maybe 15 minutes of slow fucking- she lifted herself on her knees and pressed her naked back against my chest. Her warm skin was glazed in cool droplets of sweat and she ran her hands through my hair as she writhed against me, sliding against avcılar ucuz escort my skin as my dick slid smoothly up her asshole.

In the morning light by the glass door we fucked sometimes steady and slowly and then suddenly quickening, each of us seeming to know what the other wanted, and predict what they were about to do. I’d blown two loads up her ass, but didn’t pull out or stop, and my dick remained hard in my mom’s tight and now sopping wet butt. I pushed her down against the floor now and began fucking her hard. The straps of the apron had long since let go and the thin, partially dampened piece of cloth had been flung aside as my pelvis slapped wetly against mom’s ass cheeks again and again. We were both moaning as we fucked and mom goaded me on with filthy encouragements as I slid my hands all over her naked body. I had my face buried in her hair, suckling her neck when a dull thud startled me into looking up. There was Alison in the doorway with a straight line of sight into the kitchen. She turned and waved hurriedly to someone and then swung the door shut behind her coming towards us. Mom was out of breath and her face was pressed awkwardly against the floor, but she started, “Alison… Don’t get upset baby…”

Alison ignored her and stared at me, her eyes drifted down my chest to my dick, with our mom’s asshole wrapped tightly around it; but she didn’t seem upset, or at least not genuinely so and her brief scolding of our mother was more a formality than anything else. Knowing this my dick remained hard in mom’s ass as she reasoned with Alison, laying tits-down in a smeared puddle of her own milk, her hair sticking to her face, but she didn’t pull away from me either; finally saying, “Oh come on Alison, you think I don’t know you fuck him? You think I haven’t seen you?”

Alison was surprised and she looked up at me, “Yeah, she knows…”

She seemed just then to notice the milk all around mom, “Is that milk on the floor? Like did you spill it?”

“No honey, it’s mine,” She kind of laughed then, either at this or the situation, and didn’t bother explaining any further. I set my hand down on her lower back and pulled her against me, slowly starting to fuck her again with Alison standing in front of us. Mom responded, pushing back and slowly forward, picking up our old rhythm, Alison watched, standing fully dressed in a tight pair of shorts and a loose-fitting t-shirt bearing the acronym of her gymnastics organization.

Mom groaned then asked, “How did you do at the meet sweetie?”

Alison hesitated, then replied in a distracted monotone, “I came in third.”

“That’s awesome baby, I knew you’d do well. -Ung”

I kept sawing mom’s wet asshole slowly, looking at Alison, “That’s really good sis.”

Alison looked at me for a moment then briefly lost her composure, “Okay this is really awkward, are you two just gonna fuck right in front of me?”

Neither of us answered as a flat ‘yes’ was all I was thinking. Mom looked up at her, “Well baby if you’re gonna fuck him, and I’m going to, does it really matter?”

Alison watched as I pulled my dick almost all the way out and then slid it smoothly back down mom’s ass again. I hesitated, “Why don’t we go upstairs… All of us.”

I smiled to Alison as she stared at me, and in her eyes I saw her reply even before her lips betrayed the smile she fought to hold back.

I pulled my cock out of mom’s ass and it was followed by thick strings that hung tenaciously between us; refusing to break as cum dripped steadily out of her asshole and onto the linoleum floor. The viscous drops fell heavily and mom’s gaping asshole was a pool of cum, each drop pulling more down behind it, as it ran heavily down over her pussy, creating a new puddle between her knees. Mom straightened up awkwardly, then turned around and put her hands on my legs for balance as she began earnestly sucking my dick while my cum ran down her legs and dribbled obscenely onto the floor.

Alison stared at mom’s ass, then at my dick as it was being sucked. Seeming to sense the audience, mom swallowed my cock and began bobbing on it in long motions, which felt incredible. “Wow…” Alison said quietly, “How did you do that?”

Mom pulled back, “That may be a little advanced for you…” she said, wiping her chin.

There was a pause then and Alison, seeming to feel some reaction was expected of her came forward and got on her knees next to mom. She looked down at mom’s large breasts and then back to her eyes, then she looked up to me and opened her mouth, taking my long hard dick and sucking it as deep as she could, which –by comparison- wasn’t that far, but still felt great as she tongued it looking up into my eyes. Mom watched her and then smiled proudly as she looked up at me, running a hand up to my chest. I reached down and pushed back the hair that stuck to her cheek and forehead and, as if in an immediate act of gratitude she arched her back and got down under me and began licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth. Alison tried tentatively to swallow my dick but stopped short and gave up, rather sticking to what she knew and giving me a nice wet blowjob. From above her little ass looked awesome, framed in her green tight shorts and I rested a hand on her head, stroking her hair gently.

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