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It’s 5am and dark and rainy outside. I’m at the warehouse we’ve converted into a commercial kitchen for our catering business, baking scones for the bridal shower brunch that’s on today’s calendar. The ovens are on and it’s already steamy so the fans are going and I’m down to just my jeans and a tank. Zeppelin’s blaring out of the radio, which is probably why I don’t hear you come in.

You sneak up behind me and slip your arms around my waist.

“What are you making?”

I reach up and slip a piece of a finished scone in your mouth.

“Mmm, tastes good.”

Then you kiss my neck where it meets my shoulder.

“You taste better.”

You turn me around and kiss up my neck, licking and nibbling until you reach my mouth. I grab you and yank your body against mine, leaving flour hand-prints on your shirt.

“Better take that off…it’s messy.”

I slide my hands under your shirt and up your chest and you pull the shirt over your head. Then you pull mine off and press against me. I can feel your hard cock through your jeans and I reach down to unbutton them. You catch my wrist in your hand and say “Not yet.”.

You start kissing back down my neck, taking off my bra so you can suck my nipple into your mouth. You start sucking hard, kartal escort bayan then flicking your tongue over it and it feels so fucking good. You’re pinching the other one and pulling and getting a little rough, but I like that and you know it. I try to grab your fly again and you push my hands away.

Your hands work my jeans and panties down over my hips and off.

“What do you want me to do?” you ask. “You want me to lick your pussy?”

I look at you and moan and nod. There’s nothing I want more right now.

“Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

“Baby, please” I’m practically begging “please lick my pussy. I want to come in your mouth.”

Just saying it gets me so wet and you know that. You sink down to your knees and push my legs apart and I brace myself against the counter. You look up at me and I watch your tongue as it starts at the bottom and works it’s way up to my clit. I gasp when you get to my clit and you stay there, licking light little circles, then slightly increasing the pressure. I want more and I start to grind against your mouth trying to get you to lick me harder. You grab my ass and yank me forward so you can bury your face between my legs and I grab your head and pull you in.

“Fuck baby, escort maltepe that feels so good.” I’m panting and so close to coming and you’re flicking your tongue over my clit and then sucking it in your mouth. Then you slide one finger up my pussy and I lose it.

“I’m coming!” And I’m shaking and can barely stand up and you grab me and hold me to your face so I cant move and I’m coming all over your mouth and you keep licking and sucking until you’ve got every drop.

You rise up and kiss me so I can taste me on your mouth because you know how much that turns me on. You pull away and turn me around and push me so that I’m bent over, bracing myself on the stainless.

I look over my shoulder at you, “Fuck me baby. Please, do it now.”

You slap my ass, once, then again a little harder and I scream a little and stick my ass out further, begging you to fuck me.

I hear your jeans hit the floor and feel the head of your cock at my pussy and you run it up and down until I’m moaning and thrusting back at you and you’re covered in my juices.

The teasing is too much. I need you inside me. “Please, ” I say, “please fuck me.”

And you do. You slam that delicious hard cock in my and start pounding away. One hand is pulling pendik escort on my nipples and the other is rubbing my clit and I can hear the sound of our skin slapping together and I am getting close to coming again.

I can hear you moaning. “I’m going to come inside you,” you tell me.

“Do it baby. I want to feel you come in my pussy.”

I feel you take your finger off of my clit and bring it around to my ass and slide it inside.

“Not in your pussy,” you say.

And you start pumping your finger in and out of my ass as your cock slams in my pussy. I’m moaning and panting and you know I’m close.

“Wait for me,” you say, ” I want you to come with my cock in your ass.”

You pull out and I can feel the head of your cock pressed against my ass. You rub my clit with one hand and run your cock up and down.

“What do you want?” you say.

“Fuck my ass.”

And you slide your cock up my ass and it’s so tight and it feels so fucking good. You start slow, inch by inch, until you’re all the way in.

“You’re so tight, babe,” you say, “You feel so good.”

Then you start pumping and your fingers are rubbing my clit and I can feel the orgasm about to hit me. You slide your finger in my pussy and I explode, screaming and shoving myself back on your cock. I reach down and grab your balls and squeeze them and I hear you moan and then I feel you come inside me.

I can’t stand up anymore and we slide down to the floor. You lean over and kiss me.

“Mornin Sunshine,” you say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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