Mother’s Love for her Son, Ch. 04

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Now that we know we want one another Mother and now that we know how we feel about one another, a real dilemma, what do we do now?

“With me always feeling so horny, it’s bad enough you flashing me your engorged prick,” I said with a laugh while even shocking myself that I was speaking so openly and honestly to my son about not only my sexual attraction to him but also about his big cock. “Just because I’m your Mother doesn’t mean that I don’t have sexual feelings. Just because I’m your mother doesn’t mean that I don’t get horny when I see a stiff prick, even if that stiff prick belongs to my son, especially if that stiff prick belongs to my son,” she said unable to conceal her sexual excitement.

“I’m sorry Mom. I had no idea I was flashing you. Moreover, with you being my Mom, I had no idea that you had sexual feelings,” he said with a little laugh. “Besides, it wasn’t as if I was flashing you my cock on purpose,” he said with a sly grin. “I’d never do that.”

“I know you weren’t flashing me on purpose Jimmy,” I said not believing him for a minute that he wasn’t purposely flashing me his prick. “That’s not what I’m saying. Yet, the fact that you did flash me your cock has aroused sexual feelings in me towards you. Even though I’m your Mother, I’m still a woman and I’m still human,” I said. “I still have wants, needs, and desires that are now filled with nothing but loneliness, emptiness, and sexual frustration, especially after seeing how beautiful your cock is and how big and hard your prick gets.”

Baiting him by making him feel proud about the beauty and size of his cock, I was hoping he’d take the line and swim out deeper with it while taking me along with him for the ride.

“Yeah, well, now that you mention it and now that you speak so openly about it,” he said really getting defensive now. “I’m not the only one flashing their naked body around here,” he said looking at me before dropping his focus down from my eyes to stare between my legs.

He was looking at my pussy. My son was staring at my cunt. Oh my God. In the way he was leering at me and in the obvious way he wanted me, he was making me so horny. He was making me wet. I could feel my nipples emerging and hardening with his unbroken stare.

I so wanted to show him my pussy. I so wanted him to finger my cunt while sucking my nipples as I stroked his cock. Whatever was happening between us whether it was a sexual attraction, incestuous lust, or the forbidden love that a mother feels for her own son, never have I ever felt as sexually attracted to my son as I was feeling attracted to him now. If he showed me any indication that he wanted me to, I’d suck his cock.

Even though I knew what he meant when he said that he’s not the only one flashing around here and even though he was absolutely correct about me flashing him too, surprising me by his personal attack on my person, I pulled my nightgown down and closed my legs to sit like a lady. Playing Mickey the Dunce in acting as if I didn’t know what he was talking about, what I thought my flashing was subtle before, even unnoticed, was up for public discussion now. I felt as embarrassed as I felt sexually excited openly discussing my exhibitionism with my son.

Whether he knows it was accidental or on purpose, he’s seen me flashing him. No doubt, he suspects that I’ve been purposely flashing him. He’s seen bit and pieces of my body too many times not to think that his mother is an incestuous slut. No mater, now or never, it was about time we cleared the incestuous air anyway. Who knows, maybe this talk will lead to more than just going in my room to masturbate?

“What do you mean?”

I looked at him with innocence and in the way that a mother would normally look at her son when not lusting over her won. Hoping to trump his move by making him feel guilty in taking advantage of me by looking at all that I was showing, I played my morally modest Mother’s card.

“Oh, don’t play the Virgin Mary with me Mom. I know you better than that,” he said giving me a knowing look as if he was replaying the images of my flashes in his mind. “There’s not a man that’s come to his house that you haven’t flashed your panties, bra, pussy, and tits to while pretending it was accidental. Whether accidentally or on purpose, you’ve been flashing me your body for years,” he said. “Having seen your naked body so very many times before, if I was an artist, I could paint you in the nude without having you model for me.”

He floored me that he was on to my game of exhibitionism. Feeling as if I had been the head nurse in an insane asylum, I thought I had been getting away with murder. I had no idea that he knew I was flashing men and him on purpose. All this time thinking that flashing him and others was my dirty, little secret and my own personal game of exhibitionism, I was embarrassed that my son knew what I had been doing.

Called on the carpet as if he was my father instead of my son, I felt perverted. I felt like halkalı eve gelen escort the slut that I was. I felt sexually excited. I wondered if my girlfriends flashed their adult sons their bodies too or if it was just me. I wondered if their adult sons flashed them their cocks or if it was only my son James. Knowing that all men are visual and that all men are voyeurs, I had no idea my son knew that I was an exhibitionist. For him to know that I’ve been purposely flashing him, along with so very many other men, I wondered how much of my body he’s seen. No doubt, he’s seen all of me over and again. Yet, for him to still be looking he must be interested. Moreover, for him to have the erection that he has now, he must sexually want me as much as I want him.

“How dare you! I have not,” I said pulling my nightgown tighter around me and folding my arms across my breasts so that he didn’t see my nipples sticking out in sexual excitement over the thoughts of him admitting to seeing every inch of my naked body.

“I can’t tell you how many up skirts of your panties and down blouses of your bra and cleavage I’ve seen Mom,” he said becoming more sexually excited. He was getting an erection again. “Then, whenever you wear your short, transparent nightgown, you treat me to continual up nightgown flashes of your pussy and down nightgown flashes of your tits,” he said looking at me as if I was a decadent desert that he was trying to control himself from eating.

Eat me I wanted to say. Lick my pussy and I’ll suck your cock, I wanted to say but I said no such thing. Unable to remove my eyes from the opening of his pee-hole, I was too busy watching and waiting for his cock to make an encore appearance from out of his pajama bottom pee-hole.

“I had no idea,” I said lying while watching his cock stiffening again. Trying to entice him to still make the first move, with his growing erection as my sexual barometer, I knew exactly what I was doing in teasing my own son. “I’m sorry for teasing you. I didn’t know that I was inadvertently showing so much of myself. Please forgive me,” I said but not meaning it.

“Seriously, Mom, you never knew you were flashing me and every other man who visits here your panties, bra, tits, ass, and pussy?”

Jesus Christ, with all the thoughts of all the men that I flashed over the years, he was making me horny. There was a time when no man was safe from me flashing him, so long as I could make it appear accidental. Loving to tease men, I love flashing my body. I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve flashed and how many men I’ve flashed over the years. I couldn’t even remember all their names and all their faces. Out of all my flashes, there were only a few that stuck out in my mind enough that I recalled over and again when masturbating.

My recent flashes of my son and my naked flash of my father-in-law when his eyes bugged out of his head, after he walked in on me while I was changing into my bathing suit are now among some of my favorite flashes. Standing there naked with my bathing suit in hand, he just stood there staring at my big, exposed tits and my blonde, trimmed pussy. Acting as if I was in surprised shock, not even moving my hands to cover myself, I just stood there motionlessly as if I was a deer caught in headlights until he left the room and closed the door behind him while mumbling his apology.

‘Oh, my God, I just flashed my father-in-law my naked body.’

Always looking to see what he could see, I figured he’d never imagine seeing his daughter-in-law completely naked but there I was showing him my tits, my areolas, my nipples, and my beautiful, blonde pussy. I swear, if my father-in-law had pulled out his cock right then and there and put a gentle hand to my shoulder for me to fall to my knees, I would have sucked him. I would have allowed my husband’s father to cum in my mouth. God, I’m such an incestuous slut. No male relative is safe from me.

Purposely flashing him but making it all appear so accidental, with me stripping naked all prearranged, I knew he was going to walk in on me just before he had. I had given him the guest bedroom and being that my summer clothes were stored there, I decided to change there instead of in my room or in the bathroom. The shocked look of surprise and sexual excitement on his face is what I needed to sexually excite me. I’m sure, no doubt, that my father-in-law masturbated over me then in the way that I masturbated over him and in the way my son obviously masturbates over me now. We’re all driven by incestuous lust.

My accidental towel drops of the mailman, the UPS man, FEDEX man, and pizza delivery man, are flashes of my naked body that have made my all time flashing lists too. If there was an award given for purposeful flashes made to appear accidental, I’d win the Oscar. Not nearly as subtle as sitting across from someone on the train with my legs parted enough for them to see my panty or halkalı grup yapan escort wearing a blouse cut low enough for them to see my cleavage and bra on the bus, timing is everything when not trying to make flashes appeared contrived.

Flashing my tits to naive boyfriends and bored husbands, while waiting for their girlfriends and wives outside of the dressing room, when trying on bras by leaving the dressing room curtain askew is another favorite flash to do. Alas, most dressing rooms have doors instead of curtain now. Flashing my panties to shoe salesmen when trying on shoes stand out in my mind too. Out of all the flashes I’ve done, even those where I lost my bikini top at the beach after pretending to be toppled by a wave, those flashes are some of my favorite flashes to masturbate to when masturbating.

Oddly enough though, my all time favorite flash was the only flash that was truly accidental when the garage door opened as I was picking up trash in front of the garage. With me squatting down in front of the garage door, my Mother was coming home and opened the garage door from around the corner, a hundred feet away. I had no idea she was coming home until the metal, molding strip on the edge of the garage door caught the end of my bathrobe as I was standing from my squatting position.

As the garage door went up, so didn’t my bathrobe. Having flashed a thousand men my naked, semi-naked, and lingerie clad body a thousand times before, never have I felt embarrassment when flashing men my body. Yet that day, maybe because it wasn’t my idea to flash when the garage door raised my bathrobe and revealed my naked body to my neighbors, the garbage men, and to my Mother’s boyfriend, at the time, for the first time flashing, I was embarrassed. I was mortified. Having no control over who I was flashing and when I was flashing, for the first time, I felt a normal reaction. I felt humiliation.

For me to escape the garage door, with my bathrobe over my head and my arms flailing trying to break free, I had to pull myself out of my bathrobe by falling to the ground. Standing there naked struggling and screaming while everyone ogled me, never have I been as embarrassed, that is, since the day that my uncle and cousin had their wicked ways with me when they stripped me naked. An 18-year-old virgin, that was embarrassing being naked in front of them just as it was frightening to be forced to touch them, suck them, and fuck them.

Is that why I’m the way I am now, flashing myself to men and lusting over my son? As if being bitten by an incestuous vampire, has what my uncle and cousin did to me made me into who I am today? An understatement, when it comes to sexual situations, my life hasn’t been normal, especially now with me sexually wanting my son.

“Okay, I admit, this nightgown is a bit transparent,” I said pulling the nightgown tighter and stretching the material across my body to show him what lay beneath, “but with us in a darkened living room, I thought–“

“When you stand by the fridge with the door open in a darkened kitchen, it’s as if you’re not wearing anything. It’s as if you’re naked Mom,” he said as if the image of me standing in front of the open refrigerator door was the last straw when his erect cock made a repeat performance by popping out of his pajama bottom again.

“Oh, God. That’s so embarrassing. I had no idea you could so clearly see through my nightgown,” I said folding my arms across my breasts while getting sexual aroused with the thoughts of my son seeing my naked body as I ogled his exposed cock again.

He was making me hot and horny by all that I imagined he saw of my body while staring at all that I was now seeing of his body. I wondered if he knew his cock was exposed again? How could he not know? I wondered if he was purposely flashing me his cock in the way that I’ve been purposely flashing him my tits, pussy, and ass. I wondered if I excited him seeing me nearly naked as I was excited by the thought of him seeing me nearly naked and in the way that I was so very sexually excited seeing his cock now. I wondered if he masturbated over me in the way I’ve been masturbating over him. I wondered if he was hoping that I’d take the first incestuous step in the way that I was hoping he’d make the first incestuous move.

Wondering, wondering, and wondering, a long time of wondering and too much wondering, I was tired of wondering. Now done with wondering, I needed to know if he was as interested in having sex with me as I was interested in having sex with him. I needed to know if he was just as perversely perverted as I was. Maybe incest is something that is inherent to our family. Maybe incest is genetically encoded in our brains just as our brains our wired to like dark chocolate, alcohol, and ice cream.

“Then, when you stand in front of the TV to get the remote or the TV guide,” he said gulping his sexual excitement before continuing. “I can halkalı masöz escort see your naked body so clearly through your sheer nightgown that I could count the hairs on your pussy,” he said looking sexually aroused when his cock took a bow by making another pulsating and waving appearance as if his cock was a stiffened windsock blowing in the wind.

“James! That’s quite enough,” I said obviously feigning embarrassment when what I felt was sexual excitement by the sight of his beautiful cock again. I felt my pussy secreting more juices with the thought that he could see enough of me through my sheer nightgown to count the hairs on my cunt. For him to see my pubic hair, he must have been staring at my pussy long and hard then as I was staring at his cock now. “You’re not too old to spank,” I said.

Suddenly my incestuous brain was filled with the image of pulling his pajamas down to spank his naked ass while ogling his cock up close and personal. Suddenly the image of me spanking his naked ass while his cock and testicles bounced with each slap made me dizzy with incestuous lust for him. Suddenly, I so wanted to hold his big prick in my hand. I so wanted to stroke him while watching his reaction to me masturbating him. I so wanted to fall to my knees before him and suck him while looking up at him with my big blue eyes, as he fondled my big tits and fingered my hard nipples.

“If you pulled down my pajamas and spanked my naked ass, you’d give me an erection and I’d probably–“

“You’d probably what?” I shot him a look that made him think twice before saying what he was about to say.

Tired of playing games, whatever he was about to say, he had better back it up with action and not just talk. I needed him to take that leap of incestuous faith without remorse and without regret. Already having had enough of dancing around the subject of incest, I wanted to get to the point. Will he allow me to suck him? Does he want to lick my puss? Can we fuck?

“I’d probably want to have sex with you Mother,” he said in a sexually excited voice that quivered with incestuous desire for me. Finally, I was getting to him. While I was already there waiting for him with lust, finally he had taken a step across the incestuous line. Only, unfamiliar ground for him, no doubt afraid to continue, he seemed unsure where to go with his incestuous, lustful desire for me now.

“That’s quite enough James. I don’t need you to explain the image that I already have in my mind of you cumming all over my leg as I spank you,” I said laughing.

The image of his dick oozing warm, gooey cum down my leg was so real that I could feel the sensation of it rolling down my leg and pooling on my foot before traveling in between my toes. Such a waste, I’d rather my son cum in my mouth than on my leg and foot. I’d much rather swallow his cum than to have it to collect between my toes as if it’s some magical and wondrous new skin crème imported from Paris and exorbitantly expensive.

“In the morning, when you open the drapes to let the sun in the living room through the big bay window,” he said as if imagining me standing there. “It’s as if you’re a stripper on stage offering your naked body to me,” he said pausing to look down at his exposed prick.

‘There it is. I caught you.’

I saw him look down at his cock. He knew that he was exposed again and he made no move to conceal his erection with his hand or to return his errant cock to his pajama. Now I knew that he was purposefully exposing his cock to me.

‘This is it.’

Baited and hooked, with him already making the first incestuous move by flashing his cock to me again in the way that I’ve been flashing my body to him for the past two years, it was now up to me to reel him into my sordid den of incest.

With neither one of us acknowledging that his cock was sticking straight out of his pajamas bottoms again, we continued our discussion of incest, that is, in between me taking long, lingering, lustful looks of his big, hard, beautiful prick whenever he wasn’t looking. Hoping it wasn’t the last, perhaps this was the first step in our incestuous relationship. Taking a step further down the incestuous path, knowing now that he knew he was so exposed, and just as I suspected, I now had proof that my son was purposely exposing his cock to me.

“I’m glad you’ve enlightened me James. I’ll start wearing a robe from now on,” I said playing the innocent Mother card instead of the incestuous slut card when I’d much rather have his cock in my hand before taking it in my mouth.

“Please don’t do that Mother,” he said falling silent again as if afraid to speak and reveal his true incestuous emotions to me in the way that I confessed how I incestuously felt about him. “I appreciate the sexy show of your body,” he said with a little laugh before pausing again. “I’m lonely and sexually frustrated too.”

There was a long silence when neither of us said anything. Obviously he was waiting for me to talk and I was waiting for him to speak again. After another long pause, I figured he had fallen asleep again.

“Are you sleeping James?”

“No,” he said in a far away voice as if he had been thinking, sexually fantasizing, or wondering perhaps, if he should confess what he was just about to confess to me. “I’ve masturbated over you, Mother.”

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