Mother and Son in Massage Parlour

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My name is Grace. I am a forty year old married mother of two girls and one boy. David is the eldest at nineteen and the twin girls, Edith and Charlotte, are fourteen. My husband is Peter and we have a great relationship, which is why I can openly work part time in a massage parlour. He knows about it but the children think I have a boring office job. In fact he quite likes it. Apart from the extra money I earn it adds spice to our sex life. I often talk to him about my day when we are in bed. It’s generally amusing or erotic and we normally end up fucking like crazy.

In terms of appearance I think I am attractive. Peter always says I am but that might be just so he can charm me into bed. I am five feet tall with short bobbed hair. I have brown eyes and a freckly face. My lips are full and my nose is small. My tits are 34C. Not very large but because I am a slim build, except for a couple of extra pounds around my waist, they look quite big. I think my bum is a bit too big but Peter says it’s perfect. What he likes best are my large nipples, one inch long when aroused, and my prominent labia. He likes to suck on both. When he does I generally have a great climax. My cunt is shaved.

I do like working in the massage parlour. I am highly sexed and I think I have the perfect job. The other girls are fun to be with and we do generally get good clean well behaved clients. The extra services that are available depends upon the girl, some will only massage whilst others will do almost anything you can think of. One rule that management insists on is that a condom must be worn for penetration. I am happy to suck or fuck but no anal. Our receptionists are very good, they gently quiz new clients on what they are looking for so that they can match them with a suitable girl. We want to avoid them being frustrated. They will be if they find that the service they are after is something the girl does not want to do.

The following happened six months ago. I have been meaning to write about it sooner but I have such a busy life. I hope you enjoy it.

I had just started work in the parlour when I was told I was needed. A client had asked for a four hand massage. So for my first job of the day I was going to be working with Lucy, a Thai girl. We have done this a few times before and I get on well with her. She is in her mid-twenties, very pretty. A bit plump but the clients love her. Two girls working together is generally good fun. Who does what and when just evolves over time. We let them dictate what they want, they are paying for it. Our parlour is unusual in that the client pays up front. They give us a decent cut so we don’t mind. This client had paid beylikdüzü escort for a full service for two girls so he could fuck one or both of us. That’s not cheap so we aim to give him the best time we can.

We entered the massage room together and the man was sitting on the massage table with his back to us. He was naked except for a towel around his waist. He turned his head and I almost feinted, it was my son David. I was about to speak but he gave me a look that stopped me. Lucy started chatting to him, giving him our names. I use my real name, I find that easier that using a fake one, but Lucy is really Anne. Apparently he was called John. Lucy laughed at that, we get a lot of Johns. That gave me time to compose myself. If I was careful I could get Lucy to do most of the intimate stuff. There was no way I was going to let my son fuck me. I now knew why he had needed to borrow some money from me this morning.

We started with ‘John’ face down on the table. Even though we provide a sex service we pride ourselves on also giving a good massage. I have a few clients that I see regularly that only want me to massage them. Lucy worked on his legs and I concentrated on his neck and back. He has a good body. He is six feet tall and muscular with a handsome face. A lot like his father, but without Peter’s confidence. If he was anybody else other than my son I would be happy to fuck him.

After twenty minutes Lucy removed the towel that was covering his bottom and she asked John to turn over. As expected his cock was erect. He had obviously enjoyed the massage. It was about the same size as his father’s seven inches but noticeably thicker. Not the longest or thickest I had ever seen but from my experience in the parlour enough to give a girl a good time if he knew how to use it. We both removed our uniforms which left us topless. Lucy just wearing small briefs and myself with a thong.

I was relieved when Lucy started to play with his cock. I just hoped he would come quickly so that we could end this. I started to massage his head and was beginning to think this could end well when he said “I want Grace to play with me”. Lucy looked at me, after a few seconds I nodded. I took over from her and she sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. I think she was a bit annoyed.

His cock was rock hard and it felt big in my small hand. I could feel the heat from it. I started to work my hand up and down and I could see from his face that he was enjoying it. I felt his hand touch one of my tits. He gently pinched the nipple and I could feel it swell as he carefully played with it, rolling it between his fingers. beylikdüzü eve gelen escort That always turned me on. His father was good at doing that. I instinctively moved closer to him and he took the opportunity to do the same with his other hand. He was now playing with both my erect nipples and I could feel my cunt start to tingle. My hand was now just holding his cock rather than stroking it.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, and then I gasped. He had sat up so that he could suck my nipple. I felt as if I was being milked. I wondered where he had learnt that, he was good. I could see Lucy out of the corner of my eye, she smiled at me then continued to browse her phone, she was more interested in that than what was happening to me. He sucked one then the other making sure each got its fair share of attention. My cunt was heating up and I could feel the juice starting to flow.

I felt his hand on my thong. Rubbing on the outside searching for my clit. When he found it I nearly exploded. His touch was firm but gentle. Not rushed, he was taking his time. My hand was still on his pulsing cock, just holding it. I needed more so I let go so that I could pull the thong down. After stepping out of it I spread my legs so that he could continue working on my cunt but he said “Please, I want you on the table”.

We quickly changed. I was now on my back with my legs wide open waiting for him. He just looked at my cunt for what seemed a long time but was probably only a few seconds. I wanted him. He started to play with me again but now without the thong. I felt him probe for the opening, first with one finger then with two. Slowly I could feel the two fingers go deep into my cunt. His thumb was now rubbing my clit. He moved the fingers in and out with a nice slow rhythm, just what I like. His next action made it perfect. He was exploring the tip of my anus with his free hand. I felt a finger being inserted up to the knuckle. That nearly took me over the edge. He was giving me what I liked and what I needed.

I was so aroused that at first I didn’t realise he had replaced his thumb with his tongue. He was now licking my clit vigorously. My clit and large lips were sucked into his mouth and I could feel his tongue explore them whilst they were inside. My clit pulsed and I knew I was close to a climax. A big one.

He stopped and raised his head. “I need to fuck you”. I just nodded, I needed it as well. “You look like my mother, will you pretend to be her?” That shocked me but it just made Lucy laugh loudly. I had forgotten she was still there. “Do it, you have a son his age. You beylikdüzü masöz escort know you want it”. I ignored her and looked at him and said yes in a low voice. He smiled and positioned himself between my legs. I felt the head of his cock slip into my very wet cunt. His cock was indeed thick but I was more than ready for it.

“Does mummy want to be fucked?” I was now too far gone to care that he was my son. “Yes, fuck mummy hard. Fuck my cunt”. That got him excited. He was now fucking me the way only a young man can, hard and strong. On the long strokes I got a nice feeling deep inside as he hit my cervix. I could feel his cock expand in me because he was about to come. I got there first with a large exploding climax, I think I screamed. Seconds later I felt him twitch inside me as the spunk poured out wave after wave. We lay there with our eyes closed cherishing the moment, until we heard Lucy clapping. “That was some show” she said.

It was, then I realised we had not used a condom. I had never done that before but also I had never fucked my son before. I should be OK. I am on the pill and David is, I hope, clean.

He gave a nervous giggle and said thanks. He was probably wondering what I would say to him later on at home. Lucy and I then quickly dressed and left the room so that he could shower alone. We had our own staff shower room. Later on after he had gone we returned to the room to tidy up. “You do know that in future I am going to tease you about this” said Lucy. I didn’t say anything, I was thinking about what had happened and what the consequences would be.


At home it was a bit awkward for a few days but nothing was said. That soon passed and it was as if nothing had happened. However I did notice that David was now more confident. Soon after he was dating a very attractive girl. At the time of writing they are still together and seem very happy so I have no regrets about that day.

Two months after David visited the massage parlour his father let something slip when he was slightly drunk. A week before David had come to him in a low mood. He was not having any success with girls and was desperate for some advice. Peter suggested he just needed a good woman, like his mother. I am not sure how the conversation progressed but it ended up with them hatching a plan. Peter gave him tips on what I like in bed, what buttons to press to get me going. He even suggested the massage should be two girls. He thought I would be less likely to freak out with another masseur there. They even rehearsed it a few times, talking through what to do and what to say and when to do it. All I can say is that it worked. However I was annoyed with what he had done, that is until we role played it in bed that night. I had a screaming climax. It’s now a regular in our sex life. As for Lucy, yes she does tease me saying that I want to fuck my son. I just smile and point out that she got half the money but I did all the work. It’s a good job that she does not know the truth.

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