Mother’s Day Pt. 01

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I’m a 37 year old married male and visit my 68 year old mother Margaret once a week at her unit next to the beach. Ever since my father died I know mum has been lonely, she had tried dating other men but they didn’t live up to her standards and she would only go out with them for a couple dates before breaking it off with them.

I had often dreamed and fantasised of going out with her on a date, ever since I was a teen I thought of her in a sexual way. I would spy on her when she showered or had a bath, I also sniffed and masturbated with her panties, I thought I had the sexiest mother of all my friends’ mothers.

Even now with her shoulder length brown hair along with her slim fit body she looked fantastic and years younger, her D cup breasts filled out her dresses that made the men stare at her and her arse was so cute that it made you want to squeeze it.

Today was Mother’s Day and everything was about to change, I had taken her out for lunch and afterwards, as it was a lovely sunny day outside and I suggested that we go for one of our walks along the beach.

Mum wore one of her thin sunny dresses that slightly showed of her bra and panties, I was wearing shorts and a top. As we walked along the beach she held my hand and at one stage she cuddled into me and rested her head on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead and she tilted her back and kissed me on the lips. Telling me how good I was at looking after her, and how I made her feel young again and how she enjoyed our walks together.

I kissed her first on her cheek, then on her lips and told her. “Mum I really enjoy spending time with you.”

On the walk back to her unit the heavens opened and we got drenched in a heavy sun shower.

By the time we got to her front door we were soaked, her dress was now nearly transparent and I could see clearly the bra and her pointy nipples along with her black bush under her panties.

As soon as we entered her unit she suggested we get out our wet clothes and dry off before we caught a cold, she headed to her bedroom and I went to the spare bedroom, my cock was fully erect after seeing her body thru her wet transparent dress and I thought of a plan. I left the bedroom door open and undressed and sat on the edge of the bed naked with my erect cock pointing towards the door.

Mum walked past my door and I’m sure she looked in on me, hearing her coming back I called out. “Mum you should get out of those wet clothes.”

This time as she passed by I looked up straight at her and saw her looking straight at me as I stroked my cock quicker.

When she passed by, I again told her. “Mum you should have those wet clothes off.”

“Yes you’re right I see you have taken yours off.” Mum replied.

Then hearing her walking past again I saw that she was just in her bra and panties, my stroking of my cock quicken again.

The next time she started to walked past my door she stood and looked in at me. “Mum those earrings you’re wearing there lovely where did you get them from?” I asked her.

Walking into the room she told me. “Your father bought them for me years ago.”

“Can I gave a look?” I asked.

She unclasped them from her earlobes and as I held out my hand she placed them into the palm of my hand. I looked at them then held them out for her to take back, and as she reached out I brought my hand back down closer to my cock.

As she picked them up her hand brushed my erection. “Ohh that feels nice.” I told her.

Then I asked. “Can I have another look at them?” As she again started to place them into the palm of my hand which was next to my cock, I took her hand and place it around my cock.

“Mum can you stroke it a little?” I asked, as I encouraged her to started stroking my cock by holding my beylikdüzü anal yapan escort hand on top of hers and moving her hand up and down my cock. .

“We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s wrong, I’m your mother” She told me as her hand started stroking my cock.

“Mum I love you and you love me how can that be wrong?” I then asked her. “What was dad’s cock like?”

“Oh his was much thicker than yours but not as long as yours,” Mum replied.

Then mum said. “He was always ready for sex and we had a lot of fun together.”

As she continued to stroke my cock without my help, I asked mum. “Can I see your breasts?”

Without stopping stroking my cock her free hand unclipped her bra, her D cup breasts sagged slightly as they became free from being restrained, her nipples were big and hard. I gazed at them, this was much better than getting an occasional peek. I reached up and felt each breast and then pinched each nipple.

“Oh she moaned that feels so good it’s been years since anyone has played with them.” She explained.

I brought her closer enough for my mouth to take her breast and nipple inside my mouth and ran my tongue around the nipple.

“You have always loved my breasts, I used to see you spying on me as a teen.” Mum said to me.

“Did you know I used your panties too?” I asked as I stopped sucking her breast.

“Of course I did, who did you think picked them up from under your bed and washed them after you had used them?” She told me then added. “I sometimes used to watched you masturbating with them as I fingered my own pussy.

“Did you suck dad’s cock?” I asked her.

“Oh yes he was always wanting me to suck him.”

“Will you suck my cock, mum please?” I begged.

“It’s not right, i’m your mother.” She told me.

“Please mum, I have dreamed of you sucking my cock for years.” I begged and pleaded.

After thinking for a minute she said “Ok, just this once and no one else is to know.”

As she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and started to lick and suck it.

“I had dreamed of this happening for years, oh fuck this feels so fucking good.” I yelled out.

As I watched her head bob up and down and her breasts swaying back and forth. My cock was getting harder and started to twitch. “I’m going to blow, I’m cumming.” I warned her.

Mum’s mouth just sucked harder then as I started to squirt my cum into her mouth she clamped her mouth over my cock taking it deep inside her mouth she sucked every last drop of my cum out of my cock.

I then stood up and lifted my mother up off her knees to stand in front of me, I told her.. “It’s your turn mum.”

As I dropped to my knees and pulled down her panties, I saw her thick bush of pubic hair up close for the very first time. I laid her down on the bed, she was already wet and as I licked her slit I pulled her pussy lips apart letting my tongue go deeper into the pink hole that I had come from.

I pushed my finger deep inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb as I finger fucked her pussy. Her body shivered a few times before her moans got louder as she orgasmed and started to squirt her love juices all over my face. I opened my mouth and sucked up as much juice as I could.

Then as my cock was already hard again. I crawled between her legs, rubbing the tip of my cock over her slit a few times.

I heard her tell me. “Fuck me now, I want your cock inside me, I’ve waited so long for this to happen.”

I started to push my cock inside her wet sloppy pussy, I could feel her pussy muscles clamping around my cock, I pushed harder to get it all in, then I started to pump in and out my mother’s hole trying to take my time, i wanted to make beylikdüzü balıketli escort this time a lasting memory.

Squeezing her breasts as I continued to pump in and out at a faster rate.

As I pinched her large nipples and mum squealed. “Oh yes keep doing that, pinch them harder.”

I twisted the nipple between my thumb and finger as hard as I could. My cock started to tense up, I could feel the pressure in my balls as I erupted inside my mother’s pussy, I’ve never cum so hard or so much before, I kept squirting my cum into her pussy till I had no more to give. As I withdrew I watched my cum run out her hole the hole that I had come out of all those years ago.

I laid down beside her kissing her mouth passionately, as we cuddled up together.

Mum spoke up. “Why did we wait so long to do this.” Then she asked. “I hope you’re staying overnight?”

I kissed her again and told her. “I loved her and would do anything for her.”

As we laid there together she told me about her sex life with my father. They had swinged and swapped partners with friends, he loved watching her sucking and getting fucked by others and often brought men home for her to fuck in front of him and sometimes another woman for him to fuck and to watch her with. She also told me how much he enjoyed anal sex with her and how much she enjoyed it too.

She then asked. “Would you like to fuck my arse like your father did?”

I told her. “I would love to fuck your arse.” Then told her. “How much my wife loved her arse being fucked and how we also had swinged and I also loved to watch her fuck others too.”

I looked at my mother as she told me all this and I couldn’t believe this was the same woman I had masturbated too as a teen. I had no idea this was happening while I was in school or slept over at friends houses. I had once overheard a friends father say how good a fuck she was but I put it down to not hearing him properly. It now became clear why he was over at our house so often.

It also was now clear why mum was wearing a bathrobe so often when I came home from school. I often looked forward to seeing her in her bathrobe as I would get glimpses of her naked body under it and then would go to my room and masturbate.

My cock was hard and erect again as I reached down and fingered her pussy, her hand reached out to stroke my cock.

She asked me. “Fuck my pussy again this time harder like your father and his friends did.”

She parted her legs and bent her knees as I lowered my cock towards the entrance to the hole that I had dreamed of and masturbated so many times too over the years. My cock slid easily inside her pussy in one stroke, I was buried deep inside her as her pussy clamped around my cock. I pulled my cock back out half its length before thrusting it hard back deep into her pussy. My rhythm began in and out over and over as I felt her hips trying to push upwards with each hard thrust of my cock.

This time I managed to last longer than my first time fucking her. I was enjoying it so much more and mum was enjoying herself too, she was rubbing the top of her pussy right over her love bud as she moaned and moaned. I could tell she was having a orgasm as her body shook shivered as if she was cold.

I continued my steady pace of my cock going in and out her pussy with a hard thrust every few strokes. I knew I was closes to cumming as mum yelled out again. “I’m cumming I’m having another orgasm oh fuck yes.”

As I started to blow my load, mum told me. “Pull your cock out and cum over me, I want to be covered in your cum.” I pulled out her pussy and knelt between her legs my first squirt and string of cum hit her on the chin and face, my second and third covered beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş her breasts and my last covered her belly.

I once again laid exhausted beside mum as she wiped up some of the cum from her chin with her fingers and sucked and licked them clean. I leaned over and sucked her nipple tasting my own cum, I then licked around her breast cleaning up more of the mess I had just made.

Mum sat up and told me. “Your father loved seeing me covered in cum.”

I had learnt so much about my mother and father today than I ever thought possible, I wished they had invited me to have joined them in the bedroom.

I asked. “Mum what would dad say about me fucking you?”

Mum smiled then told me. “We actually talked about letting you join us, your father wanted to watch you fucking me.”

If I had only known and had been more inquisitive it might of happened

“Ok it’s my turn to clean you up.” Mum told me as she moved to lick my cock sucking it into her mouth I could feel her sucking my cum out from deep inside my balls, dad had trained her well.

I laid there enjoying her sucking my cock, then she straddle my face and with her pussy above my face my cum and her juices were running out her pussy all over my face I opened my mouth to catch it and let it run and drip into my mouth. Here I was in a sixty nine position with the woman of my dreams, never thinking this could happen.

As she kept sucking my cock it was making it hard again. She rubbed her pussy all over my face and as I licked her open hole trying to get my tongue in deeper she wriggled and humped my face and tongue. I held onto her arse cheeks and pulled her down onto my mouth I was now in the perfect position to lick and suck her clit, her bud stuck out proudly just inviting to be sucked and as I sucked it into my mouth.

Mum pushed her head fully down onto my cock I could feel her trying to moan as her juices began to flow, she was having another orgasm as she continued to sucked my cock.

I started to squirt my cum into her mouth, she tried to swallow it all but gagged and had to released my cock from her mouth.

Her face was coated by my salty mixture. As she rolled off me and climbed back up beside me, seeing my mother’s face covered in my cum it was one of the sexiest sight I had ever seen.

I leaned in and kissed her passionately our tongues playfully playing in each other’s mouth only breaking our kiss to tell her much I loved her. We laid there in each other’s arms as we drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I heard mum having her shower, I jumped out of bed and as I opened the shower screen door and hopped in behind her.

“Good morning, thank you for giving me the best sleep I’ve had for years.” She told me.

As I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands and pulled her back against my hard cock. She turned around to face me.

“Thank you for making her feel young again.” She said then kissed me passionately. I lifted her up into my arms and as my hands held her I lowered her onto my hard cock, her legs reached around my waist and as my cock went in deeper in her pussy she started to rocked back and forward to get more of my cock inside her it didn’t take much effort to start my cock erupting and shooting another powerful blast of my cum into her pussy.

I then held her tight against my body and I could feel her nipples poking into my chest as we held each other and kissed. After lowering her back onto her feet we finished having our showers by washing each other bodies there’s not a part of the body we both didn’t touch or rub.

Later that morning I took her out for breakfast, she now had a lovely smile on her face and the clothes she had put on made her look more sexy. Her tight low cut top exposed the top of her firm breasts along with her wrap around skirt she showed of her gorgeous legs as she walked.

Her hand wrapped around my waists holding onto me tight she kiss my cheek every now and again, she was acting as if we were teenagers and she loved how the men looked at us if only they had known it was a mother and her son enjoy their love for each other.

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