Moonlit Beach

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WARNING: If you are not 18 or older, please leave this page immediately.

Incest—a word that has extreme negative connotations. The image that most often comes about when the word is mentioned is that of a father forcing himself on his daughter. Any forcible sex act, especially done by a parent to a child, should result in the parent being punished in legal and non-legal ways.

This is a fantasy of consensual incest between adults. It is intended for adults who are interested in reading about consensual sex between relatives. If this offends you, do not continue any further.


The back door of the Long Island, New York home opened. First a woman, then a man stepped out onto the porch. He closed the door. They stood side-by-side. She looked to the sky. It was cloudless, thus allowing the moon to shine its silver, full, circular light. The small, spacious, and secluded house was hers. She bought it at the urging of the man beside her. He said it would be a great getaway place and an even better way to spend her philandering husband’s money after the divorce.

The man cast his vision to the beach. The water was relatively calm, and the incoming waves nipped at the shoreline. Her left hand brushed against his right. Their fingers interlocked. The couple looked at each other, and began a slow leisurely walk down the wooden steps onto the beach.

She felt chilly, even though the temperature was hovering in the low 70s this late spring night. She released his hand and pushed herself against him, snuggling as they walked. She smiled at him. She soon realized she wasn’t chilly; she was just very nervous. It was nervousness that had been building up for some time. It was a positive apprehension, and felt often when she was around the man by her side.

When he returned into her life almost a year ago when her marriage disintegrated, she felt rescued, cared for, and loved. Their relationship, over time and thanks to his charming personality and sincere nature, changed. Actions and sentiments, on both their parts, allowed the changes to begin and continue. The relationship had bloomed into something totally unexpected. The woman now tingled all over, especially in a place long since untouched.

The man was also apprehensive, but no where as much as she was. He maintained a confidence, which was the right remedy for her vulnerability and hidden, growing feelings about him and them. He despised what her husband had done to her. When he got wind of the literal affair, he rushed to her side. He was just starting out to achieve his goals and life plans. But he gladly put them aside for this woman so he could try and ease her pain, make her laugh again, and try to bring back some happiness into her shattered world.

He now looked at her, and returned her smile. His arm had been around her waist when she snuggled him. He lovingly tightened his arm’s grip. This grip of affection unintentionally made her peach colored T-shirt stretch over her large, jiggling braless breasts…and reveal her stiff nipples. Upon seeing the hardened peaks jutting through the shirt material, something of the man’s began to also harden.

The two had strolled well into the middle of the beach. The man stopped their walk. He let go of the extra large beach towel that he held in his other hand since they left the house. They looked at each other, deeply. They smiled at each other, like lovers do. They were both a mixture of love, lust, fear, puzzlement, and longing. He stepped in toward her, and pressed his lips firmly against hers. The woman’s response was to wrap her arms around his broad, bare shoulders. Their bodies, like their lips, meshed together. The scene of the kissing and hugging couple on the evening beach under a moonlit sky, if someone had a camera, would have made a romantic Hallmark card.

Their kiss was a PG rating. Their lips were locked and tongues did not meet. It was their first ever mouth-to-mouth kiss. Their heads began to swirl, and they separated their mouths from the oral embrace. They were both breathing a little heavy. Their eyes were downward, both looking and feeling somewhat guilty. He was the first to look up, at her. Then she raised her sights onto him. Her eyes still had fear, but it was much less. There was more of a dreamy look about them now. His eyes had a mischievously gleeful appearance.

“You’re one hell of a kisser,” she complimented with a sigh.

“So are you, Mom.”

Angela grinned at her son, Dan. It was so easy to see how any girl could be enraptured with him and by him. Two decades of male youth with jet black hair, 6 foot, muscular, a marvelous wit, a dazzling smile, and winning character traits. The time they went swimming earlier in the month showed he had buns McDonald’s would kill for, and a very sizeable package between his lean thighs.

Dan’s eyes were upon Angela. Now he knew why he loved the Mafia flick Goodfellas; his mother looked so much like a young Lorraine Bracco except for auburn hair. Viewing her not as his bizimkent escort mother, Angela was a Grade A MILF. Her full, wavy hair fell to just below her shoulders. Also full were her breasts. Angela had a rack that caused lots of whiplash. Her tummy was relatively flat for a 41 year old woman. Her butt was average but looked mouthwatering when she wore light-colored jeans or pants. Her legs were long—very long. They just seemed to go on forever, and made her almost as tall as Dan.

Viewing her as his mother…she was still a MILF.

Both of their minds were on how they got here—on a secluded moonlit beach sharing a kiss that is reserved for lovers. Almost a year ago when Angela learned her husband was cheating on her with a stewardess, the first person she told was Dan. They had maintained a friendship within the typical parent-child relationship and he was the first person that she thought of to speak with. He was at college out of state, and when he heard Angela’s crying on the phone, he himself wanted to sob with her. But he knew he would have to be strong for her. That weekend he rushed home and held his mother as she cried and poured forth her broken heart.

The weekend eventually turned into a semester, as Dan left the university to care for Angela. She could still function like go to work and clean her apartment. She was just emotionally crushed by the realization of her spouse’s infidelity. She was so down she did not even raise a fuss when Dan told her he left college and was moving back in with her. He just wanted to be there for her, the way she so often was in his young life. She cried when he told her this, but it was tears of appreciation and love.

His cooking meals, especially dinner when she would come home dead tired from the office, was a pleasant treat. He did this almost every night until finally Angela insisted she share some of the cooking duties. He was adamant about kicking in for the rent so he got a job as a mechanic.

They stayed home together after work and on the weekend. Occasionally they went out for dinner, but for the first couple of months their enjoyment was just being together in the apartment watching the latest Netflix DVD. Eventually they went out more, to the movies, for coffee and cake, or drinks.

The whole time, both inside and outside of the home, Angela and Dan were together in their own little world. At the beginning he was in protection mode, not wanting anything else bad happening to his mother, or have some schmuck make a pass. She in turn loved the protection, love and sole attention. Over time the relationship changed. They frequently held hands, she once in a while lay her head on his shoulder, they sat very close together—almost cuddling—on the couch watching a movie, he kissed her on top of the head, and they seemed to be lost in each other. For them the outsides world was an unnecessary backdrop.

Their relationship had transformed into a different type of love. The kind of love a man and woman—not son and mother—have. It also reached, within this alteration, to the point where the man and woman needed to express their love physically.

The couple on the beach looked at each other a few more seconds, and then reconnected their lips and bodies. There was a new-born hunger to the reconnection. He was the first to send out his tongue. In a nanosecond her mouth widened and permitted in his tongue to play with hers. Their two slippery, oral organs flickered and twirled at each other, and with each other. The touch of their tongues sent shockwaves throughout their minds and bodies.



She motioned next, reaching between their heaving forms and cupped the plumpness in the front of his blue gym shorts. Her fingers palmed his testicles through the material and tenderly caressed the two male plumbs.

Next the amorous mother slid the flats of her fingers, almost tentatively, up and down the length of his erection through the shorts. It twitched, in appreciative delight. Then she scanned with her finger flats over the apparently large cockhead. It bounced energetically, seeming as if it wanted to burst through the clothing.

The mother surmised her son was seven inches in length, minimum.

“My, Daniel, how you’ve grown,” she whispered in his ear. “Momma is very impressed.”

Hearing this double entendre from his gorgeous mother made Dan sexually flip. He quickly slipped his hand under her nearest breast and gave it a hearty, lusty squeeze through the T-shirt. He thrilled in its weight, and ample curvature. Then he brushed his thumb over the distended nipple.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned.

He fondled the large, fleshy melon, caressing it. He thumbed the teat, stroking it with great intent.

While they French kissed, her breathing increased. It was much heavier, an erotic hum in his mouth and to his ears. His hand continued its adoration of her quivering tit, feverishly kneading it over and over.

Angela soon broke from the kiss and bostancı escort stepped back. She was now panting, similar to a thirsty dog. Her eyes, cast upon him, displayed oncoming lust.

The divorcee brought her hands to the hem of the shirt, lifted it up and over her head, and tossed away the not-needed material. Angela’s D-sized breasts jiggled free in the moonlight.

Dan’s jaw dropped. His mother’s large, naked breasts, with puffy areoles and turgid nipples, were before his widened eyes. She then cupped the bodacious mammaries and literally offered them to him. As she thrusted outward her chest, her back formed a sexy curve.

“Come on, baby,” she seductively sold. “They’re all yours.” Her thumbs and forefingers rolled the nipples for additional emphasis. She then palmed herself, squeezed and caressed her tits.

Dan was stunned. His knockout of a mother stood before him topless in Daisy Duke-type denim shorts offering him her huge jugs while playing with them.

“You’ve got incredible tits, Mom!” he desirously critiqued.

Dan swung his arm around her waist again, and pulled Angela in to him. His head descended upon a breast, and his mouth began suckling it. His other hand immediately reached for the other tit.

She swooned, “Ugghhh!”

He sucked, licked, and kissed as much of the tit and nipple as possible. His mouth and tongue were ravenous, tantalizing the frantic breast and teat. His lips hungrily sailed along the curve of the breast and kissed everywhere, while his tongue painted saliva streaks over the quivering globe. Lusty laps and sucks were eagerly provided to the taut nipple.

His other hand, meanwhile, greedily felt her other bare breast. He squeezed it like a ripe fruit, relishing in the taboo touch of the tit. He enjoyed its fullness, caressing all over the excited, heaving mammary flesh. He alternated between gently pinching and pulling the upright nipple. He also circularly rubbed his palm over it and the swollen areole.

“Oh, Dannnnny! You do that so nice. Suck my tits! Feel them! Feel the nipples! Love them! Yeah! You’re making your mother sooooo hot!”

After a short time, Dan switched, his mouth going to the breast he was handling and vice-versa. He was equally attentive to the new tit he now orally adored. His hand was also just as energetic with its new partner, squeezing the mammary and playing with the nipple.

Finally he cupped both breasts, pushed them together so the erect nipples were closer to each other, and heatedly, rapidly licked the teats.

“Mmmmm!” he sounded with escalating horniness as he insanely laved at the twin nubs.

Angela’s nipples were always a sensitive source for arousal. Her chest was on fire, while her legs felt like jelly and her vagina became dewy.

“Ohhhh!” the cougar whimpered.

The randy son moved his head left to right, right to left, his wild tongue licking the pushed-together, stiff nipples. He’d occasionally stop to concentrate his laps on one. He’d then suckle the nipple and areole. He would then give the same solo treatment to the other teat and areole. Eventually he’d pressed the nipples back next to each other and return to his horizontal tongue lashing of them.

Dan glanced down at the crotch of his mother’s short shorts. He had always loved when a pretty woman wore shorts, the sexy “V” formed between the thighs appeared more prominent. He saw, thanks to the silvery moonlight, a faint dark spot on Angela’s “V.” He grudgingly broke from catering to her breasts, and fell to his knees. This sudden action left her standing there, out of breath and wondering. He reached for the nearby beach towel and opened it, spreading it out to its fullest length and width on the sand. He got on top of it then grabbed her closest wrist, pulling her also on top of the towel. Dan gently pushed her down and positioned himself next to her waist.

A rush of dizziness came upon Angela as her son’s hands flew to the waist of her Daisy Dukes. He opened the snap on her short shorts and parted the unbelted corners of waist fabric. A heady dose of Angela’s pussy perfume fountained up to his nostrils.

He would have taken his time, first removing her shorts and then the panties. Not now. The young man’s sexual fury was growing at break-neck speed. His breathing was actually gasping as the fingers of both his hands slip under the waistband of the denim shorts and hooked it, together with the panties’ waistband.

His fingertips were pleasantly surprised at the wispy, satiny feel of the underwear waistband. These were no granny panties a mother regularly wore. This was a Victoria Secret-type. He tugged downward simultaneously the two pieces of material.

Angela’s delirium increased as she felt her son—of all people—begin to pull down her shorts and panties, at the same time no less. She raised her curvy hips, provocatively wiggling for his viewing pleasure, and to help him with the erotic task.

Maddeningly for Dan, the shorts budged little büyükçekmece escort in the first few tugs. They finally began to move, revealing more illicit parental skin. Angela, in the meantime, was swooning. The crotch material of the panties had gotten wedged into her lubricating pussy lips. When it was eventually yanked free from her embracing labia and lowered along with the shorts, she exclaimed out loud.


The Daisy Duke denim shorts and Victoria Secrets panties, both damp with essence, now easily came down. They traveled southward along Angela’s long, sculptured legs. When they were around her thin ankles and pedicured feet, the hunky, horny lad completely removed and tossed them back toward the house.

The couple’s ragged breathing sounded like two thoroughbreds down the stretch of a race. They hungrily gazed at each other. His eyes moved down the sumptuous, nude female form. Her eyes followed his, and she beamed with wanton pride as he lustfully surveyed her fine body. Angela lay completely naked, on a beach towel on a secluded piece of Long Island shoreline, before her 20 year-old son. With knees bent, she slowly and seductively opened her legs, allowing her son to view the prized, taboo, and moist treasure between them.

Dan was in erotic awe. His mother’s cunt was a MILF masterpiece. Her pubic hair was reddish-brown, and neatly trimmed in the shape of a racing stripe. The outer lips were puffy and swollen. The inner lips stood out, and glistened with her fermenting ambrosia. Her raw musk, now unhindered by clothing, became oxygen to him. The whole vagina seemed to pulse with forbidden wont and desire.

“Oh, Mom, your pussy is magnificent!” he remarked, then lowered his face into her steaming crotch. Angela tossed her head back, her luxurious mane flying sexily through the air, while her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Dannnnn!” she softly uttered his name as his cheek landed on her pubic hair.

It was love at first feel. Dan’s face was enamored with the fuzzy texture of Angela’s pubic patch. He rubbed one cheek then the other against the recently-shaved hair. The next thing the son did titillated his mother.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Angela moaned in surprise and with elation as Dan’s tongue gave her slick, pink slit a brief lash. It traveled the entire length of her sweet cunt, starting at the bottom and lifting upward, barely missing the clitoris. The young tongue cruised along the moist surface of the labia, never slipping in between the two fleshy borders. The immediate, tangy taste of her dampening muff was rousing to him.

“Eat me, baby! Eat meeeee!” It was both an order and a plea to her son. She slowly began to massage her breasts, and play with her nipples.

The tongue returned for another lick of her succulent pussy. This time it was a slow, and teasing stroke. She yelped aloud. He repeated several times the same gradual motion, progressively stimulating his horny mother. Her luscious ass shot up, and a new round of secretions bubbled forth out of the cavity.

The secretions coated his lips and tongue, and energized his taste buds even more. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as Dan happily swallowed his mom’s love juice.

Dan’s breathing was now slow and heavy, especially the inhaling. His nostrils brought in large snorts of the forbidden cunt cologne. It was strong, marshy, and enticing. With eyes closed his head moved around, dizzy with the aroma which enveloped his mother’s crotch.

Next Dan tended to her labia. With great care, he nibbled on the spongy, moistening petals. He occasionally sucked into his mouth the frantic sex lips, then returned to gently chewing on them.

Angela was on fire and going insane. She enjoyed his teasing touch, but she wanted more. She need more. She hysterically shoved her twat in his face. It briefly startled him.

“Put your tongue in it!” the horny mother demanded. “Put your tongue in it!”

Mom always said I should listen to her, so…” Dan pushed his face back at the needy, musky, humid snatch. His tongue quickly darted into Angela’s intimate opening.

The mother’s long, sleek legs shot up straight, forming a V. They then quickly enfolded Dan. An unexpected thrill sizzled all through his body as he felt this leggy vise.

The young lover advanced his eager tongue deeply into the yearning, molten cunt. The tongue fluttered, curled, and corkscrewed in Angela’s buttery vaginal depths.

“Yesssss! Oh, oh! Yes!” she cried in ecstasy.

The massaging of her own breasts and nipples was now frenzied, as the son wiggled his tongue further into his mother’s warm, gooey pussy. Her welcoming cuntal insides bathed the intrepid organ with more honey.

The 41 year-old babe was not leaking sap. She was gushing it. Her thinner thighs, and all of Dan’s face were covered in her sticky discharge as he orally titillated her juicy muff.

His vision cast itself above her pubic bone. Angela was bugged eyed, and—in between moans—breathing arduously. Her attractive face displayed intensifying sexual pleasure.

Seeing this and how her busy hands were rubbing her large, shaking breasts, Dan was enthralled. He stopped his cunnilingus and picked his head up, loosening the thigh grip she had on him. Puzzled at the unexpected halt to the superb oral loving, she met his gaze.

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