Mother Christmas

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My mother and I have always been close. When she was left at a young age to bring me up on her own it was inevitable that I should be the one man in her life from then on…but I didn’t realise how much she thought of me until one Christmas when she came to visit.

I had moved out a few months before into a flat I was renting, it was comfortable with enough room for me and any guests – my mother arrived looking immaculate as always pulling a small suitcase on wheels, She beamed at me and walked into the flat – her stilettos clicking on my wooden floor. She pecked me on the cheek and hugged me – her hand sliding down my back and brushing my hip.

I was studying ballet. My mother had seen me dance many times and only once did she mention that my costume was very revealing after the performance – I played Spartacus and a lot of the time I was wearing only a loin cloth. But I shrugged it off with little thought of what was playing on my mother’s mind.

I didn’t realise that she harboured deviant thoughts about me, never saying anything because I was her son…but that was about to change

We awoke on Christmas morning and wished each other well, the small tree had a few presents around its base – just for my mother and me…and from my mother and me. We opened most of them with the mandatory ‘thank you’d’. We had breakfast, took turns showering and dressed for the day. My mother asked me if I could dress up in my ballet kit so she could take some photos and send to distant relatives – I agreed and went into my bedroom to change. ‘Don’t beylikdüzü ucuz escort wear a shirt’ my mother told me – she wanted to show my dancer’s body off to them she said.

I came back wearing my ballet tights and dance belt, a little self conscious because of the large bulge my dance belt always gave me and being so close to my mother. She looked very pleased when I came in and I saw her eyes drift down from my face to my bulge – she saw me notice and blushed. ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise what a big boy you were’. I blushed at this and posed the ballet poses for the camera.

I was just going to change again when my mother asked me in a quiet voice if I could remove my tights. She was deadly serious and stared straight into my eyes. Without a word I gripped their waistband and started to roll the skintight spandex down over my hips, my mother sat there and watched my every movement, I could see she was enjoying this and her cheeks were flushed and she was biting her lip.

I rolled the tights down slowly over my hips so she could see the waistband of my dancebelt and the tops of my thighs…down more so they sat around my thighs. I stood with my feet apart, feeling myself slowly growing inside the overly padded dancebelt – I was actually getting turned on by turning my mother on!

‘Oh my, you have such beautiful body, and I can see you take after your father in some departments.’ she said scanning my body. ‘Please carry on.’

I continued to roll the tights off my legs beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort and over my feet so I was just wearing my now very tight dancebelt. ‘You have no hairs on your legs’ my mother said. ‘I have to have a full body wax in case some of the dance parts need it’. I said. She smiled broadly at this and put her camera down beside her. ‘Come here’ she said. I walked over and stood in front of her, she put her hand o my chest and felt how smooth it was, running her fingers down over my tummy and around the small of my back.

‘You will make some woman very happy one day.’ she looked up at me and said. ‘I blushed and told her I’d not found the right girl yet.’ You mean you’re still a virgin?’ she looked surprised. ‘Yes, I suppose I’m quite shy’.

My mother stood up and took my by the hand, she walked me slowly to my bedroom and told me to lay on the bed. ‘Stay there, I’ll be back in a few minutes…and leave the dancebelt on – I kinda like it.’

I lay there on my bed, slightly shaking with anticipation. This was very freaky and I’d never seen my mother like this before. The door opened and my mother stood in it’s frame. She was wearing only her underwear. I’d seen her many times in her underwear, usually if I was peeking through the crack in her bedroom door, but she was wearing a black high-cut body, I could see her large breasts pushing out of it and her erect nipples in the half light of the room – I felt myself hardening again.

‘I’m going to teach beyoğlu escort you how to treat a woman, think of it as a special Christmas present’. She walked over to the bed and ran her long red fingernails down my chest and tummy. ‘Your father was very well endowed and looking at what you’re wearing I’m guessing you are too’. She sat on the bed and gripped the waistband of the dancebelt, slowly pulling them down I could see the anticipation in her eyes. I felt the tight fabric move down further and then my semi-hard penis sprang out and flopped on my tummy. ‘Oh my, that is very big and not even fully grown…I look forward to sampling your delights.’ She pulled the danceable down my thighs and down over my knees and feet, dropping it on the floor.

‘Your body is so smooth and ‘that’ looks delicious’. she pointed to my fully erect penis as it throbbed and hovered above my lower chest. She reached down and ran one long fingernail down its length, taking her time to watch me try to control of what was definitely going to happen. I could feel the uncontrollable throbbing, the dull ache in my groin and then the hot liquid gushed out of my penis, thick globules of white salty fluid covered my chest, shoulders and even spattered on my face.

My mother didn’t seem surprised, she knelt on the floor next to my naked body, she placed one hand on my hair and stroked gently and the other on my thigh, caressing it’s smooth skin…she then licked my fluid form my, sucking it up and licking every bit off me. I closed my eyes as I could here her slurps and tongue lashing my torso.

‘That’s a shame, I was hoping to have a little more time with him.’ she glanced down at my softening manhood. She got up and wiped her hand around her mouth and walked out, without turning back she said ‘I’d like to try again later if you want me to’.

I was filled with repulsion and ecstasy of what the coming hours may bring.

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