Morning Love

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I awakened very slowly and dreamily. I was still the front spoon and in John’s arms, just like I had been when we went to sleep. We hadn’t moved at all during the night, and my lover felt wonderfully warm against my back. I didn’t really want to be awake, but it felt so cozy and perfect that I didn’t want to go back to sleep and miss out on enjoying it. I opened my eyes just a little and could see that some gray light was coming in around the drapes, so I guessed it was about dawn.

I sure didn’t want to leave my warm cocoon but I had to pee, so I very slowly and carefully moved myself away from John and out from under his arm. He was asleep, breathing deeply and regularly, and looked very peaceful. Outside the warm bed, the room was cold.

My sleepy eyes didn’t like the bright bathroom light, but I peed, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair into shape. I intended to crawl carefully back into bed for some more sleep. Or something. I had turned the bathroom light off and started back to bed when I thought about the ‘or something,’ so I went back and put some Vaseline into my pussy, just in case. My pussy is getting used to being full of big Herman and I make plenty of lubrication, so I don’t think I really need this Vaseline. It makes it easier to stretch for him, though, and it keeps me from getting sore. Besides, I like the slippery feeling when John’s penis slides in and out of me.

After the bright light in the bathroom, the bedroom was so dim that I was right next to the bed before I realized it was empty. Then I could hear the shower running in John’s bathroom, so I knocked and heard him say, ‘Good morning, Sweetie. Get your pretty little butt in here.’

I giggled and opened the door to a very steamy bathroom. I saw John in the shower and called to him that I’d be right back with some OJ for us. He said to hell with the OJ and for me to come in because he had something to show me. Then John stepped out of the shower with water streaming off him, and I saw what he meant when he said he had ‘something to show me.’ It was Herman, sticking straight out, red and swollen, and bobbing up and down. Just the way I liked him. It looked like I was about to have a shower, so I grabbed my cap and pulled it on.

I threw myself into John’s arms for my good morning kiss, being careful not to impale myself on Herman. His body was so wet that I couldn’t get a good hold around his waist with my legs, and I started to slip down. John put his hands under my bottom and held me up and kissed me.

He walked us over to the counter and sat me down on the cool marble without breaking our kiss. I could feel Herman’s tip poking me, searching for my entrance, and I moved a little to help him. I’m sure glad I took that moment to use some Vaseline. I guess I’ll never understand about that foreplay stuff. I’m always ready. I feel like my pussy is gushing and wide open, calling for Herman. That thought would have made me giggle, but I wasn’t in a laughing mood. I very seriously wanted to be fu …. made love to.

The next thing I knew, I had my knees up to about John’s shoulders, my arms around his neck, my tongue in his mouth, and the entire length of big, warm, wonderful Herman buried in my vagina. Wow, I’m getting my good morning kiss and my good morning …………. um …… fucking both at the same time. Another first. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Ohhhhhhh, I think I’m just about to have my ………… good ……… morning ……. climax, too ………. Ooohhh, Yesssssssssssss!

I squealed into John’s mouth, pulled his hair with one hand to keep his lips on mine, dug the fingernails of the other hand into his shoulder, used my strong legs to help him thrust even harder into me, and had a short, wonderful little orgasm.

We kept up our kiss through my climax, and John continued to stroke Herman in and out of me but more slowly and gently. We finally broke our kiss and both said, ‘I love you,’ at the same time. That had to be the longest, most passionate, and wonderful good morning kiss in the whole history of mankind. Womankind, too. I got kissed, fu … made love to, and had an orgasm all at the same time. Wow, what a way to start the day!

John said, ‘Sweetheart, you seem to live right on the edge of an orgasm, twenty four hours a day. As soon as I get into you, you’re coming. You have such wonderful natural sexuality, that I’m constantly amazed. I’m very lucky to be the one you chose to share it with.’

I blushed with pleasure, or maybe it was from being sexually excited. Either way, I could feel my face and neck get warm and red. ‘John, Darling Lover, I didn’t even know what an orgasm was a week ago. Whatever I am sexually, you made bahis firmaları me that way. I don’t think I would feel much of anything if I didn’t love you so much.’

John was holding Herman quiet inside me as we shared a long, deep kiss, but I could feel him throbbing and jerking deep in my pussy. That was almost enough to send me over again. Not quite, though, and I had that delicious tingly feeling of being right on the brink of coming.

John pulled back a little, and we stopped kissing and both looked down to watch his penis slide in and out of me. I leaned forward and got the best view I’d ever had of myself being ….. fucked. Even though I had been sexually active for a few days and we had made love a lot, I hadn’t gotten any bigger down there. The outer lips of my pussy were stretched snugly around my Herman, just like little pink rubber bands.

John pulled all the way out and let me watch the whole length of his penis slide slowly back into me until it was completely buried. Then he took it out and slid it up and down in the top of my cleft with the underside sliding over my button. I’m sure glad I don’t have any hair down there to spoil the view. Oh, that feels good on my button. Just enjoy it, girl. Don’t go over yet. I put a finger on Herman to press him just a tiny bit more firmly against my clitoris. You’d better stop that, Girl. You’re going to come if you keep it up.

The combination of what I was watching and the feel of what he was doing to my clitoris was almost enough to make me lose control again. I really had to concentrate on not coming. When he plunged back into me there was that awful noise as the air was forced out of my pussy, but I was so excited and it felt so good that I wasn’t even embarrassed.

I loved watching the outside part of my pussy being stretched and caressed by John’s hot penis while inside I was feeling my vagina being massaged and wonderfully filled at the same time. My big swollen clitoris was riding along the top of Herman as he moved in and out of me. My button was swollen with excitement, and the hood that normally covered it was pulled back so I could see the reddish-pink head. I experimentally used my finger to press it down just a little bit more against that hot, hard penis. Oh, stop that. You’re going to make yourself go over. Take that finger away. What I was seeing added to what I was feeling, and the combination was so thrilling that I had to consciously will myself not to go over. It was hard to watch and feel those wonderful things and not let them carry me to a climax, but I tried.

My climaxes were too wonderful and I loved them too much, though, and the urge to come was finally just irresistible. I coldn’t control myself any longer. John pulled his penis all the way out of me and just held it there with the engorged purple head jerking up and down. I knew right then that there was no use in trying to hold back any longer. I was going to come as soon as his penis entered me again, I couldn’t stop it, I didn’t want to stop it, and I gave myself up completely to my pleasure.

I watched the tip part my tender pussy lips, and I started to go over as soon as Herman’s head entered me. John buried his penis in me right up to the hilt, and by the time the tip reached my cervix, I was at my peak.

That one stroke of John’s penis was like a Fourth of July firework. The fuse was lit as his tip parted my lips, the fuse burned as he slid into me, and when the tip touched the innermost reaches of my vagina, I Exploded!

I had been quietly watching John’s hard penis going into me, but when his tip hit my cervix, my climax went off inside me with a BANG. It hit me so suddenly and overwhelmingly that I shrieked! John and I were both surprised as that loud burst of noise echoed around that big tiled bathroom. I had known that I was going to go over, but I sure hadn’t expected it to be like a bomb going off.

We had been making love sweetly and gently, but there was nothing sweet and gentle about the nuclear blast that detonated inside me. My orgasmic dam burst, and the shock wave hit every cell of my body. I’m sure I made noise after that first scream, but my mind was too overwhelmed to notice anything. I was experiencing those impossibly bright red and yellow flashes of light inside my eyes. There was a roaring in my ears like I was standing right next to a waterfall. My bells were ringing, my teeth were clenched, and I knew my fingernails were digging furrows into my lover’s shoulders, but I couldn’t help it. My toes were cramping, too, but I didn’t care.

I had my legs around John’s waist, and I used them to thrust myself up and force his penis in and out of my pussy. He responded kaçak iddaa by meeting my every motion with a hard thrust. I reached my peak suddenly, but I thought I was never going to come down from it. I just stayed there and stayed there, my ears roaring, my lights flashing, in an impossible long explosion.

John finally stopped moving his penis inside me and took me by the shoulders and shook me, and that snapped me out of it. If he hadn’t done that, I probably would have just gone on coming until I died. He said he was sorry he had to shake me like that, but that he was getting worried about me.

I had been too far gone and for too long, so I actually felt a sense of relief that it was over with. When my pounding heart and gasping breath finally got back to almost normal, I felt really good. This was another of those times when having a huge, monster of an orgasm energized me. Oh, my God, that was incredible! When I had that big climax in bed last night, it knocked into some kind of coma. Now, I just had an even bigger orgasm, and I feel lively. I guess I’ll never figure it out. Maybe it’s best that way, not to know what’s coming. I want more. Well, not so much ….. fucking, at least not right now. Just……… more. What I would really like is a nice, long kiss.

John eased a still erect Herman out of me, I slid off the counter to my feet, and we shared a wonderful kiss. It wasn’t as …… explosive as the first one, but it was still wonderful. I opened my eyes while we were kissing and saw us in the big mirror. At first I saw a tiny girl who looked silly in a shower cap with a huge, naked, wet man who had to bend way over to kiss her. It looked very awkward and ……… incongrous. That girl was so little that she couldn’t really get her arms around his shoulders, and she looked like a doll in his arms.

Then I added what I was feeling to what I saw, and there was a big man passionately kissing a little woman whom he loved and who loved him. I saw big warm Herman, hard and throbbing between them up against her stomach, knew her pussy was wide open from just having been wonderfully stretched, and everything seemed perfect. Even the shower cap didn’t look too silly. Then I noticed in the mirror that John had opened his eyes and was also looking at us. We both smiled, but our kiss continued. Then I closed my eyes, slid my tongue into my lover’s mouth, and enjoyed our wonderful kiss. I knew I would carry the image of what I had seen in the mirror in my mind forever.

When our kiss was over, my heart was racing again, and my legs were kind of weak. I slid down John’s wet body until I was on my knees, looking straight at Herman’s little slit. He was bobbing up and down about three inches from my nose.

John put a hand on each side of my head and held it still. Then he moved Herman’s tip until it touched my bottom lip. I opened my mouth a little, and he gently moved Herman’s dripping tip between my lips.

I made an ‘O’ with my lips to seal them gently around him, and he slid his wet, slippery penis into my mouth until the tip touched the back of my throat. He held it still right there, throbbing and jerking. Herman tasted of my pussy, his slippery stuff, and a little Vaseline he had just picked up inside me. Yummy

I made suction until my cheeks were hollowed and John held my head as he slowly started pulling Herman back. When just the head was in my mouth and my lips sealed around that really sensitive area just below the head, John held my head and his penis still.

While he held Herman and my head very still, I sucked and gently licked him that ultrasensitive spot just under the head. He started throbbing harder, the vein swelled even more, there was a continuous flow from the little slit, and he even got bigger, huge. I think he’s just on the brink of going over, and it’s very hard for him to hold back. I sure know what that feels like! It’s wonderful, and it just about drives me crazy. I bet if I gave him a couple of hard licks or started humming he would go over in about two seconds. I can feel Herman throb every time John’s heart beats.

John said, ‘Diane, I am so close to coming that I can hardly stand it. I don’t want to come yet, though. If I move at all, I won’t be able to stop. Don’t suck, and stop licking. Ohhhh! Open wide, Sweetie. You’re about to get a mouthful. Mmmmmmmmmm.’

I opened wide so my mouth was no longer touching him at all. John was still holding my head, and when Herman jerked, he bounced against my upper lip. John groaned, and I felt a warm flood over my tongue and into my mouth. I was afraid if I tried to swallow I would move my mouth and touch him, and he had told me not to do kaçak bahis that. I just held my lips and tongue as still as I could. Herman jerked again, and I got a huge gusher that hit my tongue and splashed all over the inside of my mouth.

John had been holding my head still, but then he pushed me back a few inches, and the next spurt missed my mouth completely. I wanted to watch, so I opened my eyes just in time to see Herman’s little slit open and another gusher of semen emerge. I watched and felt it land in my hair, on my forehead, down my cheek, and some dripped off my eyebrow into my eye. Boy, did that ever sting!

I closed my eyes tightly because of the sting, and I felt another gusher splash onto my hair and face. I felt even felt it on my throat and breasts as it dripped off my face.

John groaned, ‘Oh, Baby, I can’t stop. Suck me. Hard. Make me come all the way. Finish me!’ He stopped holding my head and let me make love to him as he had taught me.

As I leaned forward to take him into my mouth, I had just enough time to swallow my mouthful of come. Then I had as much of that hard, hot, throbbing penis as I could take in my mouth. I ignored the sting caused by the come in my eye, and I wanted my lover’s orgasm to be as good for him as mine had been for me. I did everything he had taught me and even some things I had learned from my limited experience at giving him pleasure. I put my lips in an ‘O’ firmly around his shaft, sucked until my cheeks were hollowed, bobbed my head to slide his penis in and out of my mouth, licked that ultrasensitive place under the head, and hummed in my throat.

I wasn’t trying to give him a long, pleasurable sucking, I wanted to give him the hardest, most intense orgasm I possibly could. I just did everything I possibly could to make him come. I didn’t take more than half of him into my mouth because I wanted to concentrate on the areas I knew were most sensitive. Herman’s head, just under it, and just below it. I knew I was doing what he really loved, because I was rewarded by hearing John groan and knew that he was going to really come this time. Then I reached my hand up and gently squeezed his testicles, and that really did it!

I thought his orgasm should have been almost over, considering what I had already taken in my mouth and all over my face and hair, but it was like he started all over again! As I was bobbing, sucking, licking, and humming John’s penis gave a big jerk and my mouth was flooded with the biggest and longest gusher of come I had ever gotten. It just poured out of him! My God, where is this all coming from? His semen factory must have really been working overtime while he was sleeping.

As I concentrated on giving him the best orgasm he’d ever had, John continued to explode into my mouth. Gusher after gusher, spurt after spurt. I had learned to swallow with my mouth open, and I gulped down several mouthfuls. The come was so thick that some of it got stuck way back in my throat and started to gag me, but I swallowed another big spurt and it went on down.

John’s penis finally started softening and shrinking, and the gushes became just a flow, then a dribble. When he had finished, I took him out of my mouth and had three good swallow to clear my mouth and throat. Then I took just the head back between my lips and milked him with my hand to get the last drops. Wow, what an …. ejaculation! I think there was enough come there for ten orgasms. That was more than one of my little semen snacks, that was more like a full course dinner. Huh, my eye doesn’t sting anymore. I’m going to try not to get it in my eyes after this. Live and learn.

John’s climaxes are kind of like mine; When they start, I never know exactly what to expect. Thin, sweet, thick, salty ……. never quite the same taste. The amount changes, too. The one he just had was a real biggie. I love it because I can digest all those nutritious sperms and they become a part of me. Yummm, Breakfast of Champions. I started to giggle, but my lips were so cummy that I mainly smacked.

We both looked into the mirror to see a semen faced little blonde and a big man who looked spent. John took me into his arms and kissed me, gooey lips and all, and I slid my cummy tongue into his mouth.

This sure has been a wonderful start to my day. I bet there isn’t a woman in the whole wide world who woke up to loving as wonderful as I just had. My lover seems pretty happy about what he got, too. I think I had more sex in the last twenty minutes than most women get in a month. I hope John feels as good as I do. I have a feeling that this is going to be a wonderful, wonderful day.

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