Morgan and her Grandpa Pt. 04

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*Everyone in this story is 18 years of age or older.

By July, Grandpa Henry was wrapped around Morgan’s little finger. Besides the 200 dollar allowance she received from him; he paid for her gym membership, yoga classes, trainer, boxing lessons, and circuit training. Morgan told her grandpa that she wanted to stay in perfect shape to make him happy. Grandpa Henry couldn’t dispute the results of her exercise regimen. The sweet teen slut was absolutely flawless in every way.

On Friday, July 10th, the morning at Grandpa Henry’s house started out like every other morning that summer. He enjoyed his breakfast at the kitchen table while his naked granddaughter on her knees enjoyed his thick rod. Morgan loved a nice shot of protein down her throat in the morning. She eventually gave her mouth a break, stroked her favorite cock and asked her grandpa a question. “Grandpa, when are you going to give me my graduation present?” It had been three weeks since she graduated high school.

“I got a feeling pretty soon.” said a coy Grandpa Henry. Moments later, someone began honking their horn incessantly, and it seemed to be coming from Grandpa Henry’s driveway. “Sweetie, can you go check out what is going on?” Morgan got off her knees and proceeded to the living room to investigate. Grandpa Henry had some friends help to make it a surprise. She looked outside and saw a pink BMW convertible in the driveway. It was exactly the car she told her grandpa that she wanted, he might say demanded.

Morgan’s eyes bugged out of her head as she started jumping up and down. She shouted in excitement, “is that for me?!” Morgan’s new ride was a fully loaded 2017 BMW M2 Convertible with a custom paint job. Grandpa Henry’s graduation present for his favorite granddaughter set him back almost 70 thousand dollars.

“That is your graduation gift, sweetie. Sorry, it wasn’t here when you graduated, but the custom paint job took awhile to get done.” Grandpa Henry had to grab Morgan by the arm to stop her from running outside naked to see her new car. “Sweetie, maybe put on some clothes first.” In all the excitement, she forgot she was totally naked.

After throwing on some clothes, Morgan took her present for a quick ride around town and then came back to Grandpa Henry to show her appreciation in a way she hadn’t before. She found him working in the garage. “Come upstairs in a few minutes, Grandpa.”

Grandpa Henry had an idea what would be waiting for him, but his granddaughter had stepped up her game and was a vision that usually only lives in male fantasy. Morgan was lying on the bed adorned with a lace corset, panties, garter belt and knee high stockings. She had never looked so sexy wearing all white like a virgin on her wedding night. “I hope you like what I’m wearing; I saved it for this special occasion.

“Sweetie, you look like an angel.”

“A slutty angel I hope,” said Morgan with a wink.

Grandpa Henry wouldn’t resist giving his granddaughter what she really wants. Grandpa Henry undressed as he kept his eyes on the blonde beauty before him. He proceeded to get on the bed next to Morgan and take her in his arms. He caressed her body and softly kissed her neck. She whispered in her grandpa’s ear that she couldn’t wait for him to be inside her and she would be his present. He took his time unwrapping his teen present. Morgan was shaking with anticipation and excitement. She returned the favor and undressed her grandpa then used her mouth to get him ready for her tight teen snatch.

She slowly licked up his thick shaft as she was on all fours on top of him. “Sweetie, turn that cute little ass around so Grandpa Henry can eat that sweet pussy of yours.” Morgan grinning from ear to ear turned around and positioned her crotch right in front of his mouth.

Grandpa Henry could hear his naughty little whore moaning with a mouthful of his cock. He gripped her round cheeks and darted his tongue in and out of her wetness. After several minutes of tongue fucking, Morgan’s moist teen pussy was ready for some grandpa cock. “I want that cock, Grandpa.”

Morgan proceeded to lie down next to her grandpa. He then positioned himself between her tender thighs and lined up his huge throbbing cock with his granddaughter’s moist cunt. “Are you ready, sweetie.”

“Grandpa, I want it so bad.” That’s all he needed to hear. He slowly pushed forward into Morgan. She gasped as Grandpa Henry’s bakırköy escort big mushroom head split apart her tight teen pussy lips and slowly slid into her wet opening. Grandpa Henry stared into her piercing blue eyes to witness her passion and lust. With each thrust, his fat 9-inch rod went deeper into Morgan’s writhing pussy as it adjusted to his length and girth. She had taken black cock before, but even they didn’t compare to Grandpa Henry.

Between moans, Morgan kept repeating, “Ah Grandpa, yes, harder Grandpa.” Before long, Grandpa Henry was balls deep. He would slam his fuck toy with a powerful thrust then slowly pull out. She kept crying out in ecstasy for him to do it again. After several minutes of hard fucking, Morgan could tell her grandpa was getting tired. “Grandpa, I want to ride you.” She knew better than to ask to if he was tired which would be a blow to his ego.

“Ride your grandpa like a good little whore.” They switched positions, and it was now Morgan’s turn to take control. Her worked-in cunt enveloped his incredible girth easily as she mounted Grandpa Henry. She rode him like a veteran whore and was finally living out her ultimate fantasy. “Oh my god. oh my god.. grab my tits, Grandpa.” She grinded her pussy on his manhood and felt a warm sensation radiate throughout her body. She had felt this before, but she was about to experience something else for the first time. The pressure building in her pussy was so intense she bucked off her grandpa’s meat stick. She felt like she had to piss. However, she instinctively pleasured herself.

She relentlessly rubbed her throbbing clit as she began to spray pussy juice all over her grandpa. “Oh, Grandpa, you’re making me squirt!” Morgan screamed out as her body shuddered in ecstasy. Her pussy kept shooting stream after stream of cunt cum. Grandpa Henry thought it wasn’t ever going to stop. He was the first man ever to make her squirt.

Morgan’s first experience with squirting left her legs soaked. The drenched little slut regained her composure and slid back onto her grandpa’s cock. Her nectar between their bodies created a loud smacking sound. It wasn’t long before Grandpa Henry was about fill his granddaughter with his man seed as she was close to another orgasm herself.

“Fill me up, Grandpa!” Morgan began slamming herself down onto her grandpa’s manhood. Her sugar walls clenched around his rod as she experienced another intense orgasm. Her tightness milked Grandpa Henry dry as she enjoyed the warm waves of pleasure rocking her body. “I love that your cum is deep inside my little pussy.” Morgan collapsed on Grandpa Henry with his spent cock still inside her drenched snatch. She could feel his heart racing as tried to catch his breath. “Nobody makes me cum like my grandpa. I love you, Grandpa.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”

Morgan spent the rest of the night in her grandpa’s arms. She felt safe and loved.

In the morning, Grandpa Henry needed to discuss something with his special little slut. “Sweetie, I know we had a deal that it was just be my cock that you played with, but I think you deserve to be with someone who has your energy and can satisfy you in ways I can’t.”

“Grandpa, you make me cum more often and harder than any other guy and the only one to ever make me squirt.”

He swelled with pride hearing that. “Thanks, sweetie, but it’s okay.”

Morgan began to grin as she realized he wanted it to happen. “You dirty man, you want to watch don’t you?”

“I do,” blushed Grandpa Henry.

A few days later, Grandpa Henry and his little fuck toy would drive several towns away where no one knew who they were. He told Morgan he preferred not bringing people around his house, especially guys.

They found a small inconspicuous bar that would hopefully have some young cock for Morgan. She kept staring at these three large black guys playing pool that she spotted the moment they entered the bar. “Never been with three at the same time before,” she whispered in her grandpa’s ear.

“Go talk to them,” encouraged Grandpa Henry.

Morgan walked over to the pool table and instantly caught their eye. Grandpa Henry from across the bar could tell they wanted his granddaughter, but that was no surprise. 20 minutes later, she came back to her Grandpa Henry’s table smiling from ear to ear. She sat on her grandpa’s lap and told him about her bakırköy eve gelen escort conversation. The excited little cock slut told the three guys what hotel she was staying at and they also agreed to let Henry, who they thought was her sugar daddy, be there to watch the show. Morgan and Grandpa Henry went straight to the hotel and waited for her big black dicking.

30 minutes later, the three guys from the bar showed up to the hotel, but there was now 4 of them. “Hope you don’t mind we brought a buddy with us.” Grandpa Henry looked at Morgan for her approval. She looked at the 4th guy; he was a tall, muscular black guy with tats all over his arms. She told her grandpa it was okay and it would now be her task to please four monster black cocks with her tiny tight teen pussy.

Grandpa Henry sat in the corner of the room, and the four huge black guys surrounded Morgan. She looked so tiny as they groped and clawed at her body. They forcefully pulled off her t-shirt and bra. Next to be ripped off her body was her short white skirt, and like usual, the little slut was not wearing panties. The two men behind Morgan (Brock and Brad) were both over 6 feet tall. They both had the build of line backers. The two men enjoying her tits and snatch (Chris and Javon) were more slender but even taller than Brock and Brad. They all attended the local college.

“You got a nice ass for a white girl,” complimented Brad as he caressed her apple bottom. “You take it up the ass?”

“Sorry, no, I’m saving my ass for him.” Morgan pointed at her grandpa.

“That’s alright, but that little pussy of yours is going to take a beating.”

Ray put his hands around her tiny neck and commanded, “Get on your knees and show us what you can do.” Morgan quickly obeyed. She loved big black cock down her throat. The four men pulled out their stiffening cocks and presented them to the white teen slut on her knees. Morgan was a little intimidated but excited. She loved a challenge and servicing four massive black dicks would be her biggest challenge yet.

She looked like a pro working all four massive pricks at the same time. “Is this your little slut’s first blow bang?” asked Ray.

“Yes, it is,” Grandpa Henry said sheepishly.

“Damn, you are a keeper,” laughed Ray. “Put the little cock sucker on the bed,” ordered Ray who was clearly the ring leader.

Morgan’s jaw was aching as she continued to suck Ray’s cock which was thick as a pop can. Brock had three finger’s opening up the teen’s tight twat while Chris and Javon sucked on her huge supple tits.

“You like what you see, Grandpa?” moaned Morgan.

“Wait, is he your real grandpa?” questioned a disturbed Ray.

“That’s just her pet name for me,” reassured Grandpa Henry.

Morgan quickly replied, “Grandpa, don’t lie.” The four men ravaging the 18-year-old were initially disgusted with what they just heard. But then they began to tease Grandpa Henry and enjoyed it. Grandpa Henry was embarrassed, but his focus was on his slut of a granddaughter. He felt his dick grow with every passing second.

During the constant ball busting of the old timer, Brock didn’t inform Morgan with what he was about to do and shoved his huge hammer deep inside her. She whimpered but tried not to show the guys it hurt to be slammed without warning. Brock didn’t last long inside the young slut’s tight pussy. He pulled out and flooded her stomach with his seed.

The verbal abuse continued throughout the night. “So, Grandpa Henry likes watching black cock fuck his little granddaughter’s slutty little cunt,” snickered Ray. It was pretty obvious considering the tent Grandpa Henry was pitching.

Morgan chimed in too. “Pull out your fat cock Grandpa; I know you want to. I know you are hard and going to want to jerk off watching me get fucked by four huge cocks. Four huge black cocks in your granddaughter’s little pussy.” Her grandpa couldn’t resist any longer and pulled out his throbbing prick for a stroking.

“My turn,” smirked Chris. For the next hour, they took turns pounding Morgan’s pussy and invading her mouth. At one point, Chris and Javon both had their 8-inch thick black dicks jammed in her slutty little mouth. Morgan’s pussy was stretched by the brutal assault at the hands of massive pricks. She proved to be up to the challenge as Grandpa Henry’s huge rod prepared her for bakırköy grup yapan escort such a challenge. But she still struggled with Ray’s cock, which was even longer and thicker than her grandpa’s.

Chris, Brock, and Javon were the three who took turns inside Morgan’s cunt for the first hour. Ray had still not taken his turn. When it looked like the teen slut couldn’t handle anymore, Ray decided it was now his turn to violate her like she had never been violated before.

“How big is it?” asked a scared Morgan as Ray got between her legs.

“11 inches and I’m not leaving until you take it all.” Morgan tried to get off the bed, but Javon and Chris pinned her down.

Brock had moved towards Grandpa Henry and gave him a menacing look. Morgan was worried he would hurt her sweet old grandpa. “It’s okay Grandpa; I can take it.”

“Spread her legs,” ordered Ray. Chris and Javon pulled the tender beauty’s toned legs apart as they continued to pin her down with their free hand.

Ray took his time entering Morgan. He loved the look of pain on her face and wanted it to last as long as possible. “Oh, fuck! You are tearing me apart!” she kept saying over and over.

Ray grabbed her cum covered tits and picked up the pace. “You will be the first to take all 11 inches.” Those words inspired the little teen slut. Morgan stopped focusing on the pain and was now on a mission to take all of Ray. He had 7 inches in the naughty granddaughter, but his girth was meeting resistance. Even though he wanted to go balls deep, he was afraid if he went any deeper, he would literally tear her in two.

“Come on baby, go balls deep! Give me it all!”

“You want it; you got it.” Ray with one violent thrust slammed the last 4 inches into Morgan’s tortured twat. He held all 11 inches balls inside the blonde beauty as he was balls deep for the first time in any woman. The other three mockingly clapped and congratulated her for being such good cock whore. Ray began to thrust his hips back and forth. Before long, she was thrusting back against Ray as they kissed passionately and were now in perfect rhythm. Morgan felt a familiar sensation stir in her loins; her entire body began to shake. “Oh my God, don’t stop, don’t stop! Morgan’s aching pussy began to massage his manhood.

Chris and Javon had let go of Morgan’s legs. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him, which allowed him to touch parts of her that hadn’t been touched even by her Grandpa’s 9-inch prick. “Yes, yes, harder, harder!” screamed the teen slut. Grandpa Henry couldn’t believe his granddaughter could take such a violent pounding. She looked so tiny beneath the giant of a man ravaging her and giving her such pleasure.

Ray’s body began to twitch, he then mounted Morgan’s sweet little face and unleashed his load.

Each guy came on the little whore at least twice. Her face and tits were totally covered in their seed. Her exhausted, ravaged body laid flat on the bed covered in buckets of cum as the four men got dressed and left.

Grandpa Henry was horny and hard. It was now his turn with his granddaughter. He took off all his clothes and got on the bed. He stared at her for a moment. He was amazed how hot she looked coated in semen. Her huge fun bags looked like they had been iced like a cake. “Don’t worry sweetie, you just lie there and let Grandpa do the work.”

Grandpa Henry slid his 70-year-old meat stick into Morgan’s stretched out cum lined snatch. As he pulled out, his cock was covered in other men’s seed. This didn’t stop Grandpa Henry from using his ravaged granddaughter like a whore.

“Clean me up, Grandpa.”

Grandpa looked around the room for some tissue or a towel.

“Grandpa, I mean with your tongue,” whispered an exhausted Morgan. “Grandpa, my pussy just took a beating for you, you can do this for me.”

Grandpa Henry felt he had to oblige, so he leaned forward and began to lick the cum off Morgan’s right tit. It didn’t taste as bad as he thought it would and it shockingly turned him on.

“That feels so good, Grandpa.”

He moved over to her left tit, then began to lick the side of her face. Grandpa Henry was tasting and swallowing cum for the first time in his life. Morgan could tell that her grandpa enjoyed it. “Is my grandpa a dirty cum whore like his granddaughter?” giggled Morgan. “I want some too.”

Grandpa lapped up some more cum off her face and dropped the mouthful into the teen slut’s waiting mouth. “Mmmm tastes so good,” purred Morgan.
Brock suddenly opened the door without knocking. “Hey, I forgot my phone.” Brock was now looking directly at Grandpa Henry fucking his own granddaughter. “Oh damn, you fucking white people are kinky motherfuckers.”

To Be Continued…

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