Mother-Son Cruise Ch. 01

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Mario and Sarina

Mario’s heart had skipped a beat when the tickets finally came in the mail. The return address just had the initials JC in the upper left corner. Jocasta Cruises: a 2-week ocean cruise for mother-son couples only. He and his mother Sarina had first heard about it from some of the other members of the incest support group they had joined a while back, about 3 months after he and Sarina had just started fucking and they were wrestling with guilt. He chuckled to think of it now. They’d stopped attending the meetings after a short while, but not before meeting some other couples who had been on the cruise. The group that was supposed to help them stop their incestuous relationship instead helped them find this honeymoon cruise. Along with the tickets came their room assignment, the schedule of everything that was in store for them like a romantic mother-son ball under the stars, and even free birth control pills from the ship’s commissary if they wanted!

Mario was the eldest of Sarina’s four children. Her husband had left home 5 years ago for another woman. Of virile Italian stock, Mario was dark and olive-skinned, and blessed with an unusually large cock – much larger than his younger brothers. Now 20, he had chosen to attend the local community college instead of going away to school so he could spend more time with his mother. But he and Sarina found it challenging sometimes to explore their deepening relationship while the other siblings were also at home. The idea of this trip, two whole weeks together as a couple out in the open with other couples sounded like a dream come true.

And now the day had come at last! The ship was docked at St. George’s port in Bermuda, receiving passengers. As they looked at the line, they were stunned to see the diversity of all the other couples. All ages, all walks of life… and there were so many of them!

“Oh honey look, there are Mark and Marilyn from the group,” Sarina said.

“Yeah, more drop outs, I guess” Mario replied. They both laughed.

“I can’t wait to be alone with you honey,” Sarina said to him very earnestly, looking him straight in the eye. She had made it no secret how horny she was.

In fact, they were both aroused and had been all day, their minds filled with images of fucking each other with abandon. They had even brought a camera to make a permanent video record of their incest in all its glory.

“Honey when we get to the room, let’s set the camera up first thing.”

“Boy, have you come a long way,” Mario said smiling mischievously, “I remember the days when you were a lot shier.”

The thought of recording her son fucking her day after day had her pussy damp and her heart racing already.

“Feel me,” she whispered to him.

He glanced around bizimkent escort to make sure nobody was looking, and then he put his hand under her skirt. She had no panties on.

“Oh God, mom!” Mario whispered back. He caressed her ass as Sarina repositioned her feet to take a wider stance. Mario’s strong fingers quickly found her pussy lips. He caressed the crease and then parted them. His middle finger probed deeper into her flesh. Her pussy was dripping.

“Oh holy fuck, Mom… your pussy is so wet.”

“It’s wet for my son’s cock,” she said, a little more loudly now, emboldened by her growing lust. “It’s wet for you to fuck it.”

By now, Mario was fully erect. He quickly slipped his hand down his own pants to reposition his cock. Placing it to one side, it made an obvious bulge but at least he could walk to the agent who was checking passports.

“Set up the camera first thing,” Sarina repeated.

“Hell yeah Mom, and we can start posting the videos whenever you want.”

It seemed like forever before they made it through check-in. The head crewman handed them their keys, and some other literature with some of the surprises in store for them – but they were both too distracted to look at it.

They found their room and opened the door.

“Oh God,” Sarina said in a dry voice, as the anticipation of feeling Mario’s cock inside her completely overcame her. She stepped out of her dress and kicked off her shoes. She was now naked in the room where she and her son could now fuck freely and endlessly. She lay down on the bed while her son set up the camera. She spread her legs apart, knees bent, and vigorously fingered her clit.

“Oh God Mario, bring me your cock,” she commanded impatiently.

Mario looked at his voluptuous mother through the camera to set the focus. Her slit was glistening, and he could smell the aroma of her pussy starting to permeate the room. He was now naked, and hard as a rock.

“Hurry,” she begged, her pussy feeling like an empty cavern.

“Coming, Mom,” he croaked, “Camera’s on.” He jumped onto the bed and immediately mounted her.

Neither of them was interested in foreplay. They were both burning to fuck. Now that their sexual relationship was in full swing, there was nothing tentative or awkward anymore – they were already well-practiced in abandoning all the guilt and inhibition that they had experienced at first. They were both fully aware of the carnal rapture in store for them. Every time they coupled now, they reached new heights as their bodies joined in unfathomable pleasure. Lust was the path to the golden door – pure animal lust. Each new act of copulation started where the last one left off, organically and unstoppably.

Mario positioned bostancı escort the head and the entrance to her swollen vagina, and plunged his cock in.

“Aahh,” she gasped as it sank into her pussy. She felt like she had been waiting forever, but finally now she felt it, her son’s beautiful cock filling her with flesh herself she had created.. his flesh. She had come to admit that all of life was just a state of suspended animation until his cock was inside her.

“Ungh,” he grunted as her sweet pussy enveloped him.

“Aww!” his mother uttered again, this time deeper and more guttural, reacting to the extra blood that had just flowed into her son’s cock. He was harder than ever now. Her grunts didn’t come from her mind, they came directly from the pit of her stomach and the fire that was burning in her pussy, now that their genitals were locked together in glorious incest. “Ungh, unggh, aaah….”

Their dialog was beyond words. It was the communication of their bodies, the communication of animals. He started to fuck.

“Is that good?” Mario whispered.

“Ahh, ahh,” gasped. Finally she managed, “Oh yeah” as her mind broke open into a universe of pleasure. Her knees were now splayed completely open, offering the full depth of her pussy to her son.

“Oh FUCK Mom,” Mario said. Releasing the word ‘fuck’ heightened his lust, and he started to pump his mother more forcefully. The sensations coming from his cock held the secret of the universe, and there was no turning back.

“FUCK!” Sarina answered back. Now her pussy was getting greedy, knowing that her son had much more than just his hard cock for her. She reached down to cup his balls. They were laden with cum. It sent a shot of electricity through her and changed the texture of her pussy, something her son would feel as he fucked her, something that would elicit his orgasm.

“Oh fuck,” she said again, completely helpless to the momentum in her body, the momentum that would propel her to her climax, but more importantly – Mario to his. The walls of her vagina started to contract, locking her son in place. Her nipples hardened and her head fell to one side, eyes closed. With lightning fast speed, her body was catapulting into higher levels of arousal than she had ever experienced before – even with Mario.

“Oh, God Mom!” Mario yelped, ‘Oh God – FUCK yeah, Mom.. fuckkk,,,”

Mario innately understood what was going on in his mother’s body. t was asking for his cum. He felt his mother’s pussy slowly open, drawing his cock in more deeply. His body started to answer her, pulling his balls up closer as the semen they contained began to flow.

Now, Mario was just as helpless as his mother, helpless to the unimaginable pleasure that consumed them. His büyükçekmece escort mind was spinning out of control. Pure carnal rapture originated in his cock but overwhelmed his whole body. The contractions of his mother’s vagina were relentless, pleading. His balls all but disappeared now, their sacs starting to drain as his cum funneled ready for launching.

He knew this load of his semen would have the delirious and incestuous destiny of being blasted deep into his mother’s pussy. He had given her countless loads now, but it was never enough. She only wanted more. And ever since they had started fucking, Mario’s balls had gone into overdrive to try to keep up with the demand. His cum had only grown more copious.

Sarina had become addicted and she knew it. She’d stopped deliberating and stopped fighting it. Now that she’d had her son’s cum, she wanted none other. His miraculous ballsap was more important to her than her daily bread and butter.

Sarina’s pussy was literally salivating now, longing to feel her son’s cock swell in climax and begin pumping its prize fluid into her womb. Her fluids mixed with the pre-cum oozing from Mario’s cock to create the sublimely pleasurable lubricant, even more sublime because they were mother and son. She locked her heels into his ass cheeks and began to moan.

Time stopped and the world fell away. The only thing that was mattered was fucking.

Mario slowed down to prolong his bliss. On the edge of orgasm, he stilled himself. Sarina had never felt his son’s cock this hard and this large, and it tightened the flesh all over her body. Just when they thought they’d reached the peak, they went even higher. They were both on a wild ride through the cosmos, utterly powerless.

But the contractions of Sarina’s pussy were as innate as they were insistent to induce Mario’s orgasm and brought them both to the brink.

“MOM, OH FUCK… AH, AH… AAAH!!” In a crescendo of carnality, his climax went off like a tinderbox, perfectly synchronizing the first spurt with the rhythmic contractions that had overtaken Sarina’s pussy. She could barely speak. The first jet of her son’s sperm hit the back of her womb, and set off Sarina’s orgasm.

“AAHH, AAH, AAHHH” the incestuous lovers cried in unison, as climax rocked them into higher levels of rapture than ever before. The beckoning pulsations of his mother’s pussy finally got their response in jet after forceful jet of Mario’s cum.

“MOM, I’M CUMMING MOM, CUMMING IN YOUR PUSSY…OOOHH, AAH, MOM!!!!” Mario’s semen blasted into her pussy, consuming both mother and son in unimaginable bliss.

“YES, MARIO, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM, OH GOD!” Sarina shrieked, her entire physical being shooting off like a Roman candle.

Once their orgasms subsided, the two lay face to face both stunned in revelation, that their pleasure was limitless and their lust unending. Slowly the world returned around them. Mario got up to turn off the camera.

“How’s that Mom?” he asked with a big grin.

“Take your vitamins, honey,” she replied. “We haven’t even left port yet.”

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