Moons, Stars , Cars Ch. 1

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It was a hot muggy evening, the stars were out, the moon starting to shine in the horizon. So, I decided to take a ride in my convertible. Listening to some great tunes, while my blonde hair blows in the wind. I decided to drive into the country, because out there, you can see the stars so much better than here in the city.

As I drive along an empty road, I decide to stop and just look around at the beautiful sky. So I tilt my chair back a little and do some gazing. Wow this is awesome! I lay there for a few minutes, and I see the headlights of a car in the distant. As the car got closer, it started to slow down, and then I started feeling nervous. The car stopped. As I look in my mirror, I see this tall slender guy get out of his truck. He had blonde wavy hair, nice looking man. He came to the side of my door, and asked if everything was ok. I told him the story about star gazing out in the country and he asked if he could take me to a great place to gaze. I was feeling real attracted to this guy, and for some reason, I WANTED to go with him…

We drove for about 10 minutes and ended up at this spot with a huge lake, and stars galore. We both tipped our seats all the way back to get the total view. All of a sudden I feel his hand on my leg, rubbing me. Man that feels good. So he asks if he can kiss me. Of course!!! He is polite too!! We both meet in the center of my car and he slides his tongue into my mouth. Kissing me gently, he reaches over and starts massaging my breasts. As my nipples get hard, I decide to reach down and unzip his pants. I can feel him getting hard and I know he wants me.

We start kissing harder now, as we both know exactly what we want. I am rubbing his shaft up and down, it is getting bigger and bigger. I start to slide his shorts bahis firmaları down, so I can see him. He unhooks my bra with one hand and slides my shirt off with the other. He leans over and starts licking my chest all around my nipples, ohm I want him to touch them, but he wants to me to want it more, I tell him to sit on top of my back seat, almost on top of my trunk. I spread his legs, so I can make him very happy. I am rubbing his balls with one hand while the other is stroking his swollen shaft. I gently start to lick his head, having a firm grip with my mouth around his head, I lick his tiny hole, trying to put my tongue inside him, as he is groaning, I start to lick the hard vein on his dick. I can feel it, so hard, I know it feels good on him. I follow it all the way to his balls, then gently taking them both in my mouth, licking then, caressing them with my tongue.

As I make my way back up to his swollen head, I take his dick and start rubbing it on my hard nipples, Ohhh my god it feels soooo goood. I sit up a little more and put his hard cock between my “D” chests. He is squeezing my tits as he slides his dick up and down, up and down, playing with my hard nipples, I put my chin to my chest and suck his head every time he comes up, licking his hole, tonguing his hard dick. I take the whole head in my mouth suctioning it in like a vacuum. Then he grabs my head and I know he wants it bad now!! I suction down more and more till his whole dick is in my throat. He thrust my head outward, then back down, deeper and deeper, each time licking his head as it cums up. I start to move faster and faster, and deeper and deeper, he is thrusting so hard, it feels so good I love his hard dick in my mouth; I can feel his throbbing dick in my neck. He is ready to explode, and kaçak iddaa I want him to explode in my mouth.

I grab his hard shaft and start pumping him with my hand while I suck his enormous head!! I can feel his vein throbbing against my tongue, and then I slide his hard cock all the way down my throat as he explodes, Ummmm I can taste that one of a kind taste streaming into my stomach! As I start to cum up a little bit, he gently moves me into his position, I lay a blanket on my trunk as I spread my legs oh so very wide, I could always do the splits since I was a kid, I lay back on my blanket while looking at them beautiful stars, the moon, the hot muggy air, and his gentle lips on the inside of my thighs.

As he licks my thighs, and moves his way up to my stomach, and licks around my belly button and fondles my ring, wow, I am feeling so hot. He reaches up and starts to caress my hard tits. Then he licked his way back down to my now hot pussy. As he moves his tongue around my lips it feels so good, then he slides his tongue inside my wet pussy, moving around my clit in a circle, HOLY SHIT, that feels so fuckin good, i cant stand it, I want to cum right now!!!, but I hold back, I start playing with my hard nipples while he is eating me out.

I look up and see them beautiful stars, having the most erotic night ever, He takes his fingers and gently slides them inside me, feeling every part of me, as he is still licking my hard clit! I know he can feel me throbbing, I start to thrust my hot wet pussy in his beautiful face, I know he loves this, I LOVE this!! His tongue enters my wet throbbing hole, oohhhh mmyyyy ggggoooodd. I want him so bad!! I cant hold out any longer, I start to thrust around in a circular motion grabbing his head and moving it with me, I know kaçak bahis he wants to taste my sweet cum, so I explode as he is still tonguing my clit as I jerk in ecstasy.

I am not ready to end this night, so I reach down, bring his head up and slip my tongue in his mouth, kissing him, like he probably never had been kissed before, and I reach down and grab his now again hard dick.

I am still so horny, I want to feel him inside me, I want to fuck him so bad, I know he wants it too. As I sit up on the back seat of my car, I slide his dick toward my pussy, and start to rub his head over my again horny clit, we are both ready for round 3. I slide his big hard cock inside me, he is kneeling on my back seat, I am on the top of it, He starts licking my hard nipples I am enjoying this!!! I feel his hard dick moving in and out of my hot wet pussy, Thrusting together like perfect harmony, we start to move faster and faster, he is getting harder and harder, It feelllllssss soooo good, he is moving so fast and deep, I decide to lean back a little and do the “splits”, so he can go as deep as possible.

He is sucking on my extremely hard nipples, while thrusting in and out of me; I can feel his balls start to enter my wet hole. OOHHHHH MMMYYYYY GGGGoooooDDDD!!!!!!! He is all the way inside me now, My pussy is going crazy, He is fucking me like I have never been fucked before, I am ready to explode again, I can feel his hard throbbing dick ready too, We both are fucking each other wildly, the whole car is moving like mad, I wrap my legs around him, and sit up and start kissing him like a wild women, we are both ready, I can feel him, he can feel me, our bodies so tight together, moving up and down on his hard shaft, and rubbing it against my g-spot, I cant take it anymore, and he cant either, we both start jerking in complete and total ecstasy!!!!

I look up, the moon is brighter, the stars are even more beautiful and so is this tall blonde guy, which I would love to fuck anytime…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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