Mormon Monastry 2: “Oral is Moral” (Vide

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Mormon Monastry 2: “Oral is Moral” (Vide
Red-hot real redhead shy stunner sexuality submits to an erotically experienced beautiful blonde sexy Sister

Redhead Rebecca, is she really ready for her intimate inspection and initiation by the beautiful blonde Bianca and her awesome assistant dark-haired Dorothea? Together these two break Rebecca’s resistance, shown in the video below.

“Teens”, “First Time” and “Lesbian” are the top-three searches on sex sites. These are the three main items of the tasty video clips, which gave birth to the short stories in this sexy series, and produced the point-of-view inspiration of my imagination of the setting of the scenes: My Modern Mormon Monastry, an Erotic Education International Institute, where approved applicants, verified virgins, enter exactly at their eighteenth birthday.

Many of the videos, always with very pretty sensual sexy tasty tiny tit teens, show at least two standard scenes: “Oral is Moral”, love lips licking their first love lesson, and “Dildo Defloration”, teaching the teen to enjoy erotic orgasms during pussy penetration and sexy stimulation around her mound and Mount Venus. A third theme to pop up at times is “Punishment”, either in the form of spanking by Sisters, or worse, the humilation of being used, without receiving any sexual pleasure, by the Master. Always done in public, for the eyes of her classmates and captured on video.

“Oral is Moral”

After she takes the vow, two or three Sisters – students in their second year at us – will test the teen for readiness and receptiveness for lesbian love lessons. Their main mantra is “Oral illegal bahis is Moral”, as all proper preppies shall learn to please each others for orgasms. Until marriage, she shall not have intimate intercourse with any men. Only sexiest sophomores will get an occasion for some sucking love lessons – or more – from the Master of the Monastry.

“Dildo Defloration”

After three years the teens will be women wanton to marry a Mormon, approved by our Monastry, and know everything in erotics in order to sexually serve their husbands in all his hot whims and wishes. All teens pick up easily to come from love lips licking. Some of them even already know how to have an orgasm from self stimulation, usually discovered by chance in the shower, as any manual masturbation is officially forbidden for most Mormon maiden.

The most important task to the teachers of freshmen teen virgins is imposing an orgasm during pussy penetration. In this respect our Monastry is Modern indeed, compared to traditional teens erotic education, which neglects the importance of sexy satisfaction of the nubiles being bred in their marital beds. Enough evidence from surveys by sexuologists suggests that sexually satisfied and erotically experienced wives give birth much more easily and have healthier babies born. In contrast, their mothers knew not much more than “Spread your legs, close your eyes and think of Your Lord”, for what would happen their first night with their newly wed hot husband.

Before the defloration by dildo, the Sister In Charge of her Ceremony will initimately inspect the preppy’s pussy, right in tipobet front of the curious camera, our common ‘eye’. We get to see her sweet snatch from close, to prove she is still a virgin.
During her first sex session with pussy penetration the Sister will make love to her lips and stimulate around her clit to invoke her first ever orgasm, captured on camera.


Sometimes a Sister will punish an applicant on her first day, if she feels it is necessary to break the resistance of a new girl, reluctant to be bare in front of our camera. Usually some simple soft spanking of the bottom of the bared baby will do the job. Later during their training the more serious cases are presented to the Master for his more severe measures, which we hope to show in another installment.


Rebecca’s Resistance & Rectification

After Rebecca takes the vow from Bianca, “Will you obey me?”, the blonde beauty unveils her. Together with Dorothea they partly undress her. In her underwear, she takes the first test. Can the sexy Sisters turn her on, by simply tough twisting of her visible big nipples, through thin fabric of her last layer of clothing there? Bianca feels the reluctance of the shy stunner. They take down her lower garments and order her to bend over, right in front of the camera, which zooms in on the tasty tight ass and puffy pussy. Such an embarrassement, her bare ass on camera … Even worse, the two Sisters stand tipobet güvenilir mi each at a side, hold her firmly down and spank her, each giving one cheek a light hue of red.
Rebecca gives in and obeys the Sisters now. On command, she takes turns to eat them out in proper order.

Finally, on all fours, Bianca slowly and softly spreads her love lips for a long look inside to inspect her intimacies. Visibly, a virgin still, now ready to be deflorated by dildo. Rebecca reclines to lay at her back. Dorothea holds her wrists, while Bianca drives the dildo deep inside. Slowly in and out, in combination with caresses and kisses of her love lips, till Rebecca is ready for her first ever awesome orgasm during pussy penetration. Luckily, in the end, everything went well for ready Rebecca on her first day.

Later she learns that the Master checks first videos from newbees in the evening, as soon as the teens retire to bed. In her case, he replays the scene of her spanking several times, as he finds it extremely exciting to watch the colouring of her tight teen bare bums, while her pussy slowly gets more puffy and ready for further sexual stimulation. He makes a mental note of giving the red-hot redhead Rebacca priority on his list of lust for private penile penetration very soon.

Try these three:

We hotly hope You will like this second sexy sequel about our Mormon Monastry by Your ‘thumps up’, which will surely seduce us to add some more short seduction stories, with vivid videos to this ‘Initiation’ initiative.


All rights by Poet-PETER in awesome Amsterdam, February sixth 2019

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