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It was the fall of 1982, the country was beginning to change, a new President was in the White House, the home video revolution of personal video recorders were coming into many homes, and I had just started college as a 19 year old freshmen. My parents had gotten divorce a year earlier which tore the family apart and my older sister joined the Air Force to get away from all of it. She was now station in Japan and was engaged to a Major. So it was just mom and me in the big old house.

Mom was now 44 and had let herself really go after the breakup. She had gain weight, stopped dressing up and was tired all the time. Her brown hair was always a mess or just tied back, having my father married a woman half her age did not help her self-esteem and I felt really bad for her. I sort of got along with my father but he always had an air of arrogance about him, he came from a more wealthy family then my mother and never let her forget it. He had the money for a good alimony check for her so she would get by.

Mom had come of age in the late 60’s and had a certain practically and realism to herself and we were always a bit closer than either of us was with my sister. I knew I was her favorite and said she was glad that I choose to stay with her instead of my father.

As the aerobics workout craze began to go into force in the early 80’s mom one day said she was going to start taking a class with other middle age women she knew. They would all change at the gym so no one would see them in there workout clothes due to embarrassment from their extra weight. As the weeks went by mom slowly began to get in shape. She started having her hair done up again, she was had the bits of grey dyed dark brown to match the rest of it and was letting it grow long and full again.

A month later mom said her gym had close so she was going to work out at home. She bought a new VCR, all the rage at the time choosing a Beta over VHS saying it was the better format and she felt that it would win out over the war between the two formats. Mom also bought three workout video tapes so after we set the machine up and after practicing with the blank tape that came with it mom told me she wanted to watch some of the exercise tapes. Mom went into her bedroom and changed and when she came out my eyes almost hit the floor when I saw her in a black leotard and tights what she must have been wearing at the gym. Her body was slowly getting into shape and the way she looked made my heart race a million times faster. Mom then started the tape and began working out; I quickly left the room saying I had something to do. What was happening, my own mother was turning me on?

As weeks passed, mom got in better shape and bought a whole bunch of different tights to work out in. in addition to her the classic black she got purple, blue, red and a few other colors. She was now wearing a new white leotard which she said was a size smaller than her old one and clung to her now fine body perfectly. When she got home from work she would always change and pop the tape in the VCR and move and twist her body the images in front of her. Mom was seemed obvious to my presence as I watched her while pretending to be indifferent to the wonderful vision in front of me. She stayed with the white leotard most of time and switched different color tights though the black pairs seemed to still be her favorite which against the white was fantastic. Her now long dark brown hair cascaded against her white leotard and she was the most beautiful women in the world to me.

The weeks went by and I was being driven into insanity when mom worked out home. She wanted to get in the best shape because there was a part time job as an aerobics instructor at a new dance studio that was opening. I tried to escape into my own world and now was hiding store catalogs of models in leotard and tights in my room, jacking off to them but fantasying it was my mother in the outfits shown.

Mom got the job teaching aerobics so she was walking in and out of the house dressed for work almost every day. Would it never end I thought and when 1983 rolled in I was hoping the New Year would bring me some sort of relief from this. But no such luck, mom just got in even better shape and kept showing her body off around the house.

I went with some friends to the movies hoping I could forget mom and her now perfectly tone body. We went to see “Private School”, a teen comedy about a boarding school for girls. At one point in the film there was an outdoor workout with all the actress wearing leotards and tights. The lovely actress Phoebe Cates wore a white leotard and black tights, just like my mother did and although her beauty was very different it hit too close to home for me. I sat in that movie theater twisting and turning in discomfort, imaging mom dancing for me dressed like that. Before the movie ended I had to go to the bathroom to relive myself.

I bought some paperbacks at an adult book store about mother and son love affairs. Although most were silly and unrealistic some did have a style and sense of passion about them. I was careful to hide them away esenyurt anal yapan escort in my room and when the film “Taboo” came out on home video I had to buy it and then keep it stash away under me bed and watch it while mom was at work. So much of that film was the world I so desperately wanted but I had to accept that my dreams would remain just that.

One night mom came home from the office and said she needed to practice a new workout routine for tomorrow night’s class. She changed into her white leotard and this time with a pair of bright red tights. Mom put the tape into the VCR and began twisting and moving to it. I tried to pretend I was interested in other things but my eyes kept coming back to her. After she was done mom turned the TV and VCR off and came up to me and asked what I wanted for dinner. I tried not to look at her as mom’s now perfect body in the tight fabric which was driving me insane. She asked what was wrong and why was I turning away and not looking at her.

I kept say it was nothing just school stuff. I walked away from her when she told me to come back and look at her. Was she that blind to see what she was doing to me? I walked back up to her and she asked again what was wrong and finally I could take not more and I ran my hand across her left nylon covered thigh, the first I ever touch a women in that manner.

“What are you doing, have you lost your mind? How dare you touch me like that” mom screamed at me.

I quickly ran away filled with shame and went into the other room. Mom followed me and pled me to forgive her for yelling at me.

“I am so sorry sweetheart; I did not know you felt that way about me. Please sit down on the sofa and we can talk.”

Heading to my mother’s words I sat down, mom still in her leotard and tights sat down beside me and told me that what just happened between us was wrong.

“Honey I know you are lonely right now, I am too. But we must look elsewhere. It does happen that sometimes people can be attracted to family members but we must fight it.”

Mom thought for a second and then told me that coming of age during the sexual revolution had taught her to be more opened minded about relationships then her parents were but there were still limits. Then she related a story to me.

“When I was in college I spent some time with one of my cousins, he was so good looking it drove me crazy. One day on campus in my dorm room we started making out and I let him feel my breasts. I started to perform oral sex on him but then stopped and we both knew it should go no further. It tore me apart because I wanted him so bad back then but thankfully nothing came of it.”

Mom then took a deep breath and kept talking.

“You are young and cannot help how you feel and I should not have been showing myself off so much in front of you. I forgot how much I have gotten my body back into shape plus dressing like this must be hard for you as you have grown into manhood. But I feel the two of us can work through this.”

Mom then took another deep breath and spoke.

“I want to help you get through this. I know in many ways this is so wrong but if it will help relieve you, I will give you a pair of my tights to masturbate on. Which is your favorite?”

Mom always was a very pragmatic about things but her frankness and honesty threw me. Finally I mumbled the black pair and she said she had three different pairs of that color and got up and went to her bedroom and came back with a pair. She gently handed them to me and told me to enjoy and then went to her room and changed into lose fitting clothes.

I sat on the couch in shock for about two minutes and then took mom’s tights with me into my bedroom and got naked. I wrapped the tights around my dick and ran the smoothness up and down my manhood. The fabric was so smooth and soft it sent a tingly sensation all over me. But I also knew that the fact they had been on my mom’s sharply legs many times was adding to my desire. Harder and harder I touch myself with my nylon covered dick until I could take no more and blasted my hot goo all over mom’s tights.

A month went by and mom was very good about changing out her tights for me. At one time or another I had access to her red, blue, purple as well as the black pairs. I knew she had mixed feelings about doing it but always had a sense of caring and compassion towards me. Mom accepted the fact that her son’s seamen was on her nylons when she would do the laundry but said nothing.

One afternoon mom dropped a bomb on me; she was going out on a date. A friend had fixed her up with someone and she was hoping it might lead to something. Mom had not been with a man since my father left and was full of excitement and went out in a nice but modest dress with flesh colored pantyhose and heels. My heart fell to the ground with pain and hurt.

That night I stayed up until my mom got home. She was angry; things went well until her date’s wife showed up and confronted them. The wife called mom a bitch and a whore and humiliated her. She esenyurt escort then yelled at her date that who said he was single and then stormed out of the restaurant. Mom then started to cry and I quickly held her when she suddenly threw her arms around me and kissed me hard and powerful. It was only the second time I had kissed a female on the mouth; the first was in high school. But that was nothing like this, mom’s kiss full of power and lust. Then mom broke away and said she was so sorry for what she did.

“I should not have done that, it is I am so angry and frustrated right now. I know this must be sending you so many confusing signals. It is just you are the only man I can trust and the only one I know really cares about me. I lost so much confidence after your father left and I had hoped to meet someone that I could have a relationship with. But the dating world is hell right now. Please forgive me.”

I was in the middle of a raging hard on but tried to get my composure back.

“It is alright mom, it was a fantasy come through for a second but I understand. I still have my dreams about you but I am here to help.”

Mom smile at me and gently ran her hand across my face. She told me I was the best and wish sometimes I was her boyfriend. At least I would treat her good. She then went to her room to take a shower.

About an hour latter mom called me into her bedroom saying she wanted to show me something. I went in and mom was lying on her bed in a seductive manner with her hair and makeup redone. Mom was wearing her white leotard and black tights and began rubbing her hand across her nylon covered legs slowly started to speak in a low soft voice.

“If you still want me you can have me. I am your mom and I know that you have a need that only I can take care of and I have been unbelievably selfish towards you. I now realize I need you as well and together we may find happiness” and mom kept rubbing her thighs in a slow and seductive manner.

“You like my legs, this time you can touch them for as long as you want. They are my present to you my darling son who I love so much.”


I ran towards her and she laid back and held her arms in the air as I gently got on top of her. We kissed and kissed as my hands were all over her legs, feeling them through the smooth tights. Her thighs were soft but firm from all her work outs. I then began feeling her full size breasts through the leotard and while I kiss her I felt my dick become harder than a rock and thought I was going to explode. Mom then gently pushed me off her and told me to take my clothes and shoes off. I did what she said to do and mom took my hand and pushed me back on to her bed and then got next to me. Mom flipped her long brown hair back and began kissing the tip of my dick.

“I have not given a blow job to man since you father left me and I maybe a bit out of practice. Let me see what I can do.”

Mom then started licking the top half the shaft as I started to twist and moan. Finally she took all of me in her mouth and sucked and sucked. All my friends at school bragged about all the blow jobs that use to get and I was always the odd man out until now. The soft but firmness of her tongue was sending shivers down my entire body and I kept moaning with a pleasure I had never know before. My mother kept sucking on me when I could take no more and I blasted my hot seamen down her throat. She gaged for a few seconds then finished me off. I had finally come inside a female and it was my own mother.

“Oh mom, that was awesome” and she put her finger on my mouth with a motion to be quite.

Mom got up and began to do a slow, seductive striptease for me. At first I did not want he to remove her leotard and tights but when I saw her fine tone body in the nude for the first I was stunned. Her body was in as perfect shape as any twenty something centerfold. Mom put her hands on hips and posed for me while asking what I thought of her 44 year old body and I replied it was perfection. Mom said she was glad I liked it, she had been working out hard enough to get it. My mother then kept posing and twisting her body in different positions to show off her form. When she saw I was getting a new hard on mom told me to lie back on the bed and she would ride me.

Mom climbed on top of my new ragging dick and rode me like a wild pony, up and down she went on my manhood, moaning and groaning while her breasts bounce and flopped around with each moment. Watching her body moving back and forth in passion with each thrust was the most beautiful sight I had even seen.

“Yes, mom, keep riding me. This is pure heaven” I screamed out.

My mother just kept with her passionate thrusts, moaning and twisting until I heard her give a screaming blood curling organism. I tried to stay hard but I finally gave in and I f shot my wad inside of her which made mom moan yet again. She collapsed on top of me and we snuggled for a while when mom started to cry a bit and told me how lonely she had been since my father had left her and it was hard for a women in esenyurt eve gelen escort her 40’s to find someone.

“Son, I use to suspect you were looking at me working out but felt it was just in my head, after all, why should you be attracted to me even though the thought of it gave me a bit of a rush. I put it out of my mind and that is why I was shocked when you first touched me but now I understand your needs and will do whatever I can to please you. I always wonder what would have happened if my cousin and I went all the way but this is so much better. I am bringing my darling boy into manhood.”

Mom then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. After we rest a bit more she asked if I was ready for another go around but my young body had had enough. She moved her body on top of me and started rubbing her breasts into my chest. Years of frustration and desire had been pent up inside of her and it was all coming out now. But I was spent and needed a rest so I played with mom’s tits for a while and then passed out. I could take no more, what a day.

For the next few months we acted light a couple of high school kids, doing it when and wherever we could. Mom always wore her white leotard and with different colored tights around the house for me even during dinner and while watching TV, her love for me was in full force.

We even went out on a few dates, where mom would wear her tights instead of pantyhose with a skirt and heels. We went to the movies, museums, and shopping malls together. One time at a restaurant mom slipped off her right high heel and ran her nylon covered foot up my trouser leg while we were ordering. She giggled a bit as I kept stuttering during my order and finally she pulled her foot away and slipped her shoe back on under the table.

“You are going to get us in trouble” I winked at her. “By the way, I love the red tights with that yellow mini dress.”

“I wore it just for you; now please excuse me while I go to the ladies room. In about two minutes follow me over there” and mom got up from her chair and walked away, the sound of her red high heels clicking on the floor.

I waited two minutes and then told the waiter I would be right back. It was an old restaurant with one person bathrooms and mom opened the door to the ladies room and waved me to come in. Once inside she threw her arm around me and we kissed and then mom spoke to me with full passion on her face.

“I have never done anything like this before son, let’s have a quickie.”

Mom took off her shoes and pulled her red tights down to her ankles and lifted up her yellow mini dress. Mom had no panties on and I quickly dropped my slacks and briefs. Within seconds I was inside my mother, my hard dick moving in and out of her pussy as I pressed her body against the sink.

“Oh mom, oh mom” I shouted as I went in and out of her as hard as I could.

Mom started to moan as well and her face began to twist as I kept pressing her hard against the sink. I was trying so hard not hurt her back as my thrusts became more and more rapid but my whole body was caught up in a sexual frenzy.

“Yes my son, give it to me good and hard. More, I need more.”

I kept pressing her body harder and harder against the sink my pounding thrusts in and out of my mom’s pussy when I finally blasted my seamen inside of her. I hoped I had not hurt her during our passion and I tilted her body towards me for a hug when we both heard someone try to open the locked door handle. Mom smothered my mouth with a hard kiss to keep me from saying anything and after a minute we heard the person walk away.

Mom then whisper in my ear that we should leave quickly. I had never dreamt that I would be caught up in such a deprived situation in my life, least of all with my own mother but it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

Mom pulled up her red tights up but did not wipe my wetness away from her private area. She told me she wanted to feel me on her as we ate dinner and then put her high heels back on. I quickly got dressed and we left the ladies room one at a time.

Once back at our table we sat back down just as our food was being served. We stared to eat while giggling and laughing when mom suddenly looked in horror and drop her fork.

“It is that snoopy lady from across the street, just try and act natural” and mom pick her fork back up and acted like nothing was happening.

The two women’s eyes met and they waved but I could not help but notice how the other woman’s was looking at how mom was dressed for a dinner with her son. As we drove home mom said we needed to be more careful and it was a good thing no one caught us in the ladies room. But after that night I could tell mom was beginning to have second thoughts about our relationship. She wanted the freedom of dating openly but knew we could not.

Our affair went on for another two months when one night mom and I sat down to have a talk about where it was going. She said that despite all the fun we had it should come to end so we could look for someone in our own age category so we could look at getting married. The guilt was starting to wear her down and we both started crying with me pleading I did not want anyone else. Our fling had grown into a full relationship but as beautiful as it was mom felt it had to end regardless of the pain we felt. We made love one last time that night and the next say I moved back into my own bedroom.

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